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Elizabeth Escalona is a raging cunt

UPDATE: 10/12/12 AT 11:54am EST — The judge in this case said he believes Escalona was victim of sex abuse outside of context of trial and he can’t consider it outside or trial. He gave her a 99 YEAR SENTENCE!!! Justice for Joselynn!!


Texas mother awaits sentence for gluing toddler daughter to wall, beating her
Elizabeth Escalona, Texas Mom Who Glued Daughter’s Hands To A Wall, Faces Up To Life In Prison
Mother admits gluing two-year-old daughter’s hands to wall and beating her into a coma – but tells court only God can judge her


Nice neck tattoo, you cunt.

How’s that for blunt? I was never one that was good at sugar coating shit. It’s too early for me to be so angry, but alas, here I am writing about Elizabeth Escalona.

Elizabeth is a 23-year old mother of 5. She obviously didn’t know how to keep her fucking gaping hole closed for very long. I imagine that having 5 children, no matter what your age, can have its moments of being very frustrating and feelings of being overwhelmed. But what Elizabeth did to her almost 3-year old while potty training was just deplorable.

This whore dragged her little girl by her feet and then used a very powerful adhesive to glue her little girl’s hands to the wall so that she could beat her for not catching on to this “use the potty” thing quickly enough. While glued to the wall, poor little Joselyn peed on herself and her mother’s response was to hit her in the head and kick her in the groin.  Her siblings witnessed the abuse and told the cops that their mother kicked the toddler in the stomach repeatedly and hit her with various objects before gluing her to the wall.

Joselyn’s savior? Her grandmother, Oefelia Escalona. She found the little girl laying on the floor, taking shallow breaths and scooped her up to take her to a local area Dallas hospital.  Once treatment began, they noticed that she had severe bruises to her face and head, and a severe brain injury that put her in a temporary coma.  She suffering bleeding on the brain and fractured ribs, along with other injuries consistent with her being beaten by her mother. Thank GOD Grandma was around, thank GOD she found Joselyn, thank GOD she did the right thing.

Elizabeth, the baby-making machine, is in jail and awaiting her sentence – which could be given to her as early as today. She plead guilty to a charge of first-degree injury to a child, which could get her anywhere from five years to life in prison. She is reported as saying in court ‘I have no comment, and only God can judge me. That’s all I gotta say.’  No, bitch – I will judge the fuck out of you and I’m sure that anyone who reads about what you did to your little girl will judge you too.

Prosecutors are shooting for 45 years, that way this bitch can never harm her kids again. Good thinking! Ps – Elizabeth had been investigated previously by CPS, but nothing ever came of it. I have to wonder what warning signs they missed? Apparently, people in her life had seen  her hurt this little girl before.

All 5 of her kids, are in care of their 42-year old grandmother Oefelia. According to the testimony made by the grandmother – Joselyn is doing great. She runs around and keeps her grandma on her toes. Thank the lord!

Written on a Facebook page that is dedicated to justice for Jocelyn was this: “After today, Elizabeth will no longer know what it’s like to smell the flowers in a park, or simply go shopping in the mall…no more phone, internet, no more going out for Happy Hour, or to a club on a Friday night! Elizabeth, your freedom has expired!! I hope that every day, you look from the window of your tiny cell and watch the birds flying in the sky…knowing how free they all are! Today is your final day of freedom! Justice for Joselyn!!” A-fucking-men!

Thanks to B-Girl and me for the tip.

Sweet Jocelyn, thank God you’re ok! How could anyone hurt this little girl?



14-year old strangles her newborn son to death

Cassidy Goodson, 14-Year-Old, Murders Her Newborn Baby:
Teen Charged With Killing Her Newborn Son

Cassidy Goodson, 14-year old baby killer

The list of people that you’ll see in hell certainly isn’t getting any shorter. Person to add to that list? 14-year old Cassidy Godson of Lakeland, Fl.  She did the absolute unthinkable. She had a baby in her  family home and after he was born healthy and fine – she strangled him to death. Then she hid his little body in a shoe box in her closet so that her family wouldn’t find out. To call this fucked up would be the understatement of the fucking century.

