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Craig Tracy Williams of New Haven CT. is a bad bad man.

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Psychopath handcuffs 9-year-old stepdaughter to radiator cuts her with machete 

Craig Tracy Williams, 45 of New Haven CT is a bad man.  This “man” is being held with out bond for the horrific abuse he inflicted upon his 9 year old step-daughter.  The girl, while recovering in the hospital, told police how Williams would handcuff her to the radiator and cut her with knives and beat her.  It’s being described as the worst case of child abuse in the career of Asst. Chief of Police, Archie Generoso.  This sicko used a machete on this little girl!

She had originally been coached to lie to the police about how she was injured.  When pressed for the truth on how she got her scars, she told the truth of how Williams stabbed her on more than one occasion.   Thankfully she’s alive and can now hopefully be placed with people who love her and value her precious life.

Williams was arrested at a gas station while the girl was recovering in the hospital. he was attempting to skip town with his “family”.  The motivation behind the abuse seems to be that the young girl was not his biological daughter.  She was the only victim and his biological children are said to not have been abused.  He has been charged with second-degree assault and risk of injury to a minor. His wife has not been charged.   No charges for mom…WTH, why not?

So sad all around.

Thanks to Unsurelock Holmes for the tip.

***Special Thank You to Jackie for the write-up.***

Kristi-An can’t take the constant crying.

Kristi-An Walker 

Police-Texas mom charged in 2 infant sons’ deaths in 2011 and 2012    

Mom charged in 2 infant sons’ deaths

Kristi-An Walker, 20, never learned how to use a condom or any other form of acceptable birth control.  Now that’s not remarkable in and of it’s self, and is a fairly common trend in our country.  Some young women, unfortunately, don’t have the access to education on reproduction that would help them to make more informed choices.  Often, some young women find themselves alone with children they aren’t able to financially support on their family without some help.    Most mothers who love their babies (and most do) would make sacrifices to give their children all that they could.

Walker has given birth to 3 beautiful babies and is currently expecting her fourth child.  Sadly, that’s not why we’re talking about her.  No.  Ms. Walker has earned herself a spot on Bad Breeders because she purposely murdered two of her children as infants.  She admitted to Sgt. Kirk Coleman of the Angleton police department that she killed her 4-month-old son in April of 2011 by banging his head on objects and hitting him.  She repeated this process in July 2012 to murder another one of her sons at 6 months old.  Her reasoning for doing this?  She says she had two many kids.   REALLY BITCH? You had too many kids? So instead of any of the other options you had that would have been OK you murder two beautiful little children?

To add insult to the loss of these two precious lives her parents claim she’s “innocent”.  Kristi-An’s mother, Carol Shelton, is quoted as saying, “I know she wouldn’t have done that.”   SO SHE LIED TO THE POLICE ABOUT A CRIME SHE DIDN’T COMMIT?   That’s got to be a first for bad parents every where. William Bryant, her stepfather whom shared an apartment with Walker, her children and mother at the time of the first murder, says it’s also not true as well.

This story started last year when Kristi-An became frustrated with her 4-month-old son for crying.  Instead of trying any of the normal, non-lethal ways, of calming the baby (who, by the way had been born prematurely),  she slammed him on to the floor.  GREAT IDEA BITCH!  That won’t upset the baby any further!   She then threw this delicate little baby into his car seat and, at times, would bang his little head into objects such as furniture and walls out of frustration with his crying.  She also hit the baby’s heads on the metal part of their bassinette.

I’m fuming thinking about this because I currently have a 4-month-old little boy who was born a few weeks prematurely and I fought so hard to get that little boy here safely.  I love him so much and I get upset when I hit a bump in the road and I worry about his comfort.  Not Kristi-An.  No, Kristi-An found this way of “disposing” of her unwanted infants so effective she did is all over again with her next child in June of this year. With evidence that Kristi-An murdered her 6-month-old whom was hooked up to breathing monitor for an undisclosed problem.  She has admitted to police that she began abusing her youngest child when he was around 4-months-old. The day before he diedWalkerbanged his head and did not call 911 for assistance.  This little boy suffered until the next day when according to Sgt. Coleman someone called 911 and an ambulance was sent to the home.  When the sweet baby died at the hospital police began their investigation.

