Bad dad leaves little girl in burning car

Child, 3, ‘left in burning car stolen by father’ on Great Eastern Highway

Dad left girl in burning car: WA police

Father allegedly leaves badly injured child in burning, stolen car wreck

A bad dad has been arrested after he left his 3 year old daughter in burning wreckage after harassing her mother and stealing a car, then crashing it on a highway near Perth, Western Australia.

Police were called to a domestic disturbance in Ellenbrook, a suburb of Perth around 10pm on Easter Sunday. There, they found Dipshit Daddy trying to break in to the house and harass his former partner (the girl’s mum). When he found she wasn’t home, he allegedly beat up his 16 year old niece and took off with his 3 year old daughter.

Police say that Dipshit Daddy was intoxicated and did not have a driver’s licence. So the next thing that occurred was fairly obvious – he crashed the car into a concrete barrier on the Great Eastern Highway, just outside of the city. The car caught on fire after the crash, prompting Dipshit Daddy to run away without his daughter. Yes, that’s right – instead of saving his daughter, which he took the effort of taking her with him, the fucker ran away!

Emergency services were able to extinguish the fire and pull the little girl from the burning wreckage. First responders noted that the little girl had not been wearing a seatbelt and was placed in the front seat. The little girl was taken to hospital with serious injuries, including burns and a torn bladder.

Dipshit Daddy was also taken to hospital, where police attended his bedside and charged him with an array of offences including aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm, stealing a motor vehicle, driving without a licence and driving while under the influence, as well as driving dangerously. He has been remanded in police custody.

I’m torn between wishing this fucker had died in the crash and being thankful he didn’t. The little girl would not have survived if firefighters had not pulled her out and extinguished the blaze. Burns would have to be the worst injury to sustain, so Dipshit Daddy is in for a world of pain for quite some time.

Crispy craphead dipshit daddy

Crispy craphead dipshit daddy

  • Tabitha

    wow! what is this world coming to?

  • Buffettgirl

    I say we douse him with liquid hand sanitizer and set his ass on fire once a day for the rest of his days… there won’t be too many of them this way.

    • Aussie Sabbath

      Be sure to slice him up a bit with razors first, the tip the sanitiser on him!

      • Buffettgirl

        A rather nice addition to the set up! =D

        • Nanima

          I was thinking slice him up paper cut style and tie him up on top of a meat ants nest is the middle of the Territory in summer with only enough liquid diet to keep him alive… I’m sure the ant bites would eventually fade into nothingness after the sunburn starts melting him!!

  • Alexandra1973

    I don’t know how the prison system is run down under, but I’d say life with no possibility of parole–and make sure he’s in general population.

    • Nanima

      The Australian justice system is shithouse. This guy will probably get only a few years with most of it suspended, anger management courses, etc.

      Hell where I am a 12 year old can steal a car, crash it and still sue the owner’s third party insurance because they got injured. Our justice system is so shithouse that I wish we had one like the US most days.

  • Nanima

    I’m over these asshole men (and women) that get high and/or drunk and take out their crap on little kids. Not only did he take his 3 year old daughter but he flogged his niece to do so. He is not a man, he is a piece of shit that deserves everything that other prisoners do to him in the clink.

  • kayteakay

    Someone should set his cell on fire.