Cassidy hid her pregnancy from her family, according to reports.  She was 100 lbs and the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds when he was born. Did you do that math yet? How do you hide that growing belly without anyone noticing?  My bullshit detector is going off.  She claims she wore big clothing to mask the pregnancy.  Two of her aunts thought  her eggo was preggo, and they were reported saying that Cassidy’s mother was in complete denial. Cassidy tried to prove that she wasn’t pregnant by producing 2 negative pregnancy tests. Tests that she was allowed to take alone in the bathroom.

Cassidy went into labor on September 19th. She went into the bathroom at home, stuck a towel in her mouth, and turned on the water to help with noise control. Then she gave birth into the toilet.  When he got stuck during the delivery, she used scissors to pry him out. Once he was born and still attached to her via the umbilical cord – she strangled him until he wasn’t moving or breathing any longer.  She did it because she “didn’t know what to do with it.”  Cause of death was asphyxia from strangulation and blunt force trauma.

Fast forward 3 days later when Polk County Sheriff’s office received a call from her frantic mom, Teresa Goodson. She called to report that she had found a dead baby in her daughter’s closet after investigating a foul smell while collecting laundry.

So cops arrested Cassidy on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. They’re still trying to decide if they’re going to charge her as an adult or not and also if they will charge any of the adults in her life that knew of the pregnancy. The judge that she went in front of is quoted saying, “Let’s remember she is a child. Where was her support system?”. Good question – where were they?

So any people to blame in this story – not just Cassidy. Yes, she’s obviously not just a stupid kid who didn’t know what to do. She knows that murder is wrong, no matter what her age. She was not educated about Safe Haven laws in Florida, which say that you can leave a baby up to 7 days old, no questions asked. If her mother, aunts, coaches, teachers, friends, etc… knew she was pregnant and didn’t help her – most of them failed her too. Especially her mother.  I’m not buying that a 100-pound 14-year old hid her pregnancy THAT well — even more so if the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

RIP little man – you were gone way too soon.

Thank you to all that sent in the tips – there were a lot of you.

A shopping plaza is no place for a 3am nap

Abandoned toddler found sleeping outside Kissimmee store
Child found sleeping alone outside Osceola County mall

Neck tattoo AND teardrops under the eye? Double dose of douche-ery.


Leave your 2-year old daughter in the care of your high boyfriend and she ends up taking a nap outside of the local Ross at 3am. Wow — but what else do you expect out of the great state of Flori-duh? Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear of 20-year old Stacia Rogers leaving her baby girl in the care of her man, only for her to be left wandering around a shopping center. Once she gets tired enough,  she finds a spot to curl up and goes to sleep. Yes folks, there are actually people this fucking stupid that walk around posing a normal human beings.

Let me back up. Cops get a call at 2:42am this morning with reports of a toddler walking around alone at shopping center in Kissimmee, Fl. When they arrive, they find her curled up sleeping in front of the local Ross. Cops actually recognized her from a criminal mischief call they’d responded to earlier in the night at a motel, Budgetel, up the road.  At the time, the little girl was in the care of her mother and her mother’s hole plunger,  Jerry Montalvo.

So Jerry was high and acting funny when the cops located him at the crack-motel where they all lived. So high, that he left this little girl wandering around alone at a shopping plaza and went back to his motel room. Did Stacia not ask where her baby was when he returned? Did he consciously leave her there, or did he just forget her?

Well, they’re both guilty. Him for neglecting her and her mother for allowing her daughter to go with this piece of shit knowing that he was high/drunk/otherwise fucked up. Thank God a good Samaritan called the cops and she wasn’t harmed. Thank God she hadn’t wandered into traffic or wasn’t kidnapped by some creepy passerby.

