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"Oh my god he… looks like he's been beaten to death" – UPDATE

Autopsy – beaten N.C. boy (4) had alcohol in his system

Some of you may remember the story I wrote about Trenton Michael Scott, he was 4-year-old little boy, who’s mother Heather Benson found him unresponsive the morning of April 19 and made a call too 911 sobbing and saying “Oh, My god… he looks like he’s been beaten to death.”

Well… unfortunately Heather was right and after an autopsy was concluded it not only showed that Trenton died from a lacerated liver caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen and chest and showed signs of strangulation of the neck, eight broken ribs, a fractured skull, broken teeth, bite marks on his back and chest and numerous cuts and bruises.  To top it off… his blood alcohol content was 0.12 percent.  Umm..what?  The doctors believe Trenton ingested the alcohol.

Although toxicologist say it is possible the alcohol came from fermentation of bacteria in the blood after Trenton was killed, they do not believe that is the case here, due to the blood alcohol level being so high.

William Godfrey, Heather’s live-in boyfriend at the time, was charged with Trenton’s death and has been in Buncombe County Jail.  He is due in court September 12th for a probable cause hearing.  The D.A. has said they will see the death penalty.

Heather, who has not been charged, has not been able to return to the home the three shared, since the death of her son.

Thank you to Tracy for the tip.


Everyone failed Serenity and now she's gone.

Grandparents say DHS practically cut them out of their granddaughter’s life

Oklahoma Department of Human Services workers suspended over death of child

CPS report

Some if not all of you will remember the brief post April wrote about 5-year-old Serenity Deal, here.

Well since that post a lot more information has come out about the short life of Serenity and how it came to be that she would end up in the home of the man who would end her life.  It is nothing short of tragic and an epic failure by CPS of Oklahoma, well known for it’s involvement in the case of Kelsey Smith-Briggs.

Serenity’s story starts on June 4th when her father Sean Devon Brooks (31) called the police to report a child not breathing.  He would tell police that he had taken his daughter to work with him the night before, the next morning
while showering he heard and thud and found her unconscious.  He offered no explanation for the bruises covering the baby’s body, including her face, head and a gash to the back of her head.

Well if you read April’s post you know how it ended for the child abusing asshat… he is resting his sorry ass in jail, charged with first-degree murder.

But… April wanted you to know the story leading up to Serenity’s placement with her father and in evitably her death.  She has asked me to write and I am happy to oblige but it is heartbreaking to say the least, so let’s get to it.

Serenity was placed with her father, whom she had only met a short time before, after her mother was arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy.  Samantha Deal entered a blind plea to a charge of forcible sodomy of a child and will be sentenced sometime this month.

DHS was involved in the case and pushed for Brooks to have permanent custody of the daughter, he only learned of a year prior following a paternity test.  Serenity had been living with her maternal grandparents, who were planning to adopt her, until it was learned that the grandmother was allowing her to have over night visits wither he mother and he boyfriend, a convicted sex offender.

Even with all of the messed up information above, it still doesn’t outline the clear failure to protect this little girl.  CPS pushed for this baby to placed with a man… who she cried and begged not to go with, she would return from visits with bruises and black eyes.  She would say he yelled at her all the time and hit her.   Brooks of course always had excuses for her injuries.  Feel free to read the link posted above that details all of the accusations and excuses… but consider yourself warned it’s going to piss you off.

Serenity Deal turned 5-years-old in May and died less than one month after being placed with her father.

She was failed by everyone who had a duty to protect her.

Four DHS employees – two supervisors and two caseworkers – are on administrative leave pending an agency investigation.

R.I.P. Serenity, you have the face of an angel.


Canandaigua's finest get sentenced.

Corey Bach sentenced in child abuse case

Child abusers sentenced

Originally posted about these two degenerate trailer trash inbreds around April.

Read it here.

Corey Bach and his prize of a wife Melissa Mosher Bach completely terrorized their little 2-year-old son. Mind you, these two have other children but admitted that they singled out the 2-year-old for majority of the abuse.

The little man endured being beat with a wooden spoon on his little feet, restrained in his car seat so that he could to be water boarded in the shower, slammed into walls, pulled by his hair and recently I have just found out he
was also strapped to a backpack filled with heavy books.

