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Another Selfish Breeder Blames the Devil

Mom Stabs Son 100 Times

Kids Told to Get on Their Knees and Pray

Babysittter Charged in “Demonic” Slaying of 2 Kids

Justin Plackowska

40 year old Elzbieta Plackowska was upset with her lot in life.  It seems her husband, a truck driver, was away from home more than she would like and she felt working as a maid to help make ends meet was beneath her.  Angry with her husband because she wanted to go back to Poland and he wanted to stay in the States she decided the best way to punish him would be to kill their son…

Apparently, after arguing with her husband by telephone, she found their 7 year old son, Justin and 5 year old Olivia Dworakowski, whom she was babysitting at the time, playing and jumping on a bed.  She made them kneel, pray, and told her son he was going to heaven tonight.  As Justin begged, pleaded for his life and told this emotionless twat he loved her, she stabbed him 100 times.    Then as Olivia begged her not to hurt her, she stabbed her 50 times because she had witnessed Justin’s murder.  She then went to church and finally to her older son’s home where he called 911.

Returning home from work, Olivia’s mother couldn’t get into the house or locate her daughter so she called the police who broke in and found Justin on the floor and Olivia on the bed.  They also found 2 dog’s bodies near the children’s.

Of course she had a few different versions of what happened when taken into custody covered in blood.  The first was an intruder killed them.  When that didn’t work she tried the bat shit crazy defense, claiming voices were telling her to do it, the kids “had evil in them” and she had to “drive the devil out of them”.  Finally, she told detectives she thought by killing Justin she would make her husband hurt the way she hurt in their relationship…  She’s been charged with 2 counts of 1st degree murder.

My heart breaks for Olivia’s mother and Justin’s father.   Be at peace Angels knowing no one can ever hurt you again.


My husband works away from home for 30 days at a time.  At least 6 months out of a year I am alone, usually more.  Do I resent having to do and deal with everything by myself?  At times yes, and then I remember he’s gone to take care of our family!!  He doesn’t want to be away from home anymore than we want him to be gone!

This selfish, egomaniacal hag viciously murdered two beautiful children because she was unhappy with her life…  She has no conscience!  She has no heart!  She has no soul!

Normally, I’d say she deserves to die, but in her case I think life in prison would be much more fitting!!  I think the inmates would teach her a very valuable lesson in humility!  If she thinks being a maid is beneath her, let’s see how she likes being Bertha’s bitch!!



Thanks for the tip goes to Jennifer

The Moronic Guide to Child Safety

Deputies Find Girls Bed Wrapped in a Cage

Parents Use Wire Mesh to Keep 4-Year-Old in Bed

Parents Charged

911 received a call related to a domestic dispute and dispatched officers to the scene shortly after midnight.  The caller, 34-year-old Russell D Terry, told officers he awoke on the couch being choked with an extension cord by his girlfriend, 32-year-old Jaime M Curnell, because she was mad he’d been out drinking all night.  She told them he had been throwing things all around the house.

While police were there they noticed the house was filthy and there was a bunk bed with a makeshift cage around the bottom bunk, complete with a door, latching hook, and deadbolt that could only be opened from the outside.

When police questioned the two about the cage they stated that their 4-year-old little girl got up at night so they put her in there for her own safety.  She had been sleeping there for about 3 months.  She was not in it when the police were there.

When this case hit the news I read one article and saw one picture of the cage.  In that article it stated the Sheriff had said there were no signs of abuse or neglect.

After researching the tip I saw this picture:

That’s when I noticed the nasty bared mattress, the unfinished wall that is peeling.  The general condition of the room that can be seen in both pictures is horrid!!  If that isn’t neglectful I don’t know what is.  That mattress was so filthy it should’ve been burned and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a sheet on it…

These lazy, dysfunctional asshats didn’t lock this child in a cage to keep her safe it was most likely done to keep her out of their way.  That way they could drink, fight, throw shit and not be bothered by her running around!  Sadly, maybe she was safer in that cage after all…

These 2 morons have been charged on 10 counts each of kidnapping, abduction, and child endangerment.  They are being held on $500,000 bond each.

The little girl and her 8-month-old baby brother are in the custody of family.  There is no info on where the older two boys are.


Thanks go to Dodia and Sarea for the tip.


