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Tatted-up tweens

Three people charged after two girls under 13 ‘tattooed without consent’

Tattooing leads to charge of child abuse in Campbell County

More charges filed in tattooing of children

3 supposed “adults” have been arrested and charged after two girls under the age of 13 were tattooed in Campbell County, Virginia. Now, I understand that tattoos are all the rage these days and aren’t just limited to bikies and sailors, but having them on pre-teen girls just won’t do.

Alexander Edwards is a crappy babysitter

It’s understood that the girls were left in the care of Alexander Edwards (20) when he took it upon himself to ink the girls. His artistic attempts were met with charges of malicious wounding, abduction and child abuse.

Melissa Derp

When the girl’s mother Melissa Delp (Derp) (35) and her salami Daniel Janney (32) found out about the impromptu body art, they were mad. So mad that Janney decided to try to remove the ink with a hot razor blade. This MacGyver method of tattoo removal earnt him and his hot pocket charges of malicious wounding and child abuse also.

Daniel Janney

Michael Mucklow, owner-operator of GO! Tattoo Removal, located in Kutztown PA, has offered his services to the girls for free. He uses non-invasive laser treatments to break down the ink pigments, and his clients usually have to return 10 to 12 times for the ink to be completely removed. What a kind fellow to help these girls get rid of the disfigurement that this wankstain inflicted on them. Those home tattooing kits are dodgy as fuck and the tattoos look like absolute crap. It’ll probably only take 1 or 2 goes to get the ink out.

The news sources list Edwards as being an “associate” of the broodmother and her sperm pump, but I can’t help thinking that he might actually be her bit on the side. In comparison to Janney, Edwards is younger and has more hair. But Janney also has those glasses that make him look a little bit more clever than Edwards and has a thinner face. But the dodgy home tattoos give the game away. She can’t decide who is more of a “catch”, but I bet she’s willing to trade Janney in for the younger model.

That’s enough speculation. All three of them need a dick tattooed onto their faces. And it’s probable that all three of them had their brains removed with a hot razor blade some time ago.

A coffee is not worth more than your children’s safety!


Child abducted from Coffs Harbour in NSW found safe

Girl, 2, found safe after car snatch

We are all aware of the risks of leaving kids unattended in cars. They could die of heat exhaustion. They could let off the park brake and roll the car. They could play with the cigarette lighter and set the car on fire. Or in this case, someone could come along and steal the car, with the kid in it.

Mia O’Reilly (2) was left behind in her dumbarse dad’s station wagon, along with her 6 year old sister at 10.45am outside a Coffs Harbour shopping centre on June 10 (which was a public holiday). Dumbarse dad had gone into the shops to get a cup of coffee, leaving his daughters and the car keys in the ignition. You can guess what happens next, right? Minutes later, a young man got into the car and told the girls to be quiet. The older sister had the bravery and good sense to unbuckle her seatbelt and that of her little sister’s so that they could escape. Older sister managed to get out in time and ran down the street calling for help, but Mia, being 2 years old, was too scared to climb out, so she was taken along with the station wagon.

An hour and a half later, a hotel owner found the abandoned station wagon, along with Mia, and rang the police. Mia was reunited with her mum, and (unfortunately) the nitwit who put his caffeine craving above the welfare of his two young daughters. Betcha Mum gave him a hell of a backhand for being such a selfish idiot. He came so close to never seeing his daughters ever again. Police believe that the thief was looking for an easy opportunity to steal a car. But it could have been so much worse. The offender could have been a pedophile. He could have been looking for “fresh meat” for a child porn syndicate. He could have been a serial killer, who would have killed the little girls just because he could. None of that crossed the dumbarse dad’s mind, all he cared about was his precious coffee fix. What a selfish bastard.

Police are still looking for the offender, who is described as being of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander appearance and in his 20s. They are also reminding parents not to leave their kids unattended in the car, not even for a minute. Anyone with information should ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Leaving a child unattended in a vehicle is a punishable offence in NSW and can carry fines. I trust Dumbarse dad will be charged with his neglect of his girls. How hard is it to take the girls out of the car, take them into the coffee shop with you, and get your coffee, plus maybe get them a hot chocolate or a babycino? Really! I think Dumbarse Dad resented having the girls with him, so he left them out in the car so he could have a moment to himself. Apart from leaving them unattended, I think it’s pretty bloody selfish for him to go and get himself a coffee and not get anything for the girls. The older girl must have felt left out and wondering why Daddy didn’t want them to come into the shops with him 🙁

Missing and in danger – Zaine Lee

Zaine Lee, aged 1, from Bakersfield CA is missing. He has been kidnapped by his mother and is presumed to be in the company of her and his half-sister. He is in danger because his egg-donor does not have custody of him due to drug and alcohol issues. He was last seen on Christmas Eve last year. Egg donor may still be in California or may be travelling to Washington or Oregon. If I can find a photo of the egg donor, I’ll put it up.

If you see this little boy or have information about his whereabouts, please call the National Centre for Missing & exploited children on 1800 843 5678. Or the Kern County District Attorney’s Office 1661 327 7111.