DCF has the little girl. Stacia and Jerry have been charged with  with child neglect and booked into the Osceola County jail in  lieu of $1,000 bond each. So my guess is – they’ll be out in no time, living in a motel room with this little girl again. I hope DCF gets it right this time.

Thanks go to me for the tip.

Mother stabs her 10-week old baby to death for being satanic

Mom charged with killing baby ‘heard voices,’ complaint says
Oconomowoc parents criminally charged in death of 10-week-old baby

God made this woman stab her baby to death.

To say I’m heartbroken every time I click the “post new” link in BB’s site admin to begin writing about something terrible that has happened to a child would be a gross understatement. Every story I write upsets me… every single one of them. I’m jaded, I know. I’ve read and written to many of the stories to ever have compassion for a baby murderer, a child abuser, someone who neglects their kids, or anyone who can sexually assault children.  In my own head, I don’t agree with “innocent until proven guilty”. But, as a blog writer and not a court of law – I have that luxury.  So when I begin to read a story of a little 2 1/2 month old baby girl whose own mother stabbed her to death, my mind immediately thinks that it doesn’t matter the reason – it is NEVER ok.

This story is no different. Dana Hooper stabbed and murdered her little girl because voices told her to do it. She believed that God himself told her to kill her little one because she was Satanic. The story goes on to say that Dana was suffering from PPD, hadn’t slept in 5-6 days, and had new anti-depressants in her system that were fucking her up. I don’t care about any of that. No excuses,  she killed her baby – that’s all I need to know.

I place blame on her husband, the father of this little girl too. Not just for the fact that he didn’t call 911 when he found his baby girl murdered, but also because her had to know his wife hadn’t been right. He had to know that she hadn’t slept. He went on record saying that the new meds she was on had “jacked her all up.” Here’s a thought – how about you NOT leave your kids alone with her until you know she’s ok? How about you get your wife some help? How about you take your wife to the looney bin BEFORE she kills someone, and not after (which is what he did).

On September 15th, police responded to a call from the psychiatric hospital, Rogers Memorial Hospital, that a patient was claiming she’d stabbed her baby to death. At 5:45pm, cops got to the house to find a baby girl dead of a “large number of stab wounds”.

Here’s the timeline… Dana’s husband, Kevin Hooper, was playing outside early Saturday afternoon with their 2 older children – ages 2 and 3. When they went back inside, his wife told him that she had killed their 10-week old baby. Instead of calling 911, because he knew the baby was beyond help and already dead, he drove her to Rogers Memorial because he didn’t want his wife to go to jail. He then called his father-in-law to help with the 2 older kids.  He later got a call from the hospital where they told him what his wife had admitted to, then the police showed up.

While talking to the officers at the hospital, Dana Hooper was “staring straight ahead,” and made a number of statements without being asked questions, including saying things like “psychotic,” “no sleep in five days,” “postpartum in the past,” “new medication.” She also said that she stabbed the baby 6 or 7 times because God told her to.

Both her and Kevin have been arrested. Her on charges of first-degree intentional homicide , and him with a charge of failure to report the death of a child.  Her bail is set at $1mm and his at $100k. The 2 other kids have been placed with family and the couple can obviously not see them, or each other.

My guess is that she’ll get stuck in a hospital for treatment and won’t get the chair or even life in prison. Which doesn’t seem fair to me. I know that Postpartum  Depression and Postpartum Psychosis  are very real things. But something could’ve been done to prevent this from ever being something we write about here on BB.  RIP little baby girl, may your light continue to shine.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.


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Forget the boogeyman, be scared of Joshua Coleman.

Father charged with assault after 2-year-old found unconscious
Grandview man is charged after 2-year-old daughter is seriously injured

This story is going to be so hard for me to write, harder than it was for me to read the linked articles above about a 2-year old girl whose father beat the shit out of her. I have daughters, one who’s around the age of this little girl.  I can’t think of anything that she could do that would make me want to hurt her the way that Joshua Coleman of Grandview, MO hurt his little girl.

