Marriage and Divorce

I thought the statistic of children who come from divorced families are more likely to divorce was interesting. I never knew that.

Via: Spodek Law Group

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  • Seabeast

    This is misleading. The divorce rate for first marriages is actually about 30% or less, depending on where you live. It’s second, third, and more marriages that skew the statistics.

  • Sophia

    I liked this but am curious about one of the stats- 40% divorced w kids, 66% without… Am I not reading that correctly??

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    How is it not a solution? Marriage over = no more marriage problems…

  • Sia

    It makes sense though, doesn’t it? I mean, wehen would you think that divorce might be a solution to marriage problems? Children see, Children do,

  • Alexandra1973

    I wish my husband would figure it out. He divorced me. I never wanted it and am wanting to reconcile. Ball is in his court.

    At least we’re still on friendly terms. And I try to have our son see him as much as I can. He asked to take him to the county fair this past summer so I let him.

    To be blunt, I view divorce as a type of emotional abuse of children. If there is abuse, a course of action could be separation until the abusing spouse gets help.

    I also don’t believe in divorce and remarriage.

    One site I like is Rejoice Marriage Ministries.

  • Skye Belle Matilda Brand

    I wonder if these stats are comparable in other countries where the demographic is similar (like Australia, Canada, the UK)…

    I fall into a few of these categories…lived together first, my parents divorced, I’m in the process of getting divorced!