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Casey Parsons can’t keep her mouth shut

Erica Parsons' missing poster

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Adoptive mom disputes financial aspect article on missing teen Erica Parsons:

This story is a week old but you should be used to my tardiness by now.

Anyway local TV station WBTV recently did a story about how the adoptive parents of Erica Parsons were allegedly still collecting government benefits meat for Erica the entire time she’s been missing. It seems that Casey Parsons, Erica’s adoptive mother, is one of those people who has to react to anything. I’m surprised she hasn’t shown up[ here yet. She’s basically saying that her and her husband are due the money and that we shouldn’t question it….

My husband and I have never ever signed our rights away for Erica. We are still legally responsible for her.Please keep reading and make sure to even read the special paragraph the state writes about a child even leaving home. “Out-of-Placements” These statements are made out of the mouth of our own Government. Exactly what my husband and I did for Erica. We had an Out-of-Home arrangement.

Except there’s two things that probably need clarifying. Was any of that money used on Erica? Did you send any of it to Erica’s allegedly imaginary new caretaker? If I had to lay odds I would say no to both.

By the way have you had your trip to New Orleans yet?

Casey Parsons going to New Orleans to ‘find Erica’

Erica Parsons' missing poster

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Adoptive parents of missing teen headed to New Orleans, hope to find answers:

Sometimes you just have to sit slack-jawed and marvel at how some people overestimate their ability to bullshit the public. For example take Casey Parsons, the adoptive mother of missing North Carolina teen Erica Parsons. Casey spoke with a local news station to tell them that she will be going to New Orleans in hopes of finding Erica. The reason she picked New Orleans is because that’s where Erica’s biological mother lives. You see, it seems like Casey is still trying to deflect any suspicion away from her and towards Erica’s birth mother and the mysterious ‘Nan’ that they dropped Erica off with.

“We’re just going around to the area where I know that Carolyn lived,” Parsons told Harry, referring to Carolyn Parsons, the biological mother of Erica. “The last little questions that we had in the little interview we had with the FBI, we were under the impression that Carolyn just knows more that she’s coming forth with and saying and there’s a little bit, of course, Carolyn is the one that led me to Nan, well, led Nan to us, and Nan knew all my information and the one common factor is Carolyn.”

I wonder if she’ll run into O.J. while he’s looking for Nicole Brown’s real killer. Whoops, I forgot O.J. was locked up. Or maybe she’ll find ‘Nan’ and Zenaida Gonzalez drinking Hurricanes on Bourbon Street while Bigfoot throws beads at them.

You know it’s less than a day’s driving from New Orleans to the Mexican border. Just sayin’.

Giovanni Gonzalez’s father ruled incompetent to stand trial in son’s disappearance

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Ernesto and Giovanni Gonzalez

Age progressed photo of Giovanni Gonzalez as of 2011

Age progressed photo of Giovanni Gonzalez as of 2011

Judge: Man incompetent to stand trial of missing son:

Not only has it been over a year since Giovanni Gonzalez’s disappearance has been mentioned in the media, it’s been five years since he first went missing. For those of you not familiar with his story in 2008 a then 5-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez was picked up by his father so he could spend the weekend with him in Lynn, Massachusetts. Once the weekend was over Giovanni was not returned to his mother and his father, Ernesto Gonzalez, claimed he had no idea where his son was. Some of Giovanni’s blood was found in Ernesto’s apartment but it was not enough to prove any kind of murder had taken place and Giovanni’s body has never been found. Ernesto Gonzalez has been sitting in jail since his son first disappeared.

Unfortunately the most recent development is not such great news. This past week a Massachusetts judge ruled Ernesto Gonzalez incompetent to stand trial in Giovanni’s disappearance. While Ernesto Gonzalez probably won’t be going free anytime soon due to his mental state and other pending charges I’m afraid that Giovanni may never come home now.

Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother blames bio mom and imaginary friend for disappearance

Erica Parsons' missing poster

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Exclusive: Casey Parsons opens up about missing teen:

Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother blames birth mom for disappearance:

Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to mention Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother’s name on here since she has yet to be charged with a crime but since it’s already out there you can’t un-ring the bell plus I find it ironic that her name is Casey. Speaking of Caseys, Casey Anthony should sue Casey Parsons for plagiarism.

