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Mother drowns her baby live on Skype

Mother drowns baby daughter in bucket while boyfriend watches live on Skype
Norwegian Mother ‘Drowned Baby Girl In a Bucket Live On Skype As British Boyfriend Watched Online’

Holy mother of fuck. I’m sure some haters around here will call me redundant or ask me to come up with new material — but I’ll say it anyway. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?

Norwegian “mother” Yasmin Chaudhry is one fucked up individual.  She stuck her one-year old daughter’s head in a bucket as a form of discipline for waking up and disobeying her. And she did it live on Skype while her internet boyfriend watched.  She claims she didn’t intend on killing her, and even called emergency services. The little girl died the next day.

These two assholes are blaming each other for the little girl’s death. She says that he told her to do it as a form of discipline. He says that it was her who wanted to teach the little one a lesson. They both deny that they were trying to kill the baby. Ps — they were internet lovers, her in Norway and him in Britain. They’d actually met in person only once.

Yasmin was initially arrested on suspicion of negligence because of inconsistencies in the stories she gave to police and the paramedics, but is now facing a preliminary charge of murder.  Norwegian police prosecutor Kristin Rusdal confirmed a preliminary murder charge had been filed against the British man and said police were discussing extradition. Officers from Oslo flew to GB to question the boyfriend with the help of Scotland Yard.

If convicted, they only could face a minimum of eight years in prison.  EIGHT fucking years? A baby died here motherfuckers!

Yasmin has a 5-year old as well, who has been taken into custody.

RIP sweet little one.

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Bathtub babysitter fails again

Coroner’s office identifies child neglect victim 

Infant floating in bathtub, teen mom falls asleep 

See pouty face up there… that is 19-year-old Erica Womack of Henderson, NV and on October 29th, 2011 she was jarred awake for her napsy to the screams of her 18-month-old son Giovanni.  Giovanni was in an overflowing bathtub with the floating body of his dead 10-month-old brother Devon Hart.

A call was placed to 911 by the downstairs neighbor, who coincidentally enough reported that she had water leaking into her apartment from Womack’s apartment meaning there was so much water it overflowed the tub and flooded the bathroom.  When police arrived Womack did what any mother who’s child had drown from her neglect would do, she threw her other child under the bus, telling police that Giovanni had put himself and Devon in the tub and turned it on while she was sleeping.  Oh Ok… I bet they believed that!

Well as you can expect police did not buy her story and after further questioning she admitted that she had put her boys in the bathtub, turned the water on then laid down on her bed and fell asleep.  When police searched her apartment they found a prescription for muscle relaxers in her name.

This isn’t the first time pouty face has left her children unattended in the bathtub and returned to find her youngest under the water.  Gawd damn, you’d think she’d have learned the first time.

Anyhow Womack has been charged second-degree murder and child neglect with substantial bodily harm. She is scheduled to appear in court January 26th.

Arthur Morgan III is a “killer” dad


2-year-old Tierra Morgan found dead in New Jersey stream still strapped in carseat 

Missing N.J. toddler found dead in Monmouth County park

Autopsy of dead toddler found in Wall Township stream reveals act of ‘homicidal violence’

Happy Feet Two.  I wish my son was little enough to want to see it.  It has Happy… and Feet; a perfect mother / son date movie.  Or father / daughter date movie, which is exactly what the plan was for 2-year-old Tierra and her killer dad, Arthur Morgan III.

Morgan picked up Tierra from her mother, Imani Benton, on Monday for a court-approved date to see Happy Feet Two.  Tierra was supposed to be returned to Benton by 7 (or 9, depending on the source info) that night.  She never made it home.  Hell… I don’t even know if she made it to the movie.  Where she DID make it was Shark River.  Tierra’s tiny body was found in the water yesterday afternoon, strapped in her carseat, by some teens who were hanging out in the park.

About 10 pm (Monday), when Tierra hadn’t been returned to her home, her mother called police.  It wasn’t until last night that she knew what had become of her beautiful baby girl.  Hearing a knock on the door and having a detective tell you that your baby was found dead is every mother’s worst nightmare.  My heart goes out to Imani.  I can’t imagine her pain.

Morgan has not been arrest as the pussy is nowhere to be found.  A warrant was issued for his arrest prior to Tierra’s body being located.  He was initially being charged with endangering the welfare of a child and interference with custody.  Those charges have since been upgraded to murder after the autopsy revealed that the cause of Tierra’s death was “homicidal violence.”

I have to be honest, I sort of hope this sorry sack of shit saves everyone the trouble of an arrest and trial and just takes his own damn life.  But then again, that sort of lets the fucker off easy.  Unless his method of taking his own life involves something slow and painful… Like drinking Draino.  Oh…. Here’s hoping…..

