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Kansas updates their Safe Haven law

Speaking of safe haven laws, because we were you know, a new safe haven law went into effect in the state of Kansas as of July 1st.

Previously there was an issue with identifying the parent who dropped off their child after one mother was sought because authorities thought she was in medical danger. The new law makes identification less of an issue except where abuse is suspected.

You can read the new law here. (PDF file)

Thanks to CW for the assist.

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

Time to talk about Safe Haven laws again

I must be getting soft in my old age. Tipster Misty sent me a story about a 27-year-old woman from Florida who gave birth at home then placed the newborn in a trash bag where she died. I used to go ballistic over reading stories like this but for some reason now I couldn’t be too harsh on this woman. We don’t know her situation.

The woman was Hispanic and lived with her adult siblings and mother. We don’t know what was going on at the home. We don’t know if the woman herself was in danger from the family if it was revealed or from someone else. She has been charged with manslaughter however. Instead of piling on this woman I decided it was time to talk about the state Safe Haven Laws in the U.S. again.

Each of the 50 states has their own law in which you can drop off a newborn baby at certain places safely with no questions asked. With so many of these stories that constantly show up in the news it makes me wonder if the states are not doing enough to inform the public about these laws. So I’m going to give them a little hand.

For instance this story took place in Florida and according to Florida’s Safe Haven law

You can leave your baby, up to 7 days old, with an employee at any hospital, emergency medical services station or with a fire fighter at any fire station in Florida.

They also have a crisis line you can call at 1-877-767 BABY (2229).

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

GA breeder stabs her newborn to death

Athens woman charged with murder for fatally stabbing her newborn son

Police: Georgia mom stabs newborn baby to death, possibly just hours after birth

21-year-old Cassandra Elyse Norwood from  Athens Georgia has been charged with the murder of her newborn son.  According to the police, mommy dearest lived with her parents and other family members (who were all clueless that she was expecting).  How did they not know she was pregnant and about to blow??  Apparently when labor struck, she went to a different part of the house where no one could hear her give birth.  I’m sorry but if there are no pain meds involved i cant believe no one could hear her!  Anyway, Shortly after his birth, within minutes or hours (tbd by autopsy) she decided to stab and cut the little man to death.  Someone in the home found the body around 1pm Thursday and called 911.

Mommy dearest was arrested Friday but was placed in the hospital to be treated for blood loss from the labor.  She has been charged with murder and will be placed in jail as soon as she is released from the hospital.  I say let her bleed….to death!  Stupid ass does not deserve to live. 

There was no apparent motive and no apparent mental condition to cause this poor baby’s death.  The police are looking for the father.

Maybe the inmates will take turns slicing and dicing her ass and leave her to bleed to death!!

***Thanks for the tips and the write up go to Leslie.

14-year old strangles her newborn son to death

Cassidy Goodson, 14-Year-Old, Murders Her Newborn Baby:
Teen Charged With Killing Her Newborn Son

Cassidy Goodson, 14-year old baby killer

The list of people that you’ll see in hell certainly isn’t getting any shorter. Person to add to that list? 14-year old Cassidy Godson of Lakeland, Fl.  She did the absolute unthinkable. She had a baby in her  family home and after he was born healthy and fine – she strangled him to death. Then she hid his little body in a shoe box in her closet so that her family wouldn’t find out. To call this fucked up would be the understatement of the fucking century.

Cassidy hid her pregnancy from her family, according to reports.  She was 100 lbs and the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds when he was born. Did you do that math yet? How do you hide that growing belly without anyone noticing?  My bullshit detector is going off.  She claims she wore big clothing to mask the pregnancy.  Two of her aunts thought  her eggo was preggo, and they were reported saying that Cassidy’s mother was in complete denial. Cassidy tried to prove that she wasn’t pregnant by producing 2 negative pregnancy tests. Tests that she was allowed to take alone in the bathroom.

Cassidy went into labor on September 19th. She went into the bathroom at home, stuck a towel in her mouth, and turned on the water to help with noise control. Then she gave birth into the toilet.  When he got stuck during the delivery, she used scissors to pry him out. Once he was born and still attached to her via the umbilical cord – she strangled him until he wasn’t moving or breathing any longer.  She did it because she “didn’t know what to do with it.”  Cause of death was asphyxia from strangulation and blunt force trauma.

Fast forward 3 days later when Polk County Sheriff’s office received a call from her frantic mom, Teresa Goodson. She called to report that she had found a dead baby in her daughter’s closet after investigating a foul smell while collecting laundry.