In recent interviews with the local news not only has Casey Parsons blamed the possibly fictional Irene ‘Nan’ Goodman that no one can prove ever existed but now she’s also blaming Erica’s biological mother, Carolyn Parsons.

“Carolyn is the key,” she said.

Casey says she let Erica move in with a woman named Irene or “Nan” almost two years ago. She says at the time she believed “Nan” was Erica’s biological grandmother.

“We don’t know who Nan is. But I think those answers are going to come from Carolyn,” she said.

“Carolyn is the one that sent “Nan” to us, and if Carolyn really cared, I don’t think she’d go away to Louisiana,” Casey said.

Carolyn says she went home to Louisiana just a few days ago to spread the word about Erica’s disappearance there.

The problem with this scenario is the fact that Casey Parsons and her husband were the ones receiving the state benefit checks for Erica. If Carolyn Parsons and the alleged Irene Goodman were taking Erica wouldn’t they want the benefits that went with her?

Someone is going to get so wrapped up in their own lies that it will be their downfall. We can only hope that it leads to finding Erica safe but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it.

Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents prefer the feds over local cops

Erica Parsons' missing poster

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Casey and Sandy Parsons feel more comfortable with federal investigators:

According to the attorney of Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents it seems they prefer dealing with the FBI rather than the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office. Supposedly the FBI is treating Erica’s disappearance more like a missing persons case while Rowan County is treating it like a murder investigation. Not to make light of the situation but…


I mean it has to be one or the other right? It’s probably that the FBI is better trained in accommodating bullshit.

Oh, and get this. The mystery grandmother who no one cam seem to prove exists now has a nickname. Now she’s Irene ‘Nan’ Goodman. Next they’ll probably be like “Oh did we say Asheville? We meant Nashville. Yeah she lives in Tennessee.”

Bust out your hip waders Salisbury because you’re knee-deep in it.

(For those of you outside The States who don’t get the ‘Why not both?’ reference go here.)

Did Erica Parsons send IM to bio mom?

Erica Parsons' missing poster

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Online chats contradict parents’ story about missing teen Erica Parsons:

You can see my original post on Erica Parsons here.

The Salisbury Post has obtained transcripts of online chats that allegedly took place between Erica Parsons’ adoptive mother and her biological mother after the time that Erica was last seen by anyone.

If you’ll recall Erica was last seen in November of 2011 but was reported missing just this past July.

In January of Erica’s biological mother allegedly received a message from the adoptive mother’s account where someone claiming to be Erica said she didn’t want any contact with her biological mother anymore. Then in November of 2011 adoptive mom told bio mom that Erica was camping. Lastly in a message from March of this year adoptive mom allegedly says that she recently saw Erica.

Remember the adoptive family says that Erica is with her biological grandmother in Asheville that nobody can seem to prove exists. Let’s also remember that the adoptive parents were allegedly receiving government checks for Erica the entire time since November of 2011.

It seems obvious to almost everyone what’s really happened here but a fear of prison can make people not only lose their conscience, if they had one to begin with, but it can also make them think that they’re smarter than everyone else. Erica will eventually be found and people will go to jail for it.

Erica Parsons hasn’t been seen in two years, reported missing last month

Erica Parsons in 2010

Erica Parsons in 2010

Erica’s mom: Adoptive parents are not forthcoming:

Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents move out of Salisbury home:

How Erica could disappear and no one notice:

I apologize for not posting about Erica Parsons. Even though the story is a month old and is happening not too far from where I live I’ve been so involved in my own little world that I hadn’t heard her story until recently. If you’re like me and have not heard Erica’s story here’s what is known.

Erica’s biological mother gave her up for adoption in 2000 when Erica was 2. Erica’s was adopted by her biological mother’s in-laws who line in Salisbury, North Carolina. I’m not going to name them because they have not been charged with a crime…yet.

Last month Erica’s adopted brother reported her missing. After authorities investigated her disappearance it turns out that no one has seen Erica since 2011. Her adoptive parents allegedly claim that they dropped her off at a McDonald’s in Mooresville, NC so she could go live with her paternal grandmother, Irene Goodman, in Asheville, NC. Except police can’t find an Irene Goodman and Erica’s biological mother says that Erica’s paternal grandmother died five years ago.

Erica was allegedly home-schooled by her adoptive parents and the parents allegedly collected state checks the entire time Erica was missing. On top of that they recently moved out of their home where investigators found books and magazines about JonBenet Ramsey.

