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Kudos to this mom!

I realize that the site is called “Bad Breeders”, and with good reason, but I really needed to post some happy news for a change.

There is *always* a safe option that everyone can live with.

Baby left with West Side firefighters
Teen Mom Leaves Baby at Firehouse
Teen leaves infant at firehouse: ‘She was overwhelmed’

“What’s so happy about a baby being left at a fire station?”, you ask?

Well, for one, this baby is alive. Second, this baby was well-cared-for prior to being brought to the fire station. And the mother, rather than harming her child when she became overwhelmed and felt she couldn’t handle any more, chose to find a local Safe Haven location to bring her baby to. She wanted to ensure that he would have a chance at life that she apparently felt she could no longer offer him.

There were other links to articles about this story that I chose not to include. One had a headline to the effect of “mother abandons infant”, which I felt was inappropriate and discouraging. To me, abandoning a child would be leaving them on the sidewalk, which happened not to long ago. Or dumping the child in a dumpster. Or worse. Not bringing them to a place set up to care for babies when their parents aren’t able. This woman didn’t abandon her child.

According to that last link up there, she felt overwhelmed. She didn’t seem to want to leave her baby, according to the firefighters that were present at the time, and she was visibly upset. She remained at the station with her baby, only leaving when an ambulance arrived to take her son to the hospital for a checkup (taking infants dropped off at any Safe Haven to the nearest hospital for a checkup is standard procedure). According to hospital personnel, the baby was in excellent condition. So this mother took good care of her baby, only choosing to bring him to a place she knew he’d continue to be well-cared-for when she felt she couldn’t.

I’m seriously in aw at the strength this must have taken, and I pray that this mother is able to get herself back into a position where she feels she can once again care for this child, because I don’t think anyone could do a better job at it than the woman who obviously loves him so much. And I hope that DCFS takes into account the fact that she did take such good care of him prior to bringing him to the Safe Haven location, and the fact that she did take him to a Safe Haven location, rather than allow him to come to harm in some way. I hope that they give him back to her when she is ready to care for him again.

We’ve all read stories here about mothers murdering their newborn babies, right out of the womb, mothers killing their babies to get out of the responsibility that was keeping them from their party-ho lifestyle, and even about one who sold her baby off to a perverted murderer to pay a drug debt, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam. We all know that this could have turned out far, far worse for this child, had the mother not loved him enough to take such good care of him, and then to bring him to a place where people could continue to care for him when she felt she was no longer able. So I want to send a special message to that mother, in case she (or someone she knows) reads this:

Dear Overwhelmed Mother,
Thank you for taking such good care of your baby. Thank you for not harming him when you felt overwhelmed. Thank you for doing what you obviously felt was the responsible thing, what you felt was in the best interest of your child. I know you love your baby. I have faith that you can improve your situation (whatever that may be) to the point that you will be able to care for him again. Please don’t lose hope. Please seek whatever help it is that you need. Whoever you are, you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your son.
Very sincerely, and with love,
~ Another (occasionally overwhelmed) Mother

While most Safe Haven Laws allow for only a 30 day post birth for their “no questions asked” policy, Law Enforcement is not seeking to press charges against this mother. What would be the point? She clearly took care of this child, clearly loved him, clearly put much thought into what she felt was in his best interest, and clearly put much time into preparing to bring him to the Safe Haven location. And I think that not pressing charges is the right call. My sincerest hope is that LE and DCFS will work with this mother and help her get to the point where she will feel she can once again care for her little one.

For more information about Safe Haven Laws:
National Safe Haven Alliance
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Please spread these links out, far and wide. Make sure that no one is ever able to use the excuse “I didn’t know about Safe Haven Laws.”

Thanks to the Lovely CynicalMe for this tip. It’s so nice to read about a parent doing something right for a change.

“Sure I made my young daughter strip for some anonymous douche, but *I’m* the real victim, here…”

Which is how her statement to a local paper would translate for anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together for warmth…

But wait, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here… Let’s back this trolly up a bit.

