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Crayons and Coloring Books? Pfft, I prefer my GUN!

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3-year-old pulls BB gun on police-father,Terrence Myers abandons him 

3-year-old abandon is stolen car pulls BB gun on police  officer, father arrested 

I am pretty sure that when a police officer approaches a stolen car to look inside the last thing expected to be seen is a three-year-old child brandishing a gun. That is exactly what happened about two weeks ago now inNorth Charleston,SC. I’m sure the officer was really caught off guard because most children of this age are busy spending their days with crayons, toys, and using their moms as jungle gyms, not grabbing a gun near-by when an officer is coming to where they are, but that’s precisely what this tot did. Luckily for the officer and the toddler, the gun the little boy was brandishing was a BB gun. The little guy safely handed over the BB gun to the officer while exclaiming ‘Gun, gun!’ The child was found inside a red Montero sports car with aUtah license plate. His father, 23-year-old Terrence Myers, was driving the car.

The incident began when a police officer got a tip about a stolen car being in the patrol area. The officer turned around to verify the license plate, but as the patrol car turned around the suspect, later identified as Myers, made an abrupt turn onto a side street, parked in a drive way, and then leapt an 8-foot fence abandoning the car, and his child. Gee, thanks a lot dad. I just love going on your criminal excursions just for you to abandon me when the shit starts to hit the fan! I can only imagine what went through this poor little guys head when he watched his father exit the car and then leap over a fence without him. He must have been scared out of his mind!

While Myers was hiding out at a relative’s house near-by police called in K-9 Units to attempt to locate the suspect. Two women also approached police at the scene and said that Myers called the mother of the child who asked that they go pick him up. Police asked the mother to come to the scene for questioning. In my opinion, there is absolutely no excuse for her having asked someone else to pick up her child from a crime scene. Work doesn’t cut it, visiting someone in the hospital doesn’t cut it, the only thing in my mind that does is if she were dead, dying, or seriously injured and at the hospital herself, but even then I’d find a way off of my hospital bed to go get him. Hard to do when you’re dead or dying, but I guess I’m just stubborn.

Myers was later located at a home on a near-by street and placed under arrest. Police found a gram of marijuana in his front pocket. Myers said he ran from police because he did not have a license and he had marijuana in his possession. Too bad for him his petty confession did not impress anyone. At his arraignment bail was set at $25,000 for three charges, $5,000 for possession of marijuana, $10,000 for possession of a stolen vehicle, and $10,000 for unlawful neglect of a child. Unlawful neglect, isn’t all neglect unlawful?

Myers also has a long criminal history dating back to 2006 when he was convicted of common law robbery and strong armed robbery. Here’s a breakdown I got from one of our sources.

In Oct. 2007, Myers was arrested and charged with manufacture and possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, distribution of crack cocaine, unlawful carrying of a weapon, resisting arrest and second degree burglary.

In June 2008, Myers was convicted of possession of meth or cocaine base and unlawful carrying of a weapon. In May 2008, Myers violated the conditions of his parole.

Myers was arrested again in Sept. 2009 when he was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of hypodermic needles and syringes. A month later, he was charged with burglary, breaking into auto tanks where fuel is stored and weapon sale / possession of stolen gun.

In Jan. 2010, Myers violated parole again. Then, in June, he was arrested and charged with possession of meth or cocaine base, resisting arrest and littering.

This little boy is three-years-old, there is no way his mother couldn’t have known he was bad news with a track record like that! For goodness sake, what in the world made her think that he was going to make a good father when long before they had a child together he was committing violent crimes and violating parole? Looking at his possession charges, they were probably getting high together and screwing so she was too high to care, but I’m only speculating. I’ll leave the rest of the speculation to our wonderful readers.

There is some good and bad news at the end of this though. The good news is no dead kids. The bad news is the whereabouts of the toddler were not reported. Having said that one can only assume that he’s with his mother (if you can call her that). Maybe she’ll learn from this, but as we’ve seen in the past many of them don’t.

 ***Thanks to Suzee for the write-up.***

Another…. Runaway Mommy!

