Car Surfing Should NOT be a Parent-Sponsored Activity

Police: Drunk mom drove with 6 kids on top of her car

Texas mom busted after driving home drunk with six kids on car’s roof, trunk: cops
Texas girl, 12, dies from head injuries after woman made her ride on car roof because of wet swimsuit

Why is she SMILING? She just killed a child!

Let me introduce you to Kisha Young, 39, of Crowley, Texas. She is the smiley-faced slag in the above picture. She is also an idiot, and (allegedly) a murderer. I have to add that “allegedly” until she is found guilty in a court of law, even though the facts of the case speak for themselves.

So….allegedly, Kisha and another mother decided this past June 17 to allow their six children to spend a day at the local community pool. During this time, Kisha and the other mother (whose name, for some strange reason, is not being mentioned in the articles) decided that while the kids were away, the moms should play. So, they got their drink on.

Fast forward a few hours now, and the kids are ready to come home, so the ‘moms’ drive to the pool to retrieve them. Apparently, Kisha and cohort had had a little TOO much to drink (or a LOT too much, but who’s counting, right?), and thought it would be a great idea to protect the upholstery in the vehicle from damp bodies….by having the kids ride ON TOP OF THE VEHICLE. Sounds great in theory, but not so good in practice, unfortunately.

As Kisha was rounding a corner on the trip home, not one, not two, but FOUR of the six children were flung from the roof of the Malibu. All of the children were taken to the hospital, where one later died. Octavia Watkins, daughter of the as-yet-unnamed passenger parent, succumbed to head injuries caused in the fall from the vehicle. According to multiple articles, all children have been removed from their respective homes, and Kisha has been charged with intoxication assault, a third degree felony. She posted a $110,000.00 bond and has been released from jail to await trial.

Now that the facts of the case have been presented, I have a few other issues to cover. Like why in blue Hades did these idiot women think it was a good idea to have their kids ride on top of a moving vehicle? Car surfing is illegal regardless of the ages of the participants, but you would think that a parent would be aware of the dangers and would not only refrain from encouraging such behavior, but would absolutely FORBID it. I know I certainly would. When I found out my adult daughter had tried this dangerous activity sometime during her college years (i.e. she was an adult) I STILL called her up and blessed her out. Yet these two stellar examples of intellect thought it would be OK to have SIX children ride on top of a Malibu. My head absolutely SPINS at the thought. And again, WHY was it a good idea? Because the kiddies’ swimsuits might damage the upholstery in the car. WHAT!?!? In what corner of the known universe is it considered acceptable to place the condition of your car above the well-being of your children?!?

Second issue: If this act had been condoned and carried out by just one adult, I might more easily have been able to pass it off as a random act of stupidity – but there were TWO consenting (and colluding) adults in this equation. TWO!!! This is no longer a random act of stupidity, folks. Someone needs to seriously consider testing the local water supply for high levels of lead or other brain destroying substances. Two people from the same area have the same short circuit between their brain and common sense, at the same time, and under the same circumstances – something’s wrong. Makes me wonder if alcohol was their only ‘happy helper’ that day.

Third issue: Kisha has been released on only a $110,000.00 bond? Really? And the charges are intoxication assault? Where are the murder charges? Where are the child endangerment charges (for the other children)? Where are the assault charges for the other three kids who fell off of the moving vehicle? Where are the attempted murder charges for those kids? You think I’m being too harsh? Not by a long shot, buddy. Driving your children around (or anyone else, for that matter) while intoxicated is attempted murder, IMHO. Putting them on the roof while you do it is even worse. This woman should have a list of charges against her as long as my arm. Or my leg. Or my front yard. I certainly hope the charges are amended (and increased).

Fourth issue: Why is the second mother (Octavia’s mother) not being named or charged in this incident? At the very least, she should be facing criminal facilitation or aiding and abetting. She made (or went along with) a stupid decision, and her child is dead. She needs to answer for that. But again, that’s just my opinion. Not worth much in the grand scheme of things, but there it is.

Oh, and one final WTF from me….WTF is that smut-eating smile on her face for? She just killed a child, and injured three others, and she is SMILING?!?!? Someone needs to smack that smile off her face. With a wiffle-ball bat. Or a brick bat. Whatever you prefer.

  • Lucy

    Huh. I usually just have my kids change into dry clothes or put a towel down on the seat. I never thought of air drying them on the roof.

    • Angel

      That’s probably because you have more sense than both of these women combined.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    When I was a kid we used to have a farm ute that Dad would tie an old car bonnet behind & tow us around on…it felt like we were going so fast but in reality Dad never went over 10km/hour with us kids…it all stopped one day when my cousin fell off & broke his wrist & mum lost her shot at Dad. Looking back, that could have been so much worse!

  • megan Kitchen

    I have one other question. What car were they driving that they could pack 6 kids into it safely with two adults? I hope it was a minivan or something similar but I have this image of some little econobox instead.

    • Angel

      In the articles, the vehicle was identified as a Chevy Malibu. I am not really big on identifying the makes or models of cars, but at least one article I saw had a picture of a white SUV, something similar to an Explorer. That still doesn’t tell us how many seats were available, but it apparently wasn’t a small car. IMHO, being INSIDE a car of any size is far preferable to being on the OUTSIDE of one. At least if the kids were inside, they wouldn’t have been tumbling off the roof….

      • Lucy

        If it is correctly identified as a Malibu, it is a mid sized sedan.

        • Angel

          I just Googled Chevy Malibu. Apparently the picture used in conjunction with the story was not, in fact, a Malibu. You were right – it’s a mid-sized sedan. Having seen a picture of the car in question, I now have even more questions of my own. First, how did they manage to fit six kids on the roof of that car?!?! And, second, how in the world could they NOT have noticed the kids tumbling off as they drove? I find it almost impossible to believe that even one child (let alone, FOUR) could have fallen off without either parent noticing. This whole situation is mind-boggling.

          • Trench Reynolds

            2014 Chevy Malibu