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One man’s plea to parents to stop leaving their kids in hot cars

Terry Williams of North Carolina recently took to YouTube to post his plea to parents to stop leaving their kids in hot cars. In the video Mr, Williams states that he’s in his car in Raleigh, North Carolina on a 90 degree day. Living in North Carolina myself I can attest that the summer has been pretty brutal here as it usually is.

I urge everyone to watch and share this video.

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  1. automobiles run so largely on electronics now. Why not a recording similar to the ‘It’s 10 pm, do you know where your children are? recording so many of us grew up hearing on the tele, but which will play within the vehicles which register as having any weight at all seats other than the drivers seat?

    Like ” there appears to be a possiblity that other people are in your vehicle. Have you made certain that all passengers are removed from your vehicle? The temperature today in ‘name state’ is predicted to reach 91F, People &amp animals left in a vehicle at this temperature are likely to suffer heat stroke, and possibly death, Please acknowledge that all living creatures have been removed by stating ‘ Yes’, so as to allow you to remove your keys from the ignition and to lock your vehicle. Thank you driver.”

    It doenst need to be that long, perhaps just a very loud &amp annoying noise, so as that people in the vicinity can hear it as well.

    While it all would aggravate most of us, preventing these ugly, painful, cruel deaths of little ones, and likely some elderly as well, might be worth our minor aggravation.

    If you still can leave your youngster in the vehicle, after heariing that sort of sound/notification, guess what? It was intentional murder.

  2. My car alarm is such that if I lock the car from outside with the key fob and then there is movement inside the car, the alarm will go off. I don’t know if it would be sensitive enough to pick up little waving baby hands if the child was strapped down too tight to move much, but its a good idea. Maybe a warning beep if the car is locked while there is still weight in the car seat or similar.

  3. I just read an article somewhere about cars that have heartbeat detectors in the car, I thought it was Volvo that had it standard in one of their cars?? IDK, I’ve never heard about it before, but they used to have something similar for car alarms, and its an easy enough technology to use…hopefully heartbeat detectors become standard, if they could actually work.

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