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Child Drowned Then Put To Bed

Syracuse, dad accused of murder 

Police accuse man of murdering 3-year-old son 

Syracuse man accused of drowning 3-year-old son 

Well, in Syracuse, New York, Marcell Washington has quite a bit of explaining to do – he drowned his child, Ameen, tucked him into bed, before going to a friend’s house. Mhmm, that sounds almost normal – save for the child’s usually bathed and still among the living before being tucked into bed. Usually if the parent goes out there’s a babysitter, but then again, no one needs to watch a corpse, so why look for one? *shudder*

But before the fatal bath and tuck into bed,Washington showed up at his friend’s house with kid in tow, and then left to make sure Ameen wouldn’t bother him before returning back to his friend’s. His friend noticed that Washington was acting strangely when asked where the wee guy was; so Washington’s friend drove him home and went into the house – which at this time Washington was high-tailin’ it out of there.  Which to me, provesWashingtonknew what he did was wrong. Washington’s two roomies called the paramedics, thinking that the little boy was unconscious.

This does come across as a shock for everyone, it appears. For the people mentioned in the article say that Washington worked hard to provide for Ameen and he was very devout in his beliefs. Well, his mother saysWashingtonheard voices and became paranoid in the last week – classic schizophrenia symptoms.  He wasn’t on drugs, police report, at the time of the killing nor did Washington have a dispute with Ameen’s mother, Ceritha Hammond – so it couldn’t be those motives.

While the possibility exists of him being mentally ill, it is obvious that Washington did know what he did was wrong.  He was found in the wee morning hours by his sister who turned him over the police.

R.I.P. Ameen, you are surely one of the most beautiful angels.

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Trout pout skank leaves baby unattended in the tub


Poor Trout Pout.... she's so sad.

Police: Mom Was On Computer When Baby Was Found In Tub 

Baby Who Drowned In Tub Born To Jailed Mother 

Mother Arrested After Baby Found Dead In Bathtub


While 39-year-old Muriel Keer’s infant son was breathing his final breaths, she was in the kitchen pounding away at her keyboard.  I supposed it never occurred to her that she should leave the 9-month-old alone in the tub.  Then again, this is a child who spent the first part of his short life in the custody of Denver Human Services because his mother was a drug whore, so why should his death be a surprise to anyone?

Before little Aldrich Leathers was even born, it seemed like his future was going to be pretty bleak.  Before his birth, Keer was arrested for drug possession.  While out on bond last fall, she was arrested again for violating probation by failing 2 drug tests for methamphetamine and opiates.  Pleading guilty for the methamphetamine possession, she received a suspended 4-year prison sentence and 4-years of intensive supervised probation.  She entered a drug treatment program and, in May, she regained custody of Aldrich.  After a month of monitoring his progress in her custody, Homan services deemed closed the case as if little Aldrich was okay in the custody of Ol’ Trout Pout.  They were wrong.

On Tuesday night, officers were called to the home.  Aldrich had been found unconscious in the tub by another adult in the home.  Not his “mother” who should have been watching him… Another adult.

Honestly, Trout Pout is the perfect example of why certain people should have their reproductive organs removed before they have a chance to reproduce.  In addition to her obvious skankery and just flat out being a burden on society, Keer was involved with Michael Leathers, a career criminal, whose list of illegal activities involve a possible murder for hire case, in  2009, where a man named Robert Walters murdered his wife, Brittney Brashers.  I don’t want to go into too much detail on that – you can follow the links for the details.  Walters, Keer and Leathers are pretty much cut from the same mold.  Anyhow, Leathers was thought to be the father of little Aldrich, but a paternity test proved otherwise. 

Keer has not been formally charged, but is being held on $10,000 bond for suspicion of child abuse resulting in death. 

Please, please remove her useless uterus before she does any more damage.

By the way… is that meth face that  I detect?

“I got something to say. My kids…I love ’em.”

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“I got something to say.  My kids…I love ’em.”  That was what the man above said when taken into custody for the MURDER of his two young sons. 

Let’s start at the beginning.  Last Monday was the start of school at Julia C Frazier Elementary school in Dallas, TX.  It was also 5-year-old Naim Muhammed’s first day of school ever.  His 22-year-old mother and 3-year-old brother, Elijah were walking him to school when their father Naim Rasool Muhammed snatched them.  He had gotten into an argument with the boy’s mother and the couple have a history of domestic violence and are separated.  He ordered them all in the car threatening to strike them with a brick if they didn’t do as he said according to police.  When their mother saw a Dallas constable she jumped from the car and ran to them for help at a red light.  Muhammed sped away in the car with her two boys inside.  “Get that car.  Get that car.  He’s got my kids.  He’s going to kill my kids!”  Their mother screamed at the constable. 