Hello, Kitty.

Anyone young enough to want a Hello Kitty webcam has no business owning a webcam.

Massachusetts Police Accuse Ann Lussier Of Forcing Her Daughter To Strip On Skype
‘Mother-Daughter’ Bikini Shoot Turns Into Child Porn, Authorities Say
Mass. mom forced 10-year-old daughter to pose nude over Skype: cops?
Mother Accused Of Forcing Her Young Daughter To Pose Nude On Skype
Mother ‘made daughter pose nude for Skype stranger’ to enter fake $20,000 mom-child bikini shoot competition

Ann Lussier of Attleboro, MA is accused of allegedly forcing her ten year old daughter to strip down to her bra and panties for some anonymous internet pervert over a popular video calling service called Skype. But wait! It gets even better… she then made her daughter strip down completely. Over webcam. Now, think about that for a minute (though I’m sure you don’t even have think about it in order to be completely outraged)… she made her ten year old daughter strip down naked in front of a webcam. What was Lussier’s alleged motivation for using her daughter to take part in the manufacture of child pornography? She was hoping to win $20,000 in a mother/daughter bikini contest. So don’t be too hard on her, folks. She apparently didn’t realize that selling your child for money because you’re a selfish whore is still considered abuse. Her actions apparently made perfect sense to her, because Joshua Dunfee, the IA pervert who was posing as a photographer from Flori-DUH, claimed he had to see contestants naked in order to asses their body type. I’m sure she didn’t realize that he was probably wondering how much he’d have to offer to get Ann to force her daughter to do more than just pose naked.

This incident came to the attention of LE because Ann’s twin sister reported it… but not for the reason you might be thinking. No, she wasn’t calling because her poor niece had been victimized by her own mother. She was calling to report the “scam”. According to Lussier’s sister, when she spoke with Ann over the phone, she could hear her niece crying in the background, all while Ann bitched and complained about how “uncooperative” her daughter was. Imagine the nerve of the child, not wanting to strip naked in front of a webcam so Mommy can win some cash! What is this world coming to?

Apparently, both “Mother” and Aunty were surprised when Mommy Dearest was arrested and charged with exhibiting a child in a state of nudity, indecent assault and battery on a person under 14, and reckless endangerment of a child. Because everyone should realize that Ann is the real victim here. Because she was tricked. Yeah, that’s it. She didn’t know that it was illegal to take pictures of a naked 10 year old child. You know, because it’s not like there are stories on the news and online every single day about how some pervert or other has been arrested for possession of pictures of naked kids. So, Ignorance ™. It’s the new legal defense, people.

But wait… here is a paragraph from that first link up there to give you all a better idea of just how stupid this woman is:

Sitting in front of their computer, Lussier allegedly demanded her 10-year-old daughter to strip down to her bra and underwear before insisting she completely disrobe. The man on the other side of the camera, who police identified as Joshua Dunfee, of Oxford Junction, Iowa., hid his identity by teling Lussier that his web cam had broken.

“There are sickos out there, and they let them go. But I get locked up. I’m a victim,” Lussier told the local newspaper.

Oh, now I see… she didn’t realize that he was just some perve rubbing one out to her naked 10 year old daughter because she couldn’t see him. It all makes sense now. Wait. No it doesn’t.

As Cynical Me pointed out in this piece about another pervert with an “internet scam”,

“If these worthless gyps had not already been abusers not one of them would have thought twice about contacting their local authorities and getting him offline and into a prison gang rape as soon as possible.”

Amen to that.

Luckily, in this instance, the judge ain’t buying it. Hopefully, a jury of her peers won’t buy it, either. But I’m not going to hold my breath. I’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised if we don’t get at least one defender of this nasty hosebeast here. But, as was pointed out in this piece written for PJ Media, and this piece written for AOL, we, as a society, have fallen pretty far when it comes to morality and protecting children. When I see video clips of a dog saving another injured dog from a highway, but adults walking right by a toddler that was run over by a car… stepping around her without so much as a second glance in her direction, I think we’ve fallen pretty far, to the point of wondering if there really is any hope of ending abuse. Too many people don’t even see children as living beings anymore.