A lot pf people would be quick to compare Erica’s story to that of Zahra Baker since they happened relatively not too far from each other. However I would say this is more like Caylee Anthony especially considering they say that Erica was dropped off with an allegedly fictitious person. Irene Goodman is the Zenaida Gonzalez of the Erica Parsons story.

Enhanced photo showing how Erica may look today.

Enhanced photo showing how Erica may look today.

Maybe Erica is alive and her adoptive parents are only guilty of fraud. Unfortunately these stories usually do not have such happy endings.

Baby kidnapped at knife-point by predatory sperm donor

Man suspected of kidnapping Sydney toddler named

Urgent search for baby boy abducted at knifepoint from Sydney home

Search for Zayden: father abducts son at knifepoint

Baby and 16-year-old mother abducted at knifepoint

Father abducts son at knifepoint from Sydney home

Police are frantically searching for a baby boy and his sperm donor after the he took the baby boy at knife point from his home in Sydney’s west.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and possible chimo.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and predator of young girls.

Looks like Casey's Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter

Looks like Casey’s Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter



Steven Hume (24) allegedly broke into the house on Kenthurst Place, Chester Hill about 8.30pm last night, and threatened the occupants with a knife. He then grabbed a 16 year old girl, Casey Mifsud and a baby boy, named Zayden (or Xayden), and threw them in the back of his black Toyota Camry, NSW number plate AN-22-XX. He punched Casey in the face and threw her out at Douglas Park around 10pm and kept driving with Zayden. The car was later found at 6.50am on Avon Dam Road, at Bargo, in the NSW Southern Highlands. It had crashed into a tree and there were no signs of the sperm donor or the baby anywhere near the car.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

Police are understandably worried for the welfare of Zayden. The sperm donor, not so much. They may have been injured in the crash. Presumably, they’re travelling on foot through the Southern Highlands. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the middle of winter here. The NSW Southern Highlands has extreme weather conditions and is very, very cold and windy at the moment. It can snow at any time of the year there. I was there not too long ago and it was absolutely freezing. If the stupid sperm donor doesn’t hand himself in, Zayden could possibly die from hypothermia there.

Steven Hume is described as being Caucasian, between 165-175cm tall, with brown hair and wearing a blue jumper and green track pants. He also has tattoos on his arms. If anyone has any information or may have seen the sperm donor, they must call 000.

A few articles state that Casey Mifsud, the 16 year old girl that the sperm donor kidnapped, was in fact the baby’s mother. I really hope not, otherwise we’re dealing with some less than stellar grandparents who let a 24 year old man hang around their 16 year old daughter and then let her have his baby. (Jeez, find someone your own age, chimo!) Abortion and contraception are cheap and widely available in Australia. Maybe the news just got it mixed up, and the girl’s older sister is the mother.

Marco Mifsud, Casey's grandfather, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Marco Mifsud, Casey’s father, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Seriously, Marco, as soon as you found out that this creep was hanging around your teenage daughter, you should have just blown the fucker’s head off with a shotgun. Save you the world of trouble.

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin'!

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin’!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!




Where is Levon Wameling?

Jevon Wameling, N.Y. father, reported infant son missing two weeks after disappearance, police say

Mother pleads for help finding her baby, missing for TWO WEEKS as his father didn’t report it to police

9 month old Levon Wameling is missing

9 month old Levon Wameling is missing

Levon Wameling (9 months) has gone missing from his home in Utica, NY. He was last seen by his father Jevon Wameling (27), who waited TWO WEEKS to tell his parents that his baby boy had gone missing!

According to Utica police, they were informed of Levon’s disappearance on June 11 from an attorney of the relatives, even though Mr. Wameling last saw his son in May. The family’s lawyer told police that Jevon had left Levon on the porch of their house, while he went around the back to unlock the back door after locking himself out. When he returned to get the baby, he had mysteriously disappeared…

Jevon had custody of Levon after his baby mama Amy Warney was in rehab. As I stated above, Jevon didn’t tell the police of Levon’s disappearance. But he did tell his parents, Levon’s grandparents, who then told their attorney, who then told police. So it was sort of like a game of Chinese Whispers, but instead of a tongue twister or a limerick, it was the safety and wellbeing of a child being passed around the circle. And Jevon only came forward about it to Amy, when she asked where Levon was.

