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Another take on the Flint Facebook beating

(Trench’s note: I’m an idiot. I an unwittingly assigned the same story to both Amanda and Catalina. This is not the first time I’ve done this. Rather than waste Catalina’s time I am now posting her version of the story. My apologies to the writers and readers.)

(Special thanks to Catalina for the post)

Powell, Felton, and Taylor

Powell, Felton, and Taylor

Boy’s Mother, 2 Others Charged With Child Abuse Over Video Posted To Facebook:

Trio charged in Flint, Facebook child video showing child, repeatedly, struck with belt:

Many of you with Facebook accounts are probably aware of the nauseating video posted of an 11-year-old boy’s severe and abusive punishment for getting involved in gang activity. It’s a good thing the three “adults” involved were stupid and bold enough to show off their corporal punishment skills to Facebook, because now they’re facing several child abuse charges in Flint, Michigan.

The boy’s mother (I’m using that term loosely), Demitria Latrion Powell (28) and his god-mother (more like monster-mother), Uteas Michelle Taylor (42) spent a torturous six minutes berating and beating the child while Taylor’s boyfriend, Stefon Tirrell Felton (40) recorded the incident.

The video began with the boy’s mother dramatically yelling at him, and after she ordered him to say his name, she slapped him across the face for not saying it loudly enough to her liking. The boy was told to bend over and grab onto the arms of a chair, before Taylor began whipping him over 60 times in full force with a belt. The child appeared to be in extreme pain, and was barely able to stand up toward the end, as his knees would buckle after the strikes.

Others were in the room to witness the humiliation, and disturbingly, an infant was visible in the background in full view of the abuse.

As the video got reposted a multitude of times before being taken down, some Facebook commenters said the punishment was justified, as being in a gang would result in a life far worse for the child. Sorry, I just don’t buy that. I do understand that in some twisted way, maybe the adults were trying to keep him in line and away from leading life as a thug, but their execution of discipline was simply beyond reasonable. It crossed over into being sick and needlessly cruel.

What pisses me off the most is that aside from food, oxygen, and water, children just really need love and guidance. Feel free to call me a smelly hippie, but I think that if this young boy had been raised right from the get-go, he probably wouldn’t have felt a need to associate with a gang, and wouldn’t have had to go through the humiliating, soul-crushing, public beating.

I hope he grows up knowing that life doesn’t have to be full of pain, and that what was done to him was wrong.

Thanks to Brenda for the tip.

Facebook child abuse goes viral

(Special thanks to Amanda for the post)

Powell, Felton, and Taylor

Powell, Felton, and Taylor

Boy’s Mother, 2 Others Charged With Child Abuse Over Video Posted To Facebook:

Viral Facebook video results in child abuse charges against trio in Flint:

Three adults are in custody after police in Flint, MI were alerted by concerned citizens of a video circulating Facebook depicting an 11-year-old boy being beaten with a belt for getting low grades in school.

The video, which is 6 minutes long, shows the victim being forced to bend over and place his hands on the arm of a dining room chair. His godmother, Uteas Michelle Taylor (42) is then shown allegedly whipping the boy 60 times on the buttocks. At the same time the boy’s mother, Demitria Latrion Powell (28) is seen striking the child in the face with her hand. The third adult, Stefon Tirrell Felton (40) was filming. Felton is Taylor’s boyfriend.

Throughout the video the adults can be heard berating him about his behavior and warning him against getting involved in “gang” activity. It was obvious that the boy was in pain. Some viewers reported hearing the adults warn the boy that the beating would go on if he let go of the chair. It must have been excruciating, but he held on.

At one point, Powell is heard stating that the video was going on Facebook and that viewers were welcome to report her to Child Protective Services.

At the end of the video, Taylor made the boy apologize to his mother for his bad grades and then prompted him to say that “it’s not cool to be a gangster”.