Bad Girlfriend: Chasity Renee DuFour

Family Defends Woman Accused of Child Abuse

Mom Beat Boyfriends Boy Blind for Potty Problems

Chasity DuFour Accused of Serious Child Abuse

A 3-year-old boy was admitted to the ICU.  He was covered head to toe in bruises, partially blinded, and will have lasting neurological and physical challenges according to prosecutors.  They have charged 25-year-old Chasity Renee DuFour, the fiancée of his father, with 2nd Degree Assault on a Child and she is being held on $250,000 bond.

Prosecutors say this twisted twit shook or choked this baby boy because he had a potty training accident.  They also say she coached her 5-year-old son to lie for her.  I guess she didn’t count on that genuine honesty that children have to give away her abusive secrets.

When he was questioned by a Child Interview Specialist he told them, “Mom told me to tell she didn’t hurt ….”  He also said his brother, “hurts himself on his own,” and “gets bruises because of his allergies and because he falls off the bed a lot.”  Then went on to say that his mother would spank the 3-year-old with a spoon and shove him down when he pees his pants and when he is pushed down “he hurts from the ground and his head gets hurt.”  He said when his mother spanks she gets “super angry”…

The sperm donor/fiancée and DuFour’s family are saying the charges are nonsense.  She would never harm a child…  Her mother said in an interview, “I think that there is something medically wrong going on with him and hopefully that will come out in the end.”

For someone that would never harm a child she’s had 3 contacts/referrals to CPS.  The first was in 2008, a domestic violence report involving her ex-husband, the second was a referral in 2009 involving an assault on her son, and the third was a referral in 2011 after she tested positive for meth while pregnant with her youngest child.  But this methtard, abusive bitch wouldn’t harm a child…  Yeah right!!


Rant on:

This child has only lived with them since April and was hospitalized the end of May.  That’s one fucking month!!  In one month this child lost part of his vision and his whole life has changed!! 

How the hell could this “father” ignore all the bruising left on this child??  How could he leave a child he describes as “hard to handle” with a cunt that tested positive for meth while carrying his baby?!?  This pussy blinded, neglectful asshat needs to be charged too!!

Rant Over


Thanks go to Denise for the tip.



Killer Stairs My @$$!!

2 Charged w/Murder

Mother and Stepfather Charged

2 Year Old’s Death Ruled Homicide

A man was driving down the road when he noticed 27-year-old Eric Castro running with a child in his arms and stopped to see if he could help.  Castro, the future step-freak of the baby, told him he thought 2-year-old Kailee Marie Parker was having a seizure and he was going to a neighbor’s house for help.  The man started CPR while another on the scene called 911.  The caller told 911 little Kailee appeared to have been beaten.  Kailee was pronounced dead upon arriving at the hospital.

Kailee’s egg donor, 21-year-old Heather Brittney McKinney Parker, left the home about 30 minutes before 911 was called.  She did call 911, while first responders were on the scene, to check on Kailee’s condition so she knew her child was injured!  How the hell is a “mother”, whose child is unresponsive and possibly seizing, not going to be right there with them every minute??  Of course if you’re a cowardly, abusive sow that is the cause of it, you probably don’t want to face up to the consequences of your actions or inactions, whichever the case may be!!

This slovenly slag’s excuse for the injuries—she fell down the stairs…  How many times do we have to hear about killer fucking stairs?!?

According to the autopsy Kailee died from multiple blunt force traumas to the head that couldn’t be explained away by an accident.  She also showed signs of older injuries from previous abuse.  According to a police spokesman, “It wasn’t just from one day or one time”.

It isn’t clear who actually abused that precious baby.  It doesn’t matter if it was the pathetic twat, her live in dildo, or both.  They both deserve no less than to be slowly beaten to death!!

Both wastes of oxygen have been charged with felony aggravated murder, felony murder, felony battery, and felony cruelty to children.

8 month old twins were removed from the home, but showed no signs of abuse.


While I was researching this, I came across a blog, supposedly written by a good friend of the bio-bitch.  In it she writes that the prick had to be sedated at the hospital he was so upset.  At the funeral home the cunt was laughing, smiling, and spent most of her time on Facebook with her iPhone while he looked “haunted”.

Normally, I’m not one to remark about how a person grieves because I feel it is different with each individual, but would any parent be able to play on Facebook and laugh with their child laying in a casket beside them?!?  Especially if that child had been battered to death?!?  I’m a very strong woman and I know I’m not capable of it…

R.I.P. Sweet Kailee Your smile will surely be missed..


