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Time to talk about Safe Haven laws again

I must be getting soft in my old age. Tipster Misty sent me a story about a 27-year-old woman from Florida who gave birth at home then placed the newborn in a trash bag where she died. I used to go ballistic over reading stories like this but for some reason now I couldn’t be too harsh on this woman. We don’t know her situation.

The woman was Hispanic and lived with her adult siblings and mother. We don’t know what was going on at the home. We don’t know if the woman herself was in danger from the family if it was revealed or from someone else. She has been charged with manslaughter however. Instead of piling on this woman I decided it was time to talk about the state Safe Haven Laws in the U.S. again.

Each of the 50 states has their own law in which you can drop off a newborn baby at certain places safely with no questions asked. With so many of these stories that constantly show up in the news it makes me wonder if the states are not doing enough to inform the public about these laws. So I’m going to give them a little hand.

For instance this story took place in Florida and according to Florida’s Safe Haven law

You can leave your baby, up to 7 days old, with an employee at any hospital, emergency medical services station or with a fire fighter at any fire station in Florida.

They also have a crisis line you can call at 1-877-767 BABY (2229).

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

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  1. Sorry, at 27 and having a baby there is no excuse for doing what she did. As a human, a caring human with a conscience, how could you do this?? There is no reason for it.

    1. Maybe she wasn’t ready to become a mom yet.I know 2 women who are 27 and 28 and are not ready to have a baby yet.I’m 24,just graduated from university in June 2014 and am looking for a job now.So,even at 27,I might not be ready to have a baby yet(although I want to have a baby later).Anyway,the woman in this story has no excuse for what she did to her baby.She could just have put it up for adoption.

  2. Agree with Pak31.Put the wrong human in the trash bag, should’ve been the mother

  3. The problem with the safe haven laws are that the moms aren’t really able to drop off a newborn baby at the ER without being questioned. It looks like they’re abandoning the kid and then the police are called, especially if it in a small town. And while adoption is certainly an option, none of these young women ever end up going through with the adoption process. Instead they keep the babies&ampdoom them to a life of poverty&ampneglect. Like it or not, abortion is often the most merciful thing to do for the kid. I wouldn’t feel that way if more of these irresponsible&ampill- equipped moms would opt for adoption , ut, since that’s not happening, we must face reality&ampdeal with the facts. Kids who have kids are dooming the babies or forcing the grandparents to raise their children for them.

    1. More states are fixing the safe haven laws not to question the mother unless there has been obvious harm to the child.

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