I’m going to start off by telling you that he was arrested and charged with first-degree assault.  He’s being held on a $250,000 bond.

Neighbors called 911 last week to Joshua’s apartment in Grandview and when cops arrived, they found the little girl not breathing and Joshua performing CPR on her. Her dear old dad told the authorities that his little one had fallen off the couch and bumped her head and stopped breathing. Well, doctors weren’t buying that load of horse shit and called the cops stating that her injuries were not consistent with his version of what happened.

The 2-year old baby girl had sustained head trauma, causing bleeding in the brain, contusions on her lungs, possible injury to her spleen and multiple bruises on every part of her body. One of the surgeon’s that operated on her said the injury to her lungs couldn’t have been consistent with CPR, even if done incorrectly, and that the blood on her brain could only be caused by blunt force trauma or shaken baby syndrome.  Who in the motherfuck does this to ANYONE? Forget that this is HIS 2-year old daughter!

Joshua eventually told cops more details. He claimed to discipline her when she was disobedient or when she wouldn’t eat. He admitted that he  hit her with a belt, backhanded her in the chest and used both hands to slap both sides of her head simultaneously, sometimes hard enough to make her disoriented. He also  forced her to face a wall and do “squats” until she fell from tiring. 2-years old, please don’t forget that part.  My heart is breaking into a million pieces, I just can’t fathom all this abuse to such a little person who obviously didn’t deserve one part of this.

So where’s mom? That was my 1st question. I can’t find out why – but it seems that Joshua had custody of his little girl. I read that he would drop her off for visits with her mom and when mom asked him about the bruises she saw, he claimed that they were a result of her playing too roughly with her cousins.

Other family members noticed and called child services, but to no avail — insufficient evidence or some bullshit. One family member came forward to say that while she’s heartbroken over what happened – she’s not surprised. She was shocked about the way he even spoke to his little girl and the verbal abuse and threats of abuse  that she witnessed. She imagined what he was doing behind closed doors if he was so hard on her in front of people. She’s the one who tried to get the girl help, but her pleas were unheard by authorities because she never actually witnessed anything – only his threats.

So this little angel is currently in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. Her motherfucker of a father is in jail and man do I hope he stays there for life. I doubt he’ll be so fucking tough in the pen when the other inmates find out what he did.  What a tough guy, beating up a 2-year old and almost killing her!

I’m praying hard for you,  sweet girl. I hope you make it and are given a second chance to live an amazing and full life,  full of love. I hope that you never have one memory of the asshole that did this to you.  I don’t know how I’ll ever stop thinking about you now.

Thanks to Jamie for the tip.

Armin Wand wanted a fresh start

Armin Wand, Jeremy Wand Set Fire To Kill Family: Wisconsin Cops
Wis. Judge sets $1.4 million bail in fatal fire
Father, His Brother Charged in Fatal Wis. Fire


Armin and Jeremy Wand

In these tough economical times we all know that times are hard.  Living paycheck to paycheck becomes the new norm, worrying how to buy your kids new school clothes is heavy on your mind, and how to feed your family of 5 can be a challenge. I imagine that when you work hard and still can’t make ends meet, that it becomes that much more difficult to deal with. Add on top of that your spouse complaining about money and pregnant with child number 4 – your limit is reached. So what do you do? Do you ask for help? Do you get a second job? Do you consider using birth control so you don’t add to the mouths to feed? Do you cut down on monthly costs by downgrading cell phone plans, saving energy to reduce your electric bill, get your kids secondhand clothes? Those all seem like viable options to me – it’s what I would do and HAVE done in order to keep my kids fed, clothed and warm. Shit gets tough, I get it. I never considered killing my spouse and 4 kids so I could collect the life insurance and start over though – but that’s just me.

That’s where Armin Wand, 32 of Argyle, WI differs from you and me ladies and gents.  He thought that the easiest solution to his money troubles and the fact that his wife wanted to divorce him was to torch his house with his family inside, and just simply start over. Easy, huh?