Both have pled guilty to assault charges. The judge said “Corey Bach was the one of the most dangerous people who stood before him” due to the pain he caused his son.  Corey’s attorney claimed that Corey was remorseful of what he did and is ready to pay his debt to society. Does that mean Corey is going to reimburse the state for the investigating him for the child abuse? Or repay the cost for his children’s counseling, the individual care they will need to receive or the cost associated with the police arresting his sorry ass?

What debt does he think he can even remotely cover?

As a result Corey and his wife Melissa have received 5 years in prison which is not nearly enough BUT the kids will be monster free for the next 5 years.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the original write-up and the update.**


"Pure Evil"

"Pure Evil"

No plea deal in mother/son killing

Man gets life in deaths of mother and son

“Pure Evil” is how the ex-husband/father, of Carrie, Heavyn and Skylar Seils described he man, Todd Pink (Carrie’s boyfriend), convicted last month for the murder of Carrie and Skylar and attempted murder of Heavyn.


On May 15th, 2010 Todd Pink, Carrie, Heavyn (6) and Skylar (4) spent the day at the Detroit Downtown Hoe Down.  Pink (I have to admit I just LOVE calling a grown man Pink) apparently opted like several others at the Hoe Down to get wasted, but it didn’t end there.  In his drunken state he began to argue with Carrie, the argument would fester throughout the day and carried over to the evening while at Carrie’s condo. where Pink continued to drink.


Carrie’s roommate James Pagano would testify that, Pink left the condo after arguing the better part of the day with Carrie, but returned about a half hour later.  Pagano said when Pink returned, he got up and went for the door, but Pink kicked it in, pulled out a handgun and that’s the last thing he remembers until he regained consciousness.   Pagano was shot in the face… he would wake up to find Carrie shot to death and the lifeless body of Skylar at her feet, the little man had been stabbed to death.  Little Heavyn, was also stabbed with various kitchen utensils, but was still alive; Pagano scooped her up and went to the neighbor and called 911.


Pink would call his sister after he massacred the family, screaming into the phone that he had just shot four people.  He was arrested at his mother’s.


Last month it took jurors less than 30 minutes to convict Pink, an ex-con with a criminal history dating back to 1998, of 14 felonies. On May 19th, almost a year to the day he went on his murderous rampage, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  In court he would thank his family for their love and support, said Carrie, Skylar and Heavyn were in his prayers and that he looked forward to an appeal and “getting a fair and impartial trial unlike the one he got in circuit court.”  What a fuckwad!


Skylar died one month shy of his 5th birthday; the family opted not to have a joint funeral for him with his mother because the date of the funeral would have been his 5th birthday.  Does that not break your heart?   Supporters of Heavyn and Skylar wore t-shirts in court, with Skylar’s picture, name and his favorite superhero, Spider-man and the words “Our little superhero.”  I had to ask myself, being as Skylar was such a fan of superheros…. did he lose his life trying to be his mommy’s hero?


My heart goes out to Chad Seils who sent his sent his children for weekend visit with their mother that ended in a nightmare.


Thanks to Sarah Ohm for the tip.



Carrie and Skylar

R.I.P.  Carrie and Skylar, mommy’s little superhero

Two plead guilty in the 2009 beating death of 7-month-old arrested after child’s death at Fort Bliss

Two plead guilty to federal charges in connection with death of a child


The two cowards you see above hiding their faces in shame are Thelton Andres Riley and Leesa Trujillo and they are a baby killing duo. One has to wonder how two people so sick in the head find each other.  Is there a child abuser dating site?  I mean really!

Ok so, the story of these to monsters starts on August 10th 2009, when Leesa woke up and found her 7-month-old baby not breathing.  The autopsy revealed that within the past 30 days the child had suffered several broken ribs, one broken arm and both broken legs.  WTF!

Due the incident happening at Fort Bliss, the FBI took over investigating the case.

Flash forward to May 11, 2011.

The United States Attorney John E. Murphy announces that Thelton Andres Riley (30) and Leesa Trujillo entered guilty pleas in federal court in El Paso in connection with the baby’s death.

Riley pleaded guilty to one count of felony murder and Trujillo to one count each of involuntary manslaughter and injury to a child. Riley faces life and Trujillo 10 years, but both remain in custody with sentencing scheduled for July.

