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Starvation and filth in Adelaide

Officials describe neglect case as one of the worst

Parents accused of starving child appear in court

Couple charged over failing to feed son

Thanks go to KH for the tip on this one, and to Trench for passing it on to me. I have been a bit busy with starting my Master’s degree, so this makes a suitable change of pace.

A couple from Adelaide, South Australia (23 and 27) have been charged with child neglect after their 4 year old son was found to be weighing only 8kg (17.6 pounds). The house was also a complete mess, with piles of used nappies and rubbish everywhere. The stench of the house could be smelled from the street, according to authorities. When the boy arrived at the local hospital, his condition was so bad that some of the medical staff who were treating him, required counselling.

Gross, nasty filth

Last year in March, Families SA were alerted by the family’s neighbours to concerns about the kiddo’s welfare. However when officials spotted the boy, they saw that he was fine. And then, because an NGO was involved with the family, Families SA saw no need to continue investigating the family, according to news sources. This case has prompted an internal investigation by Families SA into how it handled the case. A Child Safety expert has blamed a lack of communication leaving children vulnerable.

The breeders have been to court, where they were charged with criminal neglect and failing to provide food. The male (27) also had a charge of aggravated assault tacked on. They have been remanded in custody.

The young kiddo is now in the care of Families SA.

SA sperm flinger goes to jail after neglecting his diabetic daughter to death

SA dad jailed over fatal neglect

Parents deny killing teenage daughter

Richard Edward (50), a South Australian sperm slinger, has been jailed for allowing his 14 year old diabetic daughter Dawn to die. Her incubator Debra Marlene Edward (54) has avoided jail.

It is alleged that Dawn weighed only 28 kg when she died in August 2009. On top of having Type 1 diabetes, she was apparently physically disabled, which would explain why she could not get to food or a doctor on her own. Her cause of death was hyperglycemia and dehydration.

According to the judge presiding over the case, Dawn was very ill in the week before she died. Yet her breeders did nothing to help her.

Not that this has anything to do with the case, but the breeders were intellectually disabled, as well as their five children including Dawn. The sperm slinger was controlling and domineering, while the incubator was apathetic, choosing to spend time in her room watching TV.  He made all the decisions, while the incubator regretted not standing up to her husband enough. Umm, how hard can it be to stand up to someone with a maximum IQ of 70?

The sperm slinger Richard was charged with mere manslaughter and was sentenced to a pitiful 4 years and six months, with a non parole period of 3 years and 7 months. The useless incubator Debra was placed on a 3 year good behaviour bond, after suspending a 3 year jail period.

These people should never have been allowed to breed. There must have been signs that they could not live independently or look after one child, let alone 5. Not to mention that whatever disability they had, it was obviously genetic for all five of their kids to be disabled too.

RIP Dawn.

Another bad boyfriend beats toddler to death over girlfriend’s “maybe” affair

Brock Michael Powell beat toddler to death in bedroom, Supreme Court told

Court told SA toddler was beaten to death

Man beat and murdered 2yo after argument with toddler’s mother, court told

For the benefit of ‘tard defenders and troll-tards (not that I like making life easier for them), references are usually at the top of my posts.

And we’re back to the cricket. Work’s been cray-cray and I haven’t had time to sit down and blog for a while.

I’d like to start off this post by wondering why bad boyfriends take out their frustrations on their partner’s children. Do they get jealous of the attention the kid needs from their mum? I know I would. That’s why, for the time being, children are a dealbreaker for me. When it comes to the abuse of little boys at the hands of a dick-of-the-week, does the bad boyfriend have so much self-loathing that he sees the little boy as a mirror image of himself and then attacks him?

Brock Powell – bad boyfriend and baby beater

Brock Michael Powell (24) maybe had such issues. He allegedly thought that an acceptable target for his rage was his girlfriend’s 2 year old toddler BJ Williams. Unfortunately, poor little BJ didn’t survive the cowardly attack.

Latara Hunt couldn’t stop slutting around long enough to protect her baby.

The Adelaide Court has heard that BJ and his sister were being looked after by their grandmother while Powell, their mum Latara Hunt and a friend were out drinking and partying one night last January. Fair enough, they were being looked after by a trustworthy guardian. Powell, Latara and the kids were living in a granny flat on Grandma’s property at Melrose Park, just outside of Adelaide. When the couple came back, they collected BJ and his sister and put them to bed. Powell and Latara then laid down on Latara’s bed and Powell accused Latara of cheating on him. The prosecutor alleges that tempers flared as they began to argue. Powell became agitated, the argument got even more heated and Latara left the flat to try and calm down. It was then that Powell allegedly beat BJ.

