Florida Breeder blows a .413. Is she the new champion?


Police in New Port Richey, Florida, recently arrested 27-year-old Renata Congleton after she allegedly showed up at a middle school trying to pick up a child drunk. Since she’s been charged with child neglect I’m going to assume it was a child in her care. The school claims she showed up obviously inebriated. So instead of releasing the child to her they called the cops instead. So she did what any responsible parent would do. Just kidding, she is said to have fled the scene hitting two cars. When police finally caught up with her at her home they said she had a BAC of .413.

How much does a person have to drink to be more than 5 times over the legal limit? At what time do you start when you’re still that drunk between 2-4pm when most schools let out?

But I know what you’re asking. Surely Trench with this massive amount of alcohol intake she must be the new BB BAC Champion. Well a .413 does blow away the current record of.392 however Ms. Congleton will not be the champion on this day for the fact that her child was not in the car at the time of her alleged drunkenness.

Ok, all kidding aside alcohol abuse is a serious problem. I’ve personally witnessed it lead to child abuse and domestic violence. If you need more information on alcohol abuse please visit the website of National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Thanks to Diana for the tip.

Renata Congleton

Renata Congleton

UPDATE: I stand corrected. She does now sit atop the BB BAC Board. The judges have cited precedence as a previous champion also had tried to pick up her kids at school without having them in the car. We need like a trophy or wrestling belt type graphic for this.

  • Lucy

    Not just anyone, especially a reasonably slim female, can blow that high and still be conscious. You have to work hard to build up enough of a tolerance to drink that much and not be in a coma or dead. I’ve heard a .4 compared to surgical anesthesia. If that number is accurate, she is a hardcore alcoholic. Like, never ever sober. She probably blows over the limit first thing in the morning and has to drink constantly to avoid the DTs. The source article isn’t clear as to whose kids she was picking up, but if she is some sort of nanny… well let’s just say a female who blows above a .4 isn’t passing for sober. Ever.

    • Alexandra1973

      Kinda sounds like my uncle-by-marriage, who was seldom sober for years. At least one of my cousins is taking care of him now, and he doesn’t drink nearly as much from what she’s told me.

    • eric

      How the hell did she find her way to the school? You must be correct Lucy. She must only stop drinking when asleep. I will be looking for her to show up on the FL DOC inmate listing, likely on parole. If so, they list her address and people can avoid the area.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I’m hearing you…I’m a big woman yet my alcohol tolerance is WAAAAAY low! Two glasses of wine & I need a nap! Admittedly I only drink very occasionally (a toast at weddings, a glass or two with Christmas lunch, a glass of bubbles on my birthday, that kind of thing) so I’ve never given my body the opportunity to develop a tolerance…I don’t see this as a bad thing!!!!!