Facebook child abuse goes viral

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Powell, Felton, and Taylor

Powell, Felton, and Taylor

Boy’s Mother, 2 Others Charged With Child Abuse Over Video Posted To Facebook:

Viral Facebook video results in child abuse charges against trio in Flint:

Three adults are in custody after police in Flint, MI were alerted by concerned citizens of a video circulating Facebook depicting an 11-year-old boy being beaten with a belt for getting low grades in school.

The video, which is 6 minutes long, shows the victim being forced to bend over and place his hands on the arm of a dining room chair. His godmother, Uteas Michelle Taylor (42) is then shown allegedly whipping the boy 60 times on the buttocks. At the same time the boy’s mother, Demitria Latrion Powell (28) is seen striking the child in the face with her hand. The third adult, Stefon Tirrell Felton (40) was filming. Felton is Taylor’s boyfriend.

Throughout the video the adults can be heard berating him about his behavior and warning him against getting involved in “gang” activity. It was obvious that the boy was in pain. Some viewers reported hearing the adults warn the boy that the beating would go on if he let go of the chair. It must have been excruciating, but he held on.

At one point, Powell is heard stating that the video was going on Facebook and that viewers were welcome to report her to Child Protective Services.

At the end of the video, Taylor made the boy apologize to his mother for his bad grades and then prompted him to say that “it’s not cool to be a gangster”.

The third adult, Felton, who does not show his face on the video, can be heard saying that he spent 10 years in prison and that he is a wanted criminal. He prompts the victim to state his name and age and that is where the video ends.

As part of the victim’s “punishment” the video was uploaded to the victims Facebook account by a family member. Within 24 hrs it had already been shared 8700 times.

I can’t even begin to understand what would make a mother do this to her child. When will people learn that beating kids doesn’t make them better! During the video, you can see an infant in the room during the incident. I don’t know whose child it is, but I hope it is removed from that situation forever. What these adults did was humiliating, demeaning, animalistic and evil. It is going to take this young man a long time to get over the hurt, but I hope he gets the help he needs to overcome this terrible event.

The trio was arraigned on Tuesday and charges include: third degree child abuse, conspiracy to commit child abuse and child abuse committed in the presence of a child.

Bond has been set at $7500 (Powell) and $8500 (Taylor, Felton)

Thanks to Jessica for the tip.

Blow-torch breeders

Boys ‘assaulted’ with gas soldering torch

Sydney brothers tortured with ropes, gas torch and hammer, police claim

Boys ‘assaulted’ with gas soldering torch

Thanks to Kate and Trench for alerting me to this one.

No names because the Australian government prefers to protect the criminals, rather than the victims.

A Sydney incubator and her sex toy have been arrested after police allege they tortured the incubator’s sons with a gas-powered soldering iron, ropes and a hammer.

soldering torch

The department of Family and Community services swooped in and removed the 8 and 10 year old boys, along with their 5 month old half brother from the horror of their breeders. Police stormed the house at St George and snapped up evidence including the soldering iron, ropes, sticks and the hammer that were used to torment and torture the older boys. Thankfully, and perhaps not surprisingly, the baby was left alone since he belonged to the step penis.

The 33 year old sex toy and the 30 year old hot pocket were charged at Kogarah police station and later faced Sutherland local court. Step penis was charged with four counts of bodily harm, and the incubator only charged with one count. They have been refused bail, thank fuck.

I used to study electronics. One day, I wasn’t very careful with the soldering iron and I absent mindedly grabbed the hot end of it. The iron instantly seared my flesh and it absolutely cained for a couple of days. The gas powered soldering iron can reach temperatures up to 850C (1562F). That is more than 3 times the temperature at which paper ignites (232C/451F). The step penis needs this implement stuck up his dick hole and the incubator needs her flaps welded shut so that this callous couple can never ever reproduce again.

Aniston Walker died from ‘homicidal violence’ according to autopsy

Andrea Walker and her late daughter Aniston.

Andrea Walker and her late daughter Aniston.

Baby Aniston died due to ‘homicidal violence,’ medical examiner says:

For those of you who may not remember. 7-week-old Aniston Walker disappeared from her Memphis, Tennessee, home back in January. Her egg donor, Andrea Walker said that she left the baby home alone with her 3-year-old while she took her 5-year-old to school. Aniston’s body was found more than a month after her disappearance and her mother was charged with murder.

Recently the Medical Examiner’s office released the details of Aniston’s autopsy. It doesn’t specify a cause of death other than saying that Aniston died from homicidal violence.

“Internal examination reveals no evidence of injuries or disease that would result in death. Toxicology analysis results are consistent with postmortem changes; neither drugs nor medications were identified,” Shelby County Medical Examiner Dr. Karen Chancellor wrote in the autopsy report. “In my opinion, this death resulted from intentional violence of undetermined type. The manner of death is homicide.”

I compared this story before to being somewhat similar to the Casey Anthony debacle. I hope with this cause of death being somewhat unspecified that we won’t have a repeat outcome.