Murder/Botched-Suicide–Lisette Bamenga

Internet Research Helped Kill Kids

Mom Faces Murder Charges

Bronx Siblings Gassed and Poisoned

29 year old Lisette Bamenga, a teacher, found out her husband had allegedly cheated on her, having a baby by someone else.  Her reaction was to murder their kids and unfortunately fail at killing herself…

This selfish, vindictive cunt admittedly searched the web to find out how to poison 5 year old Trevor Noel Jr. and 4 month old Violet Lily.  She gave them grape juice laced with windshield wiper fluid.  When that didn’t seem to work she put them in the bathtub to drown them, she then dressed them, took them to the kitchen, covered the windows with plastic, turned on the gas and slit her wrists.

A neighbor called 911 to report a gas leak.  First responders found the useless bio-bitch unconscious with minor cuts on her wrists.  Tragically, they were unable to revive the children.

In one of the suicide notes she left was written:  “You got what you wanted, me and the kids are in a better place now.”

She’s facing 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder.  Her lawyer is already screaming about her rights being violated because police interviewed her at the hospital.  He’s trying to get her statements thrown out.  — “I poisoned them.  That didn’t work, so I drowned them,” and “It’s not fair, Trevor had a baby with another woman,”

This man arrived home, after working his shift with the NYPD, to total devastation.   My heart breaks for the father and family of these angels.


Rant On:

I can understand the anger directed at a cheating spouse.  I get divorcing him and taking half of everything!  I can even understand, to a point, wanting to hurt or kill his ass!!  What I can’t wrap my mind around is killing your babies because your husband screwed around!!  I don’t care if he had 20 different kids running around by 20 different women; no one deserves the loss this man is suffering!

Why do the selfish, cowardly fucks insure the death of the babies but they always seem to survive!?!  She didn’t drink the juice she poisoned those babies with or research how to properly slice her damn wrists in order to die, but she made damn sure they wouldn’t survive!!  She poisoned, drowned, and then gassed them…

Those babies were innocent and deserved to have a full life!!  Children aren’t pawns to be used to hurt someone!! 

Rant Over

R.I.P. Sweet Babies

Thanks for the tip goes to April.


“You’re going to find him in a casket…”

Infant Found in Landfill, Mother Accused of Murder

Family Offered to Take Baby

Family Says System Failed

Soulless Bitch–Sharriekia Page

In late March, 22 year old Sharriecka Trinette Page reported 7 month old Torrey Brown Jr. missing from her home.  An Amber Alert was never issued in the case because from day one investigators believed this baby was murdered by this twisted, pathetic incubator that tries to pass herself off as human.

In all of these cases we always wonder, “Where was the father/family of this child?” and “How could no one see this coming?”

Well, in this case, the family was trying to save this child but was blocked at every turn!  Her own cousin offered to take the baby and called the police to report she thought this baby was in danger.  The father and paternal grandmother offered to take not only Torrey, but also her other two that didn’t belong to him.  She refused them all.

Social Services was called and the family was told she had more rights because she was the “mother”.  Police were called and she was taken in and the children sent with the grandmother, only to have her released, after which she went and took the kids back.  All of this was before this child was reported missing…

What had this family scared for the life of this child were conversations they had with her.  She told the cousin that she couldn’t handle the baby and it was too much.  Then, that she had given the baby away and he was never coming back.  Told the grandmother and father that it was too hard and not to be surprised or mad if/when he ended up in a casket…

When police confronted her with their suspicions her defense was if she was going to kill her child, she wouldn’t kill just one, she would have killed all three “because they are all bad”.

After a massive 53 day search in which 500 people sorted through 9,900 tons of waste, little Torrey’s body was found in a landfill.  Police believe she smothered him in his crib, placed him in a book bag, and tossed him in a dumpster…

She is being held on charges of 1st Degree Murder and Child Abuse Resulting in Death.

