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New Treatment for Autism – Cages!

GBI: Children locked in cages, 2 arrested in Murray Co.

GBI: ‘No justification’ for caged kids with special needs

GBI: Children locked in cages, 2 arrested in Murray Co. – Story 2

The meth-tastic dynamic duo (Stephanie Stone and Wanda Sue Redfern) shown above think that caging autistic children is clearly the best way to handle them. Fuck therapy, fuck working with them, no… just cage them. According to authorities, two special needs children, a boy age 11 and a girl age 8, were found in make shift cages after a 911 call was placed  to report unsupervised children. The first time the officer performed the welfare check nothing was found to be amiss, it was only after a second 911 call that the little boy was found in a cage.According to an agent for the  Georgia Bureau of Investigation “There was toys and clothes and signs of food inside the cages. When our agent found the boy, he was laying down, curled up in a 2-foot-by-2-foot corner of the cage,” Special Agent In Charge Greg Ramey. The boy was over 4ft tall, there was no way for that kid to be comfortable in the sweltering Georgia heat and in that tiny ass cage.

Pathetic attempts have been made to justify this horrible excuse for a mother’s actions. As one of her defenders stated “She’s trying real hard to care for those two. You have to keep them inside so that they can’t get out or else they’ll get out at night and run into the road and get hurt. She hasn’t had much help since her mother was killed in a crash last year. It’s hard to get the help you need up here. This is just a big misunderstanding” – no there is no misunderstanding, you don’t treat children that way, especially children with special needs. As a single parent of 3 children, 2 of which have special needs, I have NEVER thought hey, let me cage my kids cause I want to do drugs and shit… That is not how you behave as a parent, that is how you behave as a self centered twatwaffle that needs to rot in jail. Sadly, that will not be the case for these two.

Charges for the dynamic duo include false imprisonment and cruelty to children.  Stone was also charged with possession of methamphetamine (I knew it was meth, it’s always meth). Bond for the mother, Stone, has been set at $27,500. Redfern is being held on 25,000 bond. “Both women cried while in court.” Fucking good, I hope you cry a lot knowing how fucking deplorable your actions were, bitch.