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Loved more in death than life

No big fix needed for child welfare, Jeffrey Baldwin inquest is told

Jeffrey Baldwin was starved to death by his ‘manipulative’ grandmother, inquest told




This story is a little older, but updates have been popping up in the past few days.  The write up and tip go to my new Opinionated Mama – jeffybean

I have been following this case for YEARS . 5 year old Jeffery Baldwin was found in his Grandmother’s home dead from septic shock November 30th 2002, at only 21 pounds.  He died after years of abuse, not only from his “Grandma’s” hands but his incubator, and the little dick weasel called his father, his grandpa and FIVE adults that were living in “granny’s” home.  The names of the murderers? Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman were the ones eventually charged with his death. Sentenced until 2023 and 2021 respectively which they are up for parole Lets start at the beginning

Jeffery was removed from his home because his incubator was found to be abusing his older siblings and his sister, so granny (who has had 1 previous murder conviction of an infant daughter, and had her son removed for systematic abuse and torture) gets the kids for the government checks provided by Catholics Children’s Aid Society.

Jeffery and a unnamed sister were kept in a cold locked room, with no access to a toilet because he and his sister would drink the water, which was filled with urine and feces so they couldn’t drink from it.  They were forced to sit at the “pigs’ wall”, run around the kitchen with the adults (FIVE FUCKING ADULTS) screaming at them to go faster while throwing sharp and heavy objects at them, and if one of them dared to stumble, they would be punished.  His siblings were forced to call them pigs and weren’t allowed to play with their “good siblings”. Eventually poor Jeffery died after months of abuse at Elva’s hands, his sister only surviving because she gorged at school on free snacks.

Granny decided to call 911 on November 30th after he stopped breathing, there are actual photos online but if you want to see them that’s for you to search.  The paramedics arrive and they find a tiny little body wrapped in blankets blue, cold to the touch, and it would haunt paramedics for life. Fast forward to March 30th of 2003, the house of horrors is finally investigated and granny and her cunt filler are finally arrested on charges of manslaughter.  While on trial, Catholics Children’s Aid Society is found out to have known that this cunt, inflicted enough bodily harm to murder her 1st daughter, and her youngest son also was removed from her care for the exact abuse inflicted on little Jeffery. Where was the responsibility of the place that placed them?? Ill get to that in a bit. It was admitted to the judge by one of the waste of sperm that witnessed the abuse that Elva didn’t like Jeffery because he was the “bad child” and “she didn’t like him and he was just dollars and cents to her.” The bitch didn’t even deny or try to defend herself she didn’t take the stand. A few years it comes to media’s notice that the CCAS let Jeffery slip through the cracks. If you have time look up on YouTube “Jeffery Baldwin and the 5th estate”

On the YouTube video is how Jeffery was failed again and again and again! In 2013 there was finally an inquest on how CAAS handled things, and just yesterday the woman who should have just  been swallowed came to argue her case  “I’m going to suggest that you punished your daughter by taking her children,” said Jeffery and the surviving children’s attorney said the cunt waffle clearly offended snarls out  I don’t punish my children from the woman who let  Jeffrey and his sister to fester in their own waste and drink water out of the toilet quench their thirst, Jeffrey so weak and malnourished he couldn’t pull himself upstairs. No She was  the better caregiver better than them going into foster homes. And the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, in possession of a thick file on cuntwaffle the long history of harm and neglect to other kids revoked following allegations of abuse never checked files and made sure that placing Jeffrey, two sisters and a brother would be safe, in that household from hell. Cockwaffle became increasingly nasty and snarky, the mask she’d arrived with revealed evil beast within, the cockwaffle denying what she did to those children for her own fat selfish gain. It would be later told that she was molested and raped by her step dad and ran away to produce children who shed leave and produce 3 more with Kidman. The hell that cockwaffle went through she would pay it forward, and on a poor defenseless little boy. The boy who had a cute pug nose, the sweetest giggle, but couldn’t draw proper, wouldn’t get the knack of pottying into a potty chair and who was constantly sick and never cared for. Cockwaffle defended this as “protecting him from the elements” of course those elements being someone who would tell the authorities and get her precious dollars taken away. Last words this evil cunt spoke to the jury were He would look at me ya know? And it was, just, like a cold, dead stare.  All around Jeffery was failed. By CAAS, his family, investigators, neighbors those 5 wastes of spaces that knew what was going on every damn day of his short life. CAAS has not accepted responsibility in his death and neither have any of the 5, but slowly the memory of Jeffery builds and he’s more loved in death than he ever was in life.