By pleading guilty the two admitted that while living on the Laguna Indian Reservation in New Mexico beginning in June 2009 they repeatedly abused Trujillo’s baby resulting in broken bones.  They then traveled with the baby to Fort Bliss in August 2009, to seek medical treatment for Riley at William Beaumont Army Medical Center. They never sought treatment for the baby, knowing medical treatment was necessary and readily available.  Instead Riley gave the baby oxycodone and hydrocodone to keep it quiet.

What in the fucking shit is wrong with people anymore?  Just imagining the pain this baby was in kills me.  How could she?  She was the mother, the person who carried this baby under her heart (or where her heart should have been) for nine months.  She felt the first movements, listened to heartbeats and she just let her piece of shlong beat the baby to death and then drugged it to quiet the obvious screams of pain.  I hate them!

Thanks to Lucentabella for the tip.


Band of Misfits charged in abuse, death and neglect of half brothers

2-year-old beaten by aunt and boyfriend

Neighbors report disturbances in apartment where two-year-old was abused

Link to picture and other links

Joshua Peacher and Nereida Allen learn fate

Twin mothers boys victimized in child abuse case now facing charges


The band of misfits you see above story starts in 2008, when Jeanette and Janet Allen (20 years-old at the time) gave temporary custody of their two sons Christopher and Wyatt, both 2-years-old, to their sister Nereida Allen (22) and her boyfriend Joshua Peacher (23).  It appears that the Christopher and Wyatt, whom were both fathered by the same man, were living with their mothers, in spacious home the twins had inherited from their mother.  Social Services removed them August 25th 2008, citing squalid conditions.  So they have this big beautiful home and it was filled with animals, animal feces and trash.  Yuck!


Within 48 hours of being placed with their aunt Christopher was found unresponsive and died at the hospital after being removed from life support and Wyatt showed signs of severe abuse.  Nereida and Joshua claim they punished Christopher and Wyatt for throwing tantrums.  Ok then… babies throw tantrums, get over it!  Anyhow, Nereida and Joshua were both convicted of murder, assault and abuse in March 2011.  April 1st 2011 they were sentenced Nereida got 25 years for murder, 12 years for assault and 10 years for abuse and Joshua got 50 years for murder, 20 years for assault and 20 years for abuse.  Awesome!  The story doesn’t end there…


On March 29th a grand jury indicted the twins Jeanette and Janet on four felony counts related to placing the half brothers in a potentially abusive situation and prior to that keeping them in “hazardous conditions” regarding the home they shared with their mothers.  The prosecutor is treating the case as he would any other case against a parent involved in alleged abuse or neglect, stating “the charges are serious, this far exceeded a dirty house.”  Charges were not sought sooner as they did not want to interfere with the ongoing murder case.


R.I.P Christopher



Texas Ruiz Was Beaten to Death With a Wii As Bio-"Mom" Watched…

Toddler’s Mom Arrested on Murder Charges

Mom’s Bail Increased to $1 Million

Boyfriend’s Bail Increased


Baby Killer



I first wrote about little Texas HERE.  The incubator, Lorraine Rodriguez, and her shit-stain boyfriend, Juan Javier “JJ” Garza, have finally been charged with capital murder as well as the original abuse charges from last summer!  They are both being held on $1 million bond.

The reason I chose to update this in another post and not in the comments or the body of the original story is some of the facts of what happened to Texas have come to light along with the advancement of the charges.

The incubator’s version is Texas, seeing her with a bag of cookies got so excited he fell off the counter and hit the side of his face first, then the back of his head and then had a seizure.  She also told responders that she and Texas were the only ones in the apartment at the time. 

(Surprise, Surprise!!  She’s a lying c***!!) It seems she and Texas weren’t alone and he wasn’t the only child in the home the night of the fatal beating.  Shit-stain’s younger brothers ages 11 and 9, were there that night, playing video games with their brother.  In their statement to investigators they told a very different story.

The boys told investigators Texas died because Garza punched Texas in the chest over and over “with a Wii.”  (I’m assuming they meant with the controller…) According to the boys the prick got mad because Texas kept asking him questions…  (WTF!!  First of all this was around 1 in the morning why wasn’t that baby in bed???)