It is unclear at this time why the first child’s death was not investigated after the autopsy showed the head trauma. Walker is said to have shown “no emotion” when talking to police about her crimes against her children.  CPS has taken custody of her 3-year-old and Kristi-An is currently in Brazoria county jail on $1 Million dollars bond, where she is being monitored for the safety of her unborn child.  She’s charged with two counts of injury to a child and strangely only one count of murder.

We can only hope more charges follow and they take this child away from her and he or she has a shot at a decent life with parents who love them like they deserve.

Thanks to all who sent in tips.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up.***

Charges upgraded in the death of Logan Sherwin

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Couple charged with homicide in death of 2-year-old boy    

Grant Sherwin (28) and his fiancée Nicole Allen (27), both had a charge of aggravated battery upgraded to homicide on October 2nd, for the December 29, 2011 death of Sherwin’s 2-year-old son, Logan.  They also face a several counts of child neglect for Logan and his 3-year-old sister.

Logan’s story starts on December 28th, when police responded to a 911 call to the couple’s home and found an unresponsive Logan in his bed.  He was malnourished, had bruising on his feet, arms, spinal column and had a large bump on his head.  He would die the next day.

Sherwin and Allen were arrested on December 29th and charged with aggravated battery.

After getting the results of the autopsy report, which stated Logan suffered a fractured skull, brain injury, bruises and contusions from being struck, a new arrested warrant was issued and the charges upgraded.

Allen is facing 22 counts of child neglect and the upgraded homicide charge.  Sherwin is facing 16 counts of child abuse and the upgraded charge of homicide.

Both are scheduled to appear in court October 17th and trial date has been set for October 22nd.

Thanks to Mary for the tip.

***R.I.P. Logan***

“I didn’t put them first anymore”


Mother accused of neglecting 3 children resulting in one dying  

Airman’s wife faces child neglect charges

I wanted to write this story because of my own experience with the military. This infuriates me to no end, because there was no real reason for what happened to these three babies. Anyone who has been in the military or knows a service member can understand how hard deployments can be on everyone involved, especially the children. Regardless of the circumstances, there is no excuse for what Tiffany Klapheke did to her three daughters.

Tiffany Klapheke is married to a service member who was recently deployed to Afghanistan, leaving her alone with their 3 little girls, age 6 months, 22 months and 3 years old.  During the two months he was deployed Klapheke decided to shirk her motherly/spousal duties.  She is now being held on a $500,000 bond and three charges of felony injury to a child for the severe neglect of two children and the death of one child, the 22 month old baby Tamryn.

On the 28th of August, at 3:56 PM, the Dyess Air Force Base police were called by the murderous slunt about an unresponsive child.  When the authorities arrived they found three children in a serious state of neglect and the house was filled (no surprise here) with filth. Investigators have stated that the children were left alone for days on end without food or water, causing them to waste away to nothing. The babies were rushed to the hospital where Tamryn was pronounced deceased on sight. Tamryn’s sisters, Taberlee and Tatum, were admitted to the ICU where they are recovering.

The autopsy on the precious baby fills me with rage and sorrow for what these babies went through.   The autopsy reports that this sweet angel only weighed 17.5 lbs at the time of death.  She had postmortem chemical burns from human waste on face, torso, arms, legs and fecal matter in her stomach, which indicates she literally rotted in her waste and ingested some because it was the only thing she had to eat.  

Let that sink in for a minute and prepared to be enraged about the bullshit excuse this monster gave for her children’s injuries.

