She never had a chance

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Frederick man charged in death of 21-month-old daughter:

Maryland parents charged in death of 21-month-old daughter:

The Williamses

The Williamses

A 21 month old Frederick, Maryland girl is dead and her parents are in jail after what can only be described as a brutal, deadly attack.

Paramedics responded to a call regarding an unresponsive child just before midnight on March 14, 2014. When they arrived at the scene, 21 month old Anayah Nevaeh Williams was not breathing. Paramedics and hospital staff tried to revive the tot, but she was pronounced dead just before 1am on March 15th.

Frankie Aubrey Williams, 24 who is said to be the girl’s father has confessed to the brutal attack, describing his actions in a recorded statement.

Frankie was attempting to force Anayah to eat a Nutrigrain bar and drink some water, but she refused. He then stuck his finger in to her mouth causing her to vomit. This made him angry and he began hitting the girl “several times with a closed fist, hard enough to hurt an adult”.

The girl’s mother, Stephanie Ramirez Williams, 21 was not home at the time of the attack, but when she arrived at the family’s home around 6pm on the 14th she could see that Anayah was in severe pain. She was holding her head and her stomach and rolling around the floor. Doctor’s described her as having “obvious bruising and trauma to her abdomen”.

Stephanie is being charged as well because she waited HOURS before calling 911 to get her daughter help. I’m sure she was worried; although my guess is that she was worried about herself and her husband. They had just regained custody of their daughter 3 weeks prior to the attack. Anayah was removed from their custody in 2012 after sustaining a fractured skull and rib. I was not able to find a date of the first incident, but given Anayah’s age, she was most likely born around June of 2012 which means she was probably less than 6 months old the first time Frankie severely beat her.

It is unknown why the girl was returned to their care, but I am willing to bet that someone is regretting it. And if they aren’t, they should be. One article I read hinted that the police did not have evidence against Frankie or Stephanie so chances are they pretended they didn’t know what happened to her, but Frankie admitted in his recorded statement to causing the injuries in 2012 as well and the couple will be facing charges for both attacks.

I blame the mother. I can only imagine how hard it would be to have someone take your child away from you and I can’t imagine not wanting to do everything I could to get her back. She knew what happened to Anayah in 2012. Those injuries didn’t cause themselves. I blame Stephanie for not having the guts to be the mother Anayah deserved.

RIP Anayah

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  • Buffettgirl

    Poor Angel-butt… she never had a chance once they handed her back to her “parents”… RIP Anayah.

  • Andrew Cox

    Although a tragedy, Let the courts and the investigation find the truth before pointing fingers. We do not know what really happened here and are making assumptions based on documents produced by the same state that is as guilty as the person who inflicted the injuries. Have we forgotten about our constitutional rights of being innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt? and the truth will prevail…

    • Aussie Sabbath

      Oh shut up.

    • kayteakay

      There are no assumptions made; both people obviously acted like fucking selfish morons.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      “Frankie Aubrey Williams, 24 who is said to be the girl’s father has confessed to the brutal attack, describing his actions in a recorded statement.”

      Did you miss that bit in the story? The bit where he CONFESSED? Once you confess to a crime you forfeit your presumption of innocence & become unequivocally guilty as charged!

      • Aussie Sabbath

        I wish disqus hadn’t taken away our downvote button. I wanna downvote this arse like 100 times for being stupid.

        • Trench Reynolds

          It should still be there.

        • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I’ve got a down vote arrow…

          • Aussie Sabbath

            I have the arrow, but it only comes up red. It doesn’t come up with the number of dv’s :(

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Yep, now you mention it, me too…just the arrow.

      • Nanima

        Too bad we can’t flag the comment as moronic to the point of being criminal!!

    • Nathan Lovell

      That’s in a court of law. This is a blog.

    • 16pawz

      Ummmmm, he confessed. So we do know what really happened. Oh, maybe he’s covering for the beautiful little girl who beat the hell out of herself and then refused medical care…wake up, dude. These 2 pieces of shit couldn’t be trusted with a goldfish. This happened in my state – they should both rot in hell.

  • Nanima

    I honestly blame the both of them equally. The father for beating this poor little girl and the mother for pretty much enabling him. When she had her baby taken away the first time she had to have known why and she could have left him – because to be blunt no dick is worth the life of your child (after seeing a story about a dad killing his children I told my hubby that I would defend my children even against him if necessary no matter how much I love him and thankfully he was never hurt by me saying that, he agreed and said he’d do the same) – she could have moved out, built a life for her and her baby, but she didn’t, she stood by him when the baby was taken away and she was still standing right there next to him when they got her back.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I agree, equal blame is due here, but Amanda doesn’t do that, she states in her summation that she blames the mother. Not the father who inflicted the injuries. That’s my point.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Why do you blame the mother? Sure, she played her part, but let’s not forget who threw the punches here. Blaming the mother takes some of the blame away from the animal who did this.

    • becky oohh

      She left her baby in pain that’s why. She equally contributed to this child’s death because she failed to seek help. Such a dam stupid comment.

      • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

        The author doesn’t say that she blames the mother equally, the author says that she blames the mother…full stop…just the mother.

        I agree that they are equally to blame, but to absolve him of blame in the summation is the stupid comment, not mine for calling the author out!

    • ServoCrow

      Thank you. I don’t think mom’s innocent here, but “I blame the mother.” after we just read what DAD did…??? Reeks of sexism and does this little girl a disservice by seemingly letting her actual killer off the hook. Might not have been the author’s intention, but that’s how it reads.