The Moronic Guide to Child Safety

Deputies Find Girls Bed Wrapped in a Cage

Parents Use Wire Mesh to Keep 4-Year-Old in Bed

Parents Charged

911 received a call related to a domestic dispute and dispatched officers to the scene shortly after midnight.  The caller, 34-year-old Russell D Terry, told officers he awoke on the couch being choked with an extension cord by his girlfriend, 32-year-old Jaime M Curnell, because she was mad he’d been out drinking all night.  She told them he had been throwing things all around the house.

While police were there they noticed the house was filthy and there was a bunk bed with a makeshift cage around the bottom bunk, complete with a door, latching hook, and deadbolt that could only be opened from the outside.

When police questioned the two about the cage they stated that their 4-year-old little girl got up at night so they put her in there for her own safety.  She had been sleeping there for about 3 months.  She was not in it when the police were there.

When this case hit the news I read one article and saw one picture of the cage.  In that article it stated the Sheriff had said there were no signs of abuse or neglect.

After researching the tip I saw this picture:

That’s when I noticed the nasty bared mattress, the unfinished wall that is peeling.  The general condition of the room that can be seen in both pictures is horrid!!  If that isn’t neglectful I don’t know what is.  That mattress was so filthy it should’ve been burned and they couldn’t even be bothered to put a sheet on it…

These lazy, dysfunctional asshats didn’t lock this child in a cage to keep her safe it was most likely done to keep her out of their way.  That way they could drink, fight, throw shit and not be bothered by her running around!  Sadly, maybe she was safer in that cage after all…

These 2 morons have been charged on 10 counts each of kidnapping, abduction, and child endangerment.  They are being held on $500,000 bond each.

The little girl and her 8-month-old baby brother are in the custody of family.  There is no info on where the older two boys are.


Thanks go to Dodia and Sarea for the tip.


Can you take my kids to the park?

Yovanda Bennafield

Sons kidnapped, mom charged

Mother charged after sons abducted

On Sunday, June 5th Sommer Pannell (26) walked into a gas station asking the clerk there Yovanda Bennafield to use the phone, stating she needed a ride to North Carolina.  Yovanda, offered her a ride after her shift on one condition… she baby-sit her children, ages 6 and 5, until she was off work.  Did I mention they were complete strangers? No, yeah the two had literally met right then.

Pannell agreed and Yovanda handed her the keys to her car, where she had left her two boys, and asked that she take the kids to the park.  Yes, she not only left her two small children alone in a car for who knows how long while she worked, she also handed them off to complete stranger and allowed her to take the car and the kids.  No danger there, of course this complete stranger will return with your car and children safely, right.  Wrong!

Pannell, not wanting to wait for her new BFF to get off work, took the kids to the park, alright… a parking lot in North Carolina!  Well… Yovanda, how’d that new sitter thing work out for you?

After issuing an Amber Alert for the two boys, police would locate them in their mother’s  car, in a church parking lot in North Carolina.  Both boys were unharmed.  I’d say mom got pretty lucky on that note… I mean seriously who in this day and age just hands their kids off to complete stranger on their word, the kids will be safe.

Anyhow, Yovanda has been charged with two counts of felony child neglect and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Pannell has been charged with two counts of abduction and one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

The boys have been placed in the care of a relative.

Considering the stories we read here daily, this one has a happy ending.  It’s obvious the potential for this to have turned out far worse was definitely there.  No dead babies!

Amber Alert: Jerry D. White Abducts Four Kids and Their Mom

Kayla and Kyra WalkerCNN is reporting that police are on the hunt for Jerry D. White of Elkhart, Indiana, who burst into the home of Kimberly Walker, shot her sister’s fiance, and abducted Walker and their four children, ranging in ages from 16 months to nine years.

White and Walker’s 9-year-old, Jaylan, is a severe asthmatic who needs to be on a ventilator several times daily; White left the ventilator behind. Nice.

It’s way to early to tell how this is going to end, but based on that tidbit of evidence, and on the fact that police have found the cars White and Walker were driving, I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Lucila Rojas Arrested for Murder of Her Missing Baby

Lucila RojasI was watching a Family Guy rerun last night which had a Lindbergh baby spoof. In the scenes, the Lindbergh’s son is playing on the toilet when he accidentally flushes himself. Immediately, Papa Lindbergh concocts a story regarding his “kidnapping”. His wife points to Amelia Earhart, who’s standing in the bathroom doorway, and asks, “But what about Amelia? She saw everything!” Lindbergh gets a dark look in his eye and menaces, “Leave her to me.”

It’s funny when it’s on an episode of Family Guy, of course, but not so much when it occurs in real life. Lucile Rojas presents us with our latest case of “missing kids who didn’t really go ‘missing'”. The 25-year-old bronx, New York mother first insisted to cops that her 3-week-old baby was taken by gunpoint by a man dressed all in black. That, of course, should have been the cops’ first tip-off that something was wrong: given the choice between giving up their baby to a gunman and being shot, most moms would eat the bullet. Rojas’ story indeed soon crumbled, and she admitted dumping her kid in a trash bin somewhere. Now, police are charging her with an array of crimes, including evidence tampering, endangering a child’s welfare, and murder.