Well Armin was partially successful. He and his brother,  Jeremy Wand, set fire to Armin’s family home while his wife and 4 kids slept. His wife, Sharon Wand, was able to get outside with their 2-year old daughter Jessica, but their 3 boys perished in the fire.

According to Armin’s own words in the criminal complaint, here’s how it all went down;  Armin and his little brother Jeremy starting discussing burning the house down in early September.  Armin told Jeremy that he’d pay him $300 for his part once he was awarded the life insurance settlement. A few days later, around midnight on a Thursday, Jeremy made his way over to his brother’s house. Sharon was asleep in the living room with their son Joseph,  little Jessica was in a bedroom and the 2 other boys, Allen and Jeffrey, were asleep in another. The brothers set fire to pieces of crumbled up paper and placed them under the futon where Sharon was sleeping. Armin then used a lighter to set fire to the couch where his son Joseph lay sleeping, then he told his brother to go and lock the door to the bedroom where his other 2 sons were asleep.

Sharon awoke on fire and later emerged from the house with baby Jessica. She handed the baby to Armin and wanted to go back inside to save her boys. Armin insisted that she move the family’s van from in front of the inferno. When she complied, Armin tried to stick his baby girl back into the blaze by way of a broken window and someone stopped him. (no word on who that was in the stories)

Allen and Jeffrey were found dead, together, on the bedroom floor. Imagine these little boys scared of what was coming and holding each other for comfort. I just can’t fathom this… but I will say that I find a little solace in the fact that these brothers maybe  found a little bit of peace in their final moments because they were together.

Sharon was hospitalized in critical condition. She suffered burns and was injured when a beam fell on her. She also lost the baby that she was 17 weeks pregnant with.

The blaze-setting brothers were arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree intentional homicide and one count of arson with intent to defraud. Additionally, Armin was also charged with three counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide, accusing him of trying to kill his wife and trying to kill his daughter twice. And Jeremy had additional charges of two counts of attempted first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the wife and daughter.

They are being held on a $1.4 million bond. Thank God for small miracles.

RIP Allen, Jeffrey and Joseph. I can’t find words to tell you how sad I am over your deaths.  Fly with the angels.

Thanks to Amber, Sorcha Daor, lleigh, Cathy and Jen for the tips.

Proof that there is no age cap for a bad breeder

Deputies: 92-year-old man tried to kill his daughter
92-year-old man accused of trying to kill daughter

Benjamin King – bad breeder AND senior citizen.

Well here’s something you don’t hear of everyday. And while I am certainly not making light of the situation, the thought of a 92-year old man going bananas has one of my eyebrows raised – The Rock style.

Backing up – cops were called to 92- year old Benjamin King’s home in Orlando, Fl by his daughter. When the police arrived, they found Mr. King bloodied on his arms and shins. Apparently his injuries were a result of a brawl he had with his daughter. Before you think that she fought her old ass daddy and he was defending himself – think again.

Mr. King was upset that his daughter, Patricia Pernacchia, allowed her son to sleep in the same bed as his fiancee.  His “old school” ways sent him into a fit of rage and clocked his daughter upside the head with a heavy frying pan. When she wasn’t knocked out by it, he tried to hit her again but she grabbed the pan and wrestled it away from him. Then her dear old dad asked to see her head wound and told her he was hoping that the blow would’ve killed her. Sweet old man, huh?

So after getting the pan away from her dad, he went for his pistol and shot at her twice. Lucky for Patricia, the gun misfired and she wasn’t shot. He opened up his gun and tried loading a bullet into the chamber and dislodging whatever was stuck. But before he could fix his gun, she had gotten it away from him as well in a struggle.

So Patricia went for the phone to call 911 and her dad ran to the kitchen to get a knife to stab his daughter. She slammed his hand in the drawer as she was talking to dispatchers and his 3rd attempt to take his daughter’s life proved to be unsuccessful too.

