Convicted Indiana child molester at large – PLEASE SHARE

Man who skipped trial guilty of molesting:

Timothy L. Johnson

Timothy L. Johnson

From our friends at MugWatch.Org we have learned that 48-year-old convicted child molester, Timothy L. Johnson of Knightstown, Indiana is currently at large.

This past Monday Johnson was supposed to stand trial for the molestation of a girl that went on for a decade starting when the girl was 7. Johnson was a no-show but the judge ordered the trial to start without him. Johnson was convicted and is looking at a very lengthy sentence, the almost in the triple digits kind. What I’ve described here can’t even begin to relay the terror that the victim went through at Johnson’s hands.

Currently his whereabouts are unknown but was last seen near Greenfield, Indiana driving a 2002 Chevy Silverado extended cab with the Indiana license plate of TK267LVZ. Sources believe that the truck was pulling a fifth wheel camper. He’s also been known to haunt such locations in Indiana as Fishers, Fort Wayne, Columbia City and areas near the Ohio River or may also be in Florida.

Johnson's 2002 Silverado

Johnson’s 2002 Silverado

If spotted do not apprehend and please call your local law enforcement.

Look, I realize I’m no Jon Walsh by any means but Johnson is a coward and a danger. Let’s do what we can to get him back in police custody. If you share any of my blog posts on Facebook or Twitter or whatever please share this one.

Let's wipe that smile off his face.

Let’s wipe that smile off his face.

UPDATE: As mentioned in the comments Johnson has been captured.

  • Gayla Baer-Taylor

    Sentencing was yesterday. The judge showed no mercy. 70 years as a credit restricted felon. He will be eligible for parol in 35 years

    • Trench Reynolds

      That’s awesome to hear Gayla.

  • Gayla Baer-Taylor

    Tim Johnson is now in custody! Thanks everyone for sharing and helping track this guy down. I don’t have all the details, I just know he has been caught and he will have his judgement day VERY soon!

  • patrick.

    He better hope cops catch him first.

  • L

    I sat on this case we couldnt figure out why this man never was in the court room. When the judge went on with the trial we listened considered eveything we heard and found this pos guilty I wish we could of got him on the fifth but with one class a he will die in prison I pray for the victim heis found if she ever reads this I want her to know she is a brave and beautiful young lady my thoughts and prayers go out to her

    • Gayla Baer-Taylor

      I will make sure she sees your message. God bless you!

  • jackipenny

    Maybe Michelle knows where he is… Shared in Kansas City – ready to drop that dime.

  • edrebber

    I seems like the judge wanted to give Johnson a chance to get away by granting him bail. Who wouldn’t run when they are facing 116 years in prison? Maybe they will give Jonson a few more years for running and that will teach him some respect for the law.


    I have gladly shared in Portage, IN

    • JEKROSE90

      I talk to my son (age 4) all the time about weird people aka molesters. He’s knows how to call 911 if he ever encounters one or in any emergency.. I hope this sick man gets caught asap.


    he’ll be took care of before thay find him u can bet on that !!!

  • Bonnie

    Shared in Fort Wayne. I hope they find him quick!

  • Billie Mae Woodward-Clark

    Will share with my husband, a Deputy Sheriff in Clark Co.

    • Trench Reynolds

      Thank you.

  • guest1

    It’s sad that this little girl went through all of this pain and suffering and then this asshole doesn’t show up to get his due justice for what he did to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is also upsetting is this guy actually DID the disgusting things he is accused and convicted of while there are some who DID NOT do what this man is accused of and they are sitting in a prison cell and he is walking around free to strike again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope for the sake and safety of this little girl and other children this POS is found and put where he belongs to have the same things happen to him. Working in a facility with mostly sex offenders, I do know that child molesters are the most hated of all offenders in prison and he will not last long!!!!

  • Nays Army

    I am going through the same thing with my step-daughter right now, here in Indiana. Her “alleged” abuser is walking the streets while she lives in constant fear. It takes forever to get these people behind bars and when we finally do they do not get near enough time. I pray that they find this horrible monster and put him behind bars forever and may he feel the same fear that he has inflicted on that innocent child. God be with her and wrap her in his arms to protect her from the evil of this world.
    If you are reading this, you did the right thing by coming forth. You are one of the strongest little girls I know. Your bravery is unbelievable. I commend you. I am so sorry you have went through all of this pain and suffering and I pray that he stays behind bars for life. I will keep you in my prayers and I will post this everyday to my timeline and to my daughters page of her supporters to get this out and get him found. God Bless you little angel.

