Parents: Mom didn’t understand abandoning baby
Another trashy mom...of a sort

Alicia Marie Englert, a 23-year old mother in Kearns, Utah, has been arrested for allegedly dumping her 2-day-old infant in a trash can. I question the need to use the term ‘allegedly’ here, because it seems she has confessed to the act, and given her reasons – she “hoped the newborn girl would die in the trash and solve her problems”. Ummmm…problems? What problems would those be? An overdose of inhumanity? Lack of common sense? A complete absence of compassion? Those ARE some pretty serious problems, but, unfortunately, I don’t think dumping your baby in the nearest trash receptacle is the way to solve them. Unless by solve them, you mean “make them worse”.

Apparently, she hid her pregnancy from her parents (whom the article indicates she was living with), and her parents have indicated that Alicia “had a learning disability and didn’t understand her actions.” Sorry, I’m gonna call BS on that. By her own admission, the baby was a “problem” that she wanted to “solve” and she hoped it would die in the trash. Those comments tell me that she not only understood the concept of death, but she knew that placing the baby in the trash could cause the death of her daughter. Premeditation. I don’t care how low your IQ is, if you can conceal a pregnancy, and devise a plan for getting rid of the baby after it’s born, you are smart enough to know better. For more comments from the parents and neighbors, check out the link above.

The baby was found by a neighbor who mistook the baby’s cries for those of a kitten, and went to fish the kitty out of the trash can. I’ll bet she was really surprised when the ‘kitten’ turned out to be a hairless, tailless baby girl. According to reports, the baby had not been fed or given any medical care before being placed in the can. Is anyone surprised? Yeah, neither am I. So the baby was born, left to go hungry for two days, and then unceremoniously dumped in a neighbor’s waste bin. She was airlifted to a hospital where she is currently in critical condition, and on a ventilator. I hope the poor baby improves, and is placed with someone who will lavish her with all of the love she deserves.

Back to the parents of this oxygen wasting baby factory….Both of them said she was – I’ll be nice here – mentally challenged. BOTH parents. They’re either lying, or they were not doing THEIR jobs in the parenting department either. She still lives at home, so perhaps she is not able to manage her own affairs. If that is the case however, then how in the name of Satan’s skivvies did she end up pregnant? And the parents don’t know who the father is? What?!?! do they just allow their mentally disabled daughter to run around with all of the neighborhood boys, sans supervision? If that is the case, then a case could be made against them for neglect, as well.

There are so many inconsistencies with this one that I have a feeling someone is going to be changing their tune, and soon. Alicia has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, and is currently a resident of the Chateau Grey Bar, AKA the Salt Lake County Jail. I hope she stays there for a good long time. Without food, and preferably in a trash can. A very SMALL trash can.

As a final aside, Utah has a safe haven law. If she really wanted to get rid of the “problem”, she could have taken the baby to the nearest hospital, and no one at her home would have ever been the wiser.

  • seahen

    And if they couldn’t chaperone her dates, why couldn’t they get her an IUD?

  • Bek

    I don’t know if any of you have been following this case, but I just read yesterday that her bail was reduced significantly ($25,000) and if she posts bail she is not to communicate with anybody involved with the case… the prosecutor said that as long as she doesn’t get pregnant again, she doesn’t pose any risk …wtf?! and heartlessly added,that what she did was an “understandable” action, even if difficult?….who are these people?!

    The links below show pics of her partying, potentially while pregnant, and info from her facebook and Meet Me profiles. It’s not that hard to maintain social media accounts, but she’s so mentally impaired that she can’t understand the repercussions of killing a child, yet she can maintain her social status?

    On a much more positive note, the child has been released into the care of state workers, and I really hope that means that she is out of the hospital. Last I knew she was upgraded from critical to poor to fair condition. Does being released to the state’s care just mean legally they are the custodians, or is she physically released? And, if they really believe that she functions at such a low level, why is the court giving her instructions that she can’t comply with? I mean c’mon, if she doesn’t get why not feeding a baby and throwing a newborn in a trash can is wrong, how can she possibly understand what’s wrong with violating the judge’s order?
    Links: first one with pics of her partying while pregnant (allegedly)


  • Ghee

    Is this one of the Garbage Pail Kids?

  • Guest

    She looks like Chucky

    • Angel

      Yeah, but Chucky wasn’t as mean as this slag…

  • DMaria Faraj

    I have a friend that’s considered learning disabled, some say slow, it’s weird bc she looks a lot like this…lady. But my friend has two kids and is a great mom. When she got pregnant she started getting help from social services. Classes, what to expect, things like that. They still come see the kids like every month or so just to check up, also to see if the children have the same disability. Two sides of the same coin. It’s all about choices.

  • sun_runner

    Just think….some dude banged that chick.

    • Angel

      Maybe it was REALLLLLLLLY dark…..

      • AC

        Or the guy was wearing a really thick pair of beer googles.

        • Angel

          No, I think those goggles would have to have been made of concrete. Even beer has its limits….

  • jen

    Plus she looks like Chucky from Child’s Play.

    • Angel

      LOL. She does, doesn’t she?

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I’ve worked with adults & children with mental disabilities & would never, ever refer to any one of them as retarded…but this piece if garbage is nothing but a waste of skin tard that should have been aborted.

  • jen

    Just amazing that my husband and I have been trying for a baby for over 10 years, and would give my left arm for a baby girl. But people like this are able to reproduce. It’s sickening.

  • Kitt

    I always read here, but haven’t commented in forever. What I wonder about is this; the baby was 2 days old before she was put out in the trash can. During those two days, did the parents not hear any baby cries at all? I’d imagine that not being fed after having been born, the baby would become too weak, at some point, to cry any more. But what about those first few hours, or even the first whole day? Unbelievable.

    • Angel

      Good point. Why DIDN’T the parents of this birthing vessel hear the baby cry? The article says the authorities now know where she gave birth…indicating it may have been somewhere other than the home. Perhaps she had the baby in an abandoned shed or something, and left it there for the first couple of days. I’m just glad the neighbor heard the baby in the trash can – this could have been so much worse – at least the baby is alive.