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Body of boy who’d been dead for days found in home
Pennsylvania mom: I didn’t know son had died until the smell set in
Homicide charges for Pennsylvania parents of son found decomposing in home
Court records detail changing stories provided by Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s mother

Oh, God… That’s a prayer, a plea, and the sound my heart makes when I think of this poor child, who died alone, hungry, and probably terrified. Sorry, friends, but I am not going to post any pictures of the perpetrators in this sad tale, because I cannot stand to look at their faces myself. There are plenty of pics in the linked stories, and if that’s not enough for you, just Google Tutko, and you will be amply rewarded with a plethora of pictures of the two animals who mercilessly killed one child, and almost killed another. I usually try to lighten up these stories in order to make them easier to read, but I can’t do that this time. My heart is too broken. Forgive me, but I just can’t think of any glib remarks that would make this situation easier to bear.

I started to write this a few weeks ago, when the story first hit the news, but decided to hold off because (child abuse) charges had not been made yet, and I was desperately hoping that there was a reasonable explanation for the horrors brought forth in the news concerning this case. I knew it was unlikely, but still, I hoped. Alas, I was sadly disappointed.

Little Jarrod Tutko, Jr. was found in his “bedroom”(actually, some articles say he was found in a bathroom), dead, several days after he died. His mother claimed that she did not realize he was dead until the smell of decomposition set in. Apparently, there were six children living in the home, at least two of whom were disabled, and all of whom were living in filth and misery. I am going to attempt to combine the linked articles into some sort of cohesive timeline, but please forgive me if I fail – I am still crying about the newest details that have emerged.

Jarrod’s body was found on the bathroom floor on August 1, 2014. The authorities have said that he was dead for several days before his body was recovered. The mother claimed (at the time) not to have seen her son in “years”. More on that later. The sperm donor, Jarrod Tutko, Sr., was supposedly the “sole caretaker” of his 9-year-old son, and the egg donor, Kimberly Tutko, was responsible for another child of theirs, a 10-year-old girl. She claimed that all of her time was spent caring for the girl, and she never saw her son, because she didn’t want to risk exposing the other children to any germs Jarrod Jr might have had, or some such BS. The stories vary, depending on which article you read. The risk of contamination was a valid concern, it seems, because little Jarrod’s room was covered in feces, swarming with flies, and had only a feces covered blanket and stuffed animal, and a TV in it. The TV was tuned to the Disney channel. I think I need to puke again. WHO, among the sane and sensible, thinks it is OK to treat a child this way?

Jarrod Jr. had a genetic condition called Fragile X Syndrome. This is a condition that can cause behavioral issues in children, and has autistic-like symptoms. It is also frequently accompanied by some degree of mental retardation. This child likely spent his short life confused and lonely, and wondering why he was treated like an animal. At this point, however, I find myself hoping that his mental impairment was so bad that he didn’t understand the abuse – and couldn’t suffer from the emotional trauma. I know, I’m deluding myself.

When Jarrod Jr. was found, he weighed only seventeen pounds. Let that sink in for a minute…a nine-year-old who weighs only seventeen pounds. Just for comparison, the average weight for a newborn is six pounds. A baby will typically triple its birth weight in the first year. That would be 18 pounds. This precious 9-year-old boy died weighing less than the average 1-year-old. In a room covered in human waste. With no one who would love him, or take care of him. I despise those people. I really do.

In addition to Jarrod Jr., there was a 10 year old girl who was “near death” when the authorities came in for the investigation. All five of the remaining children have been removed from the birth organisms, and both of the abusers are currently residents of the Grey bar motel. I hope they rot there.

As I mentioned earlier, when the story first broke, the FBO claimed not to have seen her son in years, and claimed not to know how deplorable his living conditions were. First, how can any mother live in the same house with a child and simply NOT see him for years? I couldn’t do it. Even when my children are visiting relatives during the summer, I make sure I see them at least once a week. When they go to camp, I make it a point to go and have a meal with them a couple of times a week. I just can’t stand to NOT see them. And this slag lived in the same house with her boy and NEVER saw him? LIAR, LIAR! (I’d like to set her hair on fire!) Well, it turns out, that was a lie she concocted to try to keep herself out of trouble. According to the latest reports, she was upstairs and visiting with her son just a few short weeks before his death. She said he was crying on the bathroom floor “because he didn’t like the sound of running water.” There goes my wish that he was unaware of his surroundings. He was crying on the bathroom floor. My soul weeps for this child.

