Parents helping children…not always a good thing

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Utah mom accused of helping son in drive-by shooting

Mom Accused of Helping Son in Drive-by Shooting

Nice tat

While many of us enjoy helping our children with homework and projects, there are SOME things that we should avoid assisting them with. Indeed, we should discourage some behaviors altogether. Alas, Lisa Egersdorf has too few brain cells to be able to distinguish between the good activities and the bad ones. But, she DOES have that really nice face tat, so I guess that is some sort of consolation for her.

Lisa is a 36-year-old woman who thought it would be a great idea to help her 17-year-old son, Damian Garcia, with a drive by shooting. No, you did not misread that. She (allegedly) drove the car from which her son shot at some classmates who were fighting with him at school. Great role model there, mom! I wonder if she taught him how to fire the gun as well. If she did, then we can be thankful that her shooting skills (and his) are as atrocious as her ability to make good decisions. None of the kids who were shot at were hit.

As the story was reported, Loser (sounds better than Lisa, don’t you think?) picked up her son from school in Salt Lake City, Utah, and he told her that some of his classmates had jumped him. She allegedly replied, “It’s all right, we’re going to get them.”

She then drove her son past a convenience store where he opened fire on a car in which the other students were passengers. After he shot at them, Loser asked Damian, “Did you get them?” My head spins.

Loser has admitted that she and her son are members of the same gang, but denies that they were involved in the shooting. Yeah, it was all a big misunderstanding, right?

I know this is not the usual fare here at BB, because it doesn’t involve physical abuse of the perpetrator’s child. However, IMHO, this woman has ruined her son’s life just as effectively as if she had beaten him to a bloody pulp or pimped him out. They are both now up on multiple felony counts, and the mother has also been charged with child endangerment. I could not find any info on bail or the status of their incarceration, either. Personally, I think she should be charged with gross stupidity and general butt-munchery as well, but I’m pretty sure those are still not chargeable offenses. Pity. If the world was fair, stupidity would be a terminal disease, or at least be so painful that those suffering from such severe cases of it would be physically incapable of leaving the home to perpetrate these kinds of acts.

The good news on this one is – no dead babies. I needed something a little different, after the other recent stories I’ve written up here. I was almost at the end of my tether.

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    ok I give up, my comment above was to the tutko story , I keep erasing it and it reappears. Sorry bout that.

    Wanted to make a comment on this story, but it is late & I am sleepy. Lil frustrated that I keep messing up removing the comment that I managed to inadvertently post here regarding the tutko story.

    I was attempting to point out that this 17 year old was likely emotionally abused from early on, and to link this: as I suspect the emotional abuse the teenager faced has probably messed him up quite well.

    Someone please remove my wrongly posted comment re tutko case, and ty, good night!

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      Lol…I hope you managed to get a good sleep! I know how scrambled my brain can get if I’m tired!

  • k sh

    I haven’ seen this link posted yet, pardon me if it has. Makes this sordid tale that much worse.

    “The parents of a 9-year-old boy found dead in a feces-covered room of his family’s home in early August had a history of neglect of their children dating back to before their son’s birth, police said in court documents.

    Harrisburg police filed criminal homicide charges Monday against Kimberly A. Tutko and Jarrod N. Tutko Sr., saying their neglect caused the death of their son Jarrod Jr.

    Read the charging documents filed against Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. Some of the content detailed in the documents is graphic.

    The criminal complaint outlines what police say was a detailed look into the Tutko children’s medical records, records from the Youth and Family Services division of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services records and Dauphin County Children and Youth Services records.

    Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. came into contact with all those agencies over a 20-year period in which they moved from Schuylkill County to New Jersey and then to Harrisburg. The couple are parents of six children, ages 3 to 14.

    According to the criminal complaint, law enforcement officials found an “indicated finding of abuse” against Kimberly Tutko dating back to 1993 that involved a daughter from a previous relationship. Her then-6-month-old daughter had sustained two head injuries, and Kimberly’s parental rights to the child were eventually terminated.

    Kimberly Tutko gave up her parental rights to three other children from her first marriage for “unrelated reasons,” according to the criminal complaint.

    Kimberly Tutko married Jarrod Tutko Sr. in Pennsylvania and had two more children. Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services had scheduled a hearing in 2002 to determine whether the children should be removed from the couple’s care.

    The hearing never took place.

    Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. moved to New Jersey prior to the hearing date, and Schuylkill County Children and Youth Services ultimately closed their proceedings against the parents because of the move, the complaint says.

    In 2013, Jarrod Tutko Sr. attributed the family’s move to New Jersey as a result of his lawyer advising them at the time “to pack their bags and move as the agency was going to place the children,” according to the complaint.

    Jarrod Tutko Jr. was born in New Jersey in 2004, and the Tutko family came into contact with the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services when the department asked the hospital to “place a hold” on releasing the infant to his parents upon his birth.

    At the time, Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. were under investigation, as officials had placed one of their other children in foster care because of improper medical care.

    Jarrod Tutko Jr. spent his first six days in foster care. The infant was then transferred to his parents’ care for nine months before an investigation was launched into how he was fed.

    A nurse was placed with the family in 2005 because Jarrod had “a history of losing weight and developmental delays,” according to the complaint. After subsequent checks and a continued lack of weight gain, a doctor for the boy advised Jarrod Tutko Sr. to take his son to the hospital.

    Jarrod Tutko Sr. “said, ‘No’ and hung up the phone,” according to the court documents.

    The boy eventually was admitted to a hospital in July 2005 after the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services intervened. Jarrod Tutko Jr. was placed in foster care upon his release for just under nine months. It was during that time that he was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome — a common form of inherited developmental disability.

    The Tutko family moved to the Harrisburg area sometime in 2005, while Jarrod Tutko Jr. was still in foster care in New Jersey, the court documents say. The boy was returned to his parents April 6, 2006.

    In July 2006, New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services contacted Dauphin County Child and Youth Services, citing concerns that the family was not receiving services in Pennsylvania as they had in New Jersey, according to the complaint.

    However, the criminal complaint offers no information about further contact between the family and Dauphin County CYS until October 2013, following a report to the state’s child abuse hotline.

    Following that report, during one visit to the family’s home, a caseworker who had demanded to see all the children noted that Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s forehead was wet. Jarrod Tutko Sr., according to the complaint, said his son had poured ice tea onto his forehead.

    One of the Tutko children later told the caseworker that the father had lied and the boy, in fact, had feces on himself which the father had attempted to wash off.

    The sibling told the caseworker that the ‘”dad doesn’t care about Jarrod Junior anymore,'” according to complaint.

    Kimberly Tutko indicated that her family received $710 a month from Pennsylvania due to Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s disability. The family also received $710 a month each for the disabilities of two other children and Jarrod Tutko Sr. and $351 a month in food stamps. Kimberly and Jarrod Tutko Sr. were unemployed, according to the complaint.

    Both were aware of the deplorable living conditions in the boy’s room, which included feces-covered floors and walls, a non-working light, no furniture but a television and a doorknob that locked from the outside, according to the affidavit filed by police.

    Jarrod Tutko Jr., weighed barely 11 pounds more at death than at his birth, and was malnourished, dehydrated and starved, according to an autopsy referenced in the court records.

    Kimberly Tutko also faces a child endangerment charge, and Jarrod Tutko Sr. had previously been charged with child endangerment, concealing the death of a child and abusing a corpse.”

    They never should have had this child with them . Fuck.

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    Yuck, face tattoo. ‘Nuff said.