Thanks go to sarahsue14 for the tip.

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Latrine Leta and her half-starved menagerie… Oh, and… six children.

More than 60 animals seized Bloomer, AR (US)

Investigators Uncover Children Sleeping In Feces, Dozens Of Emaciated Animals

Deputies Seize Children, Rescue Animals At Home

Authorities Remove 60 Animals and Six Children From Home

Following an anonymous tip regarding a possible puppy mill in Bloomer, AR… the county sheriff’s department found a hell of a lot more than that.  At Leta Stevens’ hellhole, there were more than sixty animals there, being kept in unimaginable squalor.  Shit caked on the floors, dead dogs still on chains outside.  Ducks, gerbils, dogs, cats, goats and hamsters, with less than five fucking pounds of food in the place to feed the lot of them.  Oh, and… six children.

Sleeping on concrete.

Amid all the shit on the floor.

So no, there wasn’t a goddamn puppy mill, there was something way the fuck worse.  The douchesnizzleclot scumbag bitchmeat slore made a statement of ‘I love my animals more than I love myself.  I would do without eating before one of my animals would go without eating.’

Bitch, what?! What about your kids, never mind the half-starved menagerie you have using your home as a latrine?  The reports state that there was not only no human food present there, there weren’t even any refrigerators to keep it in.  But wait—there’s more!

In the back of the property was something the authorities were calling a ‘cesspool’.  They stated that anyone even stepping into this, adult or child, would have died because it was positively humming with utter and complete infective, biohazardous filth.  And Latrine Leta was not the only adult present in this place, just sitting by to let all this hang out and stink.

There were two sets of parents—that means Leta and her baby-batter injector, plus another set of breeders, one set of grandparents, and one family friend.  What the actual FUCK were these backward-ass hayseed country-fuck motherfuckers thinking?!

Of course, the kids are now all in foster care.  It’s being said by the investigating officer that these children seem not to be malnourished, but that they’ve never been enrolled in school or had even the most distant nod at any kind of education.  So… they’ll get to cope with having to recover from being free-range feral spawn and probably never make it.  They never stood a chance.

Special thanks to Steel Hayaena for this awesome writeup, and for the new colorful language I learned reading it.  😉

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Same Old, Same Old, Mother…., Boyfriend…., Abused Kids…., Etc.

God I Hate Them Both!

Cheryl Christine Mock and her Yogurt Slinger Jordan Joseph Brommer

Abused girls suffered severe injuries
Not guilty, Mentone couple says of child cruelty charges
DA: Girls suffered at hands of mother, boyfriend
More child abuse charges filed in Mentone case