I know this story is running long, and I apologize, but I simply couldn’t think what to include, and what to omit. There is so much wrong with this situation. The local child protective services were aware of this family, yet the children were still neglected, one to the point of death, and another almost dead. The other four children were apparently living on the lower floor of the home, and in somewhat better circumstances, although as I understand it the entire house was in need of some serious cleaning. I could not find the ages of the other four children specifically mentioned, but one article did say they ranged from 3 to 14 years old. I’d like to know HOW, if the two parents each had a full time job taking care of severely disabled kids, HOW in the name of Satan’s undershorts did they FIND TIME TO MAKE MORE BABIES? They should have spent that time feeding the kids they already had.

The Slunt is has been charged with criminal homicide and endangering the welfare of children, and the walking penis is charged with the same thing, plus concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse. They are both being held without bail. At least the judge in this case is doing something right. I hope they are sentenced to the rest of their natural lives in a septic tank located in a high traffic area, with no food. I’m not sure if I want them to starve to death first or die of the inevitable fumes from the feces flushed into their prison. I can’t write any more right now – perhaps I’ll come back later to update the story. Maybe not.

Sorry, Trench. I know this one sucks, but I just couldn’t get my head straight. If you want to take it down, or fix it, I’ll understand completely.

  • k sh
  • k sh

    ok this will make it all the worse, I don’t see this linked yet, apologies if I am mistaken: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2014/09/jarrod_tutko_jr_death_criminal.html

    “The parents of a 9-year-old boy found dead in a feces-covered room of his family’s home in early August had a history of neglect of their children dating back to before their son’s birth, police said in court documents.

    Harrisburg police filed criminal homicide charges Monday against Kimberly A. Tutko and Jarrod N. Tutko Sr., saying their neglect caused the death of their son Jarrod Jr.

    Read the charging documents filed against Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. Some of the content detailed in the documents is graphic.

    The criminal complaint outlines what police say was a detailed look into the Tutko children’s medical records, records from the Youth and Family Services division of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services records and Dauphin County Children and Youth Services records.

    Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. came into contact with all those agencies over a 20-year period in which they moved from Schuylkill County to New Jersey and then to Harrisburg. The couple are parents of six children, ages 3 to 14.

    According to the criminal complaint, law enforcement officials found an “indicated finding of abuse” against Kimberly Tutko dating back to 1993 that involved a daughter from a previous relationship. Her then-6-month-old daughter had sustained two head injuries, and Kimberly’s parental rights to the child were eventually terminated.

    Kimberly Tutko gave up her parental rights to three other children from her first marriage for “unrelated reasons,” according to the criminal complaint.

    Kimberly Tutko married Jarrod Tutko Sr. in Pennsylvania and had two more children. Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services had scheduled a hearing in 2002 to determine whether the children should be removed from the couple’s care.

    The hearing never took place.

    Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. moved to New Jersey prior to the hearing date, and Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services ultimately closed their proceedings against the parents because of the move, the complaint says.

    In 2013, Jarrod Tutko Sr. attributed the family’s move to New Jersey as a result of his lawyer advising them at the time “to pack their bags and move as the agency was going to place the children,” according to the complaint.

    Jarrod Tutko Jr. was born in New Jersey in 2004, and the Tutko family came into contact with the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services when the department asked the hospital to “place a hold” on releasing the infant to his parents upon his birth.

    At the time, Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. were under investigation, as officials had placed one of their other children in foster care because of improper medical care.

    Jarrod Tutko Jr. spent his first six days in foster care. The infant was then transferred to his parents’ care for nine months before an investigation was launched into how he was fed.

    A nurse was placed with the family in 2005 because Jarrod had “a history of losing weight and developmental delays,” according to the complaint. After subsequent checks and a continued lack of weight gain, a doctor for the boy advised Jarrod Tutko Sr. to take his son to the hospital.

    Jarrod Tutko Sr. “said, ‘No’ and hung up the phone,” according to the court documents.

    The boy eventually was admitted to a hospital in July 2005 after the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services intervened. Jarrod Tutko Jr. was placed in foster care upon his release for just under nine months. It was during that time that he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome — a common form of inherited developmental disability.

    The Tutko family moved to the Harrisburg area sometime in 2005, while Jarrod Tutko Jr. was still in foster care in New Jersey, the court documents say. The boy was returned to his parents April 6, 2006.

    In July 2006, New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services contacted Dauphin County Child and Youth Services, citing concerns that the family was not receiving services in Pennsylvania as they had in New Jersey, according to the complaint.

    However, the criminal complaint offers no information about further contact between the family and Dauphin County CYS until October 2013, following a report to the state’s child abuse hotline.

    Following that report, during one visit to the family’s home, a caseworker who had demanded to see all the children noted that Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s forehead was wet. Jarrod Tutko Sr., according to the complaint, said his son had poured ice tea onto his forehead.

    One of the Tutko children later told the caseworker that the father had lied and the boy, in fact, had feces on himself which the father had attempted to wash off.

