VIC boy dies in filth

Vic boy, 5, died in squalid home: court

Boy, 5, died in state of ‘extreme squalor’

We’re back baby! I have returned once more to shine the light on the filthy cockroaches who abuse their children.

A 5-year-old boy has died because his lazy parents could not be bothered to clean up their filth. The little boy cut his foot on a rusty cat food can in 2012, and his foot swelled up. His brother reported that the little boy did not look well and his neck was stiff. His mother rushed him to the local ambulance station, where the ambos tried to revive him -but to no avail.

His father has been charged with reckless conduct resulting in death, and so has the mum. The parents allege that they had washed the boy’s cut with antiseptic and bandaged it, but hadn’t taken him to a doctor. Court documents proved that the bandages were filthy and that the boy’s toe was sodden in an unidentified fluid. A perfect environment for bacteria and gangrene.


Yuck, how hard is it to keep a house clean?


Absolute filth, set fire to the lot!

The boy had never been to school, didn’t have his birth registered and didn’t have any government registration either. He only ever saw members of his immediate family. He lived a lonely and isolated existence in a house full of shit.

The filthy pigs will face court i Jue.

RIP little guy.

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  • Sassafras

    YUCK, I need to take a shower right now! A fucking tetanus shot could have prevented his death! How difficult is it to use a broom and a mop!

  • Buffettgirl

    No parents, you’re supposed to GIVE a shit, not LIVE in shit… poor little man…

  • Lucy

    I guarantee that poor little boy never had a tetanus shot. A stiff neck is one of the first signs of tetanus infection. Lord, people. You don’t have to be immaculate. You just need to not be filthy! What a way to start the day, reading this. I need to go clean something now.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Agreed…My house looks like a bomb went off in Toys ‘R’ Us but in spite of not being tidy (it hasn’t been since my kids could crawl) it’s clean…the toys & books are put away before the kids go to bed so I can sweep the floors (or vac & mop if it’s Friday)…

      But seriously, if you walked into my house at any time after about 7am you’re not going to see the floor for the toys!

    • Aussie Sabbath

      What’s even worse, is that health care is more or less free in Australia. A tetanus shot can be bulk-billed, doctors’ visits don’t cost a cent with Medicare. But these lazy fucks hadn’t even registered the little boy’s birth with the government, let alone signed him up with Medicare.
      It’s beyond comprehension.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        What else were they hiding if they hadn’t registered the birth. That goes beyond lazy. Lazy cunts usually register a birth because MONEY! The more kids you spit out & register the more money the government will give you. Hiding the birth from the authorities smacks if either illegal immigration or crazy conspiracy fuck bags.

        • Aussie Sabbath

          Dunno if they have had children taken off them before and wanted to hide the latest one in case the gubbermint comes to “steal” them.
          There were other siblings existing in that hovel, so I don’t think this theory would stand up.

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            It’s certainly bizarre. Incredibly sad though that a child had to die of a totally avoidable & completely treatable infection though.

          • Aussie Sabbath

            You wouldn’t be surprised if it happened in a place where there was limited health care and the kid got a cut from picking through a dump. It would be no less sad, but this happened in Australia where health care is plentiful and free, and there is support for parents who can’t get it together. What a waste.