    • Buffettgirl

      Best wishes in your fight for justice!

  • Diana McCullough

    First of all Michele, HE WAS CONVICTED!! The judge wanted this guy so bad that they held the trial with out him!!! That means that the evidence was overwhelming!!! Second. He refused to go to trial so that tells me he knew he was going to JAIL! It sounds to me like you probably know where this guy is and if he gets a hold of one little kid, they should put you in Jail with him. I hope the police don’t get to him first!!! I hope they find him in pieces!! If he touches one of my grand kids, they wont find him at all!!! I will save the state a bunch of money and make sure he doesn’t get another!!! Everyone check your small private camp grounds and your woods. Mushroom hunters check out those campers!!! Lets make sure he doesn’t touch another child.

  • Gerald Griggs

    Here is the full article from the local paper:

    Missing man convicted on sex charges

    Knightstown man failed to appear Monday in Henry Circuit Court 1 for
    his trial on child molestation charges. By Tuesday afternoon, a warrant
    was out for Timothy L. Johnson’s arrest while a jury had found the
    absent defendant guilty of child molestation.

    Johnson, 48, 6720
    S. Ind. 109, could face a total maximum sentence of 116 years. The jury
    found him guilty on two class A felony counts and two class C felony
    counts of child molestation.

    Henry County Prosecutor Joe Bergacs
    said he is pleased with the verdict. The jury also determined that
    Johnson was not guilty on a fifth count of child molestation.

    great to know that a child molester will be off the streets and out of
    the community,” said Bergacs. “The defendant faces a very lengthy prison

    Johnson wasn’t in court when the jury rendered its
    guilty verdict. Henry County Sheriff Butch Baker confirmed Johnson’s
    absence during the trial.

    “His attorney was present for the
    trial, but Johnson probably didn’t want to face the outcome,” said
    Baker. “No one is certain as to why he didn’t show up, but he obviously
    didn’t want to go through the plea agreement and wasn’t interested in
    facing his accuser. I guess his logic was that he couldn’t be sentenced
    if he wasn’t around.”

    According to court documents, a child
    accused Johnson of abusive sexually behavior two to five times a week
    from the time the starting when the victim was 6 years old.

    child told police that more than 50 alleged incidents of this nature may
    have occurred. Investigators said the incidents happened during the
    morning when no one was at home except the suspect and the child.

    told the child to not say anything about the encounters. The abuse
    continued until the child was 14 years old, then stopped briefly before
    resuming until the victim was 17 in February 2012.

    Baker said a warrant was issued Monday morning for Johnson’s arrest.

    supposedly left over the weekend and it’s anyone’s guess as to where
    you might end up after four days,” said Baker. “He did have a large
    family presence at the trial in support of him. Perhaps officers will
    find out he’s a convicted felon during a traffic stop or something of
    that nature and he will be detained.”

    Bill Hyden is a staff writer for The Courier-Times. Follow him on Twitter @BillHyden.

    • who cared

      You know I am no one to anyone and dont wanna be known but qho the fuck cares people fuck up!

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Oh look, a troll! Let’s feed it!

      • Lucy

        “Who the fuck cares, people fuck up” is what you say about someone who forgets to return a library book or pay a parking ticket. It is most definitely not what you say when someone rapes a seven year old child.

  • Gurl Who Don’t Play That Shit

    Michelle he is indeed a convicted child molester! My kids all know what one is and guess what we could give a shit less if you know him personally! He shouldn’t have skipped his trial date and proved his innocence if he was indeed innocent! However by running he is GUILTY as hell! So I guess you’re quite alright with having child molesters around your children well guess what you can go on with yourself of being in denial and keeping a sex offender around you and your family! He is nothing more than a worthless piece of shit that shouldn’t be allowed to breed or have any kids at all! Deserves to be put away for good and they should have cut his penis off which if he’s ever caught I am pretty sure that inmates once they know of him or about him which won’t take very long they will do a hell of a lot of damage to his no good ass!

  • Michelle

    First Of All, I Want To Clarify That He Is Not A Convicted Anything…..This Is An Alleged Child Molester. You Can’t Be Convicted Before You Go To Court. Second Of All, I Know Him Personally And He Is Just LiKe Every Other Normal Person. He May Or May Not Have Do What He Is Accused Of So He Deserves The Benefit Of A Fair Trial Like Everyone Else. If He Is Guilty YES He Needs To Serve His Time. Love It When The General Public Can Judge By A Picture Whether Someone Is Guilty Or Not.