The 9 year old said “Garza punched the toddler in the chest ten times.” and “Texas would knock on the floor and hit his head and he would start crying.”

The 11 year old told police he had to sit and watch as “JJ” continued punching Texas and then told him to go in the corner.  He said he couldn’t do anything.  If he did his brother would beat him up.  His brother had done that before.

This whole time, “Lorraine didn’t say or do anything.”

A nurse told investigators Texas had bruises on his chest, behind his ear and under his eye.  She also stated there was recent major damage to tissue in the upper inside of the baby’s mouth.

The medical examiner’s report showed both new and old head injuries and the abdominal injuries were “minutes to hours old”.  The examiner also found a fractured rib about 10 days old.  He said that either the trauma to his abdomen or the bleeding in his brain could have caused his death.

I’m not going to Rant on this update.  What I said in the original still stands.  I do want to say one thing.

I believe everything the 11 and 9 year old brothers have said.  They have no reason to lie, unlike the Cunt that calls herself a mother and the Prick she allowed to kill that baby!  These two boys showed courage, they didn’t try to defend this murderer because he was their brother!    There are many adults who could take a lesson from these two!!


Thanks to Amber for keeping us updated!!



Childrens' services workers charged along with breeder in child's death

Three More Indicted Today in the Death of Baby Marchella Brett-Pierce

Damon Adams was the caseworker assigned to monitor Marchella's family. His failure to do that job contributed to the child's death, prosecutor's say.

Chereece Bell was Adams' supervisor and also contributed to the child's death, prosecutor's say.

I first posted about Marchella Pierce here. She was the disabled 4-year-old whose mother, a particularly heinous excuse for a human being, allegedly starved and beat her to death. Marchella weight just 15 pounds when she died in September of 2010.

Her breeder, Carlotta Brett-Pierce, 30, of Brooklyn, was charged with murder. The little girl was born premature, with a host of health problems that had kept her in the hospital for most of her short life. She’d been home just a few months with her “mother” when she died, and case workers from Children’s Services were supposed to be watching the family. Turns out, however, they weren’t.

Despite the fact that Brett-Pierce had a shady history and was known to Children’s Services as a less-than-stellar mother, the caseworkers who were supposed to be monitoring her and her children paid little or no attention to them. Finally, in March of 2011, a district attorney with a strong spine and healthy dose of outrage decided the gestational device wasn’t the only one at fault in this horror story.

Damon Adams and Chereece Bell, both former Administration for Children’s Services employees, and Marchella’s grandmother, Loretta Brett, have all been charged with homicide in the case.

According to the indictments, Adams falsified computer records to make it look like he had visited the family prior to Marchella’s death, when, in fact, he hadn’t seen her at all. Bell, who was Adams’ supervisor, failed to monitor his work, a factor which contributed to Marchella’s death, the indictment alleges.

The grand breeder allegedly witnessed the abuse of Marchella and did nothing. She’s indicted on a charge of second degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and a few other nifty charges that the prosecutor could dream up.

Bravo to the district attorney who showed he has the chops to hold these lazy, incompetent bastards to account for their inaction that contributed to this little girl’s death. Here’s to hoping he enjoys a successful prosecution of everyone involved in this tragedy. Maybe if they all end up with life sentences, little Marchella will rest in peace – and future Children’s Services workers will take their jobs more seriously.

Texas Ruiz–Failed By The System and His "Mother"

Stepmother Interview

Mother Arrested for Separate Abuse Incident

Garza Accused of Abusing Baby Months Before Death



On New Year’s Day at about 2:20 am, 24 year old Lorraine Rodriguez called 911 saying her 21 month old son had a seizure.  She told emergency responders that little Texas Nathaniel Ruiz had a history of seizures.  He was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly after.

As tragic as that was that wouldn’t make the BB site.  Unfortunately, Texas’ life was not cut short by a medical condition, as horrible as that would be.  He died due to multiple blunt force trauma to the head and abdomen.  Not only did he have injuries from that day but he was also recovering from a fractured rib according to the autopsy report that was released on March 4th.  After the death was ruled a homicide the “persons of interest” in the case refused to cooperate with the investigation.

The kicker to this story is the gestational device and her freakish ass boyfriend 22 year old Juan Javier “JJ” Garza were both arrested last summer for a separate case of injury to a child.  That child was little Texas.