Powell then went into the main house and woke Latara, saying that BJ wasn’t breathing. He then “attempted” CPR and called 000 before deciding that it would be quicker to take little BJ to hospital themselves. They took him to the Flinders Medical Centre, where he was later transferred to the Women and Children’s hospital. Little BJ’s life support was turned off the very next day. He never woke up.

Powell told his “version of events” to anyone with ears, including BJ’s family. He said that him and Latara had gone to bed, when he heard a thump and then heard BJ make a childlike noise, calling out in his sleep. Powell claimed he couldn’t see BJ and that when he went to look for him, he found him wedged between a wardrobe and the wall.

However, the prosecutor, being university-educated (while Powell probably only struggled to reach Year 9), said that Powell was full of shit. BJ’s injuries were consistent with being bashed, not getting stuck in a small space. BJ had brain injuries and extensive bruising around his face, torso and genital area. The pathologist who performed the autopsy on little BJ showed that the little boy had been hit at least 8 times.

Genital bruising. Why would a grown “man”, who knew the pain of being hit in the family jewels, turn around and do that to someone a tenth of his size? Remember what I said earlier about bad boyfriends taking out their self-loathing on their girlfriends’ sons? I think Powell saw BJ as a smaller mirror image of himself, and took out his rage and hatred of himself on the little boy. With the focus on the genital area, perhaps he has some sort of self-loathing sexual sado-masochism thing that he wanted to express to his inner self. Obviously there’s some serious psychological issues at play with Mr. Powell.

Back to the case, the prosecutor alleges that because of the bedding arrangements in the granny flat, plus the nature of the injuries that claimed BJ’s young life, that Powell’s story is simply not true.

The trial continues.

Bush town rocked by murder of little girl at the hands of her mother

Mother charged with daughter’s murder

Mother charged with murder of daughter, 2, in the Adelaide Hills

Murdered toddler Ayeesha Pallin leaves town in mourning

Mother charged with daughter’s murder

Catherine Pallin leaves Mt Barker Magistrates Court, charged with the murder of her little girl Ayeesha.

The bush town of Macclesfield, in the Adelaide hills, has been rocked by the murder of a 2 year old girl, and the subsequent arrest of her mother. Catherine Anne Pallin (38) was arrested and charged with murder, after police found the body of her 2 year old daughter Ayeesha Pallin in a lonely bush grave near an isolated dirt road in Flaxley.

The court heard that a neighbour called authorities when Catherine knocked on a neighbour’s door at 11.30pm Wednesday night. The neighbour reported that Catherine was calm but looked like she’d been through some trauma. She did not object to the neighbour calling the police and the neighbour had no idea who Catherine was or why she was there. Police immediately began searching for Ayeesha and recovered her body shortly before 7am the next morning, on a property on Willis Rd, Flaxley. The property didn’t belong to Catherine, she didn’t know the owners, it was just a convenient spot to dispose of her daughter’s body.

The town is shocked by the murder of the little girl and the arrest of her mother. Residents say that Catherine Pallin doted on Ayeesha and would often bring her around to have tea with neighbours. Ayeesha was just learning to string words together and Catherine was discussing preschool with her neighbours. Neighbours also say that Catherine was a quiet woman who kept to herself.

So where did it go wrong? Why did Catherine kill her daughter, the little girl she adored and doted on? At the moment, police aren’t revealing how exactly Ayeesha died. However Catherine’s lawyers are asking that she undergo a mental health assessment, which, given that Catherine was quiet and introverted, may indicate that she suffered from depression. Catherine and Ayeesha lived, along with Ayeesha’s father and Catherine’s partner, a Mr Bentley and his son from a previous relationship, in Bugle Ranges, in a home that was undergoing renovations to provide for their growing family. A shop in Macclesfield put out flowers in memory of Ayeesha, who would pick flowers along the footpath while walking with her dad.