The third adult, Felton, who does not show his face on the video, can be heard saying that he spent 10 years in prison and that he is a wanted criminal. He prompts the victim to state his name and age and that is where the video ends.

As part of the victim’s “punishment” the video was uploaded to the victims Facebook account by a family member. Within 24 hrs it had already been shared 8700 times.

I can’t even begin to understand what would make a mother do this to her child. When will people learn that beating kids doesn’t make them better! During the video, you can see an infant in the room during the incident. I don’t know whose child it is, but I hope it is removed from that situation forever. What these adults did was humiliating, demeaning, animalistic and evil. It is going to take this young man a long time to get over the hurt, but I hope he gets the help he needs to overcome this terrible event.

The trio was arraigned on Tuesday and charges include: third degree child abuse, conspiracy to commit child abuse and child abuse committed in the presence of a child.

Bond has been set at $7500 (Powell) and $8500 (Taylor, Felton)

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

Joshua Cooper took ‘got your nose’ to horrific levels

California teen father arrested for biting nose off infant:

Teenage father arrested after biting nose off one-month-old son because infant would not stop crying:

Joshua Cooper

Joshua Cooper

18-year-old Joshua Cooper of Fairfield, California has been arrested for allegedly biting off one-third of his one-month-old son’s nose. Why would any so-called human being commit such an atrocious act? Why do any of these Breeders do it? The same old reason just about every time. The baby was crying.

I don’t care that this assclown was only 18. It’s pretty much common knowledge that babies are going to cry and the younger they are the more they are going to cry. That’s life son. But to willingly bare your teeth and reach out to such an unprotected innocent and disfigure them possibly for life is just beyond me. I’ve had fits of anger in my life. I’ve even had fits of violence but I always took my rage out on inanimate objects. I’m not saying that’s right but it’s a hell of a lot better than biting off an infant’s nose.

When the baby reached the hospital it was also determined that he had a fractured skull and a brain hemorrhage but they don’t know how the baby sustained those injuries yet. I’m pretty sure that everyone involved has somewhat of an idea who gave those injuries to him. The baby is currently in stable condition.

‘They’ should push this guy face first into the disc sander from shop class.


Thanks to Helen for the tip.

Loved more in death than life

No big fix needed for child welfare, Jeffrey Baldwin inquest is told

Jeffrey Baldwin was starved to death by his ‘manipulative’ grandmother, inquest told




This story is a little older, but updates have been popping up in the past few days.  The write up and tip go to my new Opinionated Mama – jeffybean

I have been following this case for YEARS . 5 year old Jeffery Baldwin was found in his Grandmother’s home dead from septic shock November 30th 2002, at only 21 pounds.  He died after years of abuse, not only from his “Grandma’s” hands but his incubator, and the little dick weasel called his father, his grandpa and FIVE adults that were living in “granny’s” home.  The names of the murderers? Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman were the ones eventually charged with his death. Sentenced until 2023 and 2021 respectively which they are up for parole Lets start at the beginning

Jeffery was removed from his home because his incubator was found to be abusing his older siblings and his sister, so granny (who has had 1 previous murder conviction of an infant daughter, and had her son removed for systematic abuse and torture) gets the kids for the government checks provided by Catholics Children’s Aid Society.

Jeffery and a unnamed sister were kept in a cold locked room, with no access to a toilet because he and his sister would drink the water, which was filled with urine and feces so they couldn’t drink from it.  They were forced to sit at the “pigs’ wall”, run around the kitchen with the adults (FIVE FUCKING ADULTS) screaming at them to go faster while throwing sharp and heavy objects at them, and if one of them dared to stumble, they would be punished.  His siblings were forced to call them pigs and weren’t allowed to play with their “good siblings”. Eventually poor Jeffery died after months of abuse at Elva’s hands, his sister only surviving because she gorged at school on free snacks.