Because of the actions of a demented, soulless bitch and the non-action of a broken system,  a father has lost his child, 4 children have to deal with the loss of their baby brother, and a grandmother, who did everything legally possible to prevent it, has lost her grandson.  This family will never be the same…  My heart breaks for you…

R.I.P Sweet Baby Boy



Another System Failure: Zion Lost His Voice, Then His Life…

State Could Have Saved Maui Boy

Zion Suffered Numerous Injuries Before Death

Couple Indicted in Death of 4 Year Old

Bail Reduced for Suspect in Boys Murder


Kyle McKeown/Grace Lee-Nakamoto


4 year old Zion McKeown was taken to the emergency room by his “father”, 32 year old Kyle McKeown, and his twat of the month, 27 year old Grace Lee-Nakamoto.  They claimed he got his injuries from falling in the shower, attempting to perform CPR, and ant bites…

Little Zion had numerous bruises and abrasions on his body that were all caused  right before his death.  The twisted twat says they were ant bites…  He suffered multiple internal injuries to his lower abdomen, not the least of which was his pancreas was compressed against his spine.  Zion was half African American and was so pale from the loss of blood, the hospital thought he was Caucasian…  According to the coroner the injuries “could only have been caused by high-velocity blunt-force trauma.”  The most likely cause–someone stomping on his stomach while he lay on the ground.  That visual is killing me!  One of these worthless piles of shit stomped this poor baby to death!  I want to curb stomp both of them!!

When Zion was 6 months old DHS removed him from the care of his parents for abuse.  He was so severely injured at that time he couldn’t talk or speak normally, according to his maternal grandmother Maryann Rooney who is blaming the state for the death of this child.  “It’s their fault that he’s dead because they never even checked up.  When you do something that terrible to a child that he is permanently injured, this child could not talk, could not speak normally, why do you give him back.  He just needed a lot of love.”

She had guardianship of him and protested the states decision to give him back to her daughter, who according to Rooney has a history of mental illness and abusing her children, about a year ago.

Her daughter left Zion in the care of these two fucks.  She called to check on her son the night he was fatally injured and the prick wouldn’t let her speak to him.  The cunt got on the phone and told her, “You are no longer the mother.  He is being punished.  It is not your concern.”  She also told her not to call again.

Both have been charged with 2nd Degree Murder.  Initially they were both being held on $1,000,000 bonds but hers has since been reduced to $750,000.

If what the grandmother is saying is true this was yet another massive failure on the part of child services!!  The director of DHS in response to her allegations said, “I think in hindsight when we have a situation that involves the death of any child, I think it’s much easier to suggest there was a failure.”  Suggest??  I think the death of a child that has had previous involvement with child services due to abuse is the definition of failure, you bureaucratic pinhead!!  “We will be reviewing the facts of this case to see how it can better inform our practices going forward.”

He also says the community needs to believe the family court makes a decision based on what’s best for the child…  How was the decision to place this child, who was permanently injured from previous abuse, back in the arms of his abusers in his best interest?!?  With these kinds of decisions happening repeatedly and children being handed back to abusers for further abuse and/or death how can anyone have faith in the system??  When will there be a zero tolerance policy on abuse?  If you intentionally harm and injure your child you should lose all parental rights!  There should be no second chances!!!


R.I.P. Sweet boy, no one can ever hurt you again…




2 Burnout Breeders, Police, and 1 Very Lucky Infant

Pot Smoking Mom Drives Off w/Baby on Roof

Mom Released

Baby Left on Roof was 2nd Police Encounter

Ma and Pa Pothead


I know life gets hectic at times and in our stressed-out minds we can tend to forget things, but how do you forget your baby??  More to the point, how the hell do you forget your infant is on top of the damn car?!?  That’s exactly what 19 year old Catalina Clouser did, but of course, she was also stoned out of her gourd!!


Let’s start this at the beginning…

Police officers noticed a car erratically changing lanes, almost causing a collision.  After stopping the car, they arrested 19 year old Manuel M. Pena, who admitted to smoking 3 or 4 blunts before getting behind the wheel, for aggravated DUI.  He was so stoned he didn’t realize he had almost caused a crash.  Not only was he stoned off his ass, he doesn’t have a driver’s license either!

While talking to the police, the addle-brained duo admitted to police they had been at a park, with the baby, getting high and were on a beer run.  Either the police were feeling generous or they didn’t want any extra paperwork so they gave the pink-haired pothead up there a ride home and left her there with the baby and the car.

Apparently, the moronic twit was so distraught over her dildo’s incarceration she must have lost her buzz because she packed the baby back into the car and off they went to a friend’s house to smoke “one or two additional bowls of marijuana”—according to police.