So cops arrested Cassidy on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse. They’re still trying to decide if they’re going to charge her as an adult or not and also if they will charge any of the adults in her life that knew of the pregnancy. The judge that she went in front of is quoted saying, “Let’s remember she is a child. Where was her support system?”. Good question – where were they?

So any people to blame in this story – not just Cassidy. Yes, she’s obviously not just a stupid kid who didn’t know what to do. She knows that murder is wrong, no matter what her age. She was not educated about Safe Haven laws in Florida, which say that you can leave a baby up to 7 days old, no questions asked. If her mother, aunts, coaches, teachers, friends, etc… knew she was pregnant and didn’t help her – most of them failed her too. Especially her mother.  I’m not buying that a 100-pound 14-year old hid her pregnancy THAT well — even more so if the baby weighed 9 1/2 pounds.

RIP little man – you were gone way too soon.

Thank you to all that sent in the tips – there were a lot of you.

Mother of 3 arrested after newborn found in the backyard

Pearl River woman faces charges after newborn baby found abandoned

Woman loses kids to state after charges of abandoning newborn 

On January 16th at approximately 7 am a 13-year-old boy called 911 to report he and his 15-year-old sister had found a crying newborn in their backyard.  The newborn was wrapped in a towel and blanket and laying on the ground.  Their father wrapped the baby in more blankets to keep it warm until EMS could arrive.  What these teenagers didn’t know at the time was that newborn they had rescued was their little brother and had been left outside, by their mother Kimberly Lee (35).

When EMS arrived they found the baby boy breathing with the umbilical cord still attached.  The baby was taken Northshore Regional Medical Center then flown to Ochsner Medical Center, where he was last listed stable condition.  Shew…good news!

While questioning the family police learned Lee had been pregnant, but her husband was not aware she had given birth.  He said she had just left for work that morning.  Lee was contacted advised to go to the hospital and was interviewed there.

Lee admitted to police she had given birth that morning and put the baby outside her home.  She said she hid the pregnancy from her family by wearing over sized clothing.  I am a little confused about this; her husband knew she was pregnant according to him.  Did she hide the pregnancy from their three children and other family or did she not know her husband knew?

Anyhow, Lee was arrested and charged with second-degree cruelty to a juvenile and child desertion.  The investigation is on going to determine if anyone else will be criminally charged.

The Lee’s three children ranging in age from 8-years-old to 15-years-old have been placed in state custody.

I am at a total loss here. How can a woman who has three children already, give birth and toss the baby out into the backyard.  I guess I should be grateful my mind can’t register how a person is capable of this sort of thing, but I would love to understand.

Thanks to bprbear for the tip.

Where is Chanel Haney’s newborn?

Mason City authorities search for missing newborn 

Police continue to seek help on location of baby 

Police still searching for missing  newborn 

The cleaning staff of the Iowa Workforce Development Center made a shocking discovery Saturday, January 7th.  While cleaning one the building’s restrooms they found an umbilical cord and placenta, no mother and no baby.

The police were able to locate the mother Chanel Hanley (19), however she has decided not to cooperate with police.  The newborn, believed to be 29-32 weeks old and about 3lbs is still missing.

Police have searched the area surrounding the Workforce Center, including roof tops, sewers, trash bins and landfills and have not been able to locate the baby.

Haney was arrested late Saturday, January 7thh on two warrants for failure to appear on charges of alcohol possession under the legal age and fifth-degree theft.  She was released shortly after on bond.

Ok seriously… make this bitch talk.  Newborns don’t go missing on their own. Ugh… I am so fucking sick of this type of bullshit.  I am sure this is not going to end well.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact the police at (641)421-3636.

Thanks to Jennifer B. for the tips.

Kudos to this mom!

I realize that the site is called “Bad Breeders”, and with good reason, but I really needed to post some happy news for a change.

There is *always* a safe option that everyone can live with.

Baby left with West Side firefighters
Teen Mom Leaves Baby at Firehouse
Teen leaves infant at firehouse: ‘She was overwhelmed’

“What’s so happy about a baby being left at a fire station?”, you ask?

Well, for one, this baby is alive. Second, this baby was well-cared-for prior to being brought to the fire station. And the mother, rather than harming her child when she became overwhelmed and felt she couldn’t handle any more, chose to find a local Safe Haven location to bring her baby to. She wanted to ensure that he would have a chance at life that she apparently felt she could no longer offer him.

There were other links to articles about this story that I chose not to include. One had a headline to the effect of “mother abandons infant”, which I felt was inappropriate and discouraging. To me, abandoning a child would be leaving them on the sidewalk, which happened not to long ago. Or dumping the child in a dumpster. Or worse. Not bringing them to a place set up to care for babies when their parents aren’t able. This woman didn’t abandon her child.