    • LaGris

      You’re a fool. A child molester looks like a normal person. An innocent man wouldn’t run and hide like a coward, he would fight to prove his innocence.

      Also, typing every word with a capital letter just makes you look ignorant.

    • C Earnshaw

      The article states that he WAS CONVICTED. He was a no show. If he was innocent, I would have thought he would have shown up in court instead of skipping the trial.

      • Robyn

        He was convicted while he was on the run. Not before

    • Queasy

      It says they had the trial and he was convicted, so he is a convicted child molester. They just can’t find him to put him away.

    • Guest

      Two things are very obvious from your comment..One-this was not your child and Two-you are a delusional!! The article says: “Johnson was convicted and is looking at a very lengthy sentence, the almost in the triple digits kind” Think again Michelle..that statement makes him GUILTY..and NOTHING close to this “He Is Just LiKe Every Other Normal Person” No..He is a POS and it is just too damn bad that people like him are not EXECUTED immediately upon CONVICTION and I don’t need anyone to tell me to be FAIR..Here is your fair..This man does not deserve to breathe the same air that I do!!!

    • ~T~

      SMFH–Two things are very obvious from your comment..One-this was not your
      child and Two-you are a delusional!! The article says: “Johnson was
      convicted and is looking at a very lengthy sentence, the almost in the
      triple digits kind” Think again Michelle..that statement makes him
      GUILTY..and NOTHING close to this “He Is Just LiKe Every Other Normal
      Person” No..He is a POS and it is just too damn bad that people like him
      are not EXECUTED immediately upon CONVICTION and I don’t need anyone to
      tell me to be FAIR..Here is your fair..This man does not deserve to
      breathe the same air that I do!!!

    • Lucy

      First Of All, I Want To Clarify That You Are Wrong….. He had his trial. When your trial is scheduled, and you run like a sniveling little coward instead of showing up for your trial, the court will try you in absentia. That means you can’t stop your prosecution by refusing to show up for court. He was given a fair trial like everyone else. He was convicted at this trial. He is guilty. He was proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. He is therefore a convicted child molester. He is a felon and a fugitive. He is NOT like every other normal person because “normal people” are not cowardly fugitive convicted felon child molesters. He is, in fact, EXACTLY like a cowardly fugitive convicted felon child molester. Nothing alleged about it. Love It When Some Ignorant Uninformed Pedophile Defender Can’t Even Be Bothered To Read All The Way Through The First Four Sentences Of The Short Article At The Top Of This Page Before Spewing Bullshit And Insults. Away with you. Adults are talking.

    • Jerry Thompson

      u r so correct and we have due prosess for a reason ..only 1 third of acused offeners of this sort are ever even brought to trial because they r faulsly acused

      • Lucy

        Good thing we know this man was not falsely accused, because he was indeed brought to trial and convicted.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Are you retarded? Or did you just not bother reason the article where it very clearly says that HE WAS CONVICTED! Idiot.

        • Robyn

          We teach our kids not to bully but look at the example so many set. Screaming idiot & ignorant cause someone has their own opinion. Shame on you. This bastard probally did seem like any other person to his neighbors & that is what Michelle was. Be kind to others & save the being pissed for scum like this guy that so brutally changed this girls life. Have a wonderful week.

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Um, no. She didn’t come & share an opinion, she claimed that he had not been convicted, which was incorrect.

          • Robyn

            Maybe my own personal experience with a similar situation made me feel like she was just still coming to terms with finding out this person she always knew was in fact someone very different. It’s hard to replace the idea of someone that was maybe even a neighborhood friend with them actually being the monster next door. Have a great day

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            She flat out defended this piece of garbage AFTER he was convicted in a court of law by a jury of his peers.

          • Lucy

            But she didn’t say he seemed like any other person, did she? She didn’t express distress that she had been sucked in by this man, believed him to be a good person, and then discovered how evil he truly is. She said that he IS, present tense, Just Like Any Other Normal Person. She is defending him, in the present. AFTER he has been convicted. After the full horror of his actions has been made public. She is refusing to believe that he IS a convicted child rapist and pedophile. That is an “opinion” which is ignorant in the extreme and needs to be aggressively challenged.

    • Laura

      You think he would have showed up to court if he wasn’t guilty!!!

    • You must be his wife

      Three words for you: read the article . Why would someone run if they weren’t guilty?! Hopefully someone found him and gave him proper justice for the deeds of his crime.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Hey fucktard…here’s an idea…READ THE FUCKING ARTICLE!

