Murdering monster kills daughters on Easter

Man charged with murder of sisters, aged 3 and 4, in Melbourne

Charles Mihayo charged over death of two girls in Watsonia, Victoria

Police probe death of two children at home

Charles Mihayo hides his face like the common coward he is.

Charles Mihayo hides his face like the callous coward he is.

Easter is a time for kids to be happy. The (re)birth of the Easter Bunny Zombie Jeebus brings about all sorts of goodies such as Easter eggs and hot cross buns. Two little girls Indianna (3) and Savannah (4) Mihayo should have been stuffing themselves silly with far too much chocolate, searching for eggs and revelling in the gifts brought by the Easter Bunny (or Bilby). Alas, it was not to be.

The two little girls who should have been enjoying their Easter were brutally murdered by their supposed father Charles Mihayo (35). Their bodies were discovered at his granny flat at Watsonia, just outside of Melbourne VIC. Murderous Mihayo was arrested on the scene and charged with two counts of murder. He is in police custody and will be facing court tomorrow. As these details become clear, I’ll keep us updated. Police aren’t saying how exactly their girls were killed just yet, but the girls were there to see their “daddy” for Easter Sunday. Mihayo and the girls’ mum had split up last year and this may be a revenge killing.

The whole community is devastated by the girls’ murders, with the crime scene affecting even the hardened police officers who attended. The murder of a child at the hands of the person who brought them into the world and is supposed to care for them is despicable and abhorrent, but I think when the murder occurs during a significant holiday such as Xmas or Easter, it’s especially sad because holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness for children.

Rest in peace Indianna and Savannah. There are plenty of Easter eggs in heaven.

Rest in peace Indianna and Savannah. There are plenty of Easter eggs in heaven.


  • Aussie Sabbath

    Charles Mihayo has been remanded in custody. No bail. A committal hearing will be held on August 12.

  • Seething

    Sorry that was supposed to be a :-(

  • Seething

    Apparently they were smothered or suffocated :-)

  • Buffettgirl

    Those joyous little faces – the little one is carbon copy of her sister. What an horrendous thing to do just to get back at someone that hurt you. Sniveling coward…

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I just don’t understand that “you left me so I’ll kill the kids to teach you a lesson” attitude.

    • Aussie Sabbath

      Rosie Batty, the mother of Luke Batty (who was murdered by his sperm donor) said that it was the ultimate form of control. He had lost control of her, so in one last attempt to get control back, he killed her little boy and got himself killed in the process. It’s all about control for these monsters, killing the children is the ultimate control technique because her grief is caused by his actions. He has controlled how she feels.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        They can’t have ever loved those kids if they’re willing to use them like that.

        • Aussie Sabbath

          The perp doesn’t love their victim so it’s no surprise that they don’t love their kids. Everyone is either a tool or a hindrance to them – classic psychopath/narcissist behaviour.

      • Doing it for my boys

        If the fucktard ex is a controlling fuckwit in the relationship, he ain’t gonna be any different outside of the relationship.

        Just because you have children with a fuckwit, doesn’t mean you are obligated to help the fuckwit have a ‘relationship’ with the children he sired.

        I had one. Fuck him.
        Like fuck he was going to have any influence on my boys. Family court gave him 2 hrs a fortnight, to be a ‘parent’ to my boys…fuck that, I blackmailed his sorry arse, rescinded the orders, left the state and it took my boys 3 years before they stopped asking me if the house was locked up at night.

        When you are in an abusive relationship, and there are children, it stops being about ‘you’ and becomes all about protecting your children…at any cost!

        Women who claim to do nothing when they are in full knowledge about abuse happening to their children….because of the fear of repercussions to them…how about considering how it must feel to the child, when they become aware of not only knowing one parent/step-parent abused them, but the other parent knew and did absolutely nothing about it.

        So when I hear, someone, say, oh but ‘I’ didn’t want to have to ‘start’ MY life all over again and move interstate/ overseas, in order to stop the violence, I say to that someone… you are a selfish cunt, because you too have failed as a parent.

        Parents put the interest and well-being of a child way ahead of their own egocentric, self-obsessed, self-serving ways.

        and when I see a parent try and convince a nation ‘they’ are an altruistic parent… I want to vomit!

        • Aussie Sabbath

          That is so true. Rosie Batty blew up at Joe Hildebrand for saying more or less the same thing you said – that they MUST get their kids out of the violence and abuse. Rosie said that he had no idea of the fear that can paralyse.
          It is when the children are being victimised that the parent should act, despite their own feelings. It’s not about them, the kids have no choice in staying but Mum (or Dad) does. This was in response to proposed laws to prosecute parents who fail to disclose known child abuse. If they know about the abuse and fail to tell authorities, they can be prosecuted. I will write up a post about these proposed laws, as well as the discussion between Rosie Batty and Joe Hildebrand.

        • Artemis

          I call bullshit on the “stand there and quake” excuse. It isn’t called a “fight or flight” reflex for nothing.

          Me…I prefer to fight…preferably with something permanent, but I’d get the hell out of Dodge if that’s what it took to save my kids.

          As usual, Aussie, you’ve pounded that nail right on it’s little flat head! Well said!

  • Sassafras

    Poor girls! That “dad” should be put away for life, and have roommates who will treat him with kindness [sarcastic voice].