It’s just so overwhelmingly sad. Why, why, why the fuck did Catherine kill her little girl that she loved so much? What stupid reason could Catherine possibly have to suddenly hate her daughter so much that she wanted to kill her? I couldn’t find any pictures of Ayeesha until I looked Catherine up on Facebook and found photos of Catherine cuddling Ayeesha, breastfeeding her and Ayeesha looking like the happiest little girl in the world. It’s clear that Catherine loved her to the moon and back, but why did she kill her?

School principal starved her disabled daughter to death

Former principal Angela Puhle admits starving daughter to death

Mother admits killing starving daughter

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Foul nasty witch Angela Puhle

Occasionally at BB, we find stories of adult children being abused or harmed by their breeders. This opens our eyes to the fact that not all victims are little. Some are fully grown and still at the mercy of their breeders, especially if they have special needs.

Kyla Puhle (27) was just 12 kg (26lbs) when she died at the hands of her birth vessel Angela Puhle (56), who allegedly starved her to death between October 2010 and March 2011 at their North Brighton SA home. Her sperm donor Harry Puhle was a pathetic coward both in life and death. Not only did he fail to act when the nasty hag decided to neglect their disabled daughter, but he then took the coward’s way out and committed suicide shortly after his arrest in 2011.

Kyla was bedridden and suffered from a range of problems including quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis of the spine. She was also intellectually disabled. She depended on her breeders to care for her, feed her, clean her, help her go to the toilet, keep her company. It’s always horrible when a child is abused by their so-called parents, but when that child is even more dependent on their parents for basic care, and the parents decide instead to neglect and abuse them, that’s just even lower. Kyla’s official cause of death was dehydration and a lung infection, brought on by neglect and starvation.

Angela Puhle was a former school principal at a primary school. Harry Puhle was a teacher. These monsters wouldn’t even care for their own child. How were they expected to be in charge of other peoples’ children?? The Puhles’ neighbours didn’t even know that Kyla was living with them because they never saw her being taken out of the house. Ever. What a lonely and horrible existence Kyla must have had. Looking at the same four walls while her breeders took their abled-bodies to work. Wanting to be fed but no food ever came, and she was unable to get herself to the food. Her bitch breeder will pay for Kyla’s slow and torturous death.

Angela Puhle was ordered to stand trial last November. She and Harry were originally being charged with murder because they reportedly made the conscious decision to withdraw care from Kyla. Since Harry offed himself, Angela took a plea bargain. Murder has been dropped and she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. She has been remanded in custody and will be sentenced in July. She left the court amid a flurry of supporters. Who in their right mind would support a she-beast who killed her own child?

Rest in Peace Kyla. Your body and mind are free.

Learn to drive, drongo dad!

Man with kids in ute drives in Rundle Mall

Kids on board as man drives ute down Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall not drive-thru anymore

A rather silly breeder has been caught driving his ute through Rundle Mall, Adelaide SA with his two little kids in tow.

Earlier, the drongo dad had been involved in a minor collision, where he fled the scene without exchanging his deets. Minutes later, drongo dad was driving through Rundle Mall. For those of you that don’t know, Rundle Mall is like a street mall with shops down either side. You’re not supposed to drive through it, even though it looks like a street. The mall was in full swing with Sunday shoppers, and they fled out of the drongo dad’s path.

Drongo dad was arrested in a nearby street and charged with driving without due care, driving in a dangerous manner, acts to endanger life, and failing to exchange details at the scene of an accident. His ute has been impounded for 28 days and he’ll appear in court on a later date. I don’t know what became of the children, but I hope their mother has more sense than their drongo dad.

How much do you want to bet that alcohol and/or drugs were involved?

**Aussie Sabbath’s native natterings** A mall in Australia is not like a mall in the US. The term “Mall” applies to a street mall like Rundle Mall, where it’s a street lined with shops. These are usually closed to vehicles, hence why drongo dad wasn’t allowed to drive there. We call the US “mall” a shopping centre or a complex. We have big ones here, some like Erina Fair, Shellharbour Square, Charlestown Square and quite a few in Sydney are absolutely huge. There is a “mall” near where I live, that wasn’t too long ago opened to vehicular traffic. I drove through there on Christmas Eve, which felt really weird because the last time I’d been there, cars weren’t supposed to drive through it.

**Extra nattering** A “ute” is short for “utility vehicle” i.e. a truck with a flat bed bit on the back. A “drongo” is a stupid person, it’s like calling someone a moron. It can be used as a noun or an adjective.