Cheryl Mock, 19 of Mentone, CA, and her wanker, Jordan Brommer, 20 of Redlands, CA, were arrested on February 26th and charged with abusing Mock’s 2 daughters aged 1 and 3.  The children have different fathers and neither of them is Brommer.  The ham wallet and her most recent sausage filler were both arraigned in San Bernardino Superior Court on Tuesday, March 1st on two counts each of child abuse resulting in great bodily injury to a child under age 5.  Brommer’s bail was set at $100,000 and Mock’s bail was set at $150,000.  It is unclear at this time if she did it, he did it or they both did it.  The investigators stated that they both had physical contact with the children.  Mommy dearest’s bail was set higher because she apparently has an open case for grand theft auto and is presently on probation.
Brommer has a history of assaulting his former girlfriend, Danielle Torrez.  On July 11, 2008, Brommer was arrested and held in Juvenile Hall for pulling Torrez’s hair, punching her over and over again in the head, screaming degrading things at her and choking her all while she was driving her car.  She suffered a black eye, bruises to her arms, scratches to her neck and swelling to her head. He was released from Juvenile Hall on March 9, 2010 and Torrez filed for a restraining order which she receivedon March 30th, 2010.  It was also reported that Brommer has posted on his MySpace page: “i love 2 chill out and have a goodtime but its work b4 play…. i play football and basketball and i love 2 train everyday… i also train in muai thai and jujitsu i have a great family and real supportive friends.”  He also adds: “dont get it twisted… i will never hesistate 2 put on that mask if theres disrespect.” (His poor grammar and misspellings not mine) So she apparently ain’t no angel and he is just a violent fu&khead.
***Before you read on please be aware that the injuries sustained by these 2 little girls were horrendous.  I had to stop several times while typing this because I was crying too hard to see the keys.  The only thing that is keeping me going with this is knowing that these 2 babies are still alive and in protective custody.
On February 26th at approximately 11:30 paramedics were called to Mock’s apartment for a child having difficulty breathing.  When they arrived they discovered the 3 yr old laying on the floor having seizures.  Upon examining the little girl they found that she had bruises all over her body.  When asked how the injuries happened, guess what the momster said?
No, no demon bathtub this time?  Guess again.  Nope, the stairs didn’t get her either.  One more try. Yup,you guessed it, she fell out of bed. They also found her little sister and guess what?  The 1 yr old had bruises all over her body too.  The 2 children were taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital where they were admitted in serious condition.  Reports state that the 3 yr old girl had sustained a fractured skull, subdural hematomas/brain injury, retinal hemorrhages, 3 fractured ribs on her right side and 3 fractured ribs on her left side and a lacerated liver, she was also malnourished. The 1 yr old had a fractured tibia, fractured clavicle, 3 rib fractures, a lacerated spleen, a lacerated liver and marks on her neck indicative of strangulation, as well as having handfuls of her hair pulled out. WTF!!!!!
I want to know how in the hell anyone could do any of this to anyone let alone a child.  These are 2 little babies who couldn’t have done anything worthy of the beatings they must have endured to receive the injuries they have.  I can’t even begin to imagine the fear they must have had and the pain they must have suffered and I don’t want to.  I don’t think my heart could take it.  My heart aches for them and Ihave no words…..
On march 3rd, 2 additional charges were added against this couple for child cruelty and abuse.  The DA has apparently been awaiting a physicians report showing that the children had been abused on more than one occasion.  According to the DistrictAttorney, Melissa Rodriguez, “This is one of the more extreme cases ….the injuries go beyond typical child abuse cases….”
What is a typical child abuse case?  Why do we have to consider any child abuse case typical?  I am so sick of these mothers that sleep around, don’t use protection, give birth to beautiful children, then abuse them or subject them to abuse by the ass holes they bring into their homes.  If you must be a trollop then get a damned babysitter and book a room or go to the sperm sack’s house and for God’s sake use a fu&king condom.
As of March 11th, after receiving all the medical reports and the belief that the girls have suffered abuse over a nine month periodof time, the charges have been upgraded to six counts of child abuse resulting in great bodily injury to a child under the age of 5.  Investigators now believe that the girls suffered 3 separate beating incidents between June 10, 2010 and February 26, 2011.
(So let’s see if I have this right? Baby beater gets released after spending over a year in juvy for beating his ex girlfriend in March 2010 and hooks up with momster less than 3 months later and starts beating her little girls. Kill the bastard, HE IS NOT FIXABLE!)  The DA had requested and the judge agreed to a substantial increase in the bail amount for each because of the seriousness of the injuries.  Mock remains in protective custody at the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino on $400,000 bail, and Brommer has been transferred to West Valley Detention Center andis being held on $350,000 bail.  I, for one, will be praying that these two are let loose in Gpop to receive the appropriate punishment that can only be dished out by inmates who are known to hate child abusers almost as much as I do.
And I will also be praying for the 2 little girls who are only being identified as Jane Doe with a birth dateof  March 21, 2007 and Jane Doe with a birth date of March 16, 2009. Happy birthday little angels I wishyou both could be celebrating your 2nd and 4th birthdays with a big party and balloons and cake instead of recovering in a hospital bed.


