Racist bogan takes her kid along for train rant

Woman charged over Bondi train racist rant

School holidays are lots of fun for children. Not so much for parents and grandparents, who rack their brains trying to think of ways to keep the kids entertained. After numerous trips to the museum, craft projects, catching up on the ol’ math and reading skills, you really get stuck for ideas. Perhaps it’s possible to take them to work with you?

Only you don’t have a job. Oh wait, your occupation is being a full-time racist bogan. And today’s the day where there’s a large group of Asian people at which you can’t suppress the urge to scream obscenities.

Professional racist bogan and bad mother Rebecca Blessington

Professional racist bogan and bad mother Rebecca Blessington

That’s precisely what Rebecca Blessington (28) of Marylands West did. The sight of a large group of Asian people aboard the train from Bondi to Town Hall angried up her bogan blood (along with some bourbon-and-cokes and a pack of Winnie Reds) and she let fly with some, ahem, colourful bogan dialect:

Youse aren’t citizens. You come in here and take our country ya cunts. You know it too. And guess what mate — there’s a war comin’. A war between us and youse.

Now, why is this on Bad Breeders you ask? Because while this raging cunt was screaming unintelligible hate, she was cradling her young child. At one stage, she stands over a frightened commuter, while holding her child, and spews foul hate into her face. All of this was in full view of her child, whose mind had not formed the prejudices of her ignorant and terminally stupid waste of a “mother”.

Funnily enough, she claims to be Aboriginal – another minority group in Australia who have been subjected to racial abuse in the past.

You know the ones that were here first? The black fellas, the Kooris, which I am. This is our country mate.

Uh yeah, she’s about as Aboriginal as I am. And I’m a fucking snowflake.

The white-trash tirade occurred at 8.30 am – peak time for Sydney transport. Most of the witnesses and the victims were on their way to work – something that this brain-dead cunt has no idea about. Popping out children and collecting Centrelink is not a “job”. Screaming abuse at others out of sheer jealousy and stupidity is not a “job”. Time to get up off your arse, throw on something other than trackpants and hoodies and get in there and earn some money.

Video of Rebecca’s opinion sharing got out, and police have tracked her down and paid her a little visit. She has only been charged with using offensive language, but I’m sure if she’s willing to behave like that in public, there must be more going on behind closed doors. Raising a child with a loudmouth breeder like Rebecca is not healthy. The kid needs to get away from her ASAP before she starts thinking like her birth vessel, which would not be her fault at all, but the fault of the trash that her breeder spews.


  • Alexandra1973

    For what it’s worth, no one’s complaining about the lack of diversity in China, so I can kinda see where this woman’s coming from. Think about it–Asian countries for Asians, Black countries for Blacks, White countries for everyone. Is that really fair? No.

    That being said, she could have left out the part about war. She took the ball and ran a bit too far with it.

    Racism isn’t inherently hateful. Preferring to be around your own kind is okay. But if you abuse someone only because they’re of another race…well, that crosses the line.

    My post isn’t likely going to be very popular, but I really don’t care…just tired of all the brainwashing that goes on. I for one am not afraid to be called a racist, big whoop. But I don’t wear a bed sheet or anything like that…so don’t be prejudiced, mmmkay? :)

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Well, Australia is traditionally a Black Country so she has fuck all business being here if your theory is to be given any attention.

      And if you’re in the US, you don’t live in a white country either…the original Americans aren’t white so if you really believe what you just wrote it might be time to start packing?

    • Lucy

      Okay then. Pack your bags, and head off to the Caucasus Mountains. You can choose from the four original “White” countries: Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. That’s pretty much it. You’ll definitely need to get your pale face and invading foreign culture the hell out of the US though. Not yours.

    • Buffettgirl

      I don’t necessarily agree with everything you’ve said, but you are allowed to say what you feel, and I personally think that you haven’t really said anything over the line. Kudos for being honest about how you feel about the issue.

  • Sassafras

    I hope her kid never ends up like that. Over here in the US there are also fuckwits like her who don’t even try to work, but spend their time spewing racist horseshit online or in the streets. So glad I’m not that stupid.

  • Lucy

    Can you bitch about the damn foreigners overrunning your country and stealing all the jobs if you’ve never held a job? I’d think you’d be grateful that someone was willing to work hard and pay taxes to support the likes of you.

  • Nanima

    I love how she’s a racist and then starts going on about how she’s of murray blood, bitch please!! My paternal great grandmother was aboriginal, I have it in my blood along with a healthy dose of Irish, my cousins are half and half, my friends too and they would NEVER EVER use being a koori as a way of saying they deserve something more than any other race, you’re nothing but a dole bludging, racist, pension bunny, so pull your head in Rebecca before some lovely full and half blood girls do it for you.

    Now I do wonder if she was like everyone else in Australia and she was all over Facebook decrying racism when Larna Watmough was kicking the crap out of an old man on a bus and throwing racial slurs… Pot Kettle Rebecca.

    And Skye, I will be sitting front row and centre if her friends come here to defend her, what’s a bet they’re all a bunch of pension bunnies with half a dozen kids that make Housos look normal!!

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Lana Watmough & Layni Cameron are disgusting wastes of skin, regardless of the heritage of the elderly man they assaulted. This woman is not much better…at least she didn’t hit anyone I suppose but one wonders if she would have if there weren’t so many witnesses.

      • Nanima

        Would have been like that video doing the rounds of the “mum” on a bus tossing her baby at a stranger so she could punch on. I can picture this boganista doing it now… “Hold me smokes and take the kid, I’m gonna punch this c**t”…

        • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I missed that one! I was wild when I was younger, drinking & enjoying an active sex life & I got into the occasional scrap over stupid shit…one of the myriad reasons I didn’t have kids in my 20s! I wasn’t responsible enough to be in charge of myself let alone a tiny human!

          • kat

            Many women had their first and sometimes second baby in their late 20s.

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            Right? Your point?

          • Nanima

            I’m trying to understand what her point is as well… Skye is saying she didn’t have kids in her 20’s because she didn’t feel like she was mature and responsible enough to have them. How does you comment fit in there?? Are you just making a generalisation that yes half (it’s possible, I think… Uhhh maybe) the adult female population had kids in their 20s. Maybe I need more coffee for this.

          • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

            I’m baffled by the comment really. Especially as she replied directly to me. I wasn’t suggesting that everyone should wait, my own mother had me at 22. I don’t remember 22…I was drunk for most of it. Still managed to pass uni though!

    • PurpleTantrum

      Uh. Pension bunny? Lol

      • Nanima

        Pension Bunny: A single mother who pops out kid after kid just to stay on welfare. Usually seen wandering aimlessly through shopping centres with at least one child shoving McDonalds into its snot covered face, all while mummy is yarping to her fellow pension bunny friends on the latest iPhone about how her sperm donor wants DNA testing done before “paying” their child support.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    Whoa baby! I am hoping this story attracts her or a friend to defend her actions because you can’t pay for entertainment that funny!