Drongo dad leaves gun safe keys out, son takes gun to school for some shooting practice

Dad in court after boy took gun to school



A 42 year old man from Adelaide, South Australia, is in the poo after his 13 year old son took an unregistered revolver to school and fired it. The boy took the unregistered .32 calibre Smith and Wesson, along with some ammunition after he found the keys to the gun safe in his dad’s underwear drawer. He fired a single shot in an isolated part of the school.

The man’s lawyer asked the judge to not make him a scapegoat for other people’s actions, and blamed the boy for taking the gun to school. Honey, don’t come the raw prawn with the judge and jury. The boy obviously lacked knowledge and respect for firearms because his dad never taught him. Parents are supposed to guide their children away from danger and give them the tools to navigate this world. If your lifestyle includes firearms and other dangers, you have to incorporate that into how you raise your child.

The man has pleaded guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm without a licence and failing to store ammunition separately to weapons. He explained that the revolver was his grandmother’s and it had great sentimental value to him. He blamed financial difficulties for not registering the revolver, yet he’d registered his hunting guns. Well common sense would tell you to sell one of the hunting rifles or shotguns and use the money to register the revolver. Or have the revolver deactivated by filing off the firing pin. Ah, but the thing about common sense is, it’s not so common. The boy was put on a good behaviour bond and spared a conviction. It wasn’t his fault his dad’s an idiot.

Now for my two bob: I’m not against guns. My dad used to own shotguns and go hunting before I was born. I’ve been hunting before on a farm, where we shot rabbits because they were causing so much damage to the environment. I believe in using them for controlling feral pests and catching food. And defending your home. But if you choose to keep guns in your home and you choose to have kids, you must take certain precautions such as locking the guns away in a safe, keeping the ammo separate from the weapons and teaching your kids to respect guns, never point a gun at something you want to see again and that dead is dead. A little sense goes a long way.

A note on Australian gun laws: We have very strict gun laws. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. Ammo is very expensive to buy here and this was the main reason my Dad gave up shooting. You need separate licences for handguns and hunting rifles/shotguns, hence why this failure of a fellow got into trouble for not having a licence even though he had a licence for the rifles.


Idiot breeders thought preschooler was next Casey Stoner

Adelaide parents accused of manslaughter get bail

Parents charged with girl’s manslaughter


Ingle Farm couple charged over death of their four-year-old daughter

Photo of StOnEd MiLf

Ashlee’s the one on the right. Her myspace name is StOnEd MiLf. Nice.

Right now it’s 9pm. I want to go to sleep but it’s still a balmy 30C, even after the storm broke. I’m cranky. The office air conditioner conked out. So I’m still up and if I find any ‘tard defenders, I’ll tear them a new one.

Ashlee Jean Polkinghorne (21) and Benjamin Robert McPartland (27) of Ingle Farm, South Australia have faced court charged with manslaughter by criminal neglect, after their four year old daughter was killed last January.

The story behind her death is quite simple: The silly breeders (probably after smoking too much pot) put her on a motorbike, which then crashed into a tree because we all know 4 year olds are capable of safely riding an adult-sized motorbike. The little girl was taken to hospital but sadly died shortly after arrival. The breeders knew they fucked up and that what they did was so stupid and so careless, because not only did they wait over 12 hours to call for help (and only called because their daughter was groaning and slipping ina nd out of consciousness), they gave ambulance crews conflicting stories about what happened to her. Like you know, “Oh the tree just leapt out at her!” or “The motorbike fell on her” etc. After a lengthy discussion with police (because, you know cops and ambos aren’t stupid) they finally admitted they put her on the motorbike and let her crash into a tree. They don’t call it “dope” for nothing, folks!

Their lawyer applied for simple bail, but the magistrate sentenced them to home detention bail because of the seriousness of the charge. Home detention? Where they can play Xbox and replace their daughter, the one they killed? I don’t think so!! They should be in jail, because they killed their daughter! The case has been adjourned till March, so we’ll see if the magistrate wakes up to themselves and chucks them in the slammer.