Kudos to abusehater for this amazing writeup… just reading it had me in tears, and I’m not sure I could have handled doing it.

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Well, it works for dogs…

Kathlyn Anthony should be made to sleep in a a 30-inch high by 22-inch dog crate for the rest of her life.

Old Saybrook woman arrested for keeping son in dog crate

Woman kept son in dog crate

A 54-year-old Connecticut woman was arrested and charged for making her son sleep in an animal crate at night for about two weeks (before she was caught). Now, before you jump to conclusions, she had a perfectly logical reason; he was soiling his bed and/or bedroom at night.

Kathlyn Anthony of Old Saybrook was charged Sunday with risk of injury to a minor, following several months of investigation by police and DCF.  I’m sorry. It took several months to determine the kid was in a dog crate at night?!?! She was released on $100,000 bail.

Police started investigating because the boy’s sister mentioned how tired she was at school. When someone asked why, she responded that she had to let her brother out of his “sleep locker.” School officials called the police, who learned the sleep locker was a 30-inch high by 22-inch crate that the family had used to hold cats. Let’s think about that for a second. The crate was two and a half feet high by almost 2 feet long. None of the articles would disclose the boy’s age but my three-year-old daughter certainly would not fit in a crate that size and she is a little tall for her age.

According to the warrant, the boy would have to take a cold shower when he misbehaved or peed in his room. When he was worse, Miss dumbfuck would put him in the cold basement to cry so the neighbors couldn’t hear.

Anthony told police she had been seeking help for the boy’s behavior. She reportedly used home therapy methods like Lego building class, a family trip to Disney, kayaking, a “feelings” chart and various breathing and restorative exercises. This sorry excuse of a person could afford all of those things for her adopted son, but wouldn’t spring for a bigger dog crate?

There aren’t any particulars about the boy, such as age, and there is no information about any other children in the home, except for the sister. What disturbs me even more (is that even possible) is that the police are so nonchalant about this case. Sgt. Kevin Roche of the Old Saybrook police, when explaining the case, said, “So she started using the dog crate as a way of – and I don’t want to say punishment – but that’s where he slept at night.”

Last time I checked Barnes and Noble, the parenting books were in a completely different section of the store as the pet training books. Crating humans to toilet train them probably isn’t the best way to go about it. No wonder the poor kid had behavior issues (if he even did).

Thanks go to Soldiermommy  for this most awesome writeup. :)  Thanks go to DodiaFae for the obvious caption.

Thanks go to DodiaFae and Jenn for the tip.

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Here We Go Again, When Will This Ever End

Mother stabs to death her 12-year-old daughter, husband and then herself six years after losing daughter, three, to cancer

Cause of Death for Ithaca Family Revealed


The Hindman Family

Look at the happy family there, that’s Tim & Toni Hindman with their 2 daughters, Adrena, and baby Jessica back in 2002. A typical devout Catholic family of four living in rural Nebraska.

Then the unthinkable happens; baby Jessica is diagnosed with cancer and at the age of 3 succumbs to her illness and dies in 2005. The family goes on after the death of the baby girl, but mom has started to suffer from depression…..

Tim, Toni, and Adrena Hindman

….Now we move forward to February 18, 2011, Toni Hindman who is still suffering from depression (as family members admit), does an internet search checking up on depression medication, sounds good right? She is trying to seek out help for her problem?…sure but she also does some searching on methods of committing suicide. February 19th Toni goes out to the store and purchases a 6 inch hunting blade and comes home to do some more web surfing to check on more methods of suicide.

On February 20th at approximately 11:50am a passerby sees smoke coming from the Hindman house and goes to a neighbor who calls 911. The fire department enters the house to find 12 yr old Adrena dead in her bed, 47 yr old Tim dead in his bed and 45 yr old Toni dead in the living room with the 6” knife purchased the day before lying next to her body. After investigating the scene it was determined that Toni had decided to commit suicide and to take her husband and daughter with her. Apparently after her daughter and husband had gone to bed she got out the knife and stabbed her daughter to death in her bed while she was sleeping, then stabbed her husband in his bed. She poured an accelerant onto the staircase and set it on fire, went into the living room, and killed herself with the same knife.