Ryan Warner: Another Baby Beating Crack Snack

Napa couple charged with murder in death of Kayleigh Slusher


In my mind there is no justifiable circumstance for beating a 3-year-old to death. Kayleigh Slusher was beaten to death by her mother (Sara Krueger – 23) and the useless flesh she used to entertain her vagina (Ryan Scott Warner – 26).  After being beaten to death, she was stuffed in a suitcase and placed in a freezer for 3 days.  I mean, Gawd forbid a little legal SNAFU causes a hiccup in this piece of shit mother’s sexual relationship.  Kayleigh was found in the apartment during a welfare check.  Looks like CPS was a little late on checking her welfare, ay? Anyone who knows me, knows I remember the faces of all the children who are murdered – I want everyone who sees this to remember her face too.  Angels are always beautiful…. some more than others.

Kayleigh’s bio-dad is in prison for reckless driving and evading police.  She may have been better off being in his custody.  Or the custody of a rabid wart hog.

Both cock stains have been charged with murder and felony assault.  COME ON DEATH PENALTY!!  Sadly, I live in CA – The bleeding hearts here will probably not allow these two to be put down like the dogs they are.  They are scheduled in court on February 25th.   I will try too keep y’all updated.

Christopher Schenck: Another toddler beating tough guy

Christopher Schenck charged with beating 3-year-old boy 

Doctors: Boy’s injuries life-threatening 

UPDATE: Man Jailed After Shocking Child Abuse Allegations


I fucking missed this place.  Remind me never to go on hiatus for any reason whatsoever.  Where else can I get my daily dose of raped infants and shitty boyfriends?  For fucksake…. I need more than needs me (thanks to fucking Aussie and her ability to post shit faster than a fat kid can hoover a sack of Halloween candy).

Now that I got the pleasantries out of the way, onto the next piece of shit boyfriend who flexed his bitchboy muscles by beating the crap out of his chick’s toddler.

22-year-old Christopher Schenck has been arrested due to injuries inflicted on his girlfriend’s 3-year-old son.  The boy was found by police, naked and unresponsive, on the floor of the apartment Schenck shared with the boy’s mother, 22-year-old Ashley McCarty.  He was allegedly beaten the child so severely that he suffered a brain injury, internal bleeding and damage to his pancreas and liver.  Doctors found him to have about 80 injuries, both old and new.  So… It seems this sack of baby beating shit had been whooping up on him long enough that his mother should have noticed SOMETHING…

Here’s the real kicker.  Schenck claims that the boy got all beat uppy by that notorious porcelain devil… The bathtub.  Glad to see someone has been reading his Child Abuse for Dummies Handbook.  Sadly, he didn’t make it past The Bathtub Beat My Baby chapter.  I hear the chapter on Monster Stairs is a nail biter.  He claimed the other injuries came from fishing.  Now THAT’S a new one, but still dumb as fuck.  See, I like fishing.  The only injury I have ever seen is the one time I hooked my husband’s pants in the “junk” region.  He wasn’t hurt, but he wasn’t happy either.  Being all educated and shit, the police and doctors believe the child’s injuries are more constant with physical abuse rather than the malicious tub or fishing.  Never mind the part where the toddler made a fist and hit himself in the tummy, claiming that “Chris punched (him) me in the stomach”.  He also told investigators that he was kicked and hit with a plastic baseball bat.

Schenck is being charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child, simple assault and reckless endangerment and is being held on a million dollars bail.