Chickamauga woman arrested for abandoning her child at Ringgold park

**Pop Quiz**

 1. What do you do if you are addicted to prescription drugs and feel you can no longer care for your 2-year-old? You:

A.   Contact family and ask for help.

B.   Call the child’s father and ask him to care for his child.

C.   Contact CPS and give up your child to the care of another family.

D.   Take her to a park in and drop her off in only a diaper and a pair of shorts.

 **I’ll give a cookie to anyone who gets the answer right! **

 For Jennifer Haines (31), the sad looking female above, there was only on choice take her baby girl to a park and leave her there.  Tuesday, October 11th, police and 911 were notified at about 6:51 pm of a toddler found in a ditch, wearing only a diaper and shorts. One witness told police that as she was driving by she noticed the little girl in the ditch and white female in shorts and a tank top running away.  While police and witnesses waited for CPS and EMS to arrive, they began a door to door scan of the nearby residences in attempt to locate the parents, at which time a man approached them stating “There is a woman in our house, that just walked in and won’t leave.”  Coincidence?  I think not!

After police spoke with the woman, later identified as Jennifer Haines, she accompanied them to the park.  When the officer opened the ambulance door, the child saw her and yelled “Mommy.”  Busted!

When Haines was questioned as to how her daughter came to be alone in the ditch, she explained that she is a drug addict and felt she could no longer care for her daughter nor did she want to.  She told police she thought if she left her daughter unattended, a nice family would find her and care for her.  She admitted that after arriving at the park, she hugged and kissed her daughter goodbye and ran from the scene to a nearby second floor apartment so she could see if anyone picked her daughter up.  She went on to tell police she intended to drive home after emergency personnel left, but had no idea how she’d explain her daughter’s disappearance to her family.

After being placed under arrest, a small bag of marijuana was found in Haines’ purse.  She has been charged with contributing to the depravation of a minor, reckless conduct causing harm or endangerment of a minor, second-degree cruelty to children and possession of marijuana (less than an ounce).

Her daughter is in the custody of CPS.

Now, I have to say if she was concerned her family would ask about her daughter’s absence, then I tend to believe they loved and cared for her.  Why not just give her to them?  Her mindset that some nice family would just find her and keep her, is all kinds of crazy.  What about the other “types” that frequent parks… I don’t know… like pedophiles!  Did it ever occur to her that perhaps one of those “nice” people who happen upon her innocent baby, just sitting there alone, scared and ripe for the picking.  What a fucking stupid bitch.

My heartbreaks for her little girl, to watch mommy run away and leaving her alone.  She had to have been so scared.  Kudos to the witnesses who found her and stayed with her to keep her safe until police arrived.

Thanks go to Ron for the tip.

Runaway Mommy



Runaway Mommy

Houston woman accused of abandoning baby

Five-month-old left in parking lot

It’s September 18th in Houston,TX and Chanta Johnson (30) has decided that two children in too much of a burden and she needs to rid herself of one of them.  So she does.  She pulls her car into a parking lot and has her 7-year-old son unload his 5-month-old sister Lyrik Tolliver and promptly drives away.

A witness to the baby dumping picked up the baby and located Runaway Mommy at some nearby basketball courts and confronted her.  To which she replied, “I don’t care what happens to the baby.”  Ummm… excuse me bitch!  How this witness didn’t  punch her squarely in the freakin mouth right then is beyond me, but that’s just me.  The witness took the baby home and called police.

When the baby began to cry for milk and a diaper change, the witness and a friend tried once again to approach Runaway Mommy and once again she said she didn’t care and to call CPS on her.

Runaway Mommy told investigators she had no intentions of retrieving the baby.  Her son also spoke to investigators and told them, his mother made him leave the baby in the parking lot and told him “I don’t want the baby anymore.”

Both children have been placed in foster care while CPS searches for relatives willing and qualified to care for them.

Runaway Mommy has been charged with child abandonment and is being held on $20,000 bond.

Thank you to the witness and her friend who cared enough to get involved, who knows what would have happened to baby Lyrik, if not for them.  

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Cowardly Moron of All…

“Mom” Leaves 4 yr old at DUI Crash, Infant and Baby Home Alone

“Mom” Flees Scene Leaving Daughter


Drunken, Moronic Breeder Lisette Gonzales Avakian


That would be 35 year old Lisette Gonzales Avakian.  Not to mention she’s a selfish twit to boot!!  Of course this is all “allegedly”.