I know that we live in a broken world. I know that there is a lot of evil out there. I know that people kill people and people kill themselves.  I also know that people are selfish. What I don’t understand is how in the hell can anyone become so selfish that if they decide they want to end it all why can’t they leave their children alone. If she was so depressed about the death of her other daughter how could she possibly take a knife and end the life of her oldest daughter too. Some say that because of her devout Catholic faith that she may have believed that she was getting her family back together in heaven. Too bad she didn’t realize that God looks harshly at a woman who would kill their loving husband and children.

If you are a parent and you are suffering from depression, leave your children with a responsible adult and seek medical attention. If you are so far gone in your depression that you are suicidal and you refuse to get help or just don’t want help, then leave your children with a responsible adult and go somewhere else and do it; There are more than enough children in heaven because of selfish people like Toni Hindman.

It was reported that Adrena was gifted at the piano and the French horn; she also had the voice of an angel. Well pretty little girl I know that you are an angel singing in heaven with your dad and your little sister.


Adrena and Jessica

R.I.P Tim, Adrena and Jessica.

Thanks to abusehater for the writeup!

Thanks April and Staci for the tip.


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Stun Gun is shocking form of Discipline

"Don't taze me, Bro!"

Police charge two with child abuse for using stun gun to discipline 13-year-old
Tampa Couple Arrested After They Use Taser to Discipline Teen
Two in Hillsborough face child abuse charges in use of stun gun
Cops: Pair disciplined teenager with stun gun
Police say a man and woman in Florida used a stun gun to discipline boy
Florida couple arrested after they use Taser to ‘discipline’ teen in Tampa

Once again Florida has provided us with a couple of rocket scientists. Last week Christopher Lewis puchased a stun gun, and like most people he could not wait to try out his new toy. What better way to do that than using to discipline the 13 year old child living in his custody. Both Lewis and Amy Menifield, his live in cocksucker, were both charged with child abuse. Lewis was also charged with carrying a concealed weapon, because he had a 12-inch-long knife in his belt when arrested. Compensating for something maybe??? The victim, whom Lewis claims is his brother, reported the discipline to his teacher and police were called to the school to investigate, and found marks on the child’s upper thigh consistant with a stun gun being used. Neighbor Frances Helms, who watches the boy, also noticed similar marks on the boys arm. “It’s terrible, I would never treat a son of mine like that. It shouldn’t be that way,” said Helms. When Einstein was questioned by reporters, he of course denied doing it, and informed them his mother said he shouldn’t talk to them. Awwww, big man had to hide behind mommy.

Kudos to the school and police for doing their job!!!!!

Thanks to Karan for this write up.

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Gestational Device Used Her Daughter as Man-Bait.

An individual that may or may not be poor, but is monumentally ignorant and quite possibly stupid.

White Trash: –noun Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. An individual that may or may not be poor, but is monumentally ignorant and quite possibly stupid.

Police: Mom Left Provocatively Dressed Child In Club
Gaffney Woman Charged With Taking 13 Year Old To Bar
Report: Woman left ‘provocatively dressed’ 13-year-old daughter at Spartanburg nightclub

See that vision of loveliness over there?  That’s 30  year old Michelle Charlie Ann Calderon.  30?  For real?  That’s a hard 30.  Here I’ve been worrying about the grays I’m getting at nearly 40.  If I ever hear myself start to complain again, I’ll just think of Michelle.  Seriously.

Because she’s so grossly hideous, she had to use her 13 year old daughter to get men to buy her drinks at a bar.

OK, I’m speculating there, but seriously, why the hell else would anyone buy Gargantua over there a drink, much less take her out behind the dumpster for a little su’in su’in?  Because that’s apparently what was going on.

