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We get letters: Die

We got the following e-mail not too long ago from someone calling themselves ‘die’ with the e-mail address of fuckyou@*****.com. I blocked out the service name in case that’s an actual e-mail address. I doubt it belonged to the person who sent this.

You posted false information about my father you mother fucker

This curt e-mail allows me to address a couple of things. The first is e-mails like this aren’t going to help any suspect. More than likely they would cause the writer of that particular blog post to dig deeper into the suspect in question. The e-mail’s author did not specify who their father was.

Secondly if a suspect has been cleared or charges have been dropped we don’t want the post up any more than you do. Please send us a polite e-mail asking us to remove the post and we will.

Lastly this is pretty lame for hate mail. Try harder next time.

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Updated: September 15, 2017 — 9:21 pm


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  1. Maybe the sender isn’t exactly sure which one of the sterling examples posted on this site is his/her father. Maybe he’s practicing his obscenities. Maybe he’s just an idiot. I have to wonder how much he really cares if he doesn’t bother to identify the alleged “victim” of your blog.

  2. Pointless email.
    There is absolutely no information in this, so there isn’t much anyone can do about it.
    Just like a paper letter, a email needs a beginning, middle and a end. Information is usually a good idea, as well.

  3. The e-mail kinda sucked, but I REALLY liked the picture!

  4. Yeah, that was supremely L-A-M-E!!!

  5. Spencer Barnett is my uncle and i hope he get the death penalty he is a selfish bastard and deserves to die their are even allegations that he tried raping the youngest daughter who is now my age 17.

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