This 35 year old single “mother”  decided to get her drink on…  Of course if she had been responsible before she got drunk and got a sitter she wouldn’t be gracing our pages!!

It seems she was out for a joy ride at 2am and drunk as hell, “allegedly”.  Of course, she needed a companion on her midnight drive so who better to keep your drunk ass company than your 4 year old baby girl?!?  The wet brained bitch hit two parked cars and flipped her car.

Now, as bad as that is, her selfish stupidity doesn’t stop there!!  She then proceeded to exit the vehicle and run away…  That’s right she ran, LEAVING her 4 year old, who was thankfully strapped in her car seat, hanging upside down in the crashed car!!

Police were called by people that lived in the neighborhood that heard the crash.  These people ran to the car and found the 4 year old hanging in her car seat.  They released the baby from her seat and authorities found her sitting in the car.  She told them her mother had run away…  What a wonderful memory for a child to have!!

But wait there’s more still!! 

Some of the neighbors told police they heard her say “Where’s my baby?” as she ran away.  At the crash site there was an infant car seat.  This led police to think there was an infant involved in the crash that had been ejected.  And they started searching for the infant.

When they found the cowardly cunt, hiding behind some bushes a block away, she refused to cooperate or even tell them if there was another child in the car!!  Wait, if  she was drunk enough to run away from the car because she was searching for her infant wouldn’t she want help finding that baby?!?  I think she’s full of shit!!  If your frantically looking for your baby why the fuck would you be hiding in the bushes?!?

When they took her and the 4 year old to the hospital, a nurse remembered the little girl from a previous visit and told authorities she also had a 3 month old baby.  They finally found her address when searching the vehicle and went to her apartment.  They then found a 1 year and 3 month old in the home alone.  The 3 month old was in a bassinet and the 1 year old was walking freely around the house!!

Luckily, none of the baby’s injuries were serious and the 1 year and 3 month olds were ok.  They were all taken into protective custody and later released to their father.

The complete waste of estrogen was treated and released from the hospital, and then booked for suspicion of drunk driving and child endangerment.  She’s being held on $100,000 bond.  Child services is investigating before more charges are filed.


Thanks go to Deena for the tip!

25-Year Old Hides her Pregnancy, Then Kills Her Twin Boys

Autopsy results on murdered twins expected within weeks
Police: Mom killed newborn twins, hid them in laundry basket

Lindsay Lowe - baby killer x 2

 Lindsay Lowe of Hendersonville, TN is a bad, bad breeder. That’s a super nice way of saying that she’s a baby-killing, selfish, low-life twat of a “mother”. She was only a mother for a few minutes before she snuffed out the lives of her brand new twin little boys by suffocating them. Evil has a name folks, and its Lindsay Lowe.

The 25-year old lived at home with her parents and hid her pregnancy from them the whole time. How do people do that? I was a big as a buffalo when I was pregnant both times with singletons. After 10 weeks,  I couldn’t hide it from my boss because she noticed. How the hell do you hide twins? Also, at 25 why are you hiding your pregnancy? You’re a grown ass woman!

She gave birth to the 1st boy around 9:30pm and when he started to cry, she placed her hand over his face to muffle the sounds. She didn’t want her parents to hear him.  She admitted to holding her hand over his mouth and nose until he became quiet and died.  Same story for baby boy #2. She gave birth to him, placed her hand over his mouth, the baby died.

So she did what any other murderer would do. She placed her dead twin babies in her laundry basket and covered them with clothes, then went on about her life. Her dad discovered the babies’ bodies 2 days later and called the cops. Lindsay was arrested at work later that night, where she admitted to the whole thing. She also admitted that she didn’t see a doctor once during her pregnancy.

No word on who the father is and if he has been notified.  PS – Lindsay, the Tennessee’s Safe Haven Law was enacted on July 1, 2001. This amazing law allows mothers of newborns to surrender unharmed babies to designated medical facilities within 72 hours of birth without fear of being prosecuted. As long as the baby is unharmed and the mother acts within 72 hours of birth, she will not be prosecuted and is assured of complete confidentiality. Her baby and her secret will be safe.  This was an option and alternative for you — why couldn’t you have done this for those little boys? No one would’ve ever known.

RIP little boys.  I bet you both were so beautiful. Fly with the angels together forever.

