Hero By Day, Cowardly Dick-Riding Abuse-Enabler By Night

(Special thanks to Catalina for the post.)

Mannarino and Woods

Mannarino and Woods

Mother, EMT charged with failing to save her 2 young sons from repeated abuse:

Police: Mother Allowed Man To Physically Abuse 5- And 6-Year-Old Sons:

Hempfield woman charged with endangering children:

There are certain professions I deeply admire for their services and dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the public. Unfortunately, in every such field there are bad apples, like Janna Mannarino (32) of Grapeville, PA.

While this emergency medical technician did not physically abuse her two precious boys (just 6 & 8 years old), she sat back and allegedly did absolutely nothing to stop her douche bag boyfriend , Barry Woods (36), from torturing them. The selfish coward was too afraid of losing her job and getting Children and Youth Services involved.

I just don’t understand. It takes guts and good judgement to save lives for a living, yet she met some asshole with a criminal record online and let him move in. The prized dildo beat, choked, threw, and squeezed the two little guys who depended on their mother to keep them safe. According to State Police Tpr. Steve Limani, “The children were forced out in the snow in shorts and T-shirts. They had different objects that they were forced to eat — feces and things of that nature.” Yet…the bitch did nothing.

Even her two daughters, who thankfully were not harmed, tried to warn Mannarino by describing how Woods would abuse the boys while she was at work. That all fell on deaf, selfish ears. The abuse was discovered by a school nurse who noticed bruises on one of the children.

It’s not like the gutless wonder had no clue how to seek help for her children. As an EMT, she should have been aware of shelters and other aid.

Furthermore, White Oak EMS, Chief Paul Falavolito, said had he and his colleagues been aware of Mannarino’s situation, they would have helped in any way.

The worthless birth vessel is now suspended from her job and is out on bond.

Oh, and Mannarino is pregnant with Woods’ child, due in June. She couldn’t even be a real mother to two of the kids she already had, and here she is, having another baby she doesn’t deserve.

I’m extremely glad no children died, and I hope the little guys know they didn’t deserve that horrible treatment at all.

Thanks to Brenda for the tip.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I guess this proves that you don’t have to be smart or compassionate to be an ambo. All the ones I’ve met are but so I guess maybe she could have slipped under the radar.

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      I hate to generalize but just about every EMT I’ve met on a personal level was a little ‘off’.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        It’s the job. I used to be a nurse & all the A&E (ER to you) nurses I knew were a little crazy! I think that’s why every A&E nurse I know is married to either an ambo or a cop or a firey or another A&E nurse…all have similar fast paced, high pressure jobs dealing with people on what is potentially the worst day of their life.

    • tori

      I have met some creepy ambos, sorry but creepy comes in all professions even in law enforcement, rescue etc.

  • Aussie Sabbath

    Does that trashy tatt say “Don’t tread on my neck”?
    It must be reverse pyschology because, I so wanna put a steel-cap boot through his windpipe and spinal cord.

    • http://trenchreynolds.me/ Trench Reynolds

      It says don’t tread on me which I’m sure he’s taking completely out of context. It makes me think of someone putting tire treads on his neck.

    • Nanima

      Wow, me too. Hopefully he’d end up with some form of spinal damage and his fellow prisoners would only be too happy to treat this piece of shit exactly how he treated those poor kids.

    • tori

      If should say, cut here ,,,,,,,,,,,piece of shit. Probably felt threatened by the little boys, thats why the girls were left unharmed. Some men are pieces of shit. Every thing affects their manhood.