This vile human being is attempting to garner sympathy from the public, stating she was stressed out and depressed about her husband’s deployment. She is stating this yet she allegedly had a live in boyfriend and enough energy to hang out at the local gas station. She has admitted to having issues with potty training Tamryn and leaving the child in her crib with wet sheets for over a week, going on to say that she SHOULD have taken them to the doctor, SHOULD have been a good mother but she simply didn’t put them first anymore. The rest of the interview is equally infuriating – Not once does she ask about her children.  She is only concerned with only her welfare and how much time she’s looking at doing. According to reports, Tiffany apparently attempted suicide three weeks prior to the death of Tamryn but was talked out of it by a friend. Attention whore, anyone?

Tamryn was only 22 months old when she was left in the care of this monster.  She was doing a perfectly natural thing by regressing in potty training after her father was deployed.  My daughter did the same at 3 years old when my husband was deployed. It boils my blood that this child suffered for something that every child her age does. Fact: The military provides an immense amount of resources to spouses of service members that are currently deployed. These services include free childcare, preschool and family services that will assist in matters like this. There is something called the FRG (Family Readiness Group) that functions as a liaison for military dependents. These programs prioritize family members of deployed soldiers.   No mother that is worth a shit would ever allow this to happen to their child. The innate amount of resources Klapheke had at her disposal just makes it worse.  She is a selfish piece of shit and I hope she rots in jail.

Excuse me now while I go wipe the tears from my face. As a veteran I could not dream of how I would react if I had received this news while deployed. I cannot imagine how this man feels after being in a war torn country, trusting his wife to be a good mother, but having to return to this nightmare. The shit these children endured is just horrendous and my heart breaks every time I see Tamryn’s little angel face.  She really is an angel now.  Sadly, she was taken far too soon.  For her sisters she was their saving grace as she saved them from a similar demise.  My prayers are with the family.

A big thank you goes out to Sarah O., Lilli,  Korin, Sherri, Rebekah Oakley and myself for the tips in this case.

R.I.P. Tamryn, you are surely one of the cutest angels ever…

Prayers for Taberlee and Tatum.

***Special thanks to Rochelle for the write-up.***

Father charged with suffocation death of son.

Father arraigned on murder manslaughter charges in baby’s death 

Father charged in the death of son  

“I miss you so much Cameron daddy loves you with all my heart it’s not the same with out you baby daddy will always love you till we meet again baby.”

–        Brett Kanoff’s FB status

Above is Brett Kanoff’s (22) Facebook status after his son Cameron’s (13 months) September 24th death.  Heartbreaking…. Right? 

It would be more heartbreaking and we’d feel for Brett if he wasn’t the one standing accused of ending his baby’s life.  See, Prosecutors say that Brett smothered Cameron with a blanket to stop him from crying.  Then left his body in his crib for 3 hours until another family member found him.

Brett was in court on October 10th to face charges of murder and manslaughter.  His attorney entered a “not guilty” plea on his behalf.  His bail has been set at $100,000 cash or $500,000 bond.  Brett is facing 25 years to life if convicted of murder.

Thanks to Jen R. for the tip.

 R.I.P. Cameron

“R.S.” went for a visit with dad and it would be her last.

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Dad, stepmom charged in beating death of girl (4)    

A 4-year-old little girl, being identified as “R.S.”, was dropped off happy, healthy and uninjured to her father Anthony Chavez and stepmother Gayla Hernandez on Wednesday, October 3rd.  On Sunday she was dead suffering a brain herniation from possible head trauma with numerous bruises and scratches on her body in various stages of healing.

After giving several inconsistent stories, ranging from R.S. scratching herself in her sleep to her “possibly” falling off a bar stool, her father and stepmother were arrested.

Both have been charged with child abuse, child abuse with great bodily harm and conspiracy.

Thanks to Katelyn for the tip.

R.I.P. “R.S.”

90 days for death of 6-month-old… justice??? NO!

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Fury-father (19) killed baby daughter given just 90 days in jail, judge feels prison creates repeat offenders  

Judge Douglas Walker should be ashamed of himself.  Judge Walker wasn’t caught outside of court doing anything improper; no he saves his deplorable judge for inside his court room.

