Banned by Adsense


Yeah, so BB has been banned by Google Adsense. Well, not so much banned as they told us to change the content on the site as it’s considered either sensitive or a hate site or they would ban us. They wouldn’t get into specifics about what the offending or sensitive content was so I just removed the Adsense ads from the site. Unfortunately that means the main revenue from the site has been lost. Not that it was a living revenue mind you but it’s gone nonetheless.

What this means to you is that you may be seeing more increased ads from another service on the site, especially for mobile users. I try not to use any obtrusive ads like pop ups or crap like that but some of the ads may seem a little ostentatious. Personally I wouldn’t blame you if you used an ad-blocker. Hell, I use one all the time.

However if you’d like to really have an ad free BB please consider becoming a Patron. Even $1 a month goes a long way to help supporting the site.

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  • RobTaylor

    All crime sites got hit. Mine got hit last year because it had objectionable material. My feeling is that local news websites don’t like the competition (WYFF constantly claimed I wasn’t giving them enough attribution) but I know pedos get together and report sites. Amazon affilate links work.

  • Momma Lamarche

    This IS a hate site. We HATE child abusing pieces of shit!!! But this is also a HOPE site, as in we HOPE to someday not even need sites that point out how much we HATE child abuse!

    • k sh

      It should probably technically be categorized as an information site. A place to learn the horrible repercussions of child abuse.

      Should probably be added to 12 year old kids school curriculum, though maybe minus some of our more …appreciated (by us!)..comments =)

      • Momma Lamarche

        I wholeheartedly agree! And I’m not always (hehehe) such a potty mouth, but I really hold this issue close to my heart, and wish all of the “parents” *GAG* on here the very very worst.

  • k sh

    no way this is a hate site, aside from the hating of child abuse & the people that inflict said harm. How can that possibly be considered offensive? Adsense needs to add some sense.

    By the way, people are supposed to be sensitive to child abuse, if they have a thread of humanity. What do we need to do, scream trigger warnings for those suffering from childhood PTSD?

    Dear Google, this was a stupid move.

    I’ll try to work on the donation, so dang broke lately, like so many people, but would hate to see the site disappear.

    • Trench Reynolds

      Please don’t feel guilted into donating. If you can’t you can’t. Nobody knows that better than me. :)

      • k sh

        nah I try never to do guilt gives. But a dollar I can likely manage:) Thank’s for the reply, and for all the work you put in here & elsewhere Trench!

        • Trench Reynolds

          Thank you for reading.

  • wastintime

    This isn’t a hate site. I understand they have rules and regulations, I don’t want to think about what would happen if there were no rules, but really? A hate site? That’s stretching it a bit.

  • Angel

    They should rename their site “Google Nonsense”.

    How is this a hate site? Oh, yeah…we hate child abusers. I guess Google would use a lot of revenue if they allowed us to hate on child abusers. After all, the abusers might find other places to search for their murderous game controllers, couches and bathtubs if they knew their search engine allowed us to call the abusers what they are.