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Update on another bad boyfriend, another indifferent egg donor

Links: NSW child killer jailed for six years

You might remember my story about a 4 year old boy who was bashed to death by a bad tw*t tickler a while back. Well I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is, now we have names. Nathan Forrest, 24, was sentenced to just 6 years in prison for bashing to death 4 year old Bailey Constable. 6 measly years. Only 2 more than what Bailey spent on this planet. That is the bad news.

His loving Nanny, Karen Chapman, fainted in her husband’s arms when the pitiful sentence was read out. A few weeks before he was killed by his egg donor’s sex toy, Bailey told his Nanny that Fugly Forrest was hurting him. She called the police, DoCS and everyone under the hot Aussie sun to try and help her grandson. Everything fell on deaf ears.

Now for Fugly Forrest, the invading sex toy who had no right whatsoever to touch Bailey. No right to even know him. There’s a couple of no-brainers about the murderous intra-vaginal parasite known as Nathan Forrest. Firstly, the night of Bailey’s murder, he was coming down off of ice (amphetamines). What a lovely person to bring around your child. A filthy violent drug addict. Secondly, he was trying to be a “father figure” and was bathing Bailey after he wet the bed. Listen, Nathan Forrest, you fuck-faced foul cum-stain. You had no right to be in Bailey’s life. You were not his real dad. You are nothing but a useless junkie and your life is worth less than nothing. Do the world a favour and let the inmates beat you to death with bars of soap. That’s the least you can do. Just lie down and DIE you foul pustulent maggot.

Now for the indifferent egg donor, known as Jessica Constable. She heard her sex toy beating Bailey. 4 loud bangs and the sex toy yelling “Stop it, Bailey, stop it”. You should have “stopped it”, you incompetent syphilitic twunt. She should have stabbed the nasty filth, took her child and ran. She wouldn’t even be charged for it. But no, all she cared about was having her c*** plugged. That she were desperate enough to have her snatch filled that she would settle for a violent and filthy fuck-up like Nathan Forrest, that she let invade your child’s home. All because she wanted a new baby-daddy and a new pet penis. Jessica Constable, the indifferent and murderous birth vessel, cried like the stupid pathetic bitch she is, during the court session. She did not weep for her little Bailey, she wept for her sex toy that was going to prison for killing Bailey. All she has now are memories of his herpes-infected dick. Because she didn’t care enough about her little boy Bailey, she probably hasn’t formed any memories of him. Well I hope someone helps her remember. By plastering photos of Bailey everywhere she goes. Playing videos of him. Drive her insane by haunting her with the images and sounds of the little boy that she let die.

Nathan Forrest and Jessica Constable lied to police and hospital staff about what happened to Bailey. Somehow in his drug-fried mind, the rotten nasty bastard thought that a violent and filthy junkie was smarter than people who had to go to uni to become doctors and police officers. Examinations of Bailey revealed that he had previous head injuries that went untreated. The judge said that given the previous head injuries, Bailey would have been particularly vulnerable and defenceless on the night that he was murdered. Nathan Forrest is a drug addled bully, who would be completely smashed if someone even resembling an adult fought him.

First night that Nathan Forrest spends in jail (after Brucie’s seen his papers and what he’s in for), he’ll have his head smashed against a wall. Now that he has a head injury that’s been left untreated, Brucie will help him bathe, just like how Nathan helped Bailey bathe. You know what that will mean? Not quite…Brucie will hit the soap out of Nathan’s hand and force him to bend over to get it. And that’s only the start of his problems that will only occur at bathtime, Nathan’s favourite time of the day. Soap beatings, soap buggery, soap in the eyes. Brucie will deal out 100x worse than what Nathan put Bailey through.

Rest in peace, little Bailey. Rise and sport on the wind, with the multitudes of angels who have gone before you.

Rest in Peace Bailey Constable

Rest in Peace Bailey Constable


No, we don’t want her back.

Canada to deport Aust killer mum: report

Deportation to Australia for child killer Allyson McConnell despite appeal

Australian mother Alyson McConnell drowned her sons in a bath, Canadian court hears


Alyson McConnell

Selfish bitch c*** Allyson McConnell

A selfish bitch c*** who drowned her two little sons is being deported back to Australia after serving a measly 10 months of a 15 month sentence. For “manslaughter”. All because she was “depressed”.