Granny decided to call 911 on November 30th after he stopped breathing, there are actual photos online but if you want to see them that’s for you to search.  The paramedics arrive and they find a tiny little body wrapped in blankets blue, cold to the touch, and it would haunt paramedics for life. Fast forward to March 30th of 2003, the house of horrors is finally investigated and granny and her cunt filler are finally arrested on charges of manslaughter.  While on trial, Catholics Children’s Aid Society is found out to have known that this cunt, inflicted enough bodily harm to murder her 1st daughter, and her youngest son also was removed from her care for the exact abuse inflicted on little Jeffery. Where was the responsibility of the place that placed them?? Ill get to that in a bit. It was admitted to the judge by one of the waste of sperm that witnessed the abuse that Elva didn’t like Jeffery because he was the “bad child” and “she didn’t like him and he was just dollars and cents to her.” The bitch didn’t even deny or try to defend herself she didn’t take the stand. A few years it comes to media’s notice that the CCAS let Jeffery slip through the cracks. If you have time look up on YouTube “Jeffery Baldwin and the 5th estate”

On the YouTube video is how Jeffery was failed again and again and again! In 2013 there was finally an inquest on how CAAS handled things, and just yesterday the woman who should have just  been swallowed came to argue her case  “I’m going to suggest that you punished your daughter by taking her children,” said Jeffery and the surviving children’s attorney said the cunt waffle clearly offended snarls out  I don’t punish my children from the woman who let  Jeffrey and his sister to fester in their own waste and drink water out of the toilet quench their thirst, Jeffrey so weak and malnourished he couldn’t pull himself upstairs. No She was  the better caregiver better than them going into foster homes. And the Catholic Children’s Aid Society, in possession of a thick file on cuntwaffle the long history of harm and neglect to other kids revoked following allegations of abuse never checked files and made sure that placing Jeffrey, two sisters and a brother would be safe, in that household from hell. Cockwaffle became increasingly nasty and snarky, the mask she’d arrived with revealed evil beast within, the cockwaffle denying what she did to those children for her own fat selfish gain. It would be later told that she was molested and raped by her step dad and ran away to produce children who shed leave and produce 3 more with Kidman. The hell that cockwaffle went through she would pay it forward, and on a poor defenseless little boy. The boy who had a cute pug nose, the sweetest giggle, but couldn’t draw proper, wouldn’t get the knack of pottying into a potty chair and who was constantly sick and never cared for. Cockwaffle defended this as “protecting him from the elements” of course those elements being someone who would tell the authorities and get her precious dollars taken away. Last words this evil cunt spoke to the jury were He would look at me ya know? And it was, just, like a cold, dead stare.  All around Jeffery was failed. By CAAS, his family, investigators, neighbors those 5 wastes of spaces that knew what was going on every damn day of his short life. CAAS has not accepted responsibility in his death and neither have any of the 5, but slowly the memory of Jeffery builds and he’s more loved in death than he ever was in life.




Ryan Warner: Another Baby Beating Crack Snack

Napa couple charged with murder in death of Kayleigh Slusher


In my mind there is no justifiable circumstance for beating a 3-year-old to death. Kayleigh Slusher was beaten to death by her mother (Sara Krueger – 23) and the useless flesh she used to entertain her vagina (Ryan Scott Warner – 26).  After being beaten to death, she was stuffed in a suitcase and placed in a freezer for 3 days.  I mean, Gawd forbid a little legal SNAFU causes a hiccup in this piece of shit mother’s sexual relationship.  Kayleigh was found in the apartment during a welfare check.  Looks like CPS was a little late on checking her welfare, ay? Anyone who knows me, knows I remember the faces of all the children who are murdered – I want everyone who sees this to remember her face too.  Angels are always beautiful…. some more than others.

Kayleigh’s bio-dad is in prison for reckless driving and evading police.  She may have been better off being in his custody.  Or the custody of a rabid wart hog.

Both cock stains have been charged with murder and felony assault.  COME ON DEATH PENALTY!!  Sadly, I live in CA – The bleeding hearts here will probably not allow these two to be put down like the dogs they are.  They are scheduled in court on February 25th.   I will try too keep y’all updated.