I would never let ANY man touch my child, not even the one who fathered him.  When will these cock starved females make better choices when it comes to their children?  If their vaginal needs came secondary to the safety of their children, we wouldn’t have this blog and I could carry on with Facebook fuckery and Candy fucking Crush.

This tip was stuffed in my box by a cute boy.  Thanks, Jeremy.

Child Rapist: Perfect Mate For One With Young Children? I Think Not.

Sex Offender Faces New Rape Charge – KWCH News

Mom Speaks Out After Fiance Arrested For Sexual Assault – KWCH News

Family Of Alleged Sexual Abuse Victim Speaks Out – KWCH News

Wichita Mother Arrested For Child Endangerment – KWCH News

Tillson, Walter Stevens III – Sedgewick County Sheriff’s Dept. Inmate Arrest/Booking Details

Harrison, Monique Jere – Sedgewick County Sheriff’s Dept. Inmate Arrest/Booking Details


Walter-Stevens-Tillson-III-mugshot-28680050_400x800 1016536_10151675293157421_1317092505_n


(Thanks for the tip and write up on this one goes to AdminRaptor.  She’s been a loyal reader / lurker, but has one Hell of a voice)

Riddle me this: You have a daughter, say, around 10 years of age. You’re a divorced mother of six children. You’re looking for someone to date, which is no big deal. You’re a grown woman, you can date whomever you damn well please–right? So you meet this guy, he’s really charming. He tells you he is a sex-offender and that he was arrested, charged, and convicted for raping a girl younger than 14 years of age. Would you continue to date him, intend to marry him, and let him around your children, particularly your ten-year-old daughter?

Every fiber of your being should be screaming “FUCK NO.” I know mine is. Any person with any SHRED of common sense should be saying “That is a very bad idea.”

But this apparently was not a bad idea to Monique Harrison, 33, of Wichita, Kansas. Her fiancée, Walter Tillson, 30, is currently sitting in the Wichita jail for molesting/raping Harrison’s 10-year-old daughter. She admitted to being aware that Tillson was a registered sex offender for raping a child under fourteen years of age in 2003, but still thought it was a good idea to date him, let him be around his children, and even become his fiancée.

How did it get to this point? Well, the girl told her grandmother what Tillson was doing, and showed the police what he did using Barbie dolls when the grandmother marched to the police. The girl told police that he had been doing this for seven to eight months.

Ms.Monique claimed that she had never let her daughter out of her sight, and always supervised Tillson while he was around her children. Her daughter says otherwise, that Tillson made her strip naked when Monique wasn’t home. and he would also take showers with her, molesting her as they showered together.

When questioned about how she felt about her fiance being arrested for molesting/raping her daughter, she said she was “frustrated.”

Well, that’s a good sign, right? Let’s dig a little deeper about why she was frustrated:

“I’m frustrated, I don’t know what to do. I want to be there to shelter my child and really find out what happened… [B]ut at the same time I want to know what his side of the story is.”

Excuse me? Your daughter tells the police and her grandmother that a man has been molesting her and raping her, and you want to know what his side of the story is? And first you say that you’re always supervising, always there, always around, and now you’re saying that you wanted to be there to shelter her? You either were there, or you weren’t, and obviously it was the latter. You had this ridiculous thought in your head that said “Child molester? That’s cool. I’m going to date him and marry him and let him around my kids. Nothing could possibly go wrong.”

You’d best be picking your story. Either you were there, supervising at all times and watching your own flesh and blood being molested and raped by this man or you were NOT there, and were knowingly endangering your child, in which case still makes you no better than your child’s abuser. You may as well have watched.

I’d go with the line “What the fuck were you thinking”, but it is blatantly obvious that you weren’t.

All six of her children have been removed from her care, and Monique Harrison has been arrested charged with child endangerment. The biological father of these children was not aware that Monique was living with a child molester, and is currently pursuing seeking sole custody of he children. He said that if he had known, he would have called the cops simply based on the fact that Tillson was a sex offender of a child.