I’ll fill you in:  Apparently, this beast’s husband hired a private dick to follow her around because he knows what a giant hose beast she is.   She took her “provocatively dressed” 13 year old daughter to the Acapulco Night Club.  Apparently, Michelle was also provocatively dressed… my poor over-active imagination just can’t handle the mental imagery, and I’ve been trying to find out where I can buy some brain bleach since I first read about her.

Calderon left the bar with some guy at some point during the evening, leaving her provocatively dressed 13 year old daughter alone.  In a bar.  With a bunch of adults who were getting their drink on and probably looking for someone to hook up with.  She later returned to the club to drink some more.  When she left again around midnight, she was so drunk that she fell in the parking lot and had to be helped into her van by “others”… note the plural.

While Mamma was in a drunken, sexed-up stupor in her van, her daughter went back into the club alone… remember, she’s provocatively dressed, it’s after midnight, and she’s only 13 years old.  At 2:40am, the girl got into the van with her mother, then after 5am, Spartanburg EMS showed up to check on the mother.

OK, let’s back up a second… EMS showed up to the parking lot of a bar where a woman was sitting in her van in a drunken haze… with her trampily-dressed 13 year old daughter (it’s a word, I just made it up)… and they didn’t call the police?  Did they not think that this hose beast extraordinaire was going to drive off, drunk and with her child in the van, the second they left?   Maybe they didn’t, but that’s exactly what she did.

And this story just gets better… Mr. Calderon, whom has apparently fathered a total of nine children with Large Marge, said that she often took their 13 year old daughter out with her when he got home from working all day.  Still not bad enough for The Mother of the Year award?  Well, this stupid bitch allegedly allowed her 13  year old daughter to have a 27 year old “boyfriend”.  In other words, she has allowed a 27 year old adult male to sexually assault her 13 year old child.  You know, I can sort of understand the father not wanting to kill both the child rapist and the mother, if for no other reason than that he’d want to be there to take care of his children.  What I don’t understand is why he didn’t immediately call police and report the sexual abuse the second he found out about it.  And, gee, if the 27 year old child molester really loved this girl (which we all know is never the case), he’d have shown a little concern and called LE when the mother dressed her like a whore and brought her out for a night of drinking and debauchery.  And why did not one single person that was at the bar call the police to report that there was a 13 year old child there with her heavily intoxicated mother?  And why did no one call the police the second the mother put her keys in the ignition?

I applaud the father for hiring a PI to follow his wife, but the fact that he did not once call the police during the course of the evening (even when she drove off drunk with her daughter in the van) just screams that this was more about the cheating and less about concern for his daughter’s safety.

Seriously, so many people failed this child.  And her siblings.

h/t to Rob Taylor

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Detlef Admits to Fathering at Least 7 Children with His Stepdaughter…

Horrific details emerge in German incest case
Germany’s Detlef S accused of sexual horrors against his children (VIDEO)
Court: German man had 7 children with stepdaughter
German in incest case faces new abuse accusations
German Fritzl accused of fathering eight children by his stepdaughter ‘first raped her after her 12th birthday party’
‘German Fritzl’ Admits Fathering 7 Children With Stepdaughter

If convicted, he’ll only serve 15 years in prison at most.

Are you completely disgusted with the German “justice” system, yet? Wait, there’s more!

He’s not even being charged with incest for fathering 7 (possibly 8… one precious baby died soon after birth, and they haven’t done the DNA testing on that child) with his stepdaughter. I suppose they must consider that consensual? Baffles the mind.

What he has been charged with are 350 counts of sexually abusing minors. Think that warrants a bit more than a 15 year stint in the pen? How about if there are 35 counts of facilitating child prostitution thrown into the mix? He “allegedly” forced his daughter and stepdaughter to have sex with other men for money.

Yep. All that and he could get a whopping 15 year sentence. I wonder how much of that he’d actually serve.

So, let’s back the trolley up a bit here to give everyone a better idea of the horrors this shitstain inflicted on his children…
He “allegedly” began molesting his stepson and stepdaughter (twins) at the age of four. Four. He began molesting his bio-daughter at the age of nine… but hey, he didn’t rape her until her 12th birthday, after her friends left the party. Nice birthday present. In a letter that was read aloud by the judge, his daughter told him “You made my life a living hell.”

