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Black Friday Truly the Darkest Day…..

Black Friday…..Sigh, usually this day denotes the kicking off of Christmas shopping and the holidays. One thing I have yet to understand about that day is why people kill themselves to brave crowds at the crack of dawn to save 50 bucks on a TV. Yet for some people like this genius, Anthony Perry, 34, that 50 dollar saving is so epically important that they are willing to not only get up stupid early but leave behind a child because they get in the way of shopping.
See Mr. Shop Happy up there?  He was supposed to be taking care of his girlfriend’s two year old child while she worked, but left the child unattended so he could go into K-Mart and buy a 51 inch TV. The store employees attempted to reach out to the owner of the Nissan Venza with the child locked inside at 1:30 am, but failed to reach Mr. Shop Happy… seeing as somehow he left the store with the TV. Police were called and forced to break into the car to retrieve the child. The child was taken to the Baystate Medical Center to make sure that he was ok.
The police later found Shop Happy dumbass at his home where he initially denied leaving the child in the car and stated that the child got lost during the shopping madness…claiming he freaked out and called someone else for a ride. The police stated to news sources that he never attempted to notify the police (what a douche) of a missing child.
Unfortunately the Shop Happy dumbass was not arrested, nor has he formally been charged with anything. If formally charged, he could be facing charges of reckless child endangerment. The incident has been referred to the state Department of Children and Families but the mother was not charged with anything, since she was working. The good news is that there are no dead babies in this story.
Thanks go to Rochelle for the tip AND the write up. 

Moron Moms – Southern Style

Let’s head down to those southern states this week and see what kinds Moronic Mommies we can find… shall we.

Christina Ann Reeves 

In Clarksville, TN Christina Ann Reeves (34) was arrested on Tuesday, August 28th, after police say she repeatedly hit her 11-year-old daughter for burning a grilled cheese sandwich.  Yes, you read that right child abuse due to burned grilled cheese, definitely a new one to BB.

Police received a child abuse call and responded to the family’s home around 6 pm.  When they arrived they would find that a young girl had been preparing grilled cheese sandwiches and accidentally burned one of them.  The key word here is “accidentally”.

Reeves would admit to police she was so angry over the burned sandwich she repeatedly hit her daughter in the face.  Damn… lady make the fucking sandwich yourself then… shit!  Her daughter had visible knuckle marks and bruising to her face.

Reeves was charged with child abuse/neglect. Her bond was set at $5000.

The next two Moron Moms are residents of Louisville,KY, must be something in the water there. 

Christa L. Johnson 

First up is, Christa L. Johnson (41), she’s been charged with one count of knowing abuse/neglect of an adult, a felony.

You see, Christa has a deaf, mentally-challenged daughter and it appears she likes to beat her up.  Back on July 15th, she became angry with her daughter argued with her and proceeded to hit her numerous times with her hand and various objects including a step ladder and wooded back scratcher.  Wait, hold up a damn minute… step ladder?  Really, wow!

Police were called after Adult Protective Services received reports that the victim had been locked out of the family home for several days.  APS took pictures of her injuries, which included bruising on her buttocks, arms, legs, back and right foot.  She would also tell police her mother had been abusing her for at least the last six years.

Johnson’s daughter is completely deaf and developmentally disabled.  She relies on others for assistance with her daily needs.  She is unable to use a deaf relay system to call for help on her own.

According to police Johnson isolates her daughter from the outside world.  I guess she would if she’s hitting her with a freakin step ladder.

Akon Atem Gak 

Last but not least we have Akon Atem Gak (25); she is facing two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor after her two children were found alone her apartment sick and smelling of urine and feces.  Lovely!

Gak’s apartment was scheduled to be sprayed for bugs, when the maintenance supervisor was notified that there weren’t just bugs in the apartment but two babies and no adults.  Barr, the maintenance supervisor, told police the children were both locked alone in separate rooms, both had snotty noses and dirty diapers.  The air conditioner was off and it was a steamy 81 degrees outside.

Barr called police who waited at the apartment for over an hour before Gak returned.  She told police she was at the library studying.  Ever hear of a babysitter?  David Nul the children’s father and Gak’s husband had left for work in the morning and was notified his wife had been arrested and the children taken to hospital that afternoon.

Gak was released on her own recognizance after a few hours in jail.

Thanks to Mandy for all the tips.

