This site was started many years ago by Jay ‘Zeroboss’ Allen as Parents Behaving Badly. The site has changed hands over the years until it ended up in mine (I did repurpose this part of the intro from Trench as I think it is important to reserve the origin and purpose of this site). I recently took over the page from Trench Reynolds.

Hello, my name is Shellee, my last name is unimportant. I am a mother of 3 wonderful children, two of which are differently-abled. I stumbled across Bad Breeders during a pretty dark time in my life after trying to re-build myself after experiencing fairly horrific abuse during most of my childhood. I found this site to be oddly therapeutic and was disheartened when the site was shut down. So I am currently attempting to rebuild the site to its previous glory.

This site chronicles the horrific actions of supposed caregivers to their children. Since I completely abhor these types of people and I cannot bring myself to call them parents as they aren’t.

Many will say that the members of this site are being judgmental, however I must respectfully disagree with that notion. What we are doing here is giving a voice to those who have been silenced by those who are supposed to love and care for them the most.

  • Alyssa Moreno

    Hi this is Alyssa from the irene and trevor story

  • Esther

    It does not help such a very sad and tragic abuse of innocent children to create hate pages! Can’t you see ? It is like you are getting off on it. I found this unfortunate site while reading the news and I just hope you take some time out to really think about what you are doing. The Neglect and abuse of children is a societal problem and individuals who hurt children are sick, a sickness in society – something we need to work to understand and help so it doesn’t happen in future. The hate pages do nothing but spread more ugliness.

    • Buffettgirl

      So, do you think people that abuse kids should be given counselling and a lollipop? Most people that hurt kids aren’t actually sick in any way. They’re just assholes. There is a big difference. This isn’t a problem that will be solved by sitting around holding hands singing “Kumbaya”, we now know that approach doesn’t work. This site is at least an attempt to bring it to the forefront and smack people in the face with it. It’s NOT a sight about hate. It’s a sight for shaming abusers, mostly frequented by those that have been abused. It’s all about perspective.

      • K

        Dustin McCord has been proven innocent on ALL charges and he is still being bashed on this hate site. So I do not agree with this web site..especially since the facts are wrong and the people who are innocent have their name smeared on a bashing site. Judgmental people..don’t know any facts just quick to judge and talk shit.

        • Buffettgirl

          How is he being bashed? Has anyone besides you (and me) written in on that particular article in the past couple of years? He’s not being bashed. He was forgotten until you brought him back up. Don’t make it something it’s not. He WAS bashed. He is not STILL being bashed. Stating otherwise is it’s own form of talking shit isn’t it? Judge much yourself?

          • K

            I just don’t want someone to see this and think he is guilty. Not starting anything. I just want him off here. Forgive how I come across but when I google his name this pops up. It just made me angry..but I understand no one knew he really is innocent. Like I said I do apologize

          • Buffettgirl

            I get it, we’re good. 😉

  • Raul

    Your summary opinion of Hannah Overton shows your ignorance and prejudices. One can read the facts online and clearly see this was a case of malicious prosecution and a jury that did not follow the judge’s instructions. The lead prosecutor in that case has since been fired from the DA’s office for her conduct in a unrelated matter, but it does speak of her overall character.

    Also glad to see you have such a high opinion of yourself. For someone so self aggrandizing and who obviously has no self esteem issues, I wouldn’t trust you with my neighbor’s cat personally. (How many mirrors in your house?) That’s who I am

  • Becky

    I was sitting here waiting to get sleepy when I started googling mine and my husbands names and I saw your blog on Ethan a few years back.it was tagged with joes name. Nathan(I refuse to say stepfather bc that’s a title to be earned) ended up getting a plea deal of 25-life, something that was hard to hear. She has yet to have her day in court, so to speak. ~ BeckyStacy