Dylan Kuhn (19) of Colorado has been sentenced to only 90 days after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the death of 6-month-old daughter, Sailor.  To Judge Walker apparently  Sailor’s life is worth  less  jail time, than the total amount of time she was alive. He doesn’t want to create a repeat offender. So instead he’s going to take parenting classes and we can all hope when he breeds next that they stick and he doesn’t murder another child.

See, Dylan was out partying on Halloween 2011 and then came home to his beautiful child and as you can see she was a truly beautiful child.  Just a happy, gorgeous looking baby with a bright future and he got mad she wouldn’t stop crying so instead of trying to feed her, or changing her he told her to “shut up” and slammed her down on a bed killing her.  I’m pretty sure that young babies at 6-months lack the ability to communicate verbally or understand what’s being said to them.

It also bears mentioning that he first told police she fell off the couch because that’s what people, who are truly sorry do, they LIE.  He apparently only told the truth when he was told that the facts just didn’t support what he said.

Not many people in poor Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn’s life were upset by her death because her own mother, April Coleman, testified that Dylan was sorry.  Apparently being sorry for a crime gets you leniency so take note criminals.  Be sorry and you won’t have to do even a quarter of the time you should. Judge Walker wouldn’t want to harden someone behind bars.  I wonder what type of impact little Sailor would have had on the world.  Would she have discovered the cure for AIDS? Been a famous actress or the first female president?  Would she have just been a happy adult who living a fulfilled life? Sadly we will never know because Dylan Kuhn can’t control his anger and now won’t do the time for his crime.

I also want to say I think that April Coleman has betrayed her daughter and her memory on the most fundamental level by supporting her cocksucker boyfriend’s bid to avoid punishment for killing her child.  I wish I could just smack the shit out of her to be honest. How dare she just close her eyes to the death of her baby like that? Who wants to bet that once he’s out of jail they procreate again? Shame on everyone for not treating this with the seriousness it deserves.  Shame on this little girl’s parents for caring to little about her and SHAME ON THE JUDGE WHO DIDN’T VALUE HER LIFE!

Looking at that amazing little girl it’s just so sad.  What a heart breaking loss.  Tonight I will mourn little Sailor since it appears the people who should obviously didn’t.

 R.I.P Sailor Serenity Raine Kuhn 

***Special thanks to Jackie for the tip and write-up.***

Kendra Meaker Should Have been sterilized.

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Cops-teen mom dumped 3-week-old baby on roadside claimed abduction  

Mom arrested in 3-week-old’s disappearance 

Three-week-old baby,Mia, found  in DITCH, mother arrested  

Kendra Meaker arrested

Kendra Meaker is 19-years-old.  For some reason Ms. Meaker didn’t learn the lesson that a condom is cheaper than a baby after birth of her 11-month-old.

How do I know that, you ask? Well Kendra Meaker also has a 3-week-old baby, Mia.  By my math, assuming that the baby wasn’t born premature or anything along those lines, that means that Ms. Meaker some how found the time to have unprotected sex when she had a baby that was just a scant few weeks old. Less than the even recommend 6 weeks doctors tell you to wait.

That must be some need…

Kendra Meaker now has two kids.  Two very young, screaming, crying babies in diapers, who need to eat, and be bathed and loved.  So what does Kendra do? Well, being the winner that she is she drives her 3-week-old bundle of joy to a remote area and she literally dumps her on the side of the road.  So now what to do… because she needs to explain the missing newborn?  She reports to police that the baby was abducted while she was simply mailing a package and her daughters were alone in the car.  This bitch wasted the resources of the police, who issued an Amber Alert for poor baby, Mia.  Not that they weren’t suspicious of her says investigator, Jimmie Dison.

Well… I guess the weight of the lies caught up with her because after the FBI got involved she finally admitted what she had done.

Silver lining-about 12 hours later at roughly 8pm a couple who was volunteering in the search found the little girl unharmed but tangled in the weeds.  She was alive, but crying (YA THINK?  I imagine the poor angel was screaming from hunger, cold, fear and the need to be changed…) She was taken to the hospital and is reported to be doing well.