The six children are currently staying with family members.

What kind of shit-for-brains gives custody to a sex offender?

Convicted sex offender gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter

Sex-offender dad gets sole custody of 6-year-old daughter


The title isn’t a riddle.  It’s an actual question.

Lisa Knight had every reason to keep her 6-year-old daughter from her ex-husband, 55-year-old Nicholas Elizondo.  Elizondo was convicted of raping his 6-year-old step daughter 6 years ago.  In that time, Lisa Knight moved from California to Oklahoma and raised their daughter without any help from the sick fuck.  There’s nothing wrong with a mother protecting her baby girl, right?  Wrong.

After 6 years of being in prison, Elizondo petitioned for sole custody of little Sarah after Knight stopped allowing him visitation.  The reason Knight ceased the visitation; On one trip to California to see her “father”, Sarah claimed that her half brother (19) touched her inappropriately.  Sadly, it was speculated that Knight made up this story to get back at her ex.  Even if she did, I still find her to be a better parent than a man who has proven he is a sick fuck.  Even worse, it seems that Sarah is in danger times two, being as her father and half brother are both sick fucks and she no longer has her mother to protect her.

After minutes of deliberation, the judge decided that Elizondo seemed more suitable as a parent.  …the fuck?  Knight’s parenting came into question  when she didn’t have all of Sarah’s medical info handy.  Sarah was born with a cleft pallet and had several specialists.  I suppose her mother was supposed to have had all of that info committed to memory.  I can’t remember the name and number of my ONE child’s doctor most days.
Here’s to hoping the piece of shit judge comes to his senses and / or Elizondo accidentally falls into a wood chipper.

Thanks go to Dodia Fae from PACA for sharing this tip with us.

Copper headed clown didn’t just stop at rape and his cock holster made it all possible

511aa958e2615_preview-620 badmom2
Convicted sex offender ‘sodomized girlfriend’s 4-month-old daughter and then choked her to death when baby would not stop crying’  
Police: Infant died after mother invited pedophile boyfriend to rape child 
St. Charles Co. Woman Charged In 4-Month-Old Daughter’s Death 

Let me start by apologizing for my absence.  I got a little busy with pre-teen offspring crap and was a little blindsided by some personal issues, but I’m here and I’m starting back with this stellar tale of fuckery.

This is not the first “woman” (for lack of a better term) to be featured on that put her sexual fulfillment ahead of the safety of her child, so I will just cut to the chase, Mmmkay? 

24-year-old Jessica Lynn Howell is being charged with second degree murder and child abuse for allowing her depraved crack snack to take liberties with her infant daughter.  Howell’s main squeeze, Jordan Lafayette Prince, was a registered sex offender, but that didn’t stop her from exposing 4-month old Ashlynn to the sick bastard.  I suppose when she looked up his previous charge and discussed it with him, she was fine with the prospect of him raping her baby, but never envisioned he could kill her….  Nevertheless, little Ashlynn is no longer with us and her worthless mother did nothing to protect her.

Prince, being the ladies man that he is, sodomized the baby, causing tears to her anus and rectum and internal bleeding.  He then choked her to death because she wouldn’t stop crying.  Her cause of death was listed as asphyxiation, though it was said that the other injuries could have caused her death without the strangulation.  I can only imagine that the pain poor Ashlynn was in from the rape was what caused the uncontrollable crying; Never mind the life threatening injuries she sustained from it.  As if that isn’t horrible enough, the night prior to the murder, Howell took her daughter to spend the night at Prince’s home.  There was text message evidence from Howell giving consent to Prince to the rape her daughter.  I’m not entirely sure which one of these pathetic excuses is more disgusting. 

Prince is being indicted for first degree murder charge, child abuse and forcible sodomy.  With any luck, his fellow inmates will save him the trouble of going to trial and give him a dose of his own medicine. 

Thanks for bringing this one to my attention go to Kimmy and Farrah.

Another selfish parent; another murder / suicide.