      It says, very clearly, that HE HAS BEEN CONVICTED! Just because he chose not to turn up does not mean that the trial can’t go ahead!

      Please, if you haven’t already, DO NOT BREED! You clearly have no clue how to keep children safe if you’re defending that maggot!

    • Buffettgirl

      STFU you Fucking Twatwaffle! I try to not make this shit personal but FUCK YOU! It’s pretty clear you’ve never been molested or violated… otherwise you wouldn’t be able to defend this piece of baboon shit the way you are. Here’s a tip, if there is even a hint of a guy you know doing hinky things, run the fuck away! Women like YOU are the reason assholes like him get away with molesting for years and years. You’re pathetic, and if you support him, well you’re downright evil too…

    • Gayla Baer-Taylor

      Michelle, News Flash – He was found guilty. I was there when the verdict was read!

      It’s not like this is “new” news. Tim’s victim has waited more than TWO years since his arrest to see justice served. In that 2 years (not to mention the entire childhood he took from her), Tim played the system like a fiddle. Continuance after continuance, game after game. He was offered a plea, he refused. He was offered another plea, he took it. ONE DAY before court, he withdrew his plea. Just before trial, he begged for the SAME plea that was offered him almost TWO years ago. The system was FED UP and said NO! Trial was on! Obviously he’s used to manipulating people/systems and getting his way, but when he couldn’t manipulate this time – He ran like the little coward he is. Can’t stand the thought of being abused the way he abused his victim? Yeah? So What!

      Several DAYS before trial, Tim’s victim endured very harassing messages from Tim’s family. How pathetic is that? Especially when Tim admitted to several people, that it DID happen! And in Tim’s own words “it was pretty intense for about 5 years.” (he told that to a few people in his lame-assed apology, of which was NEVER to his VICTIM).

      OH, after he was found out, he read the Bible A LOT!

      Who Cares?

      Apparently he never read THAT part that says – It’s better a millstone be tied about the neck and him to be cast into the sea than to harm a child. (it’s the ONE verse that kept me from wanting to run his ass over myself – so I know it well!).

      His FATE is sealed! By court, by jury and by God!

      Like. It. Or. Not!

      The judge was fed up with Tim’s games and ordered the trial to continue. Trial lasted 2 days. Jury deliberated less than 1.5 hours and returned with a unanimous GUILTY! The ONLY reason he was not guilty of the 5th C felony was because of a “time specific” oversight that the defense pointed out in their disgusting closing argument. The charge required a specific mention of time frame as age 7 to 17 years didn’t seem to cover that 10-13 age bracket. Un-friggin-believable!

      Again, pathetic pieces of shit – Him and those who continue to support him while he is in hiding!

      Regardless, he was offered a plea that would have kept him behind bars for 15 years – all his victim wanted was an eye for an eye – a year for a year.

      Instead, he play games and now he’s going away for the rest of his natural life.

      As for the one pathetic human being that harassed the victim in the days before the trial – he happened to be the one to put up the bond. Tim skipped out – bond revoked. Sure hope those text messages were worth the REALLY hefty price it’s going to cost him. And it WILL cost him! See Dog the Bounty Hunter!

      Be very careful of the Karma you sew, it always comes back around.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Round of applause hon…beautifully worded reply!

      • Lucy

        You will make me very happy indeed if you tell me that this shitstain family member put his house up for the perv’s bail. And by the way, why the hell isn’t that scum sucking slimy idiot himself in jail for intimidating a witness? They can rot together, along with anyone else in that family who supports either of them. Nasty trash. Thanks for the info – please keep us updated if there are any new developments.

        • Gayla Baer-Taylor

          Skye – thank you. Tim’s victim informed me of this comment thread – she sees everyone’s comments. I’m so glad she can see how much of the world is behind her. I know she appreciates the support. It was hard on everyone staying so quiet for 2 years for fear of being called “harassing” and risking “change of venue, blah blah blah” finding yourself right behind him at a car wash and can’t do a thing! I have never known such helplessness. I’ve never wanted him dead – but I have wanted him to suffer everything he put her though, as often and for as many years.

          Lucy – he didn’t put up his house, that I know of – but he did commit to close to 6 figures. It’s my understanding that she will receive the bulk of it. How’s that for poetic justice? The bondsman was waiting on him when court was over – you don’t bail someone out and not get them to court and get away with it.

          I’m sure the bondsman warned them – most of them do on severe charges like this. Obviously they all think they can manipulate the system.