He would (allegedly) rape her once a week, except when she was menstruating… then she was forced to perform oral sex. He “allegedly” told her, when he first started raping her, “as a father I’m not supposed to do this.” Wait… that would imply that he knew that what he was doing was wrong… and yet his defense attorney wants to have him evaluated by a psychiatrist. I guess his attorney wants to explore the possibility of an insanity plea. Apparently, he’s not willing to submit to a psychiatric exam.

As for his admission that he fathered seven of his stepdaughter’s children:

‘He acknowledged paternity … but paternity is not part of the indictment,’ Dueber said. ‘He’s innocent until proven guilty.’

Uh… yeah… how is fathering children with your own stepdaughter not rape?

As if the fact that he “allegedly” sexually abused two of his step children and his bio-daughter for more than 20 years weren’t enough, his other two step children have come forward since the trial began to “allege” that he had also abused them. His stepson testified that his mother tried to keep this monster away from his half-sister once and was beaten for her trouble. Prosecutors are also looking into allegations that he also sexually abused one of the daughters he fathered with his stepdaughter.

Dear Germany…. 15 years? Really?

Thanks go to Marcy for this tip, and to Alicia for one of the updates.

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Man Caught “Allegedly” Eating Baby

Man caught eating baby
Man caught eating baby, say villagers
Father ‘eats baby’ in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea father tries to eat his baby in sorcery ritual
Father ‘eats baby’ in sorcery ritual
Father tries to eat baby in witchcraft ritual
PNG man ‘eats son in witchcraft ceremony’
PNG father ‘eats baby’ in ritual

I’ve decided that I really hate doing pieces out of other countries. For some reason, they don’t believe in giving much information at all. No photos of the oxygen thief, no names given, even though there is a village full of eye witnesses. And how does any medical examiner look at the body of a dead newborn and not know immediately and for certain that someone had tried to eat him???

See all those links up there? They all say almost exactly the same thing, and still manage to say hardly anything at all. Well, except that villagers in the village of Tabubil in Papua New Guinea woke to the screams of a baby, and when they investigated they “allegedly” found the father of the newborn trying to eat him. They chased him to the police station, where he was apprehended by police. I strongly suspect that there are places here in the US where he wouldn’t have lived long enough to make it to the door if a town full of people actually witnessed him trying to eat a child. However, it is stated that they are superstitious, and they believed he was doing this as some sort of occult ritual.  The villagers were likely afraid to get too close.

Before anyone comes in here complaining to Trench that posting this information only makes Pagans look bad, I’d like to make a point here of saying that I’m the resident Pagan, and I don’t give a rat’s left testical. I’m sure Trench et al will feel exactly the same way. I’ve seen too much abuse tolerated in Paganism and other religions to have a problem with pointing it out wherever I see it.

As a Pagan, let me just state for the record that, while there are some pretty horrendous Pagan traditions out there (see link just above), shit like cannibalism is so rare as to be unheard of.  I’d even go so far as to say that this had more to do with the drugs this guy was on than with anything to do with any known “Witchcraft ritual”. Because, seriously, anyone would have to be doing some pretty hideous drugs to think that cannibalizing their own child was a good idea.

I thought I had read that the mother had been arrested, as well, but I can’t seem to find that information.  If I’m confusing the info with another story, it makes me wonder where the hell she was.  I mean, how could any woman bring a child into this world, and then do nothing while the sperm donor eats her child? I don’t care if you’re battered, how battered you are, whatever… someone is doing that kind of shit to your child, you do whatever you have to do to stop them and to protect that baby.

I don’t think that New Guinea has the death penalty, and that saddens me to no end. This guy doesn’t deserve to be sucking air.  I hope gets a cell mate who ins’t superstitious and has no problem getting up close and personal with this degenerate beast and be The Hand of Karma.

Thanks go to Melanie for the tip, and to April for additional links. ♥

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