According to that last link up there, she felt overwhelmed. She didn’t seem to want to leave her baby, according to the firefighters that were present at the time, and she was visibly upset. She remained at the station with her baby, only leaving when an ambulance arrived to take her son to the hospital for a checkup (taking infants dropped off at any Safe Haven to the nearest hospital for a checkup is standard procedure). According to hospital personnel, the baby was in excellent condition. So this mother took good care of her baby, only choosing to bring him to a place she knew he’d continue to be well-cared-for when she felt she couldn’t.

I’m seriously in aw at the strength this must have taken, and I pray that this mother is able to get herself back into a position where she feels she can once again care for this child, because I don’t think anyone could do a better job at it than the woman who obviously loves him so much. And I hope that DCFS takes into account the fact that she did take such good care of him prior to bringing him to the Safe Haven location, and the fact that she did take him to a Safe Haven location, rather than allow him to come to harm in some way. I hope that they give him back to her when she is ready to care for him again.

We’ve all read stories here about mothers murdering their newborn babies, right out of the womb, mothers killing their babies to get out of the responsibility that was keeping them from their party-ho lifestyle, and even about one who sold her baby off to a perverted murderer to pay a drug debt, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam. We all know that this could have turned out far, far worse for this child, had the mother not loved him enough to take such good care of him, and then to bring him to a place where people could continue to care for him when she felt she was no longer able. So I want to send a special message to that mother, in case she (or someone she knows) reads this:

Dear Overwhelmed Mother,
Thank you for taking such good care of your baby. Thank you for not harming him when you felt overwhelmed. Thank you for doing what you obviously felt was the responsible thing, what you felt was in the best interest of your child. I know you love your baby. I have faith that you can improve your situation (whatever that may be) to the point that you will be able to care for him again. Please don’t lose hope. Please seek whatever help it is that you need. Whoever you are, you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your son.
Very sincerely, and with love,
~ Another (occasionally overwhelmed) Mother

While most Safe Haven Laws allow for only a 30 day post birth for their “no questions asked” policy, Law Enforcement is not seeking to press charges against this mother. What would be the point? She clearly took care of this child, clearly loved him, clearly put much thought into what she felt was in his best interest, and clearly put much time into preparing to bring him to the Safe Haven location. And I think that not pressing charges is the right call. My sincerest hope is that LE and DCFS will work with this mother and help her get to the point where she will feel she can once again care for her little one.

For more information about Safe Haven Laws:
National Safe Haven Alliance
Child Welfare Information Gateway
Please spread these links out, far and wide. Make sure that no one is ever able to use the excuse “I didn’t know about Safe Haven Laws.”

Thanks to the Lovely CynicalMe for this tip. It’s so nice to read about a parent doing something right for a change.

Twin newborn girls found dead in trunk

Mom Charged After Twins Found Dead In Trunk
Update: Mother Charged With Murder Of Twins

First, I’m going to start this story off with a link to the Iowa Department of Human Service, Safe Haven Act website. The website that 22-year-old Jackie Burkle of Huxley, IA obviously never went to or looked at. She gave birth to twin baby girls at home and they died. Authorities later found the dead babies in the trunk of aforementioned piece of shit’s car.  It is not known yet what caused the babies’ deaths, pending the autopsy results that can take weeks. But it is known that the babies were born alive.

But what authorities do know is that that selfish c*** deliberately and intentionally killed the babies. In fact,  Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent Michael Motsinger was quoted saying, “Miss Burkle indicated she didn’t intend for the kids to live after they were born. And she took — did — certain acts to make sure the lives of those newborns were terminated.”

Seems that Jackie was at work in the days before the twins’ birth, looking visibly pregnant in early January and came back two days later looking much different – aka she’d given birth and was back to work. So it would seem that she gave birth, killed the babies, then got back to work. All the while,  her daughters were dead in the trunk of her car. What in the fuck?  Well one of her coworkers smelled a rat and called the po-po. They went to do a wellness check on her and found that she’d given birth. More searching uncovered the babies’ bodies. What shocks me to my core is that this bitch lived with her parents. Where the fuck were they? Didn’t they know she was preggo? How did she give birth at home and they didn’t know? A lot of unanswered questions right now.

She’s been arrested on two counts of first degree murder and is being held on a $1 million bail at the county jail. She faces life in prison if convicted. Unfortunately, Iowa does not have the death penalty. In my opinion, death is actually too good for this bitch. I hope she gets life. Starting at 22 years old? That’s a long fucking sentence to serve and hopefully she never gets a break from  nightmares and visions of snuffing out the lives of her two baby girls for the next 60+ years.