Baby bashed up in Queensland

Mum accused of punching baby in face

Mum charged with bashing her baby

Police examine the scene of the bashing

Police examine the scene of the bashing

There are many ways of dealing with a crying baby. There are also ways of dealing with stress and anger. None of the methods involve punching a living thing.

A Queensland bitch has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm after she allegedly punched her 5 month old baby girl in the face multiple times. The reason for the cowardly punch? The baby wouldn’t stop crying. Witnesses in Eyre Street, North Ward saw the bitch attacking her baby at around 1pm and called the police. Bitch remains in police custody.

The baby is in hospital recovering from bruising and facial injuries for the time being. It’s not known whether the baby incurred any brain damage or other internal injuries from the bashing.

Not surprisingly, it was found that the bitch had been drinking and was intoxicated. At 1pm in the afternoon. While caring for her baby.

QLD Police say there are no laws specific to the assault of a baby and that the punishment is not generally greater just because the victim is a baby or a child. They further explained that if the punishment is increased due to the age of the victim, it’s generally up to the courts to determine whether that would be the case. Another spokesperson has come forward to say that assaults on children in Townsville were becoming a daily occurrence, especially because of the school holidays and the associated stress.

Why do Queenslanders put four exes on beer cans?

Because they can’t spell “beer”.

Tatted-up tweens

Three people charged after two girls under 13 ‘tattooed without consent’

Tattooing leads to charge of child abuse in Campbell County

More charges filed in tattooing of children

3 supposed “adults” have been arrested and charged after two girls under the age of 13 were tattooed in Campbell County, Virginia. Now, I understand that tattoos are all the rage these days and aren’t just limited to bikies and sailors, but having them on pre-teen girls just won’t do.

Alexander Edwards is a  crappy babysitter

Alexander Edwards is a crappy babysitter

It’s understood that the girls were left in the care of Alexander Edwards (20) when he took it upon himself to ink the girls. His artistic attempts were met with charges of malicious wounding, abduction and child abuse.

Melissa Derp

Melissa Derp

When the girl’s mother Melissa Delp (Derp) (35) and her salami Daniel Janney (32) found out about the impromptu body art, they were mad. So mad that Janney decided to try to remove the ink with a hot razor blade. This MacGyver method of tattoo removal earnt him and his hot pocket charges of malicious wounding and child abuse also.


Daniel Janney

Michael Mucklow, owner-operator of GO! Tattoo Removal, located in Kutztown PA, has offered his services to the girls for free. He uses non-invasive laser treatments to break down the ink pigments, and his clients usually have to return 10 to 12 times for the ink to be completely removed. What a kind fellow to help these girls get rid of the disfigurement that this wankstain inflicted on them. Those home tattooing kits are dodgy as fuck and the tattoos look like absolute crap. It’ll probably only take 1 or 2 goes to get the ink out.

The news sources list Edwards as being an “associate” of the broodmother and her sperm pump, but I can’t help thinking that he might actually be her bit on the side. In comparison to Janney, Edwards is younger and has more hair. But Janney also has those glasses that make him look a little bit more clever than Edwards and has a thinner face. But the dodgy home tattoos give the game away. She can’t decide who is more of a “catch”, but I bet she’s willing to trade Janney in for the younger model.

That’s enough speculation. All three of them need a dick tattooed onto their faces. And it’s probable that all three of them had their brains removed with a hot razor blade some time ago.

Our favorite New Jersey Nazi is back in the news: “I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

Heath Campbell. Why yes that is a Hitler mustache and a swastika tattoo.

Heath Campbell. Why yes that is a Hitler mustache and a swastika tattoo.