          I thought it was against the law for them to harass her too – but he was smart enough to start it on a Friday when court was on Monday. They were ordered to leave her alone at the beginning of the trial.

          There’s a very special place in hell for the attorney’s who represent these guys too – I might add. I wanted to throw up listening to the little prick.

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            This is a message for your friend, the victim…

            YOU ARE AWESOME!

            You stood up for yourself & because of you, yes, YOU, this oxygen thieving waste of perfectly good skin will hopefully be caught & incarcerated before he can hurt someone else. Hopefully, very soon, he will be in prison sucking a giant bag of cocks.

            Now, I don’t know how old you are & I don’t know what steps you are taking to heal but I urge you to consider some therapy if you aren’t already. It really helps to talk to someone who has a clue what they’re doing. And feel proud of what you have accomplished! You’ve done something that most victims NEVER get to do…you got actual court ordered justice!!!!!!!!! Go you!

      • guest

        I was had to sit on this and im proud to say we found him guilty I pray for the victim and when she was up there the moment she let a tear out I wanted to hug her and tell her how brave she was im glad she got her justice

        • Gayla Baer-Taylor

          God Bless You! The last two years have been hell for those of us who have waited for justice – I can’t even imagine, more than the decade she has had to wait. She is the sweetest young lady – so strong and responsible. How? I have no idea! Every day, I pray that someone, somewhere will see him and turn him in. Obviously, his threats of suicide were for dramatic flair – not that I EVER believed them. And he’s never going to be man enough to turn himself in. We are all, so ready to move forward with healing, and even now, after he was found guilty, he’s stealing even more from his victim. God’s going to have to really help me with this hatred thing. Juror, you did the right thing. I know it could not have been the easiest thing – but if ever there was a case that was free of all doubt, I hope you realize this is one of those.

          • guest

            There was never doubt in my mind about this ill be paying for everyone involved

    • Kay

      He could have had a fair trial,HAD HE SHOWN UP!!!It doesnt matter how well or whatever you know someone.People are capable of anything.I know this from unfortunate experience….But if he wanted a fair trial he shoulld have been a man and shown up.Thats on him!&&If he is what he accused too be than theres nothinggg normal about him!The post says they proceeded with court and ended up convicting him??Just saying,everyone has a different point of view.

    • Barb

      Well I guess if that scum bag wanted a fair trial then he’s pathetic ass should’ve showed up in court, and if he was innocent, then he should’ve showed up in court. And from what I’ve read he’s a convicted child molestor. Just because someone skips out on their court date, doesn’t mean they won’t be convicted…oh and by the way,”normal” people don’t molest children!! Sick pediophiles do…

    • sarah

      Wow Michelle u must not have children and if you do know him like u say get him to turn himself in for a fair trial.. when you run n hide it doesn’t help your case it only makes things worse. I honestly didn’t judge by a picture I judged by what was said n you did not help you sound more like his child or wife defending him.

    • Brian Wallace

      Read it u dumb Bitch he is convicted, he ran nd they proceeded with the conviction. I say hang his chomo ass.

    • Stephanie

      Michelle did you not read this. The court went ahead with his trial. He has been convicted! His sentence is in the triple digits! Are you forreal? This guy had enough evidence to go on without him! Hope he doesn’t run into your family members or your children, you would have a different outlook then huh???

    • Robyn

      I’m so sorry for the bullying that your having to deal with for having an opinion. I imagine you feel very deceived having lived as a neighbor to this man & in my experience it’s hard to work out the feeling that come with finding out a person that you believe you know is also a monster of this sort. In my experience I found myself going over years of memories & time spent with the man I knew trying to figure out what I might have missed. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with having the bad guy in your own backyard. Home should feel safe for everyone.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        Someone’s come to the wrong place if they expect people to stay calm when some mouth breather tries to defend a child rapist.

  • Terri Tg

    why was he free anyway? or was he on bail? sad so many places put less of a priority on these kind of violators, until they have been convicted, but someone who just ONCE assaulted someone can be held, but DECADES of molestation and rape? and they thought he would just gratefully show up???

    • Trench Reynolds

      From what I understand a large bond was posted for him and has now been forfeit.

  • Tiffanee

    I have a 7yr old daughter & we talk about molestation all the time. I have no problem sharing this in Huntington, IN

    • Trench Reynolds

      Thank you Tiffanee.

  • Buffettgirl

    Damn, I hope they catch this one quick. I get a queasy feeling about this guy…