Authorities say that Allyson McConnell, then 31, drowned her two little boys, Jayden (20 months) and Connor (3) in the bathtub of their Millet, Alberta home in February 2010. She allegedly left their little bodies to rot while she tried to kill herself by jumping off of a bridge. Unfortunately she did not succeed. Why is it that these selfish fucks who kill their kids and themselves get it in the wrong order? It’s “Kill yourself” first! The selfish bitch c*** only got a few broken bones and was taken to a hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. They should have let her die. Broken bones can kill and it’s a lovely slow painful death.

The boys’ father, Curtis McConnell, told the court that trouble had been brewing for months. They had split, and the selfish bitch c*** wanted to take the boys and move back to Australia. He was afraid that she’d take off with the boys without his knowledge. Even though the couple were separated, they still lived in the same house, and Mr McConnell was seeking joint custody of the boys, or sole custody if Allyson did indeed move back to Australia. Mr McConnell returned from work to find his sons’ lifeless bodies on the bathroom floor. Neighbours tried to console him and helped him call the authorities. The selfish bitch c*** was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to a lousy 15 months in a psychiatric hospital. 15 months. Shorter than the lives of her sons, which she so brutally snuffed out. She only served 10 of them.

Fast forward to 2013. The selfish bitch c*** has served her blip of a sentence and is being deported to Australia. She is now 34, still young enough to have more children that she can kill when things don’t go her way. There has been a review of the decision to deport the selfish bitch c***, following protests from her ex husband and Alberta authorities who opposed her lenient charges and sentencing. She was deported today. I hope her plane never makes it to Sydney and that she dies in a firey bleeding mess.

Allyson McConnell

RIP Jayden and Connor


Update on Horrid Hutt Hovel

Parents at centre of neglect case released

Couple accused of child neglect appear in court

Woman banned from contacting children

Remember my story on the Horrid Hutt Hovel? Here’s some updates on the case. The parents have been released on bail and must live at separate addresses as part of the conditions. They must not contact the four children that they neglected, who are now in the care of Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS). They will reappear in court at the end of the month.

Nasty neighbour raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman

You look a bit constipated there, Zach. Don’t worry, Bubba will loosen you right up!



Neighbor charged with murder, rape of Jersey Bridgeman, 6

‘A little old soul’: Girl, 6, found dead after dad, stepmom jailed for keeping her chained

That literal sack of shit up there (because he looks like he needs to crap real bad) is Zachary Holly (28). He raped and killed Jersey Bridgeman who had undergone abuse from her sperm donor and his cum-receptacle and had been sent to live with her mum DesaRae Bridgeman in Bentonville, AK after her abusers’ arrests. DesaRae and Jersey lived next door to Zachary and his wife Amanda, who were friends of the family and often trusted to babysit Jersey and her 2 year old sister.

On the night of November 19, the Hollys were babysitting Jersey and her sister while their mum was at work. DesaRae came home at 11pm and chatted with the couple. After that, Zachary carried Jersey home while DesaRae was carrying her sister, and placed them in the same bed. The very next morning, Jersey had disappeared.

Just minutes after a search for the little girl began, a horrible discovery was made. Jersey’s small body was found in an abandoned house, just two doors down. Crime scene investigators found sperm cells on her body (gag) and built up a DNA profile which matched that of Holly. Holly was the one to call the cops when her body was found and after he turned up to the cop shop to make a statement, he was booked on charges of capital murder, kidnapping, rape and residental burglary. At least he confessed and didn’t bullshit around with lies and excuses…

Holly is being held in Benton County Jail and was attacked by another inmate (YAY!!) Holly wasn’t seriously injured (BOO!!!) and the inmate who attacked him, who was in jail on a parole violation, may face charges (Someone should buy that inmate a beer!) All the other inmates know what Holly is in for, and prison staff have said that they’re going to try their best to keep him safe. Save yourselves the time and money, and hang the sorry bastard!


Rest in Peace, little Jersey. You were too beautiful for this world.