Neo-Nazi demands child welfare workers return his baby girl named Eva Braun:

If you’ve been following this site for a while I’m sure you remember the story of one Heath Campbell. In 2008 he had his kids taken away by New Jersey DYFS. He came on their radar after it was reported that a local supermarket wouldn’t put Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler on a birthday cake. You see, Adolf Hitler was the name of one of Campbell’s kids, He named his other kids in that family after Nazi leaders and ideals as well. DYFS took the kids away claiming abuse in the home and not the Nazi names they’d been given although I’ll always argue that giving kids names like that is a form of abuse, but I digress.

It seems that Campbell has had another kid taken away again and yet again it was named after a Nazi icon. This time it was a girl named Eva Braun. For those of you who have lapsed on your World War II history Eva Braun was Hitler’s girlfriend and very shortly his wife before the pair committed suicide. And again it wasn’t because of the Nazi name. The child was taken because Campbell’s new baby mama had her previous child taken as well.

But get this, Campbell has had nine kids by five women and has custody of none of them to which he flippantly replies “Well, I’ll stop making them when they stop taking them.”

Dude, you’re on disability and couldn’t even afford to go see your daughter before she was taken. You have no business having kids and not because you’re a Nazi but more because you’re an irresponsible trailer trash dumbass.

And I guess it’s still lost on him that if he had lived in Hitler’s Germany he would have been exterminated for being ‘disabled’.

System failure kills Quinten

How An Abusive Father Ruined His Son’s Life. And What His Daughter Did About It.

Woman cries foul over brother’s death, calls for investigation (CNN)

Petition for an investigation to be carried out on OK’s social services.

Photos of Quinten and Cameron, and the foul living conditions that they were subjected to

Justice for Quinten Facebook page

Obituary for Quinten

I happened upon this story, as I tend to do when I trawl the ‘net for other things. I shared a link with Trench, who then offered me a CNN news link. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only “legit” news link I have come across, which is very sad. We have had to rely on all the sites that Quinten’s sister have published on to get more information. There are photos of the living conditions that the boys were forced to endure, plus photos of Quinten and his brother Cameron.

This story is about a sister, Valerie Wood-Harber, who was brave enough to blow the whistle on the poor living conditions to which her bio breeder Michael Wood had subjected her younger brothers Cameron and Quinten. She alleges that all the housework and care of Quinten was foisted upon young Cameron. You see, Quinten has a ring chromosome disorder which caused him to be unable to care for himself, use the toilet, feed himself, walk or talk. Instead of Mr. Wood caring for his son like he should have done, it is alleged that he just gave up and allowed Quinten to become gravely ill without seeking medical help for him. It is on a grubby, pee stained couch that Quinten died at the age of 15 years, holding the hand of his best friend and brother Cameron.

When Cameron told Valerie of the poor living conditions, as well as physical and emotional abuse that their own father was subjecting them to, she made a difficult yet sensible decision – she called Child Welfare Services and sang like a canary. They promised her that they would do a home study and that everything would be okay. Three weeks passed, and nothing was done. Valerie tried her damnedest to clean the trailer up and buy food for the boys. It was all in vain. The trailer would be exactly the same way when she returned the next time. The fridge would be empty again. Cameron told her that if it weren’t for her buying groceries, they would probably starve.

Valerie had taken the boys in after a mere three days of discovering that they existed, when their father took off to work overseas. She looked after them for 4 years, right up until Quinten started having issues with living with a “stranger” and Cameron needing his dad. Valerie did not have the time nor the resources to get the boys the help they needed, so with a heavy heart, she sent them back to their dad. She couldn’t have known that this decision would have cost Quinten his life. She had begged her father to let her take the boys until he got back on his feet, but he allegedly threatened her with never seeing the boys again if she implied that he was anything less than a good father to them. He would also have her charged with kidnapping, and because she lived in the next state, it would have been a felony.

Michael Wood is currently free from prosecution, as there had been NO investigation made by social services. Quinten’s death was officially caused by pneumonia, which the coroner blamed on his ring chromosome condition. Quinten was scrawny and malnourished, but again that was blamed on his condition.

