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Tatted-up tweens

Three people charged after two girls under 13 ‘tattooed without consent’

Tattooing leads to charge of child abuse in Campbell County

More charges filed in tattooing of children

3 supposed “adults” have been arrested and charged after two girls under the age of 13 were tattooed in Campbell County, Virginia. Now, I understand that tattoos are all the rage these days and aren’t just limited to bikies and sailors, but having them on pre-teen girls just won’t do.

Alexander Edwards is a  crappy babysitter

Alexander Edwards is a crappy babysitter

It’s understood that the girls were left in the care of Alexander Edwards (20) when he took it upon himself to ink the girls. His artistic attempts were met with charges of malicious wounding, abduction and child abuse.

Melissa Derp

Melissa Derp

When the girl’s mother Melissa Delp (Derp) (35) and her salami Daniel Janney (32) found out about the impromptu body art, they were mad. So mad that Janney decided to try to remove the ink with a hot razor blade. This MacGyver method of tattoo removal earnt him and his hot pocket charges of malicious wounding and child abuse also.


Daniel Janney

Michael Mucklow, owner-operator of GO! Tattoo Removal, located in Kutztown PA, has offered his services to the girls for free. He uses non-invasive laser treatments to break down the ink pigments, and his clients usually have to return 10 to 12 times for the ink to be completely removed. What a kind fellow to help these girls get rid of the disfigurement that this wankstain inflicted on them. Those home tattooing kits are dodgy as fuck and the tattoos look like absolute crap. It’ll probably only take 1 or 2 goes to get the ink out.

The news sources list Edwards as being an “associate” of the broodmother and her sperm pump, but I can’t help thinking that he might actually be her bit on the side. In comparison to Janney, Edwards is younger and has more hair. But Janney also has those glasses that make him look a little bit more clever than Edwards and has a thinner face. But the dodgy home tattoos give the game away. She can’t decide who is more of a “catch”, but I bet she’s willing to trade Janney in for the younger model.

That’s enough speculation. All three of them need a dick tattooed onto their faces. And it’s probable that all three of them had their brains removed with a hot razor blade some time ago.

Carmela Dela Rosa Made her Granddaughter Fly

Grandma Gross-a

Cops: Tot thrown off mall walkway

Woman Charged After Toddler Thrown 6 Stories From Shopping Mall Walkway

A 2-year-old little angel was thrown from outdoor walkway of Tyson’s Corner Center in McLean, Virginia on Monday around 7p.m.

Carmela Dela Gross-a (Rosa), the young girl’s grandmother, was arrested and charged with Aggravated Malicious Wounding – of course that was before she later died as a result of falling SIX stories! That’s 60 feet people!

The family was out shopping and headed back to their cars when for some unknown reason, 50-year old Grandma Gross-a picked up the little girl and tossed over the waist-high wall.  Police say they don’t discuss the motive – if there is one. 

This little girl, Angelyn Ogdoc truly is a little angel now, I can’t imagine what could have made her very own Grandmother toss like a piece of trash. I hope she’s resting in peace and enjoying all that little two-year-olds should be having fun doing. 

Anyone want to take a stab at what made her do it?

We can only hope that Grandma Gross-a is given the same fate – don’t hang her, or give her a lethal injection – toss over the side of a car port and let hope she lives just long enough to know what it was like for her own flesh and blood. 

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