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SC Methtards charged with keeping kids in car overnight

Alphalena Littlejohn and Jeffrey Wallace

SCSO: Parents smoked meth in car at hospital:

Spartanburg couple accused of smoking meth in front of their children:

Jeffrey Miller Wallace, 36, and Alphalena Jo Littlejohn, 30, were arrested recently for smoking meth in the parking lot of a Spartanburg, South Carolina Hospital. Police also say that the pair were there over night smoking meth while their kids, ages 6 and 1, were in the car not properly dressed for the weather. I live in the Carolinas and while we haven’t had the bitter cold weather that has been happening in the North, overnight lows have been in the 30s. If not properly dressed and kept in the car like that overnight children that age can succumb to exposure.

Allegedly the pair of tweakers have admitted to smoking meth but claim they didn’t smoke it in the car with the kids. I guess that makes it ok then. Also there was no food in the car but there was an open container of booze. I wonder if that was for the kids since mommy and daddy had their delicious meth to smoke.

I wonder if they sold their kids clothes on the way to their dealer.

They may have been using the hospital parking lot since DSS was already on to them.

Is it just me or does daddy methtard look like Squidward? I didn’t know they had tweakers in Bikini Bottom.

Thanks to Jessie for the tip.

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  1. FFS! What the hell is wrong with people? You did meth, in or around your car with your KIDS there? Disgusting. Take away the kids and let these two self-destruct on their own. They’re doing a pretty good job of it already.

  2. Hanging out in the car at the hospital, smoking meth with the kids. Sounds like a great night out.
    Seriously, those two must have fried just about every brain cell in their empty little heads for them to think that’s “fun”.

    1. Good time to call the cops…don’t know about Australian laws, but open containers in public is illegal in much of the U.S. and at least the cops can perform a wellness check on the little ones…

      1. I don’t know about open containers in public, but public intox is illegal in NSW. I was just so shocked, and before I could say or do anything, my mum just dragged me away and told me to keep my mouth shut.

  3. At least mom has the grace to look regretful…and yeah, you called that Squidward resemblance right.

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