Journey Ann was not in the system

Boyd and Payne

Boyd and Payne

Couple charged in beating death of 1-year-old Bartow County girl:

This is an older story but I think it still deserves attention.

I’m not usually a fan of nontraditional names but Journey Ann is a beautiful name for a beautiful baby. Unfortunately 1-year-old Journey Ann Cowart’s own journey in this life was cut short. Journey Ann’s mother, Brandy Ann Boyd, and her boyfriend, Austin Payne, both of Cartersville, Georgia, were arrested for Journey Ann’s death.

The coroner’s autopsy revealed that Journey Ann had been systemically beaten prior to her death. Blunt force trauma was the cause of death and the autopsy also showed that she had been beaten previously with bone fractures that never healed properly. If she hadn’t been killed Journey Ann probably would have grown up handicapped due to all the injuries she sustained.

What really grabbed me about this story is this quote from the article…

Investigators said they had not received reports of child abuse in the home from either the Division of Family and Children’s Services or family members.

I don’t know why that struck a chord in me but it got me to thinking about how a lot of child abusers are good at hiding things. How many stories have been posted here where the suspects either moved around to avoid detection or hid behind home schooling? A lot of them are eventually found out but too many of them go undetected until it’s too late.

The police and child protection agencies can’t be everywhere at once so we as citizens need to be their eyes and ears. Maybe you don’t know how to report child abuse. Do you call police, family services, your local crime stoppers? My answer to that is yes to any of the above. I asked someone who works for a child protection agency at what point should someone call in a suspected case of child abuse. They told me if you have any suspicion of child abuse to notify someone. It doesn’t have to be physical signs like bruises or cuts. In case you don’t know who to contact I found a list of each agency in each US state and how they can be contacted. As the old adage goes if you see something say something. However let me also add that you shouldn’t go looking for child abuse everywhere you look. If you look for abuse everywhere you’ll see abuse everywhere whether it exists or not.

I’ll have that link posted on the sidebar as well.

Thanks to Victoria for the tip.

Journey Ann Cowart

Journey Ann Cowart

  • Victoria Freeman Gallegos

    I just wanted to point out that Brandy’s uncle did actually go to CPS with concerns. They dropped the ball. A judge went off on them as she terminated Brandy’s rights to her son.

    I can’t find the article right now where her rights were terminated, but this is part of the court.

  • Buffettgirl

    There are days… I would take these two deep in the the Georgia woods and make it impossible for them to ever get back out… RIP little Journey, you deserved a hell of a lot more than you ever got…

    • Ding

      Yep.What a complete and utter piece of trash these two are.

  • JessicaB
    • Jessica

      Oooppps, just say the the rules, but I cant delete!

      • Trench Reynolds

        You’re fine. That’s a Facebook group for Journey. That’s ok.

  • Trench Reynolds

    I didn’t want to mention this in the post but how much do you want to bet that the idiot boyfriend called his place ‘The House of Payne’?

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I used to know a guy who was a Payne. He called his house exactly that. He was a bit of a douche, but not a child abuser, just you’re regular run of the mill bro-douche.