Utah Breeder accused of killing 7 newborns

Police arrest woman after finding 7 dead babies in cardboard boxes in garage of Utah home:

Police find remains of seven babies at Utah home:

7 Babies Found Dead in Utah Home; Woman Arrested:

Megan Huntsman

Megan Huntsman

Police in Pleasant Grove, Utah, have arrested 39-year-old Megan Huntsman for allegedly killing 7 newborns that she gave birth to between 1996 and 2006. One of the bodies was found in a house that Huntsman used to live in by her estranged husband. He called police who found 6 more bodies. The causes of death have not been disclosed as of yet.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. In Mormon controlled Utah it must be next to impossible to get an abortion. Not so. From everything that I’ve read abortions it Utah are quite available.

What I don’t get is how was this incubator pregnant seven times and gave birth, I would imagine at home, seven times and not one person she knew could put one and one together? Obviously she can’t use the ‘I didn’t even know I was pregnant excuse’. That may work with one pregnancy but not seven. Technically, if the charges are true, she is a serial killer.

Utah does have the death penalty but only for aggravated murder. I think this more than meets the definition. What do you think? Should she be given the death penalty for the murder of seven of her own newborns if found guilty?

Thanks to Helen for the tip.

Two young Pennsylvania brothers are dead after their mother tried to drown them in the bathtub

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Police: Mom Says “Crazy Voices” Told Her To Push Sons Down In Bathtub:

Police: Mother sat on children underwater:

New Details Emerging On McCandless Mother’s Past:

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer, 40, of McCandless, Pennsylvania, is facing charges of criminal homicide, criminal attempted homicide, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children after she allegedly held her two youngest children (Daniel, 6 and Luke, 3) under the water in an attempt to kill them.

Family, friends and neighbors have rallied around the family trying to come to terms with such a huge tragedy. Laurel, who went by her middle name, Michelle was described as a loving, caring mother who was often seen outside playing with her children. The Schlemmer’s were a religious family who regularly attended a church that Laurel had attended even before marriage, but behind the smiles and friendship there was a terrible pattern of “accidents” involving her youngest children at the hands of their mother.

The first incident happened in 2009 when Laurel was cited by police after leaving one of her children in the car while she went shopping. The windows were cracked, but the inside of the car reached a sweltering 112 degrees. When Laurel returned to the car, she apologized to the officers and plead guilty for the charge and paid a fine. Now, I was unable to find out the name of the child in the car at the time, but the youngest son probably wasn’t born in 2009 leading me to wonder if this was Laurel’s first attempt to kill her middle son, Daniel.

The second incident happened a year ago (April 16, 2013) when Laurel “accidentally” backed up her van, running over Daniel and Luke. A family spokesperson confirmed that during that accident, Daniel suffered unspecified internal injuries and Luke suffered broken legs and was unable to walk for a while afterwards. Police called in Allegheny Counties Office of Children, Youth and Family to investigate the incident. Both police and CYF determined it was an accident and did not recommend criminal charges.

On April 1st, after Mark Schlemmer had gone to work, Laurel took their 7-year-old son to the bus stop as usual (was unable to find his name). When she returned home, she filled the bathtub and instructed Daniel and Luke to take off their pajamas and get in the tub. Laurel then stepped into the tub, fully clothed which is when “crazy voices” began telling her to push the children into the water. She is even reported to have sat on the children in order to keep them under. At some point, Laurel removed the unresponsive children from the bathtub, laid them on the bathroom floor and called 911. Police and paramedics arrived a short while later.

3-year-old Luke was pronounced dead at the hospital and 6-year-old Daniel was listed in critical condition until April 5th when he too died. When asked why she killed her children, Laurel said that she felt that she would be a better mother to her 7-year-old if the other two were not around and that “…they would be better off in heaven”

Police and CYF have reopened the 2009 and 2013 incidences and are investigating whether anything could have been done to prevent this tragedy. I personally think Laurel was correct when she said the children would be better off in heaven. She doesn’t deserve to be their mother.

RIP Daniel and Luke.

Thanks to Brigette and Kayden for the tips.

Step-dick arrested after baby “falls off a trampoline”

Trampoline tot tragedy: investigation into baby Bella Toohey’s death

Man charged with murder of baby girl after claiming she fell from a trampoline

Police investigate death of 11-month-old baby after alleged trampoline fall in state’s west

Early days yet on this one, but I wanted to get it up before the news sites start hiding names.

11 month old Bella Moss-Hughes of Mandurama has died of massive head injuries. Her stepfather Brendon Toohey has been charged with her murder.

Little Bella was rushed to Blayney Hospital after suffering major head injuries. Brendon, in his wisdom, decided to dawdle to hospital in his car instead of doing the right thing and call 000 for an ambulance. You see, ambulances are allowed to run red lights in NSW. Mr Toohey, not so much.

The brave doctors did their best to resuscitate little Bella, but she succumbed to her injuries despite their best efforts.

