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Charges upgraded in the death of Logan Sherwin

Couple charged with homicide in death of 2-year-old boy    

Grant Sherwin (28) and his fiancée Nicole Allen (27), both had a charge of aggravated battery upgraded to homicide on October 2nd, for the December 29, 2011 death of Sherwin’s 2-year-old son, Logan.  They also face a several counts of child neglect for Logan and his 3-year-old sister.

Logan’s story starts on December 28th, when police responded to a 911 call to the couple’s home and found an unresponsive Logan in his bed.  He was malnourished, had bruising on his feet, arms, spinal column and had a large bump on his head.  He would die the next day.

Sherwin and Allen were arrested on December 29th and charged with aggravated battery.

After getting the results of the autopsy report, which stated Logan suffered a fractured skull, brain injury, bruises and contusions from being struck, a new arrested warrant was issued and the charges upgraded.

Allen is facing 22 counts of child neglect and the upgraded homicide charge.  Sherwin is facing 16 counts of child abuse and the upgraded charge of homicide.

Both are scheduled to appear in court October 17th and trial date has been set for October 22nd.

Thanks to Mary for the tip.

***R.I.P. Logan***

No, Screws Aren’t On The Food Pyramid


Cops-parents charged after son forced to eat screws and do 1000 push-ups   

Mother charged in case of child beaten, forced to eat screws

As an adult, have you ever caught a whiff of some yumminess baking in the oven or simmering on the stove and suddenly found yourself transported back in time to a memory of your mother’s cooking? You know, how the sweet smell of chocolate chips brings back a moment from your childhood when your mom baked you cookies and watching you enjoy them was reward enough? Whatever happened to those moms that made those kinds of memories for their kids? I haven’t got a clue and unfortunately the mother in this case is the kind whose child won’t be remembering her fondly whenever he has a cookie or passes a hardware store.

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…oops, I mean Bad Breeders…I call this story “If You Wouldn’t Eat It, Why The Fuck Would You Make Your Kid?” In a town I’ve never heard of in Illinois called Belleville, Lashawn Jennings allowed her adoptive 12-year-old son to be forced to eat crumbs and screws off the floor, punishment for the heinous act of eating cookies and not noticing some of the above mentioned crumbs had missed his mouth. The 12-year-old was also beaten with a wooden paddle and forced to do somewhere between 700 and 1000 push-ups by his stepfather, James Jennings.

Police began investigating after the boy reported the abuse and impossible-to-digest snack to a nurse at an elementary school on Scott Air Force Base, where Lashawn is stationed. It’s being reported that when the boy was checked out by medical staff, X-rays showed the screws inside his stomach. I vaguely remember eating pennies and dimes as a child and that they passed pretty easily, but coins are not the same as screws. Screws twist and turn and poke and destroy your drywall, so I hate to think what they’re doing to this child’s insides. I imagine the kid is going to be alright, but the fact that his “caretakers” made him eat screws and inflicted this abuse on him simply because they could, has probably done more damage to this child’s self-worth than that hardware is doing to his tummy.

Lashawn is being held on a $20,000 bond charged with misdemeanor child endangerment, while her husband has been charged with aggravated battery, domestic battery and child endangerment. He’s sitting in jail and making a fashion statement in some scrubs on a $400,000 bond. As usual, I’m wishing the best for the child and hoping the worst for another set of shitbag parents that will never live up to the title of Mom or Dad.

Thanks to Katie for the tip.

**Special thanks to BooBoo Kitty for the write-up.**


Ayrick Steele, yet another Dildo that was more important than the babies!!

Mom’s Boyfriend Arrested After Toddler Critically Injured

Man critically injures toddler in Indy

Police: Man confesses to knocking toddler into wall

City man is facing charge of battery tied to boy’s injuries

23 year old Chrystal Dobbs swears she “tried to take her kids out of the situation”!! She knew 30 year old Ayrick Steele was Bi-Polar and a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Not only did she continue to live with him, but still left him to care for her babies!! He was not the father of her 15 month old or her 2 month old!! He was also taking care of his own two kids at the time of the incident.

It seems that fuckhead got frustrated trying to apply ointment to the toddler’s face and hit him so hard he hit the wall hard enough with his head to cause critical head trauma that required surgery and he’s listed in critical condition.The story at first was of course that the baby accidentally fell!! Both the Bio-Bitch and the Dildo with ears told that story… He later told police that he got frustrated when the baby wouldn’t cooperate and hit the him, knocking him into the wall!! He’s been arrested and charged with aggravated battery….

Now for the Bio-Bitch!! She did an interview on the news and stated this about her son: “If he survives, he’s not ever going to be the same, if he makes it,” she said. “This hurts so much to know my child is fighting for his life and I can’t be there for him. I love him to death, that’s my baby.”and this about her Dildo: “He would try and discipline the kids, but he would go over board with it,” she said. “Every time I tried to step in or whatever, he would come at me. I’ve tried to get me and my kids out. I tried every thing in my power to get away from him.”

BULLSHIT!!! According to everything I’ve read, no where does it list him as being the 2 month old’s father!! Both of his kids were released to family and the 2 month old was taken by CPS. Which tells me they weren’t together very long!! You can’t tell me he was with her and her kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week!! She had ample opportunity to leave this crazy, abusive sack of shit!! She has supervised visitation with her kids and I think all her rights should be severed and she should be forced to have a hysterectomy while awake!! She should at least be charged right along with the prick!! I don’t believe her “poor pitiful me” shit anymore that I believe she’s the Queen of fucking England!! (no offense to the Queen).

Personally, I say they both be sterilized and dropped on a deserted island in shark infested waters to live out the rest of their days with nothing but each other for company!! They either learn how to survive or they die!! Either way I’m afraid that poor baby will never be the same again!!

***  Special thanks go to Cynical Me for the tip and for writing the article.

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