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Angela and Richard McAnulty Tortured their own Daughter

Teenager allegedly killed by Parents 

Prosecutor describes abuse 

Teen’s life of abuse detailed to Jurors 

McAnulty to be the first woman on Oregon’s Death Row? 

Angela and Richard McAnulty

**Warning: VERY graphic details**

In the town of Eugene, Oregon a teenager, Jeanette McAnulty was just 15-years-old when her life came to an end. She was found injured and unconscious in a bathtub on December 9th, 2009. 

She was covered in bruises and looked malnourished. 

Police received critical evidence linking the parents, Angela McAnulty (41) and Richard McAnulty (40) to the crime. 

Now jump to the present day… 

**Warning: VERY graphic details**

Angela McAnulty went to great lengths to hide her fatal abuse, starvation and torture of her 15-year-old daughter. 

She would whip and beat Jeanette behind closed doors in a flesh and blood spattered “torture room”. McAnulty would turn on a vacuum cleaner and leave it running so her 2 other kids wouldn’t hear what was happening. 

Jeanette’s lips were “pulverized” and needed stitches, but was not taken to a doctor. Instead she healed with scar tissue so bad is deformed her smile. 

McAnulty didn’t take her daughter to the doctor when whipping wounds on Jeanette’s hips became open, infected sores deep enough to expose the bone. Instead, a medical examiner testified, someone apparently used a knife to trim away the child’s dying tissue. 

Dr. Daniel Davis, the Lane County deputy state medical examiner, said Jeanette suffered so much harm inflicted so many ways that he could not determine which injury killed her. He said his Dec. 11, 2009, autopsy showed that Jeanette had experienced “prolonged starvation,” wasting away to the point that she had no fat and very little muscle tissue left on her body. 

That alone could have been fatal, he said. But she also had “multiple injuries in multiple stages of healing” over most of her body, Davis said, including bleeding in her brain from a recent blow to the head. 

He said he found evidence of at least 200 injuries, many apparently caused when she was struck by a “manufactured object with a straight, machined edge.” 

A blood-stained, broken wooden ruler was among evidence detectives seized from the McAnulty’s trash cans after her death. 

She also had pneumonia in the form of an abscessed lung that also might have sent bacteria into her bloodstream, causing shock and death, Davis said. In the end, he attributed her death to multiple factors, saying she was the victim of “repeated, ongoing, visible abuse and neglect.” 

Dr. Elizabeth Hilton, who pronounced Jeanette dead soon after Eugene Fire Department medics brought the lifeless girl to a local emergency room, told jurors she had never seen a more malnourished patient or an abuse victim with so many injuries. 

I can’t go on. But I have to… 

Someone had tried to destroy evidence of the abuse. Among items found was a piece of cardboard allegedly placed under Jeanette as she slept on the floor to prevent her blood from soiling the carpet. But when the carpet was pulled up by officers they found her blood had flowed off the cardboard and soaked through carpet and it’s pad, staining the wooden subfloor below. 

There was also a two belts stiff with dried blood and tree branch switches stained red. 

The room where the girl was beaten is “something out of a horror movie,” with her blood and bits of her flesh spattered everywhere. At one point, spots of her blood were found on a peach-colored, Barbie-sized dollhouse found in the room. Jeanette had been beaten with such force that blood flew through the tiny windows of the dollhouse and spattered on the miniature rooms inside. 

McAnulty also admitted on videotape to turning off the water supply to the kitchen tap, leaving Jeanette to drink from the dog’s water dish and even the toilet. She said she didn’t want her daughter “up at night drinking all kinds of water.” 

She denied starving the teen, though the Jury later saw a tape of Richard McAnulty telling detectives that his wife padlocked the pantry to keep Jeanette from stealing food. He said that Angels had a long singled out Jeanette for mistreatment, feeding her only peanut butter sandwiches while the rest of the family ate Thanksgiving dinner. 

Richard McAnulty said on tape that his wife considered it misbehavior when Jeanette begged her to stop a beating. Besides what he also called “spankings,” he said on videotape that Angela McAnulty punished the teen by making her stand hours at a time with her arms raised over her shoulders — even when she could not put weight on one foot because her mother had stomped and injured it. She also made the girl kneel with her hands behind her back, as if handcuffed, he told detectives. 

McAnulty discovered her daughter cold to the touch and impossible to rouse the morning of Dec. 9, 2009, he said. But instead of calling 911 then, he charged, she set about cleaning up Jeanette’s blood and other evidence before medics were summoned late that afternoon. 

Jeanette Maples

Jurors are weighing the death penalty for Angela McAnulty. She has even pleaded guilty to aggrevated murder. 

Angela would be Oregon’s first female on Death Row. 

*Thanks go to Papersnake for the tip.

**Stay tuned for updates**

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