CPS confirms that it investigated the family for an abuse incident reported in June. CPS representatives say they found reason to believe that the boy was being neglected and abused. Officials say they did not take custody of the boy, but instead handed the investigation over to the police department.

Evidently, they were never tried for that incident because that’s what they’ve been arrested for now!!  There have been no arrests made in the death of the baby!!  WTF!?!

The baby’s father and stepmother, Raul and Lisa Ruiz, tried to get custody of Texas after learning about the CPS investigation.  After contacting CPS and telling them he didn’t feel his son was safe at his mother’s, Raul was told there was nothing he could do.  The stepmother Lisa says she and her husband will now be the ones to speak for Texas.  They want justice.


Rant On:

I am so tired of reading and writing these stories where the entire system set in place to protect these babies is a complete and utter failure!!

If CPS found neglect and abuse last summer why the hell wasn’t that baby removed from the bio-bitch’s custody!?!  Why didn’t the DA bring charges against them!?!  Was he afraid to taint his win/loss ratio!?!

This system is so corrupt and broken there is no fixing it!  I say fire everyone and make them reapply for their jobs and scrutinize the hell out of their records!  This is a nation wide problem!  I realize there are a good social workers out there and they are over worked and the case loads are piled a mile high but fuck!!

Something has to give that doesn’t include doctoring reports to make it look like you did your fucking job after a child is injured or has died!

I stand firmly behind the DA that is pursuing criminal charges against the two CPS workers that were partially responsible for the death of Marchella Brett-Pierce.  If a person that is supposed to be checking on these kids isn’t that’s a problem.  As far as I’m concerned they’re as guilty as the person that murders or hurts the child!

It seems the DA in this town is a little gun shy…  He still hasn’t charged these two with the murder!  The DA or Grand Jury whoever the hell is holding off needs to get their heads out of their asses and do their jobs!!  They’ve abused him at least once it’s not a far stretch that they would abuse him to death!!

Hell, from the time line, I’d say that’s how the pricks rang in the New Year!!  So unless he was at the sitters or they had a party and someone else beat Texas, I’d say it’s pretty clear who did it!!  I understand being overly cautious and not jeopardizing the case but this is ridiculous!!

Now for the abusive, fucking scum…

In doing research on this story I came across the bio-bitch’s social page.  Looking at the pictures and the captions she really seemed like a loving mother.  Then I read her status messages and at first I thought when she was saying “she was missing her baby” she was referring to Texas.

As you read further down it becomes clear she’s referring to her walking dick with ears!  It was fairly clear that once he showed up on the scene she went from loving mom to a worthless piece of shit who’s first thought everyday was how to hold on to the penis that was in her bed!

As for the dick, he just needs to die a slow, suffering, excruciatingly painful death!  As a matter of fact he can take the c*** with him!!

I’m sure I’ll get flamed for my rant on this one.  All I want to say is for any of the CPS workers we have reading and commenting here I am not trying to offend you!  I’m sorry but I feel social workers should be held to higher standards.  I’m in no way lumping all social workers in the same category as the ones we all read about daily.  I realize there are successes and the media won’t report those.  But, I also firmly believe that anyone that could have stopped something like this and didn’t should be prosecuted!  I don’t care if they are family, CPS, Police, DA, Judge or the general public!!  It’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of these children!!

Rant Over



Capital murder charges have been brought against the worthless excuse for a incubator and her abusive prick!  Let’s hope Texas goes for death on these two!!

Father’s Interview (video)

Mother, Boyfriend Charged W/Capital Murder



R.I.P. Texas

Thanks for the tip goes to Texas Gal.

Thank you Amber for the update.

Angela and Richard McAnulty Tortured their own Daughter

Teenager allegedly killed by Parents 

Prosecutor describes abuse 

Teen’s life of abuse detailed to Jurors 

McAnulty to be the first woman on Oregon’s Death Row? 

Angela and Richard McAnulty

**Warning: VERY graphic details**

In the town of Eugene, Oregon a teenager, Jeanette McAnulty was just 15-years-old when her life came to an end. She was found injured and unconscious in a bathtub on December 9th, 2009. 

She was covered in bruises and looked malnourished. 

