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Disappointing sentence for Breeder that lied about her son’s murder

Sheriff’s Office ‘Disappointed’ With Sentence:

29-year-old Amanda Raegan Smith of South Carolina entered an Alford, or no contest, plea into the 2007 murder of her 7-year-old son Devon Epps. In layman’s terms it means that she does not plead guilty but she pleads that she realizes that the prosecution has enough evidence to convict her. It’s a guilty plea without the defendant actually admitting guilt.

Smith claimed that a ‘carjacker’ abducted her and her soon took her to a wooded area where the ‘carjacker’ smothered her son with a pillow. Because you know knife wielding carjackers always carry pillows with them. She claimed her son was on his back when he was killed. However the evidence showed that he was on his stomach and that he died of asphyxia due to neck pressure. That sounds like she was strangling him while he was on his stomach so she didn’t have to see his face.

Anyway for the brutal murder and blatant lies committed my Smith the judge, Judge Ned Miller, gave her 5 years for ‘involuntary manslaughter’ and 3 years for obstruction of justice. Since she’s already been in prison for 3 years she only has to serve 5.

Not only is this a joke of a sentence but what is it with women named Smith from South Carolina that kill their kids and blame it on fictitious assailants?

Thanks to Christy for the tip.