19 Children Left in Hell – Parents Went Out Of State

Mother arrested for leaving kids alone in hot Kentucky home 

Mother, Jackie Farah, charged after leaving 19 children in sweltering, filthy house

Police-Parents left 19 kids home alone with no food 

Good News or Bad News first?  *Flips a coin* Damn. Fine, Bad News it is.

Imagine the fun being one of six cousins going to Aunt Jackie and Uncle Joe’s house for the summer to spend time with thirteen other children that the two had from different relationships and decided to be a big family somewhat like the Brady Bunch.  Could be a lot of fun, right?

Yeah, but the Brady Bunch had a clean house, air conditioning, and food.  None of that was prevalent neither was Jackie Farah or Irving “Joe” Smith – the respective Aunt/Uncle these cousins were supposed to be visiting! Nope, the two *ahem* parents *ahem* had to leave out of state to Michigan for a family emergency….practically a week.  Car problems and such delayed their return. Can I get a “Bullshit!” please? Chances are they bit off more than they could chew and decided to go on a little ‘vay-cay’ of their own.

Yeah, during the heat wave in Bowling Green,Kentucky it got up to 101 degrees and there was no AC in that house.  Add to the fact none of the dogs are house broken – why would one of the room have an inch or more of feces in it? The smell of piss and shit would make the air hard to breathe on top of the stifling heat. I’ve watched Animal Cops retrieve critters in houses like that with respirators on and taking breaks to cool off OUTSIDE such conditions – I felt bad for them having to do the kitty/doggy round up in that. I’m infuriated that children had to be subjected to that!

No food in the house – the children had to go begging in the neighborhood at different times. Um, really how the hell do you have that many kids and invite more over long term without having food bought for that?  You got 19 kids ranging from babies to a teenager with no food…almost all of them are in the ‘vacuum’ appetite range to boot!

Good News – One neighbor, Annie Adams, call the cops to investigate the mess. She also noted how both parents never left for work either and there was always kids hanging around. Kids are taken to the hospital and are in custody of the State. Adams said that she’ll be moving out of fear of retribution from the Brady Bunch from Hell….

The bad auntie’s in the Big House with 14 charges of criminal abuse and five counts of wanton endangerment, no bail, but the bad uncle’s still at large.

Tip appreciation to Dee Turner. I scrounged up some additional links though.

Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for the write-up. 



Dallas woman accused of selling newborn online

Britany Hill. I guess I can see why she needed the money. She must have been a little short.

Police: Mother put child for sale on Craigslist:

Mom accused of trying to sell infant online claims it was an adoption:

Dallas police documents outline child abandonment case:

Texas mom denies trying to sell baby through Internet classified ad :

26-year-old Brittany Hill of Dallas, Texas was arrested recently for allegedly trying to sell her 4-month-old son online. I’ve seen reports that say it was either on craigslist or PennySaverUSA, both online classifieds sites. Luckily Hill was not selling the baby for sex which we have seen on this site too often lately.

Hill claims that she placed the ad for money needed for a lawyer in order to put the baby up for adoption. However a person who saw the ad and was interested in adopting the baby reported to police that they got cold feet when they found out that no lawyer would be involved. I’ve seen reports stating that the baby was being sold anywhere from $4000 to $6500.

But wait, there’s more. Hill is also facing child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving her son alone in their apartment. The apartment manager was doing welfare checks on tenants who were behind on his rent and found the baby on the floor unattended. Luckily the baby was unharmed. Hill allegedly said that she was having an anxiety attack and ‘needed a breather’ while she left her son alone for an hour while she walked to a nearby school. That’s peculiar to say the least.

In an interview with local media Hill denies trying to sell her son and says she was just trying to find a good home for him.

“I know that’s illegal,” she said Monday, speaking from jail. “I’m not stupid – that’s called, like, black-market something. I’ve read about it, I know.”

“Look deeper into it instead of just being like, ‘OK, that’s what it is. She’s trying to sell her child,'” Hill added. “Screw that, you know. It’s not like that.”


Hill also has other children that are no longer in her custody. One was adopted by another family in 2009 and other have been adopted by her parents.

Apparently Hill just can’t stop from getting pregnant….

“I will never have any more children,” she said. “If I could have had a hysterectomy, I would have done it a long time ago.”

Where’s the federal program for that idea if someone is willing to have it done?

Anyway I’m not really here to bash Hill too much. I don’t think she acted maliciously here. Irresponsible yes but not malicious. She was able to have her other children successfully and legally adopted previously so as of right now I can’t see why her intentions would be otherwise in this case.