Rojas, whose shifting story immediately put the police on notice, claims that the baby “choked” and suffocated, so she dumped him. Yeah. We’re really believing that, hon. Unfortunately, discovering the true cause of the child’s death is going to be a haul: authorities are now forced to scour Pennsylvanian landfills for the poor child’s body, thanks to Rojas’ lies.

In my book, this case should draw an automatic murder sentence, whether the child is found or not. Not only is that the most likely scenario, but it would send a powerful message to parents who try and pull this shit in the future. But, who knows. Maybe sometime in the next few days Rojas’ conscience will get to her, and she’ll tell the whole truth. For a change.

(Hat tip: Taliah)

Shalinda Glass Faked Son’s Abduction after His Death at Boyfriend’s Hands

Geontae GlassKeith Tipton and mgraber sent me this story earlier today about Geontae Glass of Gadsden, Alabama, who was reported missing after his mother Shalinda Glass said she left him in the car to go get some juice. I was all set to write up a post about what a neglectful mother Glass was for leaving her kid in the car. Haven’t we seen enough horror stories about that lately? But then hot tipper Rebecca wrote in with the horrifying follow-up. Poor Geontae was never missing: his mother’s boyfriend, Kevin Andrew Towles, apparently killed him – and Shalinda staged the carjacking to cover it up.

Early reports are that Kevin Andre Towles was an abusive asshole, and that he beat Shalinda. You know what? I don’t give a fuck. How could she? How could she be so disloyal to her own son that she would betray him even in death?! Her first instinct when she discovered that Towles had killed her beautiful five-year-old boy should have been to pick up the nearest heavy object and bash that fucker’s head in. Helping hide his body? That’s cold-blooded. That’s a big fat Judas kiss planted on Geontae’s cold forehead.

Oh, and where was Geontae’s body, you may ask? Inside of his mother’s car, locked up in Towle’s garage. Real fucking bright, huh? The property was one of several “safe houses” that Towles owned. Apparently, Mr. Badass was some sort of narcotics dealer. Exactly the kind of person I’d want my kids growing up around.

What a beautiful, beautiful little boy. How sad that he had to be cursed with such a failure of a parent.

BREAKING – AMBER ALERT: Mom, Boyfriend on Lam with Baby; Social Worker Beaten to Death

Renee TerrellI came home to find this horrible news plastered all over CNN. Mother Renee Terrell of Henderson, Kentucky and her boyfriend, Christopher Luttrell, are on the run after the body of 67-year-old social worker Boni Frederick was found in their home. Police strongly suspect that Terrell and/or Luttrell beat the woman to death in order to seize back their baby, who has been in state custody after Terrell was accused of neglecting the infant.

I’m pasting descriptive details from If you have any information, contact authorities immediately.

Police believe the couple fled in Frederick’s car, a white 2000 Daewoo Nubira four-door station wagon with Kentucky license plate 675 DRV. The vehicle is missing.

Renee Terrell is described as 5-feet-5, 240 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. She wears glasses. Christopher Wayne Luttrell is 6-foot-2, 150 pounds, with blue eyes and tattoos on his arms.

Police said Luttrell is wanted in Louisville, Kentucky, for a parole violation.

The state’s Amber Alert Web site describes the child as “developmentally disabled,” with a scratch on the right side of his face, and a rug burn on the back of his neck. The couple may have family in Evansville, Kentucky, and Fort Wayne, Indiana, it says.

If you have any information about these two – their background, previous incidents, etc. – feel free to share it with the rest of us.

Spot the Bad Parent: International Custody Case Turns Ugly

Molly CampbellThe case of Molly Campbell is one of those where you know someone’s on the wrong side of their child’s best interests; it’s just not straightforward determining who that someone is. In this case, the nod appears to go to Molly Campbell’s father, And Sajad Rana, who stands accused in a Pakistani court of "abducting" his 12-year-old daughter from the remote Scottish island where she lived with her mother and taking her back to Lahore. Why did I scare-quote "abducting"? Because Molly Campbell looks perfectly content to be with her dad…and has nothing but contempt for her mother, Louise Campbell, of whom Molly says: "If she loves me she’ll let me stay here."

Louise Campbell, of course, counters that this is not in Molly’s best interests, and that Rana is a monster of a man who has "brainwashed" his daughter into preferring him to her mother. She also contends that Rana wants to force his daughter into an arranged Muslim marriage – a contention that Molly denies. Sorry, but mum lost me with the "brainwashing" charge. Whenever a parent accuses another of "brainwashing" their child, you’re almost certainly dealing with a case of sour grapes, involving a heavy denial of reality on the part of the accuser. Let it go, Ms. Campbell. You’ve obviously screwed the pooch on your relationship with your daughter; time and distance is obviously what she needs right now.

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