Several hours later a 911 call from Muhammed’s mother, Naimah Muhammed, led to his arrest.  She directed them to a nearby creek where he was found.  The bodies of Naim and Elijah, who had been drowned in the muddy creek water, were in his car.  The shocking find left officers shaken.  Authorities say that Muhammed had also tried to take his 1-year-old as well but an unidentified relative was watching the baby and refused to let him take the baby. 

Relatives say there had been a cookout on the prior Saturday to celebrate the children going to school where Muhammed and the children’s mother got into an argument and he was asked to leave.  Gabrielle Armstead, the children’s aunt, said “I knew he was trouble but I didn’t expect him to hurt his own kids.  He did yell alot and use the kids as a target, so he took the thing that was closest to her, and that was her boys.”  The surviving 1-year-old child is in the care of CPS while the police and CPS determine if there is any history of abuse.  Relatives say the mother feels as if she has lost all of her children.

Domestic violence all too often turns into this sort of story with one parent taking what will hurt the other parent the most, the children.  I can’t even imagine how this mother feels not being able to hold her surviving child after the deaths of her other two children.  And the so-called father who drowns his children in muddy creek water and then puts them back in his car?!?!  Killing your children is never the answer to a marital dispute and this one was most violent with him threatening the children and mother with a brick and trying to abduct all three. 

RIP Angels

Look at those sweet little faces!  Naim and Elijah so sorry for the violent way in which your lives ended.  Here’s hoping that heaven is bright and you find nothing but love there!

Thanks to Marcy for the tip!

A Toilet is NOT a Birthing Tub












Baby twins found in motel toilet, 1 dies

Newborn dead after twins found in Clarksville motel toilet

There is so much sadness to this story I’m not quite sure where to begin.

Police in Clarksville, IN were called to a motel room by a couple asking “How do you get babies out of a commode?” – not exactly your average 911 question.  The couple on the phone was 36-year-old Betsy L. Dalton and her boyfriend, 52-year-old Jerry Conrad.  Officers quickly arrived at the motel room but it took several times asking what was wrong before they were directed to the bathroom.  There they found two newborn babies, one boy and one girl, in the toilet.  The little girl began to cry immediately when she was removed from the toilet but sadly, officers were not able to revive the little boy and he was pronounced dead at Clark Memorial Hospital.

According to the couple, neither of them had any clue that Dalton was pregnant and when she went to the bathroom to relieve herself she got a little more than she bargained for.  Now, normally I might cry foul on the ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ line – it happens, more often than we think but come on, with twins!? – but, this case seems a little different.  The couple is described as “mentally challenged” so, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch that they truly didn’t know what was going on and just had no clue what to do when they discovered babies instead of pooh in the toilet.  According to a rep for a local homeless shelter, Dalton was a “resident” there for about three weeks in 2007 then in and out for several months after that until she was asked not to come back because of behavioral issues.  The rep said “There are people who need to be watched over and she was one.”  I can only assume these people have been failed for their entire lives and sadly that, in part, led to the death of a precious little boy.

The infant girl is listed in good condition at Kosair Children’s Hospital and is in CPS custody.  No charges have been filed against either Dalton or Conrad as the prosecutor’s office is awaiting the police report.  Dalton is in jail on unrelated charges – parole violations stemming from a 2007 theft conviction.

I guess this question still remains – are they actually mentally challenged and had no idea what in the blue hell was happening or are they truly evil people trying to snow the police and get out of a terrible situation unscathed?  Personally, I’m leaning towards the former and if that’s the case I hope they get the support they need to get their lives together and that the baby girl is adopted out to a wonderful family who will give her all the love and attention she so richly deserves.

Thanks go to Tina for the tip.

Rachel Sweet is not sweet at all

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Mom Faces Trial in Child’s Death

State of Missouri vs Rachel Sweet

RIP Cooper Sweet

Rachel Sweet of Osage County, Missouri has been charged with  involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment for the March drowning death of her 2-month old son, Cooper.

Seems that Miss not-so-Sweet left her little baby boy unattended in the bathtub while she was doing drugs and he drowned. Paramedics were briefly able to revive him after he was found unconscious in the bathtub, but he later died. Poor little man.

Apparently his shit-for-brains mother was well known in the small town of Linn, but not necessarily for what a wonderful person and mother she is. Court records show in 2008 she pleaded guilty to stealing, that same year she was charged with possession of a controlled substance. A year ago Sweet pleaded guilty to trespassing, then in august of 2010 she was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card. Later that year, in September she was charged with stealing and was placed on two years of unsupervised probation. Just one month later she pleaded guilty again to stealing. Fuck Rachel, get your fucking life together. Guess its too late for that now huh? I hope they lock you up and throw away the fucking key.

Neighbors have come forward to report that the family has been investigated by the Department of Social Services, but there are no details out there about that just yet. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — I love nosy neighbors and gossipy ones too.  Apparently its these same neighbors who called Social Services about this twat. Way to go, Neighbors!  It’s so incredibly unfortunate that in this case it didn’t pay off in the end.