The main reason I really wanted to post this story is to highlight the idea that there should be better laws and programs in place to make adoption easier not only for adoptive parents but also those who are giving up children for adoption. In this day and age when a baby’s life has become so disposable how about a little more education and encouragement for adoptions?

Squalor, squatting and DCFS fail

Toddler left home alone, falls out of window

Mother charged after toddler falls from second-story apartment in MarquettePark


22-year-old Vernisha Carter gets a court date for being a failure as a parent.  What the lucky bitch doesn’t get to do is identify a tiny body or pay for a funeral.  You see, she’s a lucky fucker.  Unlike most babies that grace the pages of, little Jeremiah Carter is still alive.

After9 p.m.Tuesday night, Vernisha and her main squeeze left 2-year-old Jeremiah home alone to go fetch some food.  A neighbor found little Jeremiah on the ground outside of the supposedly vacant apartment building.  The baby had fallen from a second story window, escaping with only a scrape on his head.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Carter’s man claims that the pair was only gone for 5 to 7 minutes.  Anyone with an IQ higher than 15 knows you don’t leave a baby alone for ANY length of time.

The couple and the baby were squatting in the vacant apartment building and were living in squalor.  Hopefully Carter will be squatting behind bars and Jeremiah will be in the arms of a loving family with a little sense.

Just so we’re clear – Verninsha is not the only one who failed Jeremiah.  Neighbors say that they contacted DCFS about the apartment prior to this incident and got no response.  Good ol’ DCFS.

Carter is being charged with endangering the life of a child and reckless conduct. She’s due back in court in July.

How Jeremiah survived his mother’s dumbfuckery is a miracle, but I sure am glad he did.  I think he has a greater purpose in this life than government check for his mother.

Thanks go to Barroness for this tip.

Hey, if we go to the casino can u listen for the boys

Parents Arrested After Reportedly Leaving Children Home Alone To Go To Parx Casino:

It’s no secret that I grew up around Atlantic City, New Jersey. When I was 21 the casinos there were a lot of fun. It was a great place to take a date for a show and a dinner if you had the cash. It was also a great place to take friends that were from out-of-town. What they aren’t is a reason to leave your kids home alone while you played the quarter slots.

For example take the case of 24-year-old Nicole Donahue and 29-year-old Ryan Feyh of Levittown, Pennsylvania. This past Friday they allegedly decided to hit Parx Casino in nearby Bensalem, PA. Instead of trying to find a sitter they texted their neighbors.

“Hey, if we go to the casino around 11 or so can u listen for the boys they are sleeping right now.”

Followed by another text that read:

“Guess u are sleeping.”

Apparently that wasn’t discouragement enough to keep them from hitting the keno parlor.

One of their kids must be a light sleeper or needed a scratch off because their 2-year-old son decided to take off to the local supermarket. Luckily he was found by a good Samaritan who called police. The boy motioned towards their apartment where police found his 4-year-old brother still sleeping.

According to reports the Breeders tried saying that they were out running errands. If by errands they mean splitting on two aces then yes they were running errands.

The kids are now in the custody of other family members and ironically the Breeders must not have won enough at the casino because they were unable to post bail.

Not to stereotype an entire city but for most of my life I’ve had family that lived in a very trailer trash section of Philly. Instead of trailers they lived in row homes. I even lived there for a while myself and I used to refer to it as a vertical trailer park. Living there I had never met a more concentrated area of degenerate gamblers in my life. These people would bet on two c*ckroaches racing which unfortunately was an all too common occurrence. The check cashing place where I used to cash my paycheck also sold lottery tickets and they made money hand over fist that way.

There’s just something about the Philly area that makes people think that gambling is a priority over their kids. I’m surprised we haven’t heard more stories like this.

Thanks to Beth and Cheri for the tips.

Salem breeder slashes her kids’ throats and set the place on fire

Goodwin: ‘I Did What I Had To Do To Protect My Children’
Kids found slashed in home fire; mom charged
Tanicia Goodwin Charged With Slashing Kids’ Throats, Setting Apartment On Fire

Tanicia Goodwin, alleged baby throat slasher and arsonist.


I don’t usually start my stories telling you the ending, but I feel I must in this case. The two kids in this story are still alive. In critical condition, but alive nonetheless.

Tanicia Goodwin, 25, of Salem, MA, did the unthinkable (don’t they all?).  She has been charged with two counts of assault with intent to murder, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and arson after she slit the throats of her 2 babies, doused them in lighter fluid,  and set her apartment on fire.  She sits in jail without bond while the she waits for her court date next week.  She has plead not guilty.