So Benjamin King is being held at the Orange County jail with no bail, and faces first-degree attempted murder charges. At first, his daughter wasn’t sure she wanted to press charges because “he may have some kind of psychological problem”. That almost made me snort… he “may”? Yeah, and I “may” or “may not” not be a virgin.

Silver lining, he didn’t kill his daughter. And while attempted murder of anyone is scary and terrible, at least this story is a change from the norm and this breeder picked on someone who could fight back – and she basically whooped grandpa’s ass. Goes to show you, even a 92-year old parent can be a bad breeder.

Thanks go to me, I found this gem. Ole’!

Michael and Michelle Freeman are SICK fucks.

‘Jane Doe’ Sought in Child Pornography Case
Nationwide child porn investigation leads to couple’s arrest in Oregon
Michael And Michelle Freeman, Oregon Couple, Arrested In Child Porn Investigation

Michelle and Michael Freeman molested their own daughters.

You have to be a severely deranged, disturbed, and disgusting motherfucker to molest a child – I think we can all agree on that.  But what’s the list of perfect superlatives that we can use for a mother and father that molest their own daughters? I just can’t think of  words strong enough.

So, let me back up. The story begins with Michael Freeman, 39, of Oregon, sharing pictures and videos of himself and his wife Michelle engaged in sex acts with their daughters (aged 9 and 6)  in an internet child pornography ring. From what I can gather, it was like a file sharing system. I give you some pictures of me diddling children, and then you send me yours. Like child porn Napster, if you will. Excuse me while I throw up my Cheerios.

The FBI confiscated a computer in Colorado in a bust and came across pictures and videos of an unidentified  man and a woman engaging in sex acts with 2 young, unidentified girls.  The Department of Homeland Security  launched a public plea for information and released a photo of the woman in the pictures.   In a press conference, Homeland Security  said that tips started to rush in after a picture of the then-unidentified woman spread like wildfire through all the popular social media sites, including Facebook. With these tips, they were able to narrow their search to the Pacific Northwest. Well, just this week, Michael and Michelle turned themselves in after learning that an acquaintence was going to turn them in after seeing her picture all over the internet.

“The general public and the media was instrumental in bringing these people to justice,”  said an ICE spokesperson.

Well thank God for Facebook! And you won’t hear me say that everyday without sarcasm.

Michael Freeman told an investigator that he was in a “bad place”.  He said he was the first to take the images and that “somehow” his wife became involved. He went on to tell investigators that they engaged in sexual acts with two girls and each other while photographing and videotaping the acts. Oh, and this is my favorite — he said “nothing was forced, no bondage, no pain and no crying.” Not forced? A 6 and 9-year old just willingly performed sex acts with their parents? FUCK you Michael. No crying? I don’t believe that either – unless they’d drugged them.

What kind of bad place will his daughters be the rest of their lives because their parents are disgusting animals? And his wife “somehow” got involved? Where do these fucking people find each other? It always boggles my mind that one partner can get the other involved and go along with doing horrible things to children.  How does that conversation come up? “So honey….. um… don’t forget to defrost some ground beef for tomorrow’s dinner and… uh… wanna go perform sex acts on our daughters and take pictures and then send them to other perverts like us?” “YES! I would LOVE to do that!”. What the actual fuck?

If they’re convicted, they are each facing 15-30 years in the slammer. No word in the articles where their girls are. I hope somewhere safer than anywhere they’ve ever been before.

Thanks to my girl Deena for the tips.

Change of pace: Good Breeder aka Best Mom Ever story

Neighbors tackle child kidnap suspect after mom punches him

Mom and neighbors show an attempted abductor who’s boss!

We don’t often take the time to write stories about amazing parents… maybe it’s because stories like this are few and far between or maybe they just don’t make the news as often. But, I couldn’t read this story and NOT write about it. A little break from stories of children with the worst parents on earth, comes a story about Antoinette Robinson, aka – best mom ever!