Hats off to the coworker for reporting her ass. If she hadn’t, this c*** would likely gotten away with a double murder.

She did not take advantage of the Safe Haven Act, which allows mothers to drop their newborns off at hospitals or fire stations with no risk of criminal charges.   I just don’t fucking get how these selfish tw*ts that kill their newborns don’t fucking get that this is the easiest way to walk away from unwanted babies.  Now she faces a life behind bars and the babies are dead. No one wins, right?

RIP baby girls… I can only imagine how beautiful you were.

Thanks to everyone for the countless tips that were sent in on this one.

25-Year Old Hides her Pregnancy, Then Kills Her Twin Boys

Autopsy results on murdered twins expected within weeks
Police: Mom killed newborn twins, hid them in laundry basket

Lindsay Lowe - baby killer x 2

 Lindsay Lowe of Hendersonville, TN is a bad, bad breeder. That’s a super nice way of saying that she’s a baby-killing, selfish, low-life tw*t of a “mother”. She was only a mother for a few minutes before she snuffed out the lives of her brand new twin little boys by suffocating them. Evil has a name folks, and its Lindsay Lowe.

The 25-year old lived at home with her parents and hid her pregnancy from them the whole time. How do people do that? I was a big as a buffalo when I was pregnant both times with singletons. After 10 weeks,  I couldn’t hide it from my boss because she noticed. How the hell do you hide twins? Also, at 25 why are you hiding your pregnancy? You’re a grown ass woman!

She gave birth to the 1st boy around 9:30pm and when he started to cry, she placed her hand over his face to muffle the sounds. She didn’t want her parents to hear him.  She admitted to holding her hand over his mouth and nose until he became quiet and died.  Same story for baby boy #2. She gave birth to him, placed her hand over his mouth, the baby died.

So she did what any other murderer would do. She placed her dead twin babies in her laundry basket and covered them with clothes, then went on about her life. Her dad discovered the babies’ bodies 2 days later and called the cops. Lindsay was arrested at work later that night, where she admitted to the whole thing. She also admitted that she didn’t see a doctor once during her pregnancy.

No word on who the father is and if he has been notified.  PS – Lindsay, the Tennessee’s Safe Haven Law was enacted on July 1, 2001. This amazing law allows mothers of newborns to surrender unharmed babies to designated medical facilities within 72 hours of birth without fear of being prosecuted. As long as the baby is unharmed and the mother acts within 72 hours of birth, she will not be prosecuted and is assured of complete confidentiality. Her baby and her secret will be safe.  This was an option and alternative for you — why couldn’t you have done this for those little boys? No one would’ve ever known.

RIP little boys.  I bet you both were so beautiful. Fly with the angels together forever.

Teacher who needs to be taught a lesson

Reyes charged with beating & abandoning 1 month old

Teacher charged with assaulting her infant


Tamara Reyes


Local news stories painted a slightly different picture of Tamara Reyes.  The 37 year old was on maternity leave from Memorial High School when she snapped and dropped her newborn off at her local middle school.

The news reported that on June 10th a 28 day old girl with minor bruises was abandoned on the Weehawken middle school steps.  It sounds like someone was attempting to use the safe haven act to their benefit which would have been almost commendable.

In reality Tamara Reyes of Weehawken New Jersey, the now former special ed teacher at memorial high school in New Jersey ‘may have’ thrown her newborn from the car before driving off .  She left her baby bleeding, crying and laying face down a hot side walk, in 90 degree heat.  A short time before that her colleagues had given the heartless bitch a baby shower.

The mother to a student in the middle school found the baby, scooped her up and brought her to the nurse.  The police were called.

I say ‘may have’ because it has not been determined if Tamara beat the baby or simply tossed her from the car.  The injuries were reported to have been consistent with being tossed from the car though.

The police pulled over Tamara where she confessed to what she had just done, one news report said that she admitted “I just killed my baby! “.

Tamara waste of air Reyes, 37, was charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of a child and child abuse only hours after she was released from a Jersey Hospital where she received a psychological evaluation.

She is now sucking up the local taxes in the Hudson county correctional center while awaiting trial.

The little girl, known as K.R. had a fractured skull and broken bones.  She was listed in critical condition and has since had a host of surgeries.  She is doing better but she is still fighting for her little life and still is listed in guarded condition.

By the way, what Tamara did was criminal at best.  The Safe Haven Act does NOT punish parents for leaving any child at a hospital, fire station, ect…  If you do not wish to parent a child or can not for any reason then it’s still an option.


***A special thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write up!!***



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