Not sure how you plead not guilty after you walk into a police station covered in blood and lighter fluid, smash a glass display case in the lobby, then say  “I did what I had to do to protect my children.”   According to police, she smelled of lighter fluid, had red liquid on her clothing and ash on her hands. Police said she had a “superficial” cut on her neck as well.  “I’m sorry, I had to protect my babies,” she told police. Fuck, protect them from what? The boogie man doesn’t have shit on you lady.

Back at her apartment, her kids were being rescued by firefighters. Her 8-year old boy Jamal, was found inside the apartment with his throat slashed so deeply that his trachea was showing. He wasn’t able to speak or move, and hardly able to breath. When firefighters asked him if his mother did this to him, he was able to nod.  Her 3-year old, Erica, was found face down and bleeding from her throat at a neighbor’s empty apartment. Tanicia had gone to this neighbor’s apartment with her and the firefighters actually saw them both before responding to the fire, but didn’t notice the girl’s wounds. Didn’t the fucking neighbors notice? While everyone was evacuating the building, she dumped her little girl on the couch face down, and left her alone to run to the police station. It was only by chance that a firefighter happened upon her while checking apartments to be sure everyone had gotten out safely.

As if it could get worse,  not only did she set the fire but also disabled the apartment’s smoke alarms, removed the interior doorknob and blocked the vents and nearly every sprinkler with duct tape and rags. Guess she really wanted to get the job done.  In her interview with police, she wouldn’t say much at first. She kept asking about the well being of her children, asking if they were alive.  “I’m not supposed to be here. … I’m not supposed to be alive”, she told them.  Guess she was going to off herself too, too bad that didn’t work out.  Police asked her if her husband or boyfriend had hurt her kids and she nodded no. When they asked her if she had hurt them, she shook her head yes.

Police recovered three cans of lighter fluid at the apartment, as well as a large kitchen knife,  which they believe to be what she used to cut her kids.

Both children were flown to Children’s Hospital Boston in critical condition. Nurses  had to wipe lighter fluid off both children before they could be treated. They’ve both undergone surgeries and Jamal is listed as critical condition as of yesterday, Erica in stable condition.

Another tidbit about Tanicia is that she only regained custody of Jamal in 2010 after voluntarily giving him up in 2007 to a cousin so that she could earn her GED and college degree. Um ok. I’ll refrain from commenting on this.  But I will ask, you can’t go to school and be a mom like the fucking rest of us?

Thank GOD Jamal and Erica are alive. If we can find a silver lining, that’s it.  No word on their dad or dads. Or on any family members stepping up to take care of these babies while this c*** serves her time. I hope they don’t end up in the system, but I suppose anywhere is better than with her. I hope she gets more than a slap on the wrist for her brutalities and direct disregard for human life. I smell an insanity pleas though and a “history of mental illness” story as well. Let’s hope the judge gets it right though.

Thanks to all who sent in the tips on this one.

Mommy splits for NY with live-in penis, leaves son behind

Mother Locked Disabled Son In Rodent-Infested Trailer – Fed Him 4 TImes A WEEK – Then Split To NYC 



Police were called to the cow you see above, 36-year-old Amanda Jolliff’s, mobile home park, located in Erie, CO, after a neighbor noticed her 14-year-old disabled son, who was not identified, hiding underneath his porch with his mother nowhere in sight. Her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Robert Smith was also nowhere to be found.

The neighbor told police Jolliff and Smith had taken a bus to New York two weeks ago, and other people who lived in the home had moved away leaving the boy to fend for himself. I am assuming no one knew the boy was along until he was found under the porch of his neighbor. If that is the case then I give many thanks to this neighbor for doing the right thing in calling the authorities and saving this young man’s life.

When police searched the home they detected an “overpowering odor of animal feces and urine.” Puke. They also were met with mice scurrying throughout the residence, as well as,  two dogs, a macaw, two c*ckatiels, a c*ckatoo, two ducks and four toads. Not the worst case of many animals we’ve seen, but I’ve never understood the need for a petting zoo running loose in your home. Police also said the boys bedroom was boarded up, and there was also a lock on the outside of his door. When they inspected the food pantry they found bags of spaghetti noodles that had been chewed open by mice and contaminated by their feces. Double puke! I hope this boy was not fed these contaminated noodles before his egg-donor and her penis left him there, but I am certain that he was. But wait, there’s more!

