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Hot and Heavy on the City Bus.

Pennsylvania woman and her boyfriend are busted for having sex on city bus 

You know what’s really sexy?  A Convict, but not any convict he has to be on work release and willing to let me give him a B.J. and some nookie on a city bus, all while his fellow convict tends to my baby.  Now that is some sexy shit!  No…..not so much!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Amanda Confer (24), she’s the one smiling like she just got caught with a dick in her mouth, and her convict lover Randall Peterson (32), he’s the one frowning, guess Amanda is not as good as she thought.  It appears these star crossed lovers just couldn’t keep their hand off each other, while on a city bus on August 26th.

Peterson and a fellow inmate are allowed out of jail on a work-release program, this allows the inmates to leave the county jail at specific times.  Peterson alerted his girlfriend to his schedule and the two, conveniently, ended up on the same bus.  Shocker!

Before you know it Amanda’s baby is in the hands of the other convict a row away and she has Peterson’s manhood in her mouth.  It doesn’t stop there after finishing her penis popsicle,  Amanda was on her man’s lap… screaming…“ride ‘em cowboy” no,  not really I just added that in to make myself laugh.  Did I mention this was all just one row away from her baby, who was being cared for by a convict, on a freakin city bus?  Nasty, Nasty, Nasty!

Unfortunately for the lovers, it was also caught on the bus’s surveillance video.  The video resulted in the two of them being charged with indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct.  Where’s the charge for conduct unbecoming of a mother?

For BB this is a happy ending, no dead, beaten or raped babies.  Now the humiliation she will face in the future since the video went viral and will probably comeback to haunt her in later years, remains to be seen.  I mean come on now, have some freakin self-respect…a dirty city bus… what the hell and you took the baby along.  If you have to do your man on a freakin bus, at least get a sitter and by sitter I do not mean one of his fellow inmates.

See now you know she is smiling like she just got caught with a dick in her mouth…because she DID!

Thanks to Samantha for the tip.

I couldn’t get the video because my work computer blocks it, but please if anyone comes across it…share the link, I could use a good laugh!