Bad Breeder Shoplifts Baby Items, LEAVES BABY BEHIND!

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NH Man Accused of Leaving Baby Behind

Man shoplifts, Leaves Child behind during escape

Family Defends Somersworth Man accused of stealing baby items, leaving baby behind

Shoplifting Dad

Yeah this one’s one for the record books.  Shoplifting Dad up there, Matthew Sordiff age 21 of Somersworth, NH and his baby’s mama Brianne Baird went to the store on Monday for baby items that they had no intention of paying for.  Apparently Baird gave the items to Sordiff to put in the diaper bag.  An employee of the store followed Sordiff as he continued out.  At that point Sordiff removed his three-month-old daughter from her stroller and placed her in a carseat on the ground before fleeing the scene.  The items they were shoplifting?  Baby formula and wipes, about $25 worth.  Both Sordiff and Baird were arrested but Baird has been released.  Sordiff remains in jail on $1000 cash bail.  Sordiff told police he “panicked” when he was approached by the store employee. 

Sordiff’s mother, Carla Bickford, said her son got scared because he thought he had warrants which he had never taken care of.  The police say that Sordiff has a prior failure to appear as well as a conviction for strangulation out of Middletown, Conn.  Bickford defended her son on Tuesday saying her son is “a very good father” expressing concern for his well being as she said that he suffers from psychological disorders for which he needs medication.

The baby is now in the care of her grandmother.

Sounds like a real winner dad there.  There are programs out there to help pay for formula and as for the wipes, you can use a good old washcloth just as well for wiping a baby’s bottom if you don’t have the money for wipes.  Both of these parents put their child in jeopardy when they decided to take her shoplifting with them.  I’ve seen it before, when I worked as a cashier we had a “family” that often came into the store with a filthy double stroller and filthy kids inside that I observed on more than one occasion trying to shoplift but they would put the items back once they saw that we were watching them.  Finally one night they thought we weren’t watching and we were able to get them.  Shoplifting is not the answer folks! 

Thanks to Lisa-Marie for the tip!!!

Two brothers found dead in mom’s boyfriend’s car.

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Brothers bodies found in car

Brothers 3 and 4-years-old found dead car

On Wednesday, July 6th the dead bodies of two brothers (3 and 4-years-old) were found in a parked car.  The brothers, Kevin and Kemaury McArthur had been reported missing the previous Tuesday.  Earlier the Tuesday her boys were reported missing, Denis McGee (22) had been at the police station to report a domestic dispute between her and her live-in boyfriend David Hoem (25).  While Denise filed her report against Hoem, he was at the home of the boy’s biological father picking them up, under the guise of taking them to meet family and go shoe shopping.  That was the last time either one of the boys’ parents would seen them alive.

Police used cell phone pings to locate Hoem, who was on parole, and the grey Volvo he was last seen driving.  An officer would spot the car Wednesday and upon examination saw what he believed was the body of a small child, after gaining entry to the vehicle he would find the bodies of both brothers, but no Hoem.  Surveillance video from a local business showed Hoem parking the car in the lot and walking away.  Hoem had called a friend to take him to his sister’s house where he was hoping to hide out, she would not allow it and his friend was able to convince him to turn himself in.

The criminal complaints states the brothers died of “compressional asphyxiation.”

David Hoem, has been charged with two counts first-degree intentional homicide, with a bond of $2 million.

Thanks to all who sent in the tip.

R.I.P. Kevin and Kemaury 



Somewhat accidental/not accidental, which is it?

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Police-girl (8) found dead  under house

Police probe death of southern Illinois girl

Woman charged with concealing daughter’s death

See that face up there… the one looking all pissed off, that is Mary Zumwalt- Jophlin (28) and she has been charged with concealment of a homicidal death and obstruction of justice after police found the body of her 8-year-old daughter Alexus Smothers in a crawl space under their home.

You see, Mary did what all child killing “mothers” do she reported her little girl missing and of course those pesky police looked for her.  Dontcha just hate when they do their jobs?  I’m not sure what lead them to the search the crawl space, but they did and wha-la… there she was that missing daughter of hers and gosh dang it she was dead too.