Police received critical evidence linking the parents, Angela McAnulty (41) and Richard McAnulty (40) to the crime. 

Now jump to the present day… 

**Warning: VERY graphic details**

Angela McAnulty went to great lengths to hide her fatal abuse, starvation and torture of her 15-year-old daughter. 

She would whip and beat Jeanette behind closed doors in a flesh and blood spattered “torture room”. McAnulty would turn on a vacuum cleaner and leave it running so her 2 other kids wouldn’t hear what was happening. 

Jeanette’s lips were “pulverized” and needed stitches, but was not taken to a doctor. Instead she healed with scar tissue so bad is deformed her smile. 

McAnulty didn’t take her daughter to the doctor when whipping wounds on Jeanette’s hips became open, infected sores deep enough to expose the bone. Instead, a medical examiner testified, someone apparently used a knife to trim away the child’s dying tissue. 

Dr. Daniel Davis, the Lane County deputy state medical examiner, said Jeanette suffered so much harm inflicted so many ways that he could not determine which injury killed her. He said his Dec. 11, 2009, autopsy showed that Jeanette had experienced “prolonged starvation,” wasting away to the point that she had no fat and very little muscle tissue left on her body. 

That alone could have been fatal, he said. But she also had “multiple injuries in multiple stages of healing” over most of her body, Davis said, including bleeding in her brain from a recent blow to the head. 

He said he found evidence of at least 200 injuries, many apparently caused when she was struck by a “manufactured object with a straight, machined edge.” 

A blood-stained, broken wooden ruler was among evidence detectives seized from the McAnulty’s trash cans after her death. 

She also had pneumonia in the form of an abscessed lung that also might have sent bacteria into her bloodstream, causing shock and death, Davis said. In the end, he attributed her death to multiple factors, saying she was the victim of “repeated, ongoing, visible abuse and neglect.” 

Dr. Elizabeth Hilton, who pronounced Jeanette dead soon after Eugene Fire Department medics brought the lifeless girl to a local emergency room, told jurors she had never seen a more malnourished patient or an abuse victim with so many injuries. 

I can’t go on. But I have to… 

Someone had tried to destroy evidence of the abuse. Among items found was a piece of cardboard allegedly placed under Jeanette as she slept on the floor to prevent her blood from soiling the carpet. But when the carpet was pulled up by officers they found her blood had flowed off the cardboard and soaked through carpet and it’s pad, staining the wooden subfloor below. 

There was also a two belts stiff with dried blood and tree branch switches stained red. 

The room where the girl was beaten is “something out of a horror movie,” with her blood and bits of her flesh spattered everywhere. At one point, spots of her blood were found on a peach-colored, Barbie-sized dollhouse found in the room. Jeanette had been beaten with such force that blood flew through the tiny windows of the dollhouse and spattered on the miniature rooms inside. 

McAnulty also admitted on videotape to turning off the water supply to the kitchen tap, leaving Jeanette to drink from the dog’s water dish and even the toilet. She said she didn’t want her daughter “up at night drinking all kinds of water.” 

She denied starving the teen, though the Jury later saw a tape of Richard McAnulty telling detectives that his wife padlocked the pantry to keep Jeanette from stealing food. He said that Angels had a long singled out Jeanette for mistreatment, feeding her only peanut butter sandwiches while the rest of the family ate Thanksgiving dinner. 

Richard McAnulty said on tape that his wife considered it misbehavior when Jeanette begged her to stop a beating. Besides what he also called “spankings,” he said on videotape that Angela McAnulty punished the teen by making her stand hours at a time with her arms raised over her shoulders — even when she could not put weight on one foot because her mother had stomped and injured it. She also made the girl kneel with her hands behind her back, as if handcuffed, he told detectives. 

McAnulty discovered her daughter cold to the touch and impossible to rouse the morning of Dec. 9, 2009, he said. But instead of calling 911 then, he charged, she set about cleaning up Jeanette’s blood and other evidence before medics were summoned late that afternoon. 

Jeanette Maples

Jurors are weighing the death penalty for Angela McAnulty. She has even pleaded guilty to aggrevated murder. 

Angela would be Oregon’s first female on Death Row. 

*Thanks go to Papersnake for the tip.

**Stay tuned for updates**

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