I really hope they come here and try to defend their stupid actions, the acts of fucktardery which cost their little girl her life, because I seriously will drag them behind the horse. For Polkinghorne, someone should “polk” a horn up her nasty disgusting hole. And not the sort that she’s used to, no siree. I’m talking one off of a Longhorn cow, the ones that gore matadors and rodeo clowns.  As for the male breeder, we’ll tie him to a motorbike, push it down a super steep slope and make sure he runs into one of those spiky “Fuck me” trees, with all the nasty bacteria and shit on the spikes. Poor little girl, you didn’t deserve shit-for-brains DNA donors like this dumbarse duo.


Naked n00b kills unborn child, girlfriend in car crash

Woman, 23, and unborn child die in Adelaide crash

Woman and unborn child die in horror crash

Desperate fight to save pregnant woman who died in Woodville Park crash

The scene of the backstreet crash. Photo: Tim Morris, 7News.

This is a very bizarre and tragic story from the City of Churches, Adelaide SA. It’s bizarre, there are many holes in the story, and it’s very sad.

A young woman and her unborn baby have died in a car crash in Adelaide SA. Police found Lisa Smith, 23, in the front passenger seat of the car, which had crashed into a tree or Stobie pole (a telegraph/power/streetlight pole), in Woodville Park, a suburb in Adelaide’s inner northwest. She was trapped in the vehicle for an hour before emergency services managed to cut her free, and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition. Unfortunately both her and her baby didn’t make it.

Where was the driver you ask? He ran away like a chickenshit little bitch! That’s right, after he crashed his car, he didn’t bother to check whether his girlfriend (the carrier of his unborn child) was okay, he fled the scene! What’s more, witnesses of the crash reported that he was naked when he jumped out of the window of the busted car and took off, and that he was running quite well for someone who was just in a crash. As long as HE was okay, was all that mattered apparently.

When police finally caught up with the bare-arsed bastard, he was alternately calling out for water and swearing at people. Police arrested the Woodville Park idiot, 31, and charged him with causing death by dangerous driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving unlicensed. It is thought that drugs and alcohol may be involved. Well, duh! Normal people do not drive around the city naked as a breeze. Normal people do not flee the scene of an accident, especially when their girlfriend and mother of their unborn child is lying unconscious in the wreckage. It’s just not normal behaviour.  If indeed he had been taking drugs and drinking, why would you get in a car with someone who was obviously intoxicated?

Lisa’s parents, Peter and Kerry are naturally devastated, not just for the loss of Lisa, who was a mother of 2 other kids (6 and 4) to a former partner, but the loss of her baby, which was a little boy.  “He was going to be her second son, my third grandchild, and we just can’t come to terms with what’s happened” Mr Smith said. Heartwrenching, isn’t it?  Mr and Mrs Smith will be taking over full-time care of Lisa’s two children.

Now for the clincher: While both Lisa and her baby have been added to the SA road toll, SA common law doesn’t recognise her baby as a person. The boyfriend has only been charged with one count of dangerous driving resulting in death. Lisa was 31 weeks’ pregnant, and the baby boy, even though he would be premature, would’ve been able to survive if he was born that early. The severity of the crash and the fact that doctors didn’t perform an emergency Caesarean on Lisa means that the baby was killed during the collision. The SA Attorney-General is working on having those boundaries redefined and has personally argued a case for extending these boundaries before the Supreme Court.

The Naked N00b has been refused bail and appeared in court on the 14th. Nothing yet on what he pleaded or what has resulted.


Australian boy died from ear infection in house full of crap

The definition of crap is up to you…

Sick boy died in Adelaide house of squalor:

In October of 2006 10-year-old Jarrad Roberts of Adelaide, South Australia was taken to a health clinic with a fever, pain in his neck and bleeding from his ear. The clinic said he had an ear infection for five days and they recommended he be taken immediately to the hospital. Instead Jarrad’s birth organism took him home and gave him antibiotics which I would lay odds were prescribed for something not even remotely related to an ear infection. Jarrad collapsed minutes later. He died only a few hours later at the hospital.

When police and the coroner went to investigate the house you can pretty much guess what they found. The house was filled with garbage, rotting food, and feces. You can get all the nasty details in the article. I won’t go into them because I just ate.

An inquest has been launched by Australian officials into why Jarrad did not receive proper medical treatment.

I can save the Australian taxpayers a lot of money. The reason he didn’t receive proper medical treatment is because his so-called mother is an unfeeling idiot. Bleeding from the ear is usually a sign that something is gravely wrong. And how can someone who claims to be a parent leave their child in pain for five days like that?

Thanks to Stacey for the tip.

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