Mary was arrested after giving police conflicting stories as to how her daughter died, first she called Alexus’ death “somewhat accidental” then called it “not accidental.”  Mary, Mary, Mary… which is it asshole?  See I am not a detective, but am I guessing an accidental death would not require you to take your baby and hide her body right under the freakin house you are living in.

Police were not sure what the exact cause of death was, and were awaiting toxicology reports.

Mary, being the stellar mother she is, has a history with CPS having had her three children removed in 2004 due to abuse and neglect.  They were returned to her care in 2005.  Well looks like that was a mistake! I wonder who was behind that wise decision.

I haven’t been able to find any updates on whether they have confirmed her cause of death or if the heifer has been charged with anything else.  If anyone finds anything please forward it on.

 R.I.P. Alexus, that smile of yours will surely be missed.


Carlos Rico throws his baby from the car, God told him to.

Carlos Rico Dumps 4-Year-Old Son By Highway, Police Say

I wouldn’t consider myself an overally religious person by any means. But I can say that every now and then I get this warm feeling and God tells me to do something. Like have more patience with my kids and my husband. Or to make a phone call to a friend I’ve lost touch with. Not sure that if God told me to choke my 4-year old boy and dump him on the side of the road that I’d listen.

Well Carlos Rico felt differently. In Sweetwater, TX a passing motorist noticed something moving along the side of the road.  Acting on a hunch, he pulled over and found a dyhydrated and dry-mouthed little 4-year old boy. He’d been there for hours by himself. His dear ole dad choked him a bit while in the car, then threw him out and drove off – because God told him to.  When taken to the hospital, doctors removed more than 500 cactus spurs from his little body. Holy motherfucker.

I’ve seen a lot of bad things. This is absolutely a first. I’ve never seen a 4-year-old angel left on the side of the road for dead. He’s such a sweet little boy,” said the good Samaritan who found him. Amen, brother, amen.

Dear daddy was picked up the next day after someone noticed that the boy wasn’t with him. He’s been arrested and held on a $50k bond. He could be charged with attemped 1st degree murder — sounds good to me!

The boy’s stepmom went to be with him in the hospital, no word on bio-mom. From what it seems, she’s not a part of his life at all.

Glad to hear that this lil man will be ok, poor thing. I hope he’s got someone in his life that loves him and wants to treat him like the little prince that he is.

Thanks to Lori for the tip.

Sweet Prince - Angel Flores

“Wicked Mum”

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Wicked woman suffocated newborn baby with clingfilm hours after his birth
On April 12th 2010, the woman you see above gave birth to a 6lb 9oz baby boy named Paulius, then quickly took him home and murdered him.  On June 10th 2011, Ineta Dzinguviene, mother of 3 living children and 2 dead children,  was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

According to reports the doting mother of 3, attempted or believed she had concealed the pregnancy from family and friends.  She gave birth at Fraserburgh Hospital, took the baby home and within hours she had covered his face in clingfilm (plastic wrap) and wrapped his head in a plastic bag suffocating him to death, she then put his little body in a plastic holdall (container) and tossed him out in the garbage, covering up the bin with a roll of carpet.

A sister-in-law and friend knowing she was pregnant contacted the police fearing the baby had been harmed.  Police searched the dump (behind the family home) and located the baby’s corpse.  Ineta promptly fled and went on with her life none of her friends even knew of the pregnancy or the baby boy.

Ineta offered no explanation for why she killed her son.

But wait… she is also wanted for questioning in Lithuania in the death of a newborn baby girl in 2009.  It appears after the family moved out of their home workmen cleaning out the attic found a dark blue suitcase and disposed of it.  A woman would find the suitcase and open to find the corpse of a newborn baby girl.  Ineta had given birth in 2009 to a baby girl and she too vanished after being taken home.

Now… let me say all the stories here of mothers killing their children are horrifying, but I feel like this one is so much more horrifying, in the fact this woman had 3 older children that she doted on.  How could a woman who carried 3 children, held them, smelled that sweet smell of babies, loved and nurtured them, bring home not one but 2 babies and snuff out their lives.  It makes me sick; she tossed them out like garbage and went on with her life.
Her attorney said she was the most upset that her jail sentence would alienate her from LIVING children.  She never acknowledged one time the 2 children she murdered.

Thanks to Emilie Barlow for the tip.

R.I.P. Paulius and Baby Girl