    The sibling told the caseworker that the ‘”dad doesn’t care about Jarrod Junior anymore,'” according to complaint.

    Kimberly Tutko indicated that her family received $710 a month from Pennsylvania due to Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s disability. The family also received $710 a month each for the disabilities of two other children and Jarrod Tutko Sr. and $351 a month in food stamps. Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. were unemployed, according to the complaint.

    Both were aware of the deplorable living conditions in the boy’s room, which included feces-covered floors and walls, a non-working light, no furniture but a television and a doorknob that locked from the outside, according to the affidavit filed by police.

    Jarrod Tutko Jr., weighed barely 11 pounds more at death than at his birth, and was malnourished, dehydrated and starved, according to an autopsy referenced in the court records.

    Kimberly Tutko also faces a child endangerment charge, and Jarrod Tutko Sr. had previously been charged with child endangerment, concealing the death of a child and abusing a corpse.”

    They never should have had this child with them . Fuck.

  • Katie

    I work with kids that have severe cognitive and physical impairments. Fragile X is not a cause for this child to have starved to death; one of the common behaviors can be picky eating, such as they may only be willing to eat food of a certain color or texture, but it certainly would not have caused starvation. All of the kids I work with are in diapers (at ages 12, 12, 13 and 14) and while it may not be fun to change diapers on kids that age, they are clean, toileted/changed regularly, fed adequately, and attend school.

    I am curious why, when the social worker visited the home and demanded to see all the children in the home, seeing Jarrod Jr’s severely malnourished state and surely being able to smell the feces in the home and seeing the squalor the children were living in, ALL of the children were not immediately removed; social workers have a responsibility to ensure he living conditions of the children they are charged with overseeing have safe, adequate environments – did the social worker never check Jarrod’s sleeping quarters? If they did and left ANY child in that home, they should also be charged with some kind of crime.

    Considering that there was an ongoing record of neglect with this family, I think that the state could have required monthly doctor visits for each child in the family, to ensure proper care was being provided. If that had been done, Jarrod’s death could probably have been avoided.

    Regarding the issue of rejecting respite care – in most cases, if you qualify for medicaid for a severely disabled child, you also qualify for free respite care. One of the families of the kids I work with on a daily basis started using respite care about a year ago to help care for their child with severe cognitive and physical impairments – having the help has been a Godsend of blessing to the family…the respite care worker is kind, extremely qualified, and cares for the child a great deal. Having her as help when needed has taken a great deal of stress off the parents, and improved the quality of life for the entire family.

    • Katie

      On an “OMG I kind of know them” comment – I actually had Kimberly Tutko as a “friend” on Facebook until hearing about this – in the past, maybe about 2 years ago, I had spent several hours chatting online with Kimberly, mostly about our families. The image she portrayed of herself and Jarrod Tutko Sr was of selfless, loving, involved parents…she told me of the hours spent sitting at the bedside of the brain damaged daughter she referred to as “our angel” but really not much about most of the other children, and certainly nothing about the fact that she and her husband were allowing an at the time, 7 year old boy, to starve and never bothering to take him to a doctor, or change his diapers, or bathe him… while I find horrid the fact that they allowed their son to starve and to have allowed any child to live in that situation, I also have to wonder if they do not have some sort of emotional or mental impairment to believe that their behavior and actions were acceptable or normal.

    • Lucy

      There is no doubt child services dropped the ball big time in this case, but these two were experienced in avoiding authorities. If you read all the linked articles and follow some of the links in those, they had lived in Schuylkill County, PA, were involved with social services, and had a court date set during which they were at risk of losing custody. (Mom already had FOUR kids TPR’d – Termination of Parental Rights – in PA. TPRs are not done lightly – you have to really f*ck up to permanently lose all of your kids.) They moved out of state to New Jersey to avoid this. Schuylkill County no longer had jurisdiction over them, and had no choice but to close the case. New Jersey picked up the case, and eventually some of the kids, including little Jarrod, ended up in foster care. The family moved back to PA, to Dauphin County, and petitioned to have the children returned, which they were, after NJ made a plan with Dauphin County for follow up care and supervision. NJ closed their case. This apparently is where the ball was dropped. Dauphin County did not do nearly enough. Even though these parents bounced states to avoid child services, there was plenty of documentation of their past neglect, if anyone cared to look.

      And if your stomach isn’t upset enough, scroll down to the bottom of this article: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2014/10/child_services_jarrod_tutko.html

      There is a candle light vigil in Jarrod’s honor, and this nasty bitch has the nerve to not only attend, but to CRY.

      • Lucy

        In that same slideshow, there are pics of a clean, cozy family living room with a nice comfy couch, and a shit covered bare space with one nasty shit blanket on the floor.