This past Sunday, Antoinette’s 6-year old daughter was playing outside with neighbors. She thought she heard a strange noise outside and when looking out the window, saw a man with his hand over her daughter’s mouth and the other around her waist – dragging her into the bushes. Antoinette did what MOST mothers would do – she bounded outside and kicked the shit out of the motherfucker.

She ran out of the house and up to him and just clocked him right in the face – and he released the girl. Momma Bear didn’t stop there, after rolling down a hill with this guy – he fled. She jumped in her car and chased after him with her neighbor. Once she caught up to him, she broke a 2×4 over his back. Go ‘head Antoinette! Teach these grimy assholes what happens when you mess with our kids!

His injuries didn’t slow him, unfortunately and he got up and ran off again. A group of neighborhood men (who Antoinette says she didn’t even know), tackled his ass and kept him down until the cops showed up.  Dammit I love every minute of this story.

Police arrested 17-year-old Joel Miranda, Jr. on kidnapping and aggravated harassment charges and he’ll be charged as an adult.

6-year old Xavieria  is doing fine after the incident, although obviously shaken up.  On Monday, Little Xavieria said she was scared but her mom was there to protect her.

“My mom will always be there for me,” she said. — well hell yea she will be!

LOVE this story! I know all of us would do the same thing — we’ve often thought of what we would do if someone tried to harm one of our kids. That momma (or poppa) bear inside us can’t help but the fuck someone up, without even thinking about it twice!

Thanks to Rochell for posting this amazing story in the OT!

UK Mother leaves her baby alone to binge drink

Bingeing mother left baby alone for a week: Jail for 20-year-old whose child was found ‘starving’ in cot


We all know far too well that child abuse and neglect doesn’t just happen in this lovely country of ours.  Even across the pond in the UK there are Bad Breeders who should be fucking shot on site.

In Brecon,  Wales a mother was sentenced to 15 months in prison for neglecting her 15-month old baby girl. She was leaving her alone for long periods of time over the course of over a week, while she went to a friend’s apartment to get shit-faced drunk. Non-mom would return once a day-ish to her daughter, who was confined in a crib, to feed her cheerios and some sort of microwaved food in the AM – before leaving her again to run off and drink.

Neighbors heard the little girl crying and called the authorities, who were able to gain access to the home through a window. When the cops found her, she had been alone for more than 24 hours.  She was “subdued” in her crib in this house with no heat and no lights on, her diaper hadn’t been changed in days and she had such a bad case of diaper rash, that she was bleeding.   She had a small blanket in the crib to keep her warm. Ps – this was happening the week between Christmas and New Year’s and if you’ve even been to the UK, you know how fucking cold it gets there.

Her house was in the condition that you have probably guessed by now; it was in complete disarray with trash everywhere, dirty diapers laying around, empty wine and beer bottles and dirty clothes all over the place. The conditions were described as squalid.

When cops rescued her and took this poor little thing back to the station, they got her fresh diapers and clothes. When they gave her food and something to drink – “she grabbed them as if she had been starved.”  Well shit, she HAD been starved. I know what 15-month olds like to eat and how often… and it’s not just cheerios once a fucking day. This poor little girl, I can’t even comprehend it.

The non-mom pleaded guilty and admitted to cops that between 12/26 and 1/2 – she’d been “popped” back to the house to feed her daughter 4 times.  That’s 4 times in 8 fucking days that she’d “popped” back to check on her baby.  What a selfish cunt, I just can’t get over it.  To quote a person that commented on the news article – “This woman is obviously not capable of looking after Goldfish, never mind a child and should never have contact again.” Well.fucking.said.

She’s in the pen for 15 months and the little girl is in the care of her paternal grandparents. The mother hopes to slowly rebuild the relationship with her daughter after she gets out.  Here’s to hoping that she doesn’t bother and baby girl is raised by people that actually give a shit about her.

Thank GOD that the neighbors called the police and this story isn’t about a little girl found dead of starvation.

Thanks to Bethan for the tip.