Methadone in a sippy cup

Jill Goff

Jill Goff

Utah mother charged with child abuse homicide after her son overdoses:

Tooele 2-year-old dies after mom gave him methadone, police say:

32-year-old Jill Goff of Tooele, Utah has been charged with homicide after her 2-year-old son, Aiden Goff, ingested methadone and died.

Goff allegedly kept the methadone in a Gatorade bottle between her bed and the wall. She claims she poured the liquid into Aiden’s sippy cup and gave it to him. She then gave it to her other kids ages 5 and 8. When the 8-year-old complained that the drink tasted like medicine it was only then that Goff realized she gave the kids methadone. Sounds like an inadvertent accident right? Where’s the malice you ask?

Instead of calling 911 she tried to get Aiden to vomit and then took a nap with him. She said she didn’t call 911 at first because she was scared. Probably scared of being arrested. As usual the fear of arrest outweighs the well-being of a child. Now instead of a neglect charge she’s been charged with murder.

Let that be a lesson. Would you rather go to jail for a little bit and have live children or go to jail possibly for life and have a dead child on your conscience. Think about it.

  • Sissy Boodles

    This is an old dodge. In the 19th century people used to give babies laudanum (opium dissolved in alcohol) to keep them quiet. Not unexpectedly, they often died as a result.

    Yes, and champion murderslunt Casey Anthony used to give her baby Xanax (which she so wittily referred to as “Xanny the Nanny”) before finally silencing her for good.

  • Buffettgirl

    Different dope-heads, same damn story… poor little Aiden…

  • Alexandra1973

    That’s just what I don’t get. I would think it’s better to be busted for hurting your child than to get sent away for murder if you do something that monumentally stupid.

    If I want some “me time” (like right now I have a headache and have been taking painkillers–which I keep away from my son), I tell my 12-year-old to go play with toys. Just now I let him do Google searches while I lay down for a bit. (He’s slightly autistic and likes to do image searches for his favorite toys.)

    • kayteakay

      In any situation, I’d bite the bullet and got to jail for a million years to save one of my sons.

      If your fear of getting in trouble is greater than the fear of KILLING YOUR CHILD, my opinion is that you are guilty of something bad, and I fucking hate you.

  • Lucy

    I’m going to agree with those who don’t think this was an accidental mix up. I’m not saying she meant to kill the kid, but I bet she wanted the kids to go nighty night for a few hours so she could have some me time.

  • kayteakay

    Holy fucking shit, this woman is a dipshit. Why in a gatorade bottle by the bed? How about, ummm, locked away in a box, on a shelf, in a locked room.

    Answer: because shes a stupid, selfish moron.

  • Malevolent April

    seems we have another story here similar to this one… Meth, though. Hmmmmm. I’ll see if I can find it.

  • CN

    wow, not sure what to think here. Was she intentionally doping up the kids or did she just have really poor judgement and really afraid of having them taken from her?

  • DMaria Faraj

    I have an aunt that kicked the heroin habit about 15yrs ago. Back then you were not GIVEN THE MEDS TO TAKE HOME. Because addicts have poor judgement. You had to come to the clinic take the methodone and sign a sheet. You don’t give addicts drugs to take home. That poor baby. I can’t believe she didn’t call an ambulance!

  • Monique Boulanger

    I don’t think it was on accident. Face it, kids can be a bitch to get to go to bed and sleep, 2 year olds especially. If McDoper up there wanted to get her partay on (most likely) she wanted her kids to sleep. My spidey sense is tingling and I can’t wait to see what the trial reveals.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    The really sad thing is, if she had called 911 in a screaming mess & they got to her baby in time & saved him the likelihood of her doing any time at all is low.