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Jeffrey Baldwin was starved to death by his ‘manipulative’ grandmother, inquest told




This story is a little older, but updates have been popping up in the past few days.  The write up and tip go to my new Opinionated Mama – jeffybean

I have been following this case for YEARS . 5 year old Jeffery Baldwin was found in his Grandmother’s home dead from septic shock November 30th 2002, at only 21 pounds.  He died after years of abuse, not only from his “Grandma’s” hands but his incubator, and the little dick weasel called his father, his grandpa and FIVE adults that were living in “granny’s” home.  The names of the murderers? Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman were the ones eventually charged with his death. Sentenced until 2023 and 2021 respectively which they are up for parole Lets start at the beginning

Jeffery was removed from his home because his incubator was found to be abusing his older siblings and his sister, so granny (who has had 1 previous murder conviction of an infant daughter, and had her son removed for systematic abuse and torture) gets the kids for the government checks provided by Catholics Children’s Aid Society.

Jeffery and a unnamed sister were kept in a cold locked room, with no access to a toilet because he and his sister would drink the water, which was filled with urine and feces so they couldn’t drink from it.  They were forced to sit at the “pigs’ wall”, run around the kitchen with the adults (FIVE FUCKING ADULTS) screaming at them to go faster while throwing sharp and heavy objects at them, and if one of them dared to stumble, they would be punished.  His siblings were forced to call them pigs and weren’t allowed to play with their “good siblings”. Eventually poor Jeffery died after months of abuse at Elva’s hands, his sister only surviving because she gorged at school on free snacks.

Granny decided to call 911 on November 30th after he stopped breathing, there are actual photos online but if you want to see them that’s for you to search.  The paramedics arrive and they find a tiny little body wrapped in blankets blue, cold to the touch, and it would haunt paramedics for life. Fast forward to March 30th of 2003, the house of horrors is finally investigated and granny and her c*** filler are finally arrested on charges of manslaughter.  While on trial, Catholics Children’s Aid Society is found out to have known that this c***, inflicted enough bodily harm to murder her 1st daughter, and her youngest son also was removed from her care for the exact abuse inflicted on little Jeffery. Where was the responsibility of the place that placed them?? Ill get to that in a bit. It was admitted to the judge by one of the waste of sperm that witnessed the abuse that Elva didn’t like Jeffery because he was the “bad child” and “she didn’t like him and he was just dollars and cents to her.” The bitch didn’t even deny or try to defend herself she didn’t take the stand. A few years it comes to media’s notice that the CCAS let Jeffery slip through the cracks. If you have time look up on YouTube “Jeffery Baldwin and the 5th estate”

On the YouTube video is how Jeffery was failed again and again and again! In 2013 there was finally an inquest on how CAAS handled things, and just yesterday the woman who should have just  been swallowed came to argue her case  “I’m going to suggest that you punished your daughter by taking her children,” said Jeffery and the surviving children’s attorney said the c*** waffle clearly offended snarls out  I don’t punish my children from the woman who let  Jeffrey and his sister to fester in their own waste and drink water out of the toilet quench their thirst, Jeffrey so weak and malnourished he couldn’t pull himself upstairs. No She was  the better caregiver better than them going into foster homes. And the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, in possession of a thick file on c***waffle the long history of harm and neglect to other kids revoked following allegations of abuse never checked files and made sure that placing Jeffrey, two sisters and a brother would be safe, in that household from hell. Cockwaffle became increasingly nasty and snarky, the mask she’d arrived with revealed evil beast within, the c*ckwaffle denying what she did to those children for her own fat selfish gain. It would be later told that she was molested and raped by her step dad and ran away to produce children who shed leave and produce 3 more with Kidman. The hell that c*ckwaffle went through she would pay it forward, and on a poor defenseless little boy. The boy who had a cute pug nose, the sweetest giggle, but couldn’t draw proper, wouldn’t get the knack of pottying into a potty chair and who was constantly sick and never cared for. Cockwaffle defended this as “protecting him from the elements” of course those elements being someone who would tell the authorities and get her precious dollars taken away. Last words this evil c*** spoke to the jury were He would look at me ya know? And it was, just, like a cold, dead stare.  All around Jeffery was failed. By CAAS, his family, investigators, neighbors those 5 wastes of spaces that knew what was going on every damn day of his short life. CAAS has not accepted responsibility in his death and neither have any of the 5, but slowly the memory of Jeffery builds and he’s more loved in death than he ever was in life.




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  1. Oh Malevolent April, I saw this one and my guts just dropped out. The little boy looks like what my Dad did when he was a little boy. Even has the same name as him.
    The old hag needs to be kicked and stomped to death and then have her remains ground into the earth. Where nothing will ever grow again because such evil poisons the soil. Use her for trail maintenance.

    1. agree. I’m still wondering how I ended up back here. So much not happiness….

      1. It’s like being in the mob. Every time you try to get out something pulls you back in.

        1. No way. This was my baby for too long. I can’t just walk away.

  2. It won’t bring him back and give him the happy, healthy childhood he deserved, but funds were raised to create a statue of Super Jeffrey

  3. You know what? This world is FULL of adults who grew up in the shittiest hell you can imagine yet still managed to be decent, moral adults and good parents who would rather die themselves than EVER hurt a child like they were hurt. In fact, statistically parents who were abused as children are more than TWICE as likely to be good, non-abusive parents as to abuse their own kids. So NOWHERE is it written that because you were abused as a child you will be abusive to your own children and grandchildren. This is NOT a fact. You make the choice, each and every day, to be a decent parent or the stuff of a child’s worst nightmares. It is a CHOICE. YOUR choice. I am SO VERY SORRY that you were abused as a child. It was horrible and wrong and you did not deserve it. That SUCKS and it was not your fault. BUT THAT IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE TO ABUSE YOUR OWN CHILDREN! Stop fucking using it as such! To hurt a child is a CHOICE that YOU MADE, and you have always been and continue to be free to make a different and better choice. Anyone who does not have the skills to parent in a non-abusive manner because they’ve never been in a loving household and have no idea how that works needs to make the effort to learn those skills before starting a family. There are all kinds of classes to teach good parenting. Anyone who is so damaged by their own childhood that they can not avoid hurting a child is obligated to never, ever reproduce and to never be in a position where they might hurt a child. But “I’m the victim here – it’s not my fault because I myself was abused” does not fly as an excuse to pass on the violence to the next generation. Fuck that.

  4. I’m sorry, I usually don’t nitpick things like this, but this article NEEDS to be edited. I had to stop reading halfway through because the lack of punctuation made it difficult to understand.

  5. I cannot follow this story. It’s not grammar or spelling, I don’t care about that. It’s just written poorly. I’m sure part of it is all the emotion the writer must feel

    1. Ithnk she was trying to get every detail in. I didn’t proof it entirely. But I was thankful to get it posted.

  6. i was on a 4 day bus ride, in my defense. I was probably pretty emotional, buses are hard to sleep in and when you’re on a 16 hour layover for a bus you don’t wanna fall asleep in the terminal .

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