The boy told police his mom would lock him in his room, letting him out only to clean up after the ducks. He said that since 2008 he was fed spaghetti or macaroni a mere four times a week. Yes, you read that right. That wonderful birth-organism only fed him some kind of noodle, four times a week, for the last three years at a point in his life where he was going to need the extra nutrients for the onset of puberty. How fucking wonderful of her, right? The boy also told the cops that he was supposed to be home-schooled, but he had not received any education since his “mother” removed him from his public school in 2008. Sounds to me that she met her vag-filler in 2008, began abusing her son around this same time because of said vag-filler, and did everything she possibly could to conceal it. Maybe the dip shit who was fucking her told her that her disabled son deserved to be treated like an animal for not being “normal,” or that maybe being closed off and starved would “fix” her son. I don’t care why or the reason, she obviously didn’t care too much for her son if she’s willing to imprison him, starve him, and then abandon him, probably to leave him for dead.

When Jolliff was located by police and questioned, she admitted to locking up the boy because he would run away (gee, I wonder why you dumb bitch) and “used to irritate me really bad.” You have got to be fucking kidding me! She did not give a reason as to why she would starve him.

Amanda Jolliff, 36, is charged with false imprisonment, child abuse, and at-risk neglect of her son, according to a statement from the Weld County District Attorney’s Office. Richard Smith, also was charged, it said. They were jailed on $20,000 bond each.

Nothing stated if the boy was placed with a relative or in foster care.

***Thanks go to Shannon for the tip***





7 children, 1 trailer, no heat, little food and no moms


Karina and Maria Medina

7 children found in alone in freezing home 

Eight hours… eight freakin hours that’s how long seven children ranging in age from 18-months to 13-years-old were left alone in trailer with no heat and little food, by their mothers, sisters Maria (37) and Karina (27) Medina.

Wanna know what they were doing… go ahead take a guess… at a party drinking.  Betcha didn’t see that comin’ did ya?  Oh, come on you know you did, we all did!

Anyhow, the Santa Fe Sherriff’s deputies got a call from a neighbor of the drunken dimwits at about 2am Saturday, November 5th.  She was worried, pretty sad when the neighbor cares more about the children than the women who gave birth to them.  When police arrived they found all the children alone, wrapped in blankets to keep warm, the thermostat in the trailer read 32 degrees.  Even more alarming was the fact that there was little to no food for the children.  WTF!

Now for the icing on the cake… it’s not like the furnace broke after the assholes left and the kids gobbled up all the food in the house in their absence.  They left them there alone knowing the furnace was broke and there was no food.  I guess when the urge to party hits you, fuck the kids there’s drinking to be done!

No worries though they came right home when called by the deputies… that’s all good except that the freakin idiots topped off their already stupid bullshit behavior by driving drunk.  Classy ladies, really classy!

The Medina sisters were charged with seven counts of abandoning and abusing a child.  Karina was also charged with drunk driving.  Their bonds were set at $25,000.

 P.S.  Am I the only one with the urge to smack that stupid grin off Karina’s ugly mug?



The Abner Twin’s – Evil times 2

Twin sisters face murder charges in burning deaths of 3 toddlers 

Mothers charged with murder in deaths of 3 children killed in Atmore fire

Bond Set For Sisters Charged With Murder In Fire Deaths

The sadness I feel when we get tips for a murdered child who leaves behind a twin sibling is almost unbearable. I know the bond between twins runs deep. I never would have thought the bond would include murder.

Earlier this month, twin sisters Akeevia Lajoseia Abner and Tekeevia Lajoseialan Abner (18), were arrested and charged in the deaths of their 3 children. 3-year-old Aniyia Abner, 3-year-old Takia Abner and 22-month-old Michael Coleman died alone in a home fire. Yes… ALONE!! 3 young children home alone is almost always a recipe for disaster. Add in the mix an oven left open and… Viola!! Murder most foul.

It was before 8 pm on November 2nd when fire fighters arrived at the home. By then home was completely engulfed in flames and all 3 children were found unconscious and suffering burns; one in a bedroom and the other two in a hallway. There was a mattress blocking the living room door.

All 3 children died a short while after arriving at the hospital. The initial cause of death was listed as smoke inhalation. You gotta wonder when “acts of selfish dumb fuckery” will be a viable cause of death.

There was no mention which child belonged to which dumb fuck, but I guess it’s not really important. All 3 are gone and no longer belong to either of these selfish bitches.

The Abner twins are each being charged with 3 counts of reckless murder and are being held on $300,000 bond. If convicted, they face up to life in prison on each count.

Thanks go to every one who sent this one in.


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