RIP Cooper, sweet boy.

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Mother charged in the drowning death of 2-year-old daughter

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Missing girl dead, mom to be charged

Timeline of events in missing girls death 

On Thursday, May 19th at 11:30 pm Robert Parker said good night to his daughter-in-law Claudia Pedreros (30) and his 2-year-old granddaughter Sophia, before heading off to bed.  He had no idea his bedtime kiss from Sophia would be his last. 

He awakes at 5:45 am on May 20th, to find an empty house and the family vehicle missing.  Knowing Claudia has a tendency to leave he doesn’t get alarmed or file a missing person’s report.  Meanwhile, Pedreros’ dog, driver license and cell phone have been found.  At 8:25 am Parker, whose son is away studying for his master’s degree, files an official missing persons report for Claudia and Sophia with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.  A deputy is immediately dispatched due to Sophia’s age. 

Thirty-five minutes later… Pedreros is found walking naked along the highway.  While being questioned Pedreros says she does not remember having a daughter or how she ended up naked on the roadside.  Ok so we know where this is going… don’t we and it can’t be good.   Her vehicle was found around the same time at the Trinity River campground near by, but no Sophia.  All the personal items from within the car, except Sophia’s car seat, were found along the highway for about 10 miles. 

At 10:00 am Parker is notified that Claudia has been found but not Sophia, he leaves work and races home to meet the police at the home they all share.  I am sure hoping the whole way he just missed his beautiful granddaughter asleep in her crib.  But his hopes would be dashed as Sophia was in fact missing.  At 10:35 am Humboldt County Search and Rescue get the call and a search for the 2-year-old begins an hour later and goes on until midnight.  The search begins again in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 21st.

1:20 pm May 21st, Sophia Pedreros-Parker’s body is found in the Trinity River and her mother is charged with murder and one count of child endangerment. 

Humboldt County Sheriff Sgt. Wayne Hanson said deputies believe Pedreros was suffering from mental health problems or was under the influence of narcotics. 

Through an interpreter, Pedreros would eventually confess to police that she had drowned her daughter.  As of now her competency to stand trial is being debated with both the defense and prosecutors asking for their own doctors to consult with her.  Her husband said that after some soul searching he is standing behind his wife 100% and doesn’t believe in her right mind she would ever hurt their daughter. 

So what happened between 11:30 pm and 5:45 am, the police are saying Claudia made an ATM withdrawal at 12:30 am and her father-in-law said, while up briefly at 2 am, he seen her reading a book on the sofa.  Why did she do this to her beautiful daughter?  Was she mentally ill? Was it drugs?  Either way a little girl’s life was snuffed out by the woman who was supposed to protect and love her.  The image of this woman holding her 2-year-old daughter under water as she fights to survive, will give me nightmares forever. 

R.I.P. Sophia, an angel taken too soon.

Murder-Suicide — both parents in on it.

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Police Say Parents Planned Deaths of Skyline Family

San Diego family’s death may be a murder-suicide

Alfredo Pimienta, 44 of San Diego called a family member last Tuesday morning and asked him to come to his house to discuss a business arrangement. When that person arrived, what he found will truly haunt him forever.

He found Alfredo, along with  her 2 daughters Priscilla, 17, and Emily, 9, dead in the family pool. He called the authorities who later found the body of the wife/mother, Georgina, 38 in a bathtub inside, dead as well.  The cause of death has not been determined officially, although preliminary reports said that they drowned. Not sure how you drown yourself, so I’m thinking the cause of death, at least for 1 or both parents, will change.

Notes were found in the house written  by both parents, the notes discussed financial problems the family was having and also gave instructions about how funerals were to be planned and how to divy up family possessions.

Neighbors, friends, and family members are in shock and disbelief. They all can’t understand how any of this could have happened to what seemed to be a close-nit family that got along very well and seemed happy. Georgina was described as a loving and hard-working mother. Priscilla was noted to be very unique and special by her closest friends. Little 9-year old Emily was known around the neighborhood as a happy young girl who loved to ride her bike. Alfredo was a tow-truck operator who seemed to get along well with his wife, and happy. No one will really ever know why this happened or why these parents made the awful decision that they did.

I do know this, within the articles I read I found that Georgina’s parents lived nearby so these 2 had the option of sending their daughters off to their grandparent’s house and then dying together if that felt so strongly about it. How do you kill your own children and then yourself? What kind of remorse do you feel in those minutes between killing your kids and then yourself? This is something I can never imagine or have sympathy for. Kill yourself if you want to, but leave your innocent children out it.

RIP Priscilla and Emily – the world is a darker place without your smiling faces in it.

Alfredo Pimienta, 44, is seen with his wife, Georgina Pimienta, 38, and their daughters Priscilla, 17, and Emily, 9.