Amy Warney is obviously distraught over the disappearance of her baby Levon. She’s pleading with any witnesses to come forward and speak with police. She was trying to do the right thing, going to rehab to get herself off the booze or the drugs so she could give her son a better life. She trusted Levon’s father to look after their baby boy.

Jevon is now named as a “person of interest”. Given that he was the last person to see Levon and that he did not come forward about his son’s disappearance, he knows more about what happened to Levon than what he’s letting on. I don’t know much about babies, but I’ve done a quick Google and it would be very unusual for a 9 month old to be up and walking. So Levon didn’t disappear on his own. Someone most likely took him, but then Jevon would have reported it immediately and directly to police if that were the case. Police are very suspicious of Jevon’s actions following the disappearance of his baby. He has a criminal record – he was charged in May 2010 with resisting arrest, escaping police custody and harassment after he was arrested for possessing brass knuckles. In 2009 he was busted with pot. Neighbours say that the police are regularly called to the home because of screaming. Jevon didn’t bother to look for his son after he realised he was missing.

Police searched for Levon using sniffer dogs and helicopters, but bad weather has hampered search efforts. Levon is 9 months old, has brown eyes, black hair and is bi-racial, according to his Missing Person poster. Anyone with information should call Utica police on 315-223-3501,  315-223-3503, or 315-223-3510.



Amy Warney, Levon's mother

Amy Warney, Levon’s mother

Jevon Wameling, Levon's unconcerned and complacent father

Jevon Wameling, Levon’s unconcerned and complacent father

Thanks to crys for the tip!


Kiesha Weippeart’s body was set on fire and buried after her death

Kiesha Weippeart’s body ‘set alight and buried’ after death

Kiesha Weippeart’s dad found dead at home

Kiesha’s mother faces trial for her murder

Kristi Abrahams is a foul cock-gobbler and a murderer


Robert Smith is a piece of shit child-killer

Maggots crawling through dog shit. Both should be infected with cholera.


For those of you who don’t know, the disappearance and death of Kiesha Weippeart was a very big deal here in Australia. Back in 2010, 6 year old Kiesha disappeared. Her egg donor Kristi Abrahams and the vaginal occupant Robert Smith were uncooperative and secretive, offering different stories about her disappearance. Little Kiesha’s body was found in bushland in April 2011. Details of the little girl’s death and how the pet pussy plug disposed of her body have just come to light now.

The cunt-plug knew that Kiesha was unwell, but left for work anyway, leaving the 6 year old girl home alone. When he returned, he found Kiesha could not be revived. So what did he do? Did he ring an ambulance? Call the police? NO! That would get him into trouble for leaving Kiesha unattended! It was all about him and keeping himself out of jail, than about trying to save Kiesha’s life! He put her body into a suitcase and left it in her room, while he rode around Sydney’s west on a bike looking for a grave site. If he’d put the same amount of effort into actually caring for Kiesha that he did looking for somewhere to dispose of her body and cover his own arse, he wouldn’t have been in this position! When the knobhead finally found somewhere, he caught a taxi with Kiesha’s body in the suitcase and put it in the grave. Then he doused her little body with petrol and set her alight.

The cunt-plug was arrested that same month and charged with manslaughter and gross negligence in December 2011. His dick warmer and Kiesha’s incubator was arrested and charged with manslaughter and being an accessory after the fact, as she knew her dildo had neglected Kiesha and knew damn well what had happened to her and where she was, but lied to the authorities to protect her toy penis. During her trial she chatted happily with her bedwarmer and had her neck tattoos clearly visible. This isn’t a woman mourning the death of her child, this is a trampy bitch who couldn’t give two shits about her child dying and who cares more about her pet penis! Both of them should be eaten by dingoes!

Kiesha’s real dad Chris Weippeart, was found dead in his home in November last year. His death was not suspicious, as he was a diabetic and wasn’t eating properly due to the stress of Kiesha’s murder. Now at least Kiesha has someone who loves her to look after her.

Kiesha Weippeart

Have fun with your Dad, Kiesha.

Kiesha Abrahams

Rest in Peace little Kiesha. Your cheeky smile lives on in the hearts of the nation.

Rest in Peace Chris. Reunited with your darling daughter Kiesha.