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Mom’s 14-year old fling kills her 1-year old baby

Mother Of Dead Infant Charged With Rape
Mother Of Killed Baby Faces More Rape Charges
Woman accused of rape allegedly “groomed” young boys

Child Molester, April Solles

News out of Rapid City, SD back in mid-December 2011 reported a little 1-year old by the name of Lillie RoseLyn Solles that had died at the hands of an unnamed (for obvious reasons) boy that had shaken her to death.  She was injured on 12/14 and died 6 days later. She died of acute blunt-force head injury, attributable to non-accidental shaking.  The 14-year old  boy was NOT related to her and was NOT alone with her at the time she was injured.

What brings this story to (P)BB is that 3 weeks later, the little girl’s mother – April Solles, was arrested and charged with three counts of fourth-degree rape in connection with an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year old. Adding 2 and 2 together here? April’s little baby was killed by her 14-year old lover.  Apparently, the alleged sexual relationship took place between July 1 and Dec. 30, 2011. Didn’t he shake your baby hard enough to kill her on 12/14? And you were still fucking him up until 12/31? This puts April into a whole new category of sick, twisted and evil in my book.  Fucking deplorable.

In searching the internets for more on this child-molesting cunt, I stumbled across her social networking page. She was posting status updates all around the time that little Lillie was fighting for her life. She claimed that Lillie had been diagnosed and hospitalized for meningitis and had all of her friends praying for her strength and feeling very sorry for her. All the while, it was her that had put her daughter in harm’s way by having a relationship with a 14-year old kid who would eventually kill the baby.  I also found that April is married to a man named Ray and has a son who is older than Lillie. I haven’t seen them mentioned once in any of the news articles that I’ve read.

Since the alleged murderer is only 14, there’s no telling yet if he’ll be tried as an adult or what type of sentence we can expect. Because it’s being handled in juvenile court at this point, no information is public.  April being charged for rape and an inappropriate relationship will likely not get her anywhere near what a murder charge would, I have to assume that she’ll be in and out in a coupe of years.  I sincerely hope that April never, ever gets the image of Lillie’s sweet face from her mind the rest of her life. I hope that she wakes everyday remembering that her daughter is dead because of her and what a fucking pervert she is.

Lillie will never have justice in my eyes. Her death is a direct result of the fact that her mother is a sick and disgusting animal. Her own mother put her needs, sick and twisted needs, above the needs of her daughter. A story that we unfortunately hear way too many times on this site.  And while it’s certainly not a new concept after reading and writing here for so many years, this particular story is just so much worse.

RIP sweet Lillie RoseLyn.  I pray for your daddy and big brother  too.

RIP Lillie


Thanks to Amanda for the tip.