After frying the only living cell left in her brain, she once again got into the car and headed the 12 miles home.  When she got there she realized her 5 week old baby boy wasn’t IN the car, she had set him ON the car.  She called her friends so they would start looking for him while she headed back.

About an hour and 45 minutes after daddy dipshit was arrested, police received a call from a passerby about a baby in a car seat in the middle of the road.  This was about 2 blocks from the friend’s home.

She told police she went to the friend’s house and smoked more marijuana, then placed the baby on the roof of the car when leaving and didn’t realize he wasn’t in the car until she got home.  She was arrested for child abuse and aggravated DUI.  She has been released and is on restrictions, one of which prohibits her from seeing the baby who is in CPS custody.

Luckily, the baby was securely strapped into his car seat.  There were so many things that could have happened to this child due to the stupidity of the choices made that night by both the irresponsible, imbecilic, burned-out breeders and the police!  His guardian angel must have been working overtime, the seat was scarred up and had landed on its side, but the baby wasn’t injured.


Now to address burnout brigade that will undoubtedly show up and scream “don’t blame the Jane”, “pot is harmless”, or whatever other idiotic phrases you want to come up with, I’ve got one thing to say to you…  Piss the fuck off!!

This case is proof of how harmful marijuana CAN be!!  This wasn’t one parent endangering the life of a child, it was both, and both were fucked up beyond all reason!!!  That baby was at risk due to their want or need for their next high!  These 2 were probably irresponsible dumb shits to start with, but the marijuana was a factor in this case like it or not!!

Tot Placed in Dryer as Punishment

Dad Put 3 Year Old in Dryer

Man Stuck Son in Dryer and Turned It On

Jamial Bayly

40 year old Jamial E Bayly was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence and misdemeanor child endangerment for admittedly placing his 3 year old son in the dryer.

Police received a phone tip from a concerned relative and went to the home for a welfare check.  The jackass told police he had placed the baby in the dryer and turned it on as punishment earlier in the day.

Apparently, this isn’t the bastard’s first rodeo.  In 1999 he was convicted of domestic violence for assault on a 5 year old.

Luckily, the baby had no injuries.  He was released to the mother who was at work at the time of the incident.


You cannot tell me this is the first time this prick has been abusive in 13 years!

How could this mother not know he was capable of hurting that baby??  Evidently, relatives knew and were worried enough to call the police and ask for a welfare check.  Why the hell leave your baby with someone that, at the very least, you know is capable of harming him regardless of him being the “father”?!?

Hopefully, this will be her wake up call!  If she cares anything about this baby she’ll keep him as far away from this moron as possible!  He was unharmed this time, next time the ending may not be a happy one…


Thanks to Lee for the tip

Not Your Average Pedo

Former Officer Arrested

Clayton Cody Lawrence

Former officer 30 year old Clayton Cody Lawrence has some issues.  Now when I say issues, I mean the kind that can only be fixed with a bullet between the eyes!  Not only did he go to a church parking lot to meet with a 12 year old little girl he’d been sexting, but he thought it would be a good idea to bring his 12 month old daughter along for the ride.

Apparently this all started when the 12 year old sent a text to a wrong number.  How scary is that?  We watch for freaks on the internet and out in public but what do you do to stop some pedo from gaining access to your child by a wrong fucking number??

This prick-less scum sent this child a sexually explicit picture of himself and asked her to do the same.  I don’t know how but, thankfully, her parents found out and alerted the authorities.  Deputies used the little girl’s phone and sexted with this freak until he agreed to meet for sex with what he thought was a 12 year old little girl.  The meeting took place in a church parking lot.  Officer’s were texting him while they waited.  At one point he sent a text “I’m here, where are you at?”  The reply was “I’m here.  I’m over by the playground.”

When he pulled in and saw deputies approaching he didn’t miss a beat.  He got out of the car, removed the baby from her car seat and headed for the playground like he was just a “loving father” taking his daughter to the playground to play…

The baby was taken by social services until her mother could pick her up.  The two are separated but share custody.  Hopefully, she’ll use this incident and have all his rights removed to protect that baby from this predator!!

He’s charged with one felony count of use of communications systems to facilitate certain offenses involving children and one felony count of production, publication, sale, and financing of child pornography.


Thanks to Rachel for the tip.