Her “mother” has been charged with obstruction of justice and endangering the life or health of a child.  She’s being held on a $10,000 bond.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

Mia Graci Thompson

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up.***


Christopher Miller needed to curb his “evil impulses”

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Father gets life for “deviant sex acts” with infant   

Christoper Miller (40) of White Settlement, Texas has been found guilty of 4 counts of aggravated assault against his daughter.  His 3-month-old daughter.

Did this guy shake her? Did he squeeze her like others? Did the bathtub jump up and bite her like other hapless fathers around the country have reported? NO.  This guy performed what has been described as “deviant sexual acts” that injured his daughter.  I don’t know what the hell they define as “deviant” in terms of sex acts (not that anything sexual performed upon any child-let alone a baby is anything short of EVIL but I digress…).

This “winner” was working with his church to control his pornography addiction.  Well apparently the power of Christ did not compel him because while he was alone with his infant daughter he put on a dirty movie and was so inspired by it he hurt his 3-month-old baby with his sick perversion.  The sick fuck apparently enjoyed it because he assaulted her on other occasions after the initial one.

When Mr. Miller finally confessed to his wife this bitch (who I can’t find a record of being charged, which is it’s self a total failure of the justice system..) she didn’t beat him senseless with the closest blunt object or call the police like any REAL MOTHER would have done.  No she decided to help him come up with a “safety plan” to curb his evil impulses. Because you know how often pedophiles care about the safety of the children they assault.

A month later this guy confessed to his church.  The church did the right thing for this little girl and called CPS who reported it to the police and Christopher Miller gave a taped confession.

It took a jury only 45 minutes to give this guy the maximum sentence.  Thankfully he’ll be spending the rest of his life in jail and will probably learn the meaning of “deviant sex acts”.  This wasn’t the first child he molested either.  A 24-year-old woman testified he fondled her when she was 8 at church camp and he admitted to similar “deviant sex acts” with his eldest son when he was an infant.

If you ask me justice has only been half served and this angel’s mother deserves to be right next to her loser husband.  If someone did that to my child they’d be dead. You can’t cure a pedophile-Christopher Miller is proof. I only hope there aren’t more children in his past.  The only tiny bright spot is that the church had the sense to report this because this poor little girl could have had a much worse fate of sexual assaults on her future.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write-up and tip.*** 

Baby “M”

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Edmonton malnourished twins

Edmonton couple starved daughters

Edmonton Baby “M” life support appeal

“It’s shocking and depressing as well,” said Mohammed Al-Ani. “I mean, you don’t treat your pets like this let alone your children.”

Those words describe how two breeders treated their twin 27-month-old girls. On May 25, 2012 the police and paramedics were called to the residence and found Baby “M” in cardiac arrest and her twin sister with multiple bruises, Baby “M” and her twin sister weighed 13 and 16 pounds, they were 27-months-old. A third child a boy (age 3) was unharmed and removed from the home and placed in foster care.

Since that day Baby “M’s” sister has improved, but sadly the injuries suffered by Baby “M” were so bad that she has remained in a coma. The girls’ parents have been charged with aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Baby “M’s” condition has been evaluated and it has been brought to court to seek a ruling to take Baby M off life support,

“Doctors have testified that Baby “M’s” condition is believed to be permanent and she is close to brain dead.

Since being admitted to hospital her condition has remained unchanged and she has suffered three bouts of pneumonia.

Doctors said the toddler is deeply comatose and completely dependent on technology to survive.”

Today that decision was released, and Baby M will be taken off life support.


Jailed parents visit child before life support removed

No word on when the judgement will come down from the Supreme Court, the “parents” will be visiting Baby “M” to say goodbye.

Update #2:

 Sad news this morning as Baby M has passed away.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

***Special thanks to Harmony for tips, write-up and updates.***

R.I.P Baby “M”