Valerie is working around the clock to see her father brought to justice and to see Oklahoma Social Services investigated for their role in Quinten’s death.

I took offence to the poor reporting skills of the journo who wrote the CNN article. It barely touched on the accusations of child abuse made by Valerie and basically made it out to be a sob story. However, it does provide more opportunities to feel contempt for Michael Wood. According to the article, Wood claimed that Quentin suffered from recurrent ear infections which antibiotics could not clear. Valerie states that Quentin never became sick when in her care. He also claimed that he went to DHS for help with Quentin (um, your daughter offered to take the boys and you nearly bit her head off with threats of kidnapping charges). DHS declined to comment on whether there was any record of Wood visiting DHS. He even went as far as to blame his imaginary friend God for Quinten’s death. No sir. You kept them in a hovel, you didn’t buy any food and you rejected your daughter’s pleas to take better care of the boys. This is squarely on you.

It is so sad that there wasn’t much more on news sites and that I had to rely on unofficial new sights. Valerie is trying hard to get her brother’s story told, and I hope by putting it on BB, that it will help.

RIP Quinten Douglas Wood.


NC Breeders handcuff kid to fence, tie dead chicken around his neck

Harper and Larson

Harper and Larson

DSS supervisor, ER nurse charged in abuse of boy, 11:

NC child found handcuffed to porch with dead chicken around his neck:

I’ve lived in North Carolina for roughly about 15 years now. I love living in the south. The people are friendlier, it doesn’t snow as much, the cost of living is cheaper, etc. I often find myself defending the south against the stereotypes that it’s filled with ignorant rednecks. This story makes it hard for me to do that. Granted this story could have happened in any state but it didn’t. It happened in mine.

Yesterday 57-year-olds Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson of Union County, North Carolina were arrested after an 11-year-old boy was found on their property handcuffed to the porch by his ankle with a dead chicken tied around his neck. Sadly there’s way too much to this story than just that.

First off police were first summoned to the property on a call of a loose pig. That’s not a euphemism for anything. Apparently the suspects had animals on their property that according to one neighbor ranged from pigs to llamas. That’s when the officer found the boy shackled to the porch with the aforementioned dead chicken tied around his neck. While the officer was looking for answers a man came out of the house and so did another child who unwittingly released the dogs that were in the house who went straight after the officer. The officer retreated to the safety of his patrol car. The man in question allegedly unchained the boy and took the chicken from off of his neck.

It turns out that the 11-year-old boy was a foster child. Four other children were removed from the home. Their ages run from 8 to 14 and are said to have been adopted by the couple. Now for the rotten cherry on top of this trailer trash sundae. Not only is Harper an emergency room nurse at the local hospital Larson is a DSS Supervisor. That’s right kids, she works for the government agency that takes away other people’s kids.

While the articles haven’t specifically mentioned any motives I think it’s obvious what the motive is here. Good old-fashioned greed. If she works for the DSS she may have knowledge of certain financial incentives that the government may give to foster or adoptive families. With him being an ER nurse he may have intimate knowledge on how to inflict punishment on a child without leaving visible marks. All speculation on my part but it does make a certain kind of sense doesn’t it.

What I really want to know is why did the boy have a dead chicken tied around his neck. The thing that keeps coming back to my mind is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. (Later retold by Iron Maiden) In that poem the Mariner is forced to wear an albatross around his neck after he kills it because his shipmates view the bird as a sign of good luck. Did this kid kill their lucky chicken? I may be on to something with that because I just found a message board from people who raise their own chickens who said back in the ‘old days’ if a dog killed one of their chickens they’d tie the dead chicken around the dog’s neck to not only discipline it but to make the dog fear the chickens.

My lovely and talented wife also brought up a good point. While Larson is stewing in Union County lock up how many of her cellies do you think had kids taken away by DSS?

Thanks to Lucy and Risskia for the tip.

UPDATE: One of my Facebook friends suggested that this is their way of calling the boy a coward.