Now here is something that all parents and caregivers need to know:

“Ninety-six percent of people who offend on children are people that the child knows. We all have been so trained in the stranger-danger aspect, which certainly does happen, but I think the reality is that’s about 4 percent,” Beverly Engle, executive director of the Children’s Advocacy Centre of Benton County, AR.

While the laws can be amended to capture all aspects of child abuse, while the sick fucks out there can be made an example of, parents should teach their kids to fight back against an abuser, even if it’s someone they know and trust. Teach them to kick, to scream, to hit, scratch and bite someone who does something or says something that makes them feel uncomfortable. Make them understand that there are people out there who don’t have good intentions, and that if anything or anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, to run away and tell someone.

I have found that Arkansas has the death penalty, so hopefully they might put it to good use on this shitstain. Here’s hoping.

Thanks to Susan and Malevolent April for the tip.


***Our first post about Jersey is here:

♥ Mal A

Baby “M”

Edmonton malnourished twins

Edmonton couple starved daughters

Edmonton Baby “M” life support appeal

“It’s shocking and depressing as well,” said Mohammed Al-Ani. “I mean, you don’t treat your pets like this let alone your children.”

Those words describe how two breeders treated their twin 27-month-old girls. On May 25, 2012 the police and paramedics were called to the residence and found Baby “M” in cardiac arrest and her twin sister with multiple bruises, Baby “M” and her twin sister weighed 13 and 16 pounds, they were 27-months-old. A third child a boy (age 3) was unharmed and removed from the home and placed in foster care.

Since that day Baby “M’s” sister has improved, but sadly the injuries suffered by Baby “M” were so bad that she has remained in a coma. The girls’ parents have been charged with aggravated assault, criminal negligence causing bodily harm and failing to provide the necessities of life.

Baby “M’s” condition has been evaluated and it has been brought to court to seek a ruling to take Baby M off life support,

“Doctors have testified that Baby “M’s” condition is believed to be permanent and she is close to brain dead.

Since being admitted to hospital her condition has remained unchanged and she has suffered three bouts of pneumonia.

Doctors said the toddler is deeply comatose and completely dependent on technology to survive.”

Today that decision was released, and Baby M will be taken off life support.


Jailed parents visit child before life support removed

No word on when the judgement will come down from the Supreme Court, the “parents” will be visiting Baby “M” to say goodbye.

Update #2:

 Sad news this morning as Baby M has passed away.

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tips.

***Special thanks to Harmony for tips, write-up and updates.***

R.I.P Baby “M”

Nichole Turner beat little Julian. A lot.

Guilty verdict in Julian Soliz’ death

35 years in prison for child’s death


Extra special thanks go to Crystal“Pistol” for the tip and the write up.  I don’t normally post older stories because we have so many current ones. Crystal was so moved by this story that she absolutely HAD to see it posted on  Crystal, you are now a voice for little Julian.  Tank you!

So this horror of a story comes direct to you from Good Ole Austin, Tx.  On April 11th, 2010, 5-year-old Julian Soliz was reported missing around 7am by his Dad’s Cum Dumptster ex- girlfriend, one Nichole Ashante Turner, aged 22; with whom he had been abandoned with for over a month by his “father” while he was first incarcerated and then shacked up with another woman. His beaten and battered body was found around 9:30am that same day, dumped like garbage in the weeds on a busy neighborhood street less than two miles from where he lived with Turner, her 5 year old daughter and an eight month old baby boy that she produced with the douche bag of a father.  His birth organism had not seen him since Christmas, even though she lived in the same town.