 Texas man shoots estranged wife, then himself, at daughter’s 16th birthday


Murder-suicide at Texas dad’s daughter’s sweet 16 party   


My son turned 12 earlier this month.  Even though 12 isn’t a milestone, I make it my goal to make every birthday a memorable one.  I wrangle up some gifts, gather together a few friends to party it up and eat some cake… The usual.  Well, Kelly Suckla’s daughter had a Sweet Sixteen that she will never forget.  

Saturday, January 19th, Kristi Suckla (44) was having a shin-dig to celebrate her daughter’s 16th Birthday.  Although separated (but reportedly on good terms), Kristi’s ex-husband, Kelly Suckla (43) was expected to attend.  What happened when he arrived was anything BUT expected.  

Kelly arrived at the celebration at Kristi’s parent’s home, where she had been living with her 21-year-old son and her daughter.  For whatever reason, the couple got into an argument outside of the home.  Kelly shot and killed Kristi multiple times before turning the gun on himself.  Kelly was pronounced dead at the scene.  Kristi was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

While the children (yes, the 21-year-old was still Kristi’s child) didn’t witness the shooting, they certainly witnessed the aftermath. 

I can’t imagine what the couple could have been arguing about that would have led Kelly to commit this act, ESPECIALLY during his daughter’s party.  In additions, the fact that he brought the gun with him to the house makes me believe that this act of douchbaggery was completely pre-meditated.  The good news, if there is any good news…. No murdered children.  The mental anguish forced upn the kids is horrible enough, but thankfully they weren’t hurt. 

I found a link with the daughter’s name and a pic.  I’m not posting it and asking you guys not to post it either.  I find it highly irrelevant and I feel like she has been through enough without her pic being posted on one more website.  Thank you for your understanding.


Kristi Suckla and Kelly Suckla
Kristi Suckla and Kelly Suckla

Repeat Offender Charged With Injury to Child



Man who cut baby’s tongue accused of beating 1-year-old


*Sigh*… Yet again, we have some young girl who thinks her flavor of the month is a suitable sitter for her child….This always ends badly here on I’m not saying that all step-parents are shitty, just the ones that grace these pages.


This week’s jackass is Matthew Wylie, a 25-year-old who, in 2009 (at the age of 22), decided to calm his girlfriend’s crying baby by cutting his tongue. We all know that the way to calm a baby is to hurt them… Way to go, jackass.  That child was only 3 months old when this fuck tried to sever his tongue.  He was charged with felony child abuse and ordered to stay AWAY from minor children. So you would think that he would follow his sentence and try to become a productive member in society right? Wrong. Fast forward 3 years to December 2012 where Wylie is arrested and charged with felony child abuse AGAIN, due to shattering baby Baiden’s skull.


One-year-old Baiden’s mother, Kayla Jurgensen, KNEW about Wylie’s past, but still thought that he would be a suitable sitter while she went to work as a waitress.  She was called by Wylie to inform her that the child had been hurt.  Baiden’s mother left work and went home to pick up Wylie and the baby, dropping her fuck stick off at his mother’s (really, a 25 year old living with his mommy…wtf) then taking the baby to the Crete Area Medical Center. It is cited that “He was flown by helicopter to Bryan West, where doctors treated him for a skull fracture, two separate brain bleeds, swelling and a broken left arm that was already healing” which means that the baby suffered a lot of abuse due to this jackass. Again a typical household inanimate object was blamed for the injuries.  This time the bathroom counter made Baiden fall and and hit his head on the floor.


Jurgensen was only cited with child abuse but not charged. It also came to light that this girl is 7 months pregnant with jackass’s kid. Fuck.  Wylie was charged with felony child abuse and first-degree assault. Baiden has been placed in state custody and Russ Reno, an HHS spokesperson, ambiguously indicated that state workers can recommend that a child not be placed in a dangerous situation….Let’s all pray that baby Baiden and the child that Jurgensen is carrying be placed in a loving home where this child abusing jackass is NOT present.


Thanks go to Rochell for the tip and the write up.

