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Oklahoma methtard sexually abused her kids for money

Natalie Lynn Webb

Meth addict mom, 30, ‘raped three of her children and charged adults to watch before nine-year-old son escaped and turned her in to police’:

Elk City woman arrested on charges she sexually abused 4 children:

This story is over a month old and I apologize for being my usual tardy self. Normally I would pass on a story that old but this one is so atrocious I feel it needs to be shared.

30-year-old Natalie Lynn Webb of Elk City, Oklahoma has been arrested and charged with the sexual abuse of her children in front of strangers for money, except the term sexual abuse doesn’t even begin to describe what she allegedly did to her kids.

According to what her 9-year-old son told police Webb would molest her own children in front of other people for money. I can’t even bring myself to type what she did so I’m going to do some excessive copy and pasting.

It claims Webb would be naked during these incidents, which are said to have occurred on numerous occasions from December 2012 to March 2013 at her home in Elk City.

The nine-year-old said Webb would lock the door and that he would hear his sisters screaming ‘stop Momma, stop, it hurts’, the report says.

He witnessed the abuse on one occasion and described a foreign object being used, the affidavit says.
One of the three-year-olds was interviewed by police and corroborated the nine-year-old’s story, saying it felt ‘nasty’ when she was abused.

The nine-year-old said he also saw his brother being abused, but was able to avoid the molestation himself by running outside and hiding in a dumpster.

The Daily Mail wouldn’t even publish the rest of the details. The Daily Freakin’ Mail. There’s not a lot that they don’t publish.

The boy also detailed his Breeder’s alleged meth use in great detail as well even going as far as describing smelly pipes and the bleeding holes in her arm.

I almost speechless in trying to translate my rage from my mind to the screen. There isn’t a punishment thought of from the deepest bowels of hell that would be fitting for this subhuman piece of refuse.

I believe a few years ago in Oklahoma a law was proposed that for overly malicious sex crime against children like that would warrant the death penalty. Unfortunately that was struck down. This slag makes a good argument for bringing that suggestion back to light.

Rot in hell you sadistic tweaking bitch.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

(Off Topic: I wonder what website she possibly could have used to find scumbags like that)

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  1. And WTF is up with her eyebrows?

    1. Meth, duh.

      1. Being from a place with outrageous Meth use, I agree.

        Meth probably has a lot to do with all of this fucked up situation.

        1. Ah yes, the old meth made me do it defense. This creature should never be let out of prison.

          1. It doesn’t change a person’s character but it does bring out the worst, most desperate, sick creature within man. And those creatures end up being put down.

        2. Yes, it does. On another site, someone commented that they were saddened, because they knew her sober, and stated she was such a nice person. BTW, i am not defending her one bit, she should be tortured in general population.

          1. But how does meth change someone’s whole character like that?? I wonder if she was secretly a monster before, but the meth just brought it out.

          2. Money maybe?

          3. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Someone with an addiction will do anything to get another fix. If that means they molest their own children in exchange for money or drugs then they’ll do it. An addiction changes the electrical impulses in your brain…it’s actually pretty fascinating when kids aren’t being hurt!

            This case is nothing but horrifying & I hope she is adequately punished regardless if her addiction, but it does change people.

          4. I don’t buy in to the “meth made me do it defense”. The only adult friends a pedophile will have are other pedophiles. This other person that knew her and is making excuses must also be a pedophile.

          5. That makes no sense. Whenever a pedophile is caught people close to them are shocked. Their wives, children and neighbours. Look at jimmt savile. He got knighted by the queen. They need tp function in normal society. Irs like saying a pear if a fruit and a tomato is a fruit so they must be eaten together.

          6. Family, neighbors or the queen are not necessarily friends. A friend is someone you hang out with and share your life.

          7. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            WTF? No one was making excuse for her for starters…it was just said that before she got on the meth she was pretty normal.

            I’m not a pedophile but someone I was very close friends with in high school was recently charged with indecent assault of a child between 11 & 14…does this mean I’m a pedophile because I was friends with this person?

            You’re a dick.

          8. You stated that meth had alot to do with this situation. Sounds like an excuse to me.

    2. I think she burned them off with a crackpipe. Or tweaked so hard that she ended up pulling them all out.

  2. Nice smile ya douchebag!

  3. What about the sick f**ks that paid to watch? How about we bring back stocks in the public square and put them out there with a sign: ” I’m a twisted depraved sub human monster who gets off watching helpless children being tortured and molested” . How long do you think they’d last?

  4. I’d forgotten about this one… now my Monday morning is ruined… fucking despicable bitch… there are no words…

  5. I’m not worried about this bitch’s eyebrows. I’m worried about her children. Wtf would posses this vile fuck of a woman to EVER think of doing something like this?!?!?! Drugs or not, I don’t care! Just beside myself with disgust.
    I’m sickened by her smirk and my blood is boiling at the site of her. I hope that her 3 year olds are to young to remember any of this, yet her older children are scarred for life, if not all of them.
    It makes me sick to think that all this abuse is happening to helpless children as we go about our daily lives and routines. It’s a daily occurrence. Its disturbing. It has to change.
    The only thing I can think of is severe punishment but at that point that damage has already been done

  6. She won’t be smiling for long when she has Bertha as a cellmate.

    In fact, she may wind up experiencing what she put her kids through.

    1. Is Bertha the female equivalent of Bubba?

      1. Yep.

  7. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    What an inhuman piece of effluent. What a shame torture is no longer allowed for c***s like her.

  8. Can we take a moment to take in the fact that a nine-year-old boy was brave enough, and smart enough, to escape and go straight to the police? Someone give this kid a damn medal.

    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Yeah, poor little thing though. Kudos to him for being a man & taking care of his family (the younger siblings) but fuck, he will never be right again. You just want to hug them so tight & take them home & show them what it’s like being in a real family & try to make everything OK again but how can it be?

  9. She probably did it off…she actually asks for people to come over to have sex with them on there. Poor kids will be scarred for life.

  10. Drug addiction as an excuse/reason?! NO. At the lowest point in my life, I was addicted to Oxycontin. REALLY ADDICTED. (9 years clean now) But no matter how bad I wanted or thought I needed the drug, I would have NEVER done something so despicable to get it.I hope that disgusting bitch is used up by every female on her cell block, and Karma makes sure that she catches something that even Ajax won’t scrub off.

    1. Congrats on getting past that hell! I’ve been in treatment for about six months now after a relapse of my own lortab/opana addiction. But like you I never once came close to what this nasty bitch has done! She’s a fucking disgusting piece of shit and deserves to be put down like the rabid dog she is. Ugh it makes me sick just thinking about it

    2. Yeah, my mom has done some intensive therapy to deal with addiction issues. (Alcohol) I remember her telling me that there was a lady who was recovering from crack.

      The crack mom knew she was in trouble when she started going through the dirty clothes basket to find outfits for the kids to wear. Seriously. THAT was her low point. THAT was when she knew she was in trouble.

      No kids were sold-no kids were killed-no kids were confined.

  11. What I want to know is why our tax money is used to keep these loathsome piles alive? Can’t we find an island somewhere with little water and no shelter and put them on it and make them fend for themselves? Instead this dumb whore will be in prison, watching TV, finding like minded trolls to bond with and have sex with. She can get a college degree, free therapy, three meals a day and medical care, while her children have to live with what she did to them. For life. They will have to fight to let go of the abuse and fight to keep every relationship they have from going south, because she has ruined their ability to trust. Stupid, farging, ought to be dead, bitch.

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