The Medical Examiner said Julian had over 59 COUNTABLE bruises on his sweet little body.  Do you have ANY idea what 59 bruises on a little body could possibly look like?  The jury gasped and cried as they saw his postmortem pictures, where it was almost impossible to tell where one bruise ended and another began.  The entire backside of his body, from his shoulders to his knees, was completely black and blue.  In addition to the bruises, he had cuts and contusions on his buttocks, head, face, neck, back, shoulders, and he also had internal lacerations and over a cup of blood had bled out into his tiny stomach.  He also had a broken collarbone that was in the process of healing.  This Cunt Ball had admitted to “whipping” him with a belt the previous Wednesday for lying about, get this shit… A fucking glue stick.  Of all the stupid fucking reasons we’ve read about that people murder a child over, this one takes the freaking cake.  She admitted to “losing control” of the belt whipping but did she stop?  Fuck NO!  This ignorant bitch just put the belt down and proceeded to beat him with her hand.  Of course, she did so, so much more.  This was Wednesday night; his body was dumped Saturday morning.  Which means this poor baby bled out for 2 days before he finally succumbed to his injuries.  She said that he had been puking and home from school on Thursday and Friday and after they processed his sheets with vomit on them, they removed them for evidence, and one of his little teeth fell out onto the floor.  Picture that.  Heartbreaking.  During her trial, she laid her head down and faced away from the pictures of Little Julian’s body.  What a fucking coward.  When she was asked how Julian had responded to his beating on Wednesday, she admitted that he had told her that he was sorry.  I HATE this woman.

When I allow myself to consider that Julian’s bio bitch was gone and didn’t give a shit, his dad had abandoned him, and he was left ALONE and DYING with his MURDERER, I feel such sadness, I can barely breathe.  The utter fear and pain he endured is almost too much to fathom.

It took months to arrest this Baby Killer on Child Endangerment with Great Bodily Injury and when they did, she immediately posted bail and was free and enjoying her life for 2 YEARS until she was convicted.  In April of 2012, Nichole Turner was found guilty and sentenced to 35 years in prison.  She will serve a mandatory 17 and a half years and then this scum of the fucking earth will be eligible for parole.  My sincerest hope for her is that she is maimed and murdered in prison.  I hope she suffers immensely before her entrance to hell.

Julian was a happy child that loved to sing, dance and give big hugs.  May he RIP and may he have all the love and hugs in Heaven that no one bothered to give him during his short time on this earth.

Father sentenced in abuse that left son blind and disabled

Pawtucket child abuser DeAnthony Allen gets maximum sentence 

DeAnthony Allen (19) was sentenced on January 11th to 20 years in prison for leaving his infant son disabled and blind.

Allen was found guilty of one count of first degree child abuse for abusing, then 3-month-old, Johnnel Marks, in November.  According to the state Allen squeezed and shook Johnnel who suffered severe head trauma, a skull fracture and seven rib fractures.  Gawd Damn!

Johnnel, now 17-months-old was left clinically blind, will probably never walk, has seizures and his brain cells continue to deteriorate.  No worries though peeps Allen says he’s sorry and wants to apologize to his son.  Well too little to late ass-wipe!

Johnnel’s mother had this to say about Allen’s “apology.”

“Everything that DeAnthony was saying in there about one day he hopes he can apologize and say it to my son, well guess what, that’s not going to happen. He doesn’t need to face that monster anymore, he doesn’t. He did it that one time and that’s it. He took his sight and that was the last time he saw him and that’s the last time he’s going to see him.” said Stephanie Marks.

That’s right Stephanie, you go girl…more power to ya!

Johnnel was present in the courtroom for his father’s sentencing.



Camden Hughes gets Justice!

Texas mom pleads guilty in death of son 

Some of you, if not all of you, will remember the story Cynical Me wrote about Camden Hughes.  6-year-old Camden’s body was found on May 14th inMaine and led to a nationwide effort to identify his body and locate his killer.

I can assume that you have realized if it was featured here the killer was one or both of his parents.  In Camden’s case it was his mother, Julianne McCrery (42).

On November 4th, Julianne pleaded guilty to second-degree murder per her plea agreement with prosecution.

According to the prosecution Julianne smothered Camden with motel room pillows after drugging him up with Nyquil.  Camden would fight for his little life, a struggle that lasted “about three minutes.”  She then wrapped his little body a green blanket, drove from New Hampshire to Maine and dumped his body on the side of a dirt road.

She will return to court on January 13, 2012 for sentencing and is expected to get 45 years to life in prison.

Thanks to Marcy for the update.

  Now you can Rest In Peace, Camden. 


PyroMom…. GUILTY!