      • Katie

        The lawyer advised them to move quickly to avoid having all the children pulled out of the home…kind of wonder how that lawyer feels now, knowing that he advised them to flee the authorities – yes, he had a duty to the Tutkos to act as their attorney – but he also had a duty to not aid them in covering up a crime, which the neglect of their kids was. Shame on the lawyer also.

  • Alexandra1973

    How does one not know where their child is until they’re dead? Every so often I stop and think where my child is, like oh yeah he’s at school, or oh yeah, he’s with his dad. I have to keep from going into panic mode if his bus is late coming home!

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      I’m only new to this shared custody thing & every second Saturday morning I wake up to a silent house & immediately have a mini heart attack thinking that someone has stolen my children in the night…nope, just with their Daddy!

      • Alexandra1973

        I know what you’re saying.

        I’m praying for my marriage to be restored (my husband and I reconcile) myself. My son wants his daddy home, poor kid.

        • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

          I’m all good with the separation but it’s still a bit surreal when they’re away for a whole weekend!

  • Clementine M.

    I think the parents may be siblings. That would explain the multiple children with severe disabilities.

    • Angel

      Good observation…I’ll have to check in to that.

  • Lucy

    I had to go looking for pictures… But check out the mug shots: http://www.people.com/article/pennsylvania-parents-charged-homicide-starvation Do these two look like very close kin, or what? I’m thinking this family tree might not have much in the way of branches.

    • Angel

      Not only no branches, but I think the tree may have been cut down, and only the stump is left standing.

      • k sh

        nah just the mushrooms growing outta the stump.

    • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

      Yeah, I’m wondering if their last name is the same due to being blood relatives rather than through marriage.

  • Lucy

    From the fourth link:

    “PennLive readers have wondered if the family avoided extra medical help because it would dig into the more than $38,000 annually the family collected in disability payments and food stamps.

    Kimberly Tutko told PennLive in August that her children were not paychecks and that she turned down medical help for her multiple severely disabled children because the quality of the workers was low and that the hours they were available weren’t convenient.”

    I am so f*cking angry right now, I could spit. Your kids weren’t a paycheck? Then why did not one cent of that money go towards their care? No food, no clothing, no toys, no bedding, no education, no medical care… Nothing. It was not your money, you selfish f*cking cow. It was THEIRS. Every cent. To be spent on their care. You were entrusted with spending it correctly. On them. And the workers were of low quality? Hell, if they’d slapped a piece of cheese between two pieces of Wonder bread and tossed it in the room once in a while, they’d be worlds better than you. The 12 year old neighbor kid who just passed her babysitting course would be a better caregiver than you. Hell, my dog would care for those kids better than you. The hours weren’t convenient? You have no job! What the f*ck else were you going to do all day? There is no “inconvenient” for you. What, were you too lazy to drag your ass out of bed when they wanted to come into the home before noon?

    From the second link: “”I’m being picked on for being a bad mom” Are you kidding me?? Are you f*cking KIDDING ME?? “Bad mom” doesn’t scratch the surface of what you are! Just like “being picked on” doesn’t touch what you should be suffering now!

    Normally I have infinite sympathy and respect for parents who care for severely disabled children (Although I suspect these kids weren’t born nearly as disabled as they ended up after being ignored for a decade. A complete and total lack of stimulation and care does tend to stunt a child’s development). But not these two. Because there was no care. None. They did nothing. I pay more attention to my houseplants than they paid to their disabled kids. Fuck them. There is no punishment or torture I could wish upon them that would be even close to what they deserve.

    • sweetd

      Great comment! Couldn’t of said it better. “Inconvenient hours” wtf.

    • Angel

      “I suspect these kids weren’t born nearly as disabled as they ended up”

      I have to agree, Lucy. Fragile X may be a particularly devastating genetic flaw, but I don’t think it interferes with weight gain. A 9-year-old boy who weighs 17 pounds is unacceptable. Even if he wasn’t functioning on a high cognitive level, they could have fed him enough to keep him healthy.

      As for the FBO saying that the kids were not a paycheck – BULL!!! Neither of the parents worked outside the home (and apparently not much work was done inside it either), so the kids WERE their paycheck. The kids paid for everything….or nothing, depending on how you look at it. The kids got nothing.

      • Momma Lamarche

        You know what’s sad? The four “normal” kids lived in better conditions, so my guess is that’s where the “non-paycheck” paychecks went. Horrible, awful, losers! I really don’t have words enough, and for me that is unheard of!

    • Alexandra1973

      What in the world. My son has Medicaid because of his disability (autism spectrum).

      Sounds to me like they just warehoused this kid and cashed in.