Spider eggs in a toddler’s hair

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Secoy Koch-Miller

Secoy Koch-Miller

Wisconsin woman accused of raising kids in squalor:

Burnett woman charged with child neglect:

I admit, I’m still trying to lose some post-pregnancy weight, so losing my appetite after reading about this case isn’t a big loss. However, the details leave me feeling infuriated and wondering how anyone could be so devoid of any sympathy and compassion, especially for their own offspring.

Okay. On to the story.

25-year-old Secoy S. Koch-Miller of Burnett, WI is the “mother” of two boys, ages 2 months and 2 years. The baby daddy of the infant, while in jail, reported to detectives that when he had been at the home of Koch-Miller, the residency seemed uninhabitable. Articles don’t state the reason for his jail sentence, but we do know he had at least enough sense to report the squalor.

Detectives then spoke with human services, and the case worker, familiar with Koch-Miller, stated she had visited the home beforehand but was always denied entrance. Hmm…I wonder why.

Luckily, baby daddy’s statement was enough to get a warrant, and officers and the case worker entered the home last November. What they found was extremely deplorable.

The craptastic home was filled with so much junk, that some rooms were blocked off due to the sheer volume of stuff that had been hoarded.

According to one article, “the kitchen contained several dirty dishes, dead flies and other bugs and cat feces. The inside of the refrigerator and freezer was covered in black mold, maggots and decayed food. There was cold water, but no hot water, and the bathroom had only a toilet. The pipes for the shower and bath appeared to have been cut off. The toilet did not appear to be working.”

Yup, the toilet wasn’t working because the septic tank was too full.

Upon examination of the children, the 2-year-old was found to weigh only 20 pounds. That’s not a huge surprise considering what had been found in the fridge. The poor boy had bug bites all over his body, a bruised eye, and had spiders and spider eggs in his hair. (The thought of the little guy like that makes me want to cry!) To make horrific matters worse, he also had a respiratory and ear infection that required antibiotics.

The infant, on the other hand, was found in better condition, growing at a “more normal rate.”

Fortunately, the children were placed in foster care and the toddler has gained weight.

Koch-Miller was charged with neglecting a child causing bodily harm, a felony, and neglecting a child, a misdemeanor. An initial court appearance is scheduled for March 10th.

And as far as the home is concerned, Burnett town leaders are considering the condemning the building. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Thanks to Brenda for the tip.

  • Bandit421

    Maybe get your story right..she has a 2 yr old son and the baby was a girl. Both are doing amazing now and are very happy.

    • Kim Graves

      Yea sure

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      So the main thing you got from this story is that there’s a boy & a girl, not two boys? Did you completely skip the parts where she allowed the kids to live in filth so bad that there were FUCKING SPIDER EGGS IN A TODDLER’S HAIR?????????

  • Scrappy

    I know people are gonna hate me for this… I have one parent (who raised us) who is a bona fide hoarder. Growing up it was messy, but not unsanitary. The other parent was in pretty bad shape too, but didn’t raise us. We were healthy and clean, were able to attend school and have friends over, so it wasn’t too bad at that time.

    As depression and anxiety have gradually overtaken my parent I have seen the living conditions deteriorate to deplorable and feel unable to help this parent. Recently, the Board of Health finally paid a visit.

    Here is my point. Yes, this is neglect. It is disgusting, outrageous, and unacceptable. Still, I don’t feel like it is deliberate. This person needs help. Maybe she can’t keep her kids, but even so, we don’t need to annihilate her. Maybe she can just have them for weekends when she has an acceptable living space. She should be supervised and monitored, but I don’t think jail will make her better.

    Still, spiders in the hair does make me pause and wonder…

    • Ticia

      I agree. I’m thinking that he forced his way in and that is why he is in jail. She called about him assaulting her to get into the house, which he probably had to do. You don’t just get to talk to detectives if you are in prison, but if you are arrested and in jail you can.

  • Buffettgirl

    She’s only 25?!? I obviously can say for certain, but I think this is pretty much the poster case for mental illness… I don’t know which one, but it almost just has to be. If it’s not, well, bitch needs to die…

  • AlabamDeb

    20 pounds for a 2 year old? She doesn’t look like she missed a meal. Guess she was eating her share and his too. Poor little fella. Glad they are safe now.

  • 16pawz

    Friggin spider eggs in the 2 yr old’s hair? That’s a new one, for me. Maggots in the fridge…this piece of excrement needs to be sterilized, asap. The only glimmer of hope is that they’re away from her.

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m glad someone blew the whistle on her.

  • Tammy11

    Oh wow this makes me cry. She needs to never have access to those babies ever again