PyroMom  – original post by Angel – October 2009

Opening Statements November 1, 2011 

Mother’s murder trial-debate over evidence

Michigan mother found guilty in children’s deaths 

“She will die in prison…” said Wayne County Prosecutor Lora Weingarder on Wednesday, November 9th

On Wednesday, November 9th, it took a jury approximately two hours to give Anthony and Alayna Hinojosa, the justice they deserve.  After two long years their birth vessel Sharon (I’m an evil, child murdering beast) Hinojosa was found guilty of felony murder and arson.  Hell-to-the-yeah Baby!!! May every moment of the rest of her pathetic life be miserable!  I hate this cow!

For those of you who don’t know the story of Anthony and Alayna or don’t feel like reading the link above I will give you a little insight.  You see, Sharon had four children all by different fathers.  Her oldest Erin was living with her father; her three youngest Anthony (4), Alayna (3) and Aiden (1) lived with her and her boyfriend/Aiden’s father Justin Whistler.  By all accounts Sharon and Justin had a turbulent relationship with a lot of issues surrounding Anthony and Alayna and the fact Justin preferred they were gone.  Well… Sharon got rid of them alright, but she didn’t send them to family or their fathers she opted for a far more evil way to rid her life of her beautiful angels…she lit Justin’s trailer on fire grabbed Aiden (his son) and walked out.

She stood her sorry fucking ass outside that trailer and listened as her babies screamed before succumbing to the smoke and fire.  Imagine that if you can… the sounds of YOUR children burning to death.  Hard to stomach?  Yeah, it should be, but not for her. Sharon would lie to neighbors who tried to save her babies telling them the children were on the wrong side of the house.  She busied herself calling Justin to tell him various lies about what happened, but assured him his son was safe.  Funny how that worked out, isn’t it.  No not so much… this cow cared more about the man who was breaking up with her, evicting her and dating someone new, than she did the two beautiful children God blessed her with.  Sickening!

Sharon“attempted” to kill herself, by drinking rubbing alcohol after she confessed to killing the children.  She was unsuccessful, unfortunately, but aren’t they always when it comes to really ending their lives.

If I sound angry I am, or was until Wednesday the 9th, when the cow got what she deserved.  She cried crocodile tears throughout the trial and when the verdict was read.  I wasn’t moved in anyway.  I feel NO sympathy for her.  Her family said those children adored her… loved her with all they had and she burned them alive… ALIVE!  For what?  A man, who didn’t love her, didn’t want her.

This all happened close to my home and brought me to BB.  It changed me forever, these two sweet faced children, so innocent, so loving… murdered.  I would cry and tell my husband she has to get convicted I can not take it if they don’t get justice.  It just can not happen.  I was thrilled to hear she was convicted and that day I visited them, as I do on holidays and the anniversary of their deaths, and said NOW babies you can rest in peace.

I never met Anthony and Alayna, though I wish I had, but they changed my life and will forever be in my heart.

Angels.... Alayna and Anthony

 R.I.P. Sweet Angels…now you have the justice you deserve. xoxoxox

Update on mom who left 3 year old alone in NY

Neglectful Mom

Neglectful Mom

In an update to yesterday’s post about Chelsea Hacker, the mom who left her 3 year old son unattended while she went to the airport with friends new details have surfaced. 

Chelsea Hacker was surprised to find reporters on her doorstep.  She told them her lawyer had told her not to talk to anyone and that she wanted to defend herself but not on the news. 

After investigating, police say hacker did not make the proper arrangements for someone to look over her son while she went to the Rochester international airport.

“Canandaigua Police walked down the stairs and yelled, “Police!”  We didn’t know what was going on at first.” Cody Prieto lives in the apartment where hacker was arrested. He says hacker, her boyfriend, and her son had stayed over the night before because she had to bring her boyfriend to the airport early in the morning. “They left the house without letting us know. We were all asleep at the time, and they didn’t come and wake us up.”

That’s when Prieto says the boy got out. “I guess he just opened the door. It wasn’t locked. It’s kind of scary because he could’ve gotten down to Main Street and God knows what would’ve happened then.”

Police say the boy was unharmed.  Even so Chelsea Hacker failed to make sure that her son was properly cared for before leaving for the airport and has been charged with Endangering a child, a misdemeanor in NY state.

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