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Drunken NZ breeder wanders away from toddler

$300 fine for leaving toddler in street

James Craig Duffy (43) was fined $300 for leaving his 22-month old son alone in a stroller on a Christchurch street. Daft Duffy had been out drinking at 2.20 am on March 28 when he decided to up and leave to look for somewhere to stay. In his alcohol muddled mind, Daft Duffy must have forgotten he had the kid, because he just left him there, stroller and all, on Fitzgerald Ave. A resident heard the kid crying for 30 mins and came out to investigate. They found Duffy and his friend coming back to the child.

Duffy and the friend were charged with leaving a child unsupervised. It’s understood that Duffy is a “sickness beneficiary” aka is on benefits because he’s “sick”. Yeah, like alcoholism is a sickness that can’t be helped. He’s sick enough to pull benefits but perfectly fine to go piss the benefits up the wall and abandon his son. And what the fuck was a toddler doing out on the street with a pair of drunken men at 2.30 in the morning?! I wonder how that went down with the missus “Going out drinking with Bob, taking the baby” “Oh okay, make sure he takes a jacket in case he gets cold”. Not likely. And how did he manage to get into a nightclub with a stroller?

This could’ve gone wrong in so many ways. Kidnapping, stroller rolls out onto road into a path of an oncoming car, stray dog eats the child. Or the friend could’ve molested the child. It was by sheer luck that none of these happened. The child has been placed with CYFS and is doing well, well away from his fuckwit father and dumb-dumb drinking buddy.

Mystery woman abandons 3 newborns in 11 month intervals

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Some mystery mom has been running around abandoning her newborns…immediately getting pregnant and abandoning her baby again. She has now done this three times, each new one 11 months apart from the previous.

The frist newborn was found on a park bench. The second was found in the back of a parked pickup truck. The third, unfortunately, was not found in time and died of exposure. All three were within two blocks of eachother.

The police are baffled as to who this could be and have been asking around the community about a girl with 3 pregnancies and no children.

It seems odd, in a town where everyone knows eachother, there isn’t a single soul that knows who is doing this.

Come on people! We’ve gotta find this woman and get her spayed!

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UPDATE: Foster mother guilty of murdering her 3-year old developmentally disabled boy

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A few quick updates on the case reported earlier…

Liz Carrol has been convicted and is expected to serve at least 54 years in prison.

Donna Trevino, the birth mother has said she is happy with the verdict and sentence.

Trevino has also filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Liz and David Carrol as well as the agency that placed her son with them. She also has two other children in foster care, which she is trying to get back.

Foster mother guilty of murdering her 3-year old developmentally disabled boy

Liz Carroll30 year old foster mother, Liz Carroll, made plans to leave her 3-year old developmentally disabled boy alone, while she attends an out of state weekend family reunion with her husband David and their live-in companion Amy Baker. In a seriously major lapse of judgment they decided it best to wrap him in a blanket, bind him with packing tape and shove him in a closet.

The boy died that weekend.

070221_fostertrial_vmed2pwidec1.jpgIn a desperate attempt to hide their mistakes, David Carroll, accompanied by Amy Baker, burned the body and proceeded to dump his remains into the Ohio River.

Amy Baker is not being charged in exchange for her testimony.

David Carroll is to be tried separately next month.

Though Liz Carroll was not convicted of murder, she has been convicted on seven counts including involuntary manslaughter, kidnapping, felonious assault and three counts of child endangerment by the Clermont County jury. She is currently being tried separately for a murder charge.

I only wish their cases were tried in Texas.

Thanks to Eric for alerting me of this.