Another Family of Overly Religious Psychos Strike Again

rjfacebook1_t198Mother, stepfather arrested in beating death of 7-year-old


I will say that I am not overly religious but I do believe in God. I do’ nt have issues with people who are or are not religious, however, in my time on this Earth, I have found that about 95% of the overly religious psychos I have encountered usually have graveyards in their closet as opposed to the skeletons that most people keep. With that being said, I bring to you these fucknuts from Bloomington, Illinois who beat their 7 year old son to death over failing to read the bible and doing his homework.  At this point all I can think is what the fuck?
Step parent, Markiece Palmer, 34, and the young man’s mother, Dina Palmer, 27, were arrested and charged with murder, child abuse and neglect as a result of Roderick Arrington’s death. The step-piece of shit initially stated that he only spanked Roderick twice but then fessed up to beating the young man with various items to include his belt, a spatula and wooden paddle, as well as with his hands. The vile birthing vessel initially denied all involvement but was sold out by the stepfather. He told authorities that he had conferred with her prior to the beatings and not only did she ok them but she was present and often assisted in them.  What a fucking cunt. On the last day of Roderick’s life, he was woken up by being beaten at 9:30 pm as a result of falling asleep before reading a chapter in the bible and finishing his homework. After he was beaten he was told to take a bath.  The asshats put cocoa butter on the injuries on his buttocks.  Roderick told his stepfather that he felt like throwing up but was put to bed anyway. Around 8 am the bitch mother went to wake him up and he was unresponsive.
Roderick  was transported to University Medical Center because he was unresponsive. The police were called because of the extensive damage as the medical professionals observed severe bruising and massive brain swelling on the young boy and other injuries included strokes and fixed pupils and had bruises on the arms, abdomen, back, legs, thighs and buttocks. Some of the wounds appeared to be fresh while others were extensive enough to leave tissue dead. Roderick endured surgery only to pass away as a result of these extensive injuries.
My heart breaks for this little boy who has the smile of an angel. I have a seven year old son who hates doing his homework and would much rather do anything  but homework, but it has never crossed my mind to beat him. I hope these fucknuts get the book thrown at them and that they burn in hell for what they have done.
RIP Roderick fly with the angels.


Thanks go to our Aussie Sabbath for the tip.


*** Special thanks to my gal pal, Rochell, for the write up.

Devon Sawyer is an evil step-daddy



Man charged with beating 2-year-old stepson to death


Our latest tale of sadness comes to us from DeKalb County GA.  I thought southerners were supposed to be gentle but alas, not this one.  Devon Sawyer was the step dad to a beautiful little boy named Michael Weeks.  Michael was a two year old and by all appearances a normal little boy. He had a budding personality and lots of energy and lets be honest they don’t call it the terrible two’s for nothing..  Michael Weeks is dead at two years old of cardiac arrest.

Since you’re reading about it here at BB you know though that the cardiac arrest wasn’t natural.  Devon beat Michael so badly he stopped the little boy’s heart.  Fuck. Seriously, can you imagine the force of a beating that stops someone’s heart?! My heart hurts just imagining the abuse this little guy took.  Danielle Calhoun, Michael’s mother told police that she left her sweet boy with her husband; and off topic-seriously how long could they have been married or even together if she’s got a child by another man that’s only 2, while she ran errands.  Michael’s POS step “dad” told police that he had been napping and when he woke up he found the little boy unresponsive.  The police report notes that there were bruises on his chest and thighs, he is charged with the suspected beating death.  Michael’s suddenly very concerned mother says that the autopsy showed her son had been abused. Ya think? I mean I have a three year old who is very active, he does get injured playing but I bath him daily and he’s got bruises on him that i didn’t personally witness I question how they got there.  Don’t worry about a man between your legs, worry about your child being alive!  Think it’s hard being a single mom and caring for your child(ren)? Imagine how hard it would be to bury them…
Thanks go to Marshalette for the tip.
**Special thanks go to my girl, Jackie, for the write up.