The lame excuse du jour that Brendon offered up was that Bella “fell off a trampoline”. Nice try. Bella was 11 months old, nowhere near old enough to play on a trampoline. Even if that were true, Brendon would still be up for child neglect/abuse charges. Anyway, police investigated, as police are wont to do, and they found Bella’s injuries could not be caused by a simple fall off of a trampoline. So dear old fake-daddy was hauled off to the clink. He has been to Bathurst local court, where he was refused bail. He has reappeared on Monday.

Mum Amy Moss was not home at the time when Brendon attacked Bella. There is no news yet as to whether Amy will be standing by her man, but sources have said that Bella’s real dad disappeared sometime after she was born, and soon after that Amy began seeing Brendon. Considering that Bella was only 11 months old when she died, that is not a lot of time to get to know someone well enough to be able to leave your children alone with them.

There’ll be more news to come, and I will update this post as the facts become more clear..

RIP Bella Toohey, fly with the angels.

RIP Bella Moss-Hughes, fly with the angels.

VIC boy dies in filth

Vic boy, 5, died in squalid home: court

Boy, 5, died in state of ‘extreme squalor’

We’re back baby! I have returned once more to shine the light on the filthy cockroaches who abuse their children.

A 5-year-old boy has died because his lazy parents could not be bothered to clean up their filth. The little boy cut his foot on a rusty cat food can in 2012, and his foot swelled up. His brother reported that the little boy did not look well and his neck was stiff. His mother rushed him to the local ambulance station, where the ambos tried to revive him -but to no avail.

His father has been charged with reckless conduct resulting in death, and so has the mum. The parents allege that they had washed the boy’s cut with antiseptic and bandaged it, but hadn’t taken him to a doctor. Court documents proved that the bandages were filthy and that the boy’s toe was sodden in an unidentified fluid. A perfect environment for bacteria and gangrene.


Yuck, how hard is it to keep a house clean?


Absolute filth, set fire to the lot!

The boy had never been to school, didn’t have his birth registered and didn’t have any government registration either. He only ever saw members of his immediate family. He lived a lonely and isolated existence in a house full of shit.

The filthy pigs will face court i Jue.

RIP little guy.

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Lazy Slob Kicks Out A Kid- Keeps The Roaches

(Special thanks to Catalina for the post)

Mother arrested after 5 children are found living in feces-ridden, bug-infested home in Florida:

Yolander Lasane, zero fucks given

Yolander Lasane, zero fucks given

Yolander Lasane (45) of Orlando, Florida, gives zero fucks about anything but herself. It seems that as long as she has a working air conditioner and television in her bedroom, all is right in her world. She won’t even let a little animal feces and cockroaches come between her and feeling cool while watching her stories. I’m in the mind frame of live and let live…except when letting live involves neglecting 5 children.

The house of crap was discovered by police after they were called to check on Lasane’s 17 year-old. A Department of Children and Family worker was concerned about the teenager, who hadn’t been seen at home for weeks. When they entered the home, investigators found 5 kids, aged between 5 and 17, living in disgusting, deplorable conditions.

Luckily, the 17 year-old was found, and said the queen of filth and laziness had thrown her out, so she had been staying with a friend. However, the state in which the home was found is enough to make me gag and send shivers up my spine, because I’m a neat freak and entomophobic (not a fan of creepy crawlies).

According to the article (which, by the way, includes several photos of the cesspool), police found the usual decor adorning these shit shacks- dog feces and urine soaked mattresses where the children slept, rotten food, a broken toilet, and an insane amount of clutter. I bet that place smelled heavenly, especially in the middle of Florida’s hot summers.

Furthermore, the kids looked as if though they hadn’t bathed in a really long time, and no oral hygiene meant they suffered from rotten teeth.

The part that really got my tear ducts active was reading that one of the children begged police to be given to a new family. Damn it. That’s desperation right there.

And what was Lasane’s excuse for refusing to do her basic job as a mother and human being? The nasty slob said her excessive weight caused her to lose mobility and be bed bound. Those kids were left to their own devices, and neighbors said they often saw them wandering the streets, looking for jobs for money. Good grief, that’s not even close to being a normal childhood.

Lasane is being charged on five counts of child neglect causing great bodily harm. Oh, and the good-for-nothing loafer walked out to the patrol car for her arrest. It’s a modern-day miracle!

Meanwhile, the children are staying with relatives, while the state is looking to find them permanent homes. I hope with all my heart that those kids finally get to feel loved and cared for.

Thanks to Sherri for the tip.

New age-progressed photo of Adam Herrman released

Adam Herrman - Age Progressed

Adam Herrman – Age Progressed

Butler County releases age progression picture of Adam Herrman:

For those of you not familiar with the story of Adam Herrman you can catch up by clicking here.

The abridged version is that Adam was last seen at age 11 in 1999 in Butler County, Kansas. His adoptive Breeders continued to collect government checks and Adam was not reported missing until 2008. (It’s been 6 years already?)

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office has released the above age progressed photo showing what Adam could possibly look like today.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Adam Joseph Herrman is asked to call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at 316-322-4257, CRIME TIPS at 1-866-484-5924 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 24-hour Hotline at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

So far his adoptive Breeders have not been charged in his disappearance but have pleaded guilty to fraud.

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