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Ask the readers: Stepchildren being abused by Breeder

We received the following e-mail the other day from a reader looking for our assistance…

Just want to ask what do you do if you know your stepchildren are being abused by their mother and CPS in the county she lives in wont do anything, But CPS in our county advise she have no contact with the kids? My husband took custody of his children Christmas day last year due to abuse and neglect. His 5 yr old came home after spending Memorial weekend with her mother with huge bruises all over her legs and buttocks. I took her to the doctor for treatment of tick bites and the doc asked her what happened to her legs. She informed the doc that her mom squeezes and hits her legs then takes pics of the bruises. The doc called CPS and they along with law enforcement were at my home within 2 hours. The snag, the abuse happened in a neighboring county where she has family and close friends all over in the system. Our county like i said recomends no contact but her county asked her if she would be willing to give up her visitation until the case was investigated and she said no and they left it at that. Now tomorrow they have to go visit and the 5 yr old is now terrified and even wetting the bed now. Any help would be appreciated.

I asked the reader permission to post the e-mail and they said yes and sent this follow-up as well…

We had to send them last night to their mothers and my heart is just breaking. The 5 yr old clung to her daddy’s neck screaming “PLEASE DADDY DON’T MAKE ME GO. YOU PROMISED TO PROTECT ME”. The whole time her mother is telling her “knock your shit off, you know you are lying”.

Now, as always, neither I nor the staff here at BB, nor the readers or in any way legal experts. We claim no responsibility for the suggestions given.

Having said that, readers, what options do you think they have?

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