Blow-torch breeders

Boys ‘assaulted’ with gas soldering torch

Sydney brothers tortured with ropes, gas torch and hammer, police claim

Boys ‘assaulted’ with gas soldering torch

Thanks to Kate and Trench for alerting me to this one.

No names because the Australian government prefers to protect the criminals, rather than the victims.

A Sydney incubator and her sex toy have been arrested after police allege they tortured the incubator’s sons with a gas-powered soldering iron, ropes and a hammer.

soldering torch

The department of Family and Community services swooped in and removed the 8 and 10 year old boys, along with their 5 month old half brother from the horror of their breeders. Police stormed the house at St George and snapped up evidence including the soldering iron, ropes, sticks and the hammer that were used to torment and torture the older boys. Thankfully, and perhaps not surprisingly, the baby was left alone since he belonged to the step penis.

The 33 year old sex toy and the 30 year old hot pocket were charged at Kogarah police station and later faced Sutherland local court. Step penis was charged with four counts of bodily harm, and the incubator only charged with one count. They have been refused bail, thank fuck.

I used to study electronics. One day, I wasn’t very careful with the soldering iron and I absent mindedly grabbed the hot end of it. The iron instantly seared my flesh and it absolutely cained for a couple of days. The gas powered soldering iron can reach temperatures up to 850C (1562F). That is more than 3 times the temperature at which paper ignites (232C/451F). The step penis needs this implement stuck up his dick hole and the incubator needs her flaps welded shut so that this callous couple can never ever reproduce again.

  • Mike Avery

    Does the Australian Prison system have a prison industries unit? If so, here’s to hoping another inmate takes a torch from the prison factory and uses it on these SOB’s

    • Nanima

      Pfft, nope, but they have TV… Let’s hope it gets stuck on something boring like ABC, all the bad English period drama a child abusing piece of shit deserves!!

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        The ABC has loads of great shows for people too intelligent for The Voice & Masterchef.

        • Nanima

          I’m not saying that the ABC is crap, I meant more the weekends where it used to be English period dramas from the early 80s and the bill. I actually wish their TVs would get stuck on Gold or Gem. That would be awesome, all the infomercials and old westerns.

          • Buffettgirl

            OK – for some reason you reminded me of an Australian (I think it was Australian at any rate!) TV show we used to get in South Africa when I lived there from 1981-1983. I think it was called “My Happy Valley” or something close to that. Does anyone know of or remember that show?

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    What the actual fuck.
    These ones are the worst. This wasn’t abusing a child out of frustration (which